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Author’s Note:This is something completely different and new for me. There is no conversation so those that like dialog please don’t feel the need to bash me. I didn’t want dialog. I wanted to try something else for a bit and this is what I did. I would appreciate respectful comments as to what you thought of this write, for it is the respectful ones we writers pay attention to. Thanks. ~ Red

You come home this evening and see the lights are off, yet there is a soft glow coming from the scones on the wall. You smell the scent of vanilla in the air and know that every candle lit is one that radiates the soft fragrance. The sound of rustling comes from the gown that is nestled against the skin of your lover. The same lover’s stilettos make the clicking noise against the floor. It makes your skin quiver. You know they are worn for your pleasure.

Your jacket? You feel its removal and know it will rest in the closet. The spell of the evening is cast and neither wishes to break it, so no words are spoken. You turn and feel the soft touch of skin on skin as the glow of the candlelight spills over hair that you long to touch. Music plays. A well known melody brings memories to the surface and the distance closes between you.

Two tongues snake out and meet lips; one pair is soft like satin, the other firm in strength. The silk dress rubs against the linen shirt, buttons dig into porcelain skin. A sound of want and longing mingles with the notes of quiet jazz. When you are forced to leave the warm embrace a growl of annoyance erupts from your throat. You want more.

Steps take you to a room full of sweet delights and tasty foods. The scent of steak and steamed vegetables fill the senses etlik escort and you watch the candlelight flicker over the crystal goblets, that hold the sparkling wine. You help the beautiful creature by pulling out a chair and take a moment to place a kiss upon the bared shoulders that beg to be tasted. So you taste again and smile at the shudder of desire you know runs through the tempter’s body.

The meal is exquisite; conversation is kept light and carefree. Work, kids, life… all of those things are put to the side, because the focus is on this night. Eyes and lips make the night grow more arousing as silent thoughts are spoken from them. Eventually desert is slipping between lips; one feeds the other until the passion is to much and you lay your fork down. A dot of sweet, red syrup trails over creamy lips. It is being licked away with warm laps of a gentle tongue.

It is to much and you grip the arms of your lover and pull them to you. Tongues once again meet in a different kind of hunger. Both mouths try to control the other. In time you win and feel the fight give way beneath your power. You pull back and stare down. Thoughts of what is to come play on your mind and you guide the zipper of the red gown open until it lies loose against flushed skin. Take it off, is the only sentence running through your mind and you know it is the same one in their’s.

Strong, sure hands, thick with calluses slip the material down and it puddles to the floor. The hiss that fills the air, shocks you. For a moment breath is caught inside chests that are pressed together. Tips of twin globes, heavy with lust, stroke buttons of a business shirt. Take it off; the sentence is there again. You ankara eve gelen escort step back and soon a shirt, a pair of pants, boxers, shoes and socks, mix with the expensive puddle of red cloth, like a tawdry affair that everyone is aware of.

Eyes that have viewed many a splendid thing take a slow long look at perfection, beginning with the bright stilettos and then the silk thigh-high stockings. You stop and gaze upon the thong that is slick with the juices of one’s heady arousal, a perfume you long to wear and a nectar you crave. They travel onward over a belly button you will renew a friendship with. The curve of those delightful globes that were pressed against you moments before, now are again the object of need.

You take a breath and continue the journey. A collarbone, shoulders, arms and a neck are free for your pleasure. Bright curls tumble from locks of silky ink that are in a pile on a seductress’ head. Beautiful, a word so simple, but means so much fills your mind, but you are in awe and can not speak… but you can touch.

You do. Worshiping a shrine is easier than expressing the love you feel at this moment. You press your lips to the sensitive spot under the lobe of a perfectly curved ear and suckle with care. No bruise will mar the creamy skin as you feast and make your way down to the pulse at the base of a quivering throat. The tip of a tongue slides against your shoulder and you growl.

Is it to much? No, never and so you continue licking and biting your way down until the fight to control you leaves your victim, and you slide your mouth over the milky, white flesh that gives way to the twin peaks that enthralled you earlier. Take ankara escort them; the words of heat find a way into your mind and you give in.

Firm hands grasp heavenly breasts and you run your tongue over the left and then the right before pushing them gently together. Fingernails dig into your shoulders as your soul mate begins to clench the muscles tightly. A grin of seduction creases lips that open and a set of pearly, white teeth capture two nipples that were toying with each other. Cries fill the room as the sounds of sucking tangle with other noises. Moans, pleas even growls are everywhere as you take what you want and give so much.

You hear the demand and feel the pressure pushing you down. The aroma fills your nostrils and all is lost to both lovers. Shudders run a course through the heated souls of two bodies as one tongue begins to lick and feast upon the moisten material of the red, hot thong. Teeth pull at the material, a tongue slides under it licking fresh juice as well as the soaked stain of lust.

A nose nuzzles deep the fragrant blossom of what you own and desire. You plunder it with strokes before a callused finger pulls away the material, ripping it, freeing the freshly, shaven cunt. A whimper burns through the beauty that shakes in your hands. You open her. There it is, the hardened nub that will be twisted and chewed with vigor and fire. Over and over you drink, taste, lick, bite, until it is to much and fingers join in the frenzied feast. Harder. Faster. Deeper. More, more, more. Words that are so simple yet mean so much run back and forth through a mind clouded in passion. You do it all. You move with speed and power, both hands and lips, tongue and teeth.

Your hair is in hands that are tight within a grasp that you can not break. Come flows hot as quivering beings anchor themselves to each other, delicate hands in a grove of thick curls. Thick fingers grasp a firm ass while a mouth drinks the heat of another.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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