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There was something about the new woman who joined our large group at work recently, that I found very alluring and just needed to know more about her. I am 40 and I found out that Brandi is 30. We work for a group in a large health care system that moves people around a lot, but I worked with Brandi about once every week or every other week.

I learned that she is single, a fact I found hard to believe. I was in a relationship and so I felt safe and reasonably able to carry on a conversation with her without the ‘usual’ friction of pick-up type of sexual innuendo. But at the same time, her petite, lithe and very fit frame was very, very attractive to me. Over time, I found her to be smart, funny, pretty and very into exercise, as evidenced by her very toned petite frame. She was 5’2″, and perhaps 100 pounds. She had short, brown hair and glasses that made her look the part of a smart, professional woman. She dressed conservatively, but there was no mistake that she had a significant commitment to her physique, with very toned arms and a very firm ass that punctuated a very confident and athletic stride.

We had occasion to email every now and again, and it was always above board. But somehow I sensed a connection. Perhaps that was just me or just what I wanted to feel, but it just seemed we could easily talk and occasionally linger a bit together after the official business was done.

I had also found out that Brandi lived in a town about 30 minutes away and drove each day, and that in addition to being single, she lived with a roommate and a little dog. After a few more months of just working and having a normal working relationship, I could definitely sense that there was a connection between us and that I found myself wanted to talk with her more, and that I am pretty sure she did too. She was just so sexy in a very different way. She was confident and funny and smart. And the whole fitness thing she did was just fuel to my endless imagination fire of images of what that little body had in store.

Anyhow, I was traveling east towards Brandi’s town one Saturday and started having car troubles. After I had the car towed and the car shop told me it would be a few hours before they could get it fixed, I thought I would give her a call, in the off chance she would be around and perhaps could rescue me for a couple hours. Have lunch or something rather than be stranded at the car place for hours. And as luck would have it, she was home, and lived 5 minutes away and was thrilled to have company.

“Hey…sorry about your car but I live real close. I’ll come by and pick you up,” she said quite cheerily. “I was just getting ready to have lunch. Wanna join me?”

“Sure, that sounds great. I hope I’m not intruding on your weekend,” I said, anxious a bit but glad nonetheless.

“Be right there then.” She hung up her cell and then within minutes, she appeared at the car shop in her little BMW. I hopped in and was more than a bit speechless. She was dressed in pretty short shorts, that really emphasized her toned legs, most of which were covered by the work attire. She was also driving a manual transmission car, which was somehow sexy to me as well, seeing a woman deftly handle a stick shift. Typical.

And her bare feet working the pedals, with toenail polish was sublimely sensual. And she was also dressed in a tight-fitting tank top shirt with a bra underneath, all of which exposed her very fit body. Tight and toned and way sexy. And then we just started chatting and after I got over my initial shock at her ‘new’ look, we were very shortly at her house.

“C’mon in…I was just getting ready for lunch. My roommate is out of town for a couple days, so happy to have some company.”

I followed her up the stairs, and just couldn’t get over how incredibly sexy she is in her regular clothes. Petite body, bare feet, toenail polish, tight top highlighting her small, firm breasts…god, what a combination. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in a relationship and that we were just friends and co-workers. But there were certainly months of other images swirling my mind. I hoped the car place took all day to fix that damn car. Time for a new one anyhow.

“I thought you’d be out exercising or something like that on your free day,” I asked, as I watched her put a couple sandwiches together, again, trying hard not to just stare at her like a love-struck teenager and at the same time trying to conceal my growing erection.

“I already did today…just yoga though. Been having some trouble with my foot so I have to lay off the crossfit thing for a bit.”

“What’s wrong with your foot?”

“Plantar fasciitis I think. I’ve had it before. It goes away, but I really need to lay off the impact stuff.”

“Too bad. Looks like you’re managing to stay very fit anyhow,” I offered, looking at her arms and legs.

“Thanks…I try. Makes me feel better about myself.”

“This is great by the way. What’s in this?” I asked, after taking a couple bites of the sandwich and some fresh fruit.

“My chicken salad. Glad maltepe escort you like it. I get the bread from a local bakery and I make the chicken salad myself with some curry and apple and nuts. Just a touch of mayo too, also from a local farmer.”

“Wow…this is delicious. Better than the granola bar at the car shop.”

“Glad I can be of help. It’s great to see you out of work too.”

We chatted about some work stuff and the people there and some general gossip stuff. I couldn’t help take my eyes though from her feet and legs. Her feet matched her petite frame and the red nail polish was a very sexy highlight to her toned calves and legs. I’m a bit of a leg man and I just had all these visions of her legs wrapped around my waist and around my head. I just had to try and concentrate on the conversation and the food.

She had this way too of dangling her foot and wiggling her toes not directly under the table and in my line of sight. I wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose or just being herself. This was a new environment for both of us to interact. But I know she caught me looking at her form with more than passing interest.

“You know Brandi, I had that plantar fasciitis a couple years ago. It’s a bitch to get rid of. Have you tried all the regular things, like orthotics in your shoes and exercises and stretching?”

“Yeah…done all that stuff. It’s getting better but still keeps me away from the gym like I’d like.”

“Looks like you’re staying very fit Brandi,” I indicated at her legs and gave her bicep a squeeze. “You’re in great shape.”

“Well, thanks. I think the yoga helps me too. Have you ever done yoga?”

“No, never to into it. But I know lots of people that swear by it.”

“I think it helps especially now that I have to cut out other things.”

“You know what finally helped me get rid of my foot thing?”

“No, what?”

“I found a person who did some specialized kind of massage. I think it was called something like neuromuscular massage.”

“Never heard of it. Where did you go?”

“It was near our office. I’ll find the number for you. But it really helped me a lot.”

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll give it a try.”

“But you know, I’ve learned a bit from that time. Want me to give a try with your feet?” Where did that come from?! I wasn’t here for that. I couldn’t do that. I needed to do that. God, what a mess…but I did ask that after all. I was just thinking it and not expecting that offer to actually pass my lips. My brain wasn’t properly processing data just at the moment. Sort of like my computer sometimes.

“Hmmm…that sounds good. I’d love my feet rubbed, especially if you can help with this foot pain.” With that, Brandi jumped up and cleared the dishes and I followed her into the living room and sat on the sofa a few feet from her as she sat at the end, and plopped her feet on the sofa and then one on my lap, toes a-wiggling.

God, this was so sexy. Her feet and legs were gorgeous and led to her thighs were so soft and so exposed and so near to her pussy, which I was sure was as wonderful as the rest of her body. I had to not think about all that because I had an erection for the last hour and having one of her feet on my lap inches from that did nothing to quell my rising passion for this sexy creature.

“Alright…let’s see what you learned,” she wiggled her toes on my lap as I began to rub her foot.

I tried to stay focused on the task and began to rub her feet as I knew and remembered was done for my feet.

“Is this where it hurts the most?” I asked, trying to find that spot near the heal and arch that gave her the most symptoms.

“Oh man…that’s the spot,” she moaned, in a most sensual way, as if it were other spots I was massaging and indeed yearning to.

I kept massaging deeply and stretching her foot and ankle back to stretch out that area from the calf to the foot and stretching her toes back at the same time, to feel that plantar fascia stuff and then dug my fingers and knuckles in there.

“Here, right,” I asked, trying to elicit that same sexy voice that she did a moment ago.

“Oh, that’s unbelievable. Where have you been all this time my feet were hurting?”

“You should have said something sooner. I would have done this weeks ago.”

“Your hands feel incredible Bill…I guess you did learn something after all.”

I spent about 15 minutes on this foot, and then asked her for the other one. This brought this foot even closer to my aching crotch. Her foot was perched on my upper thigh and just against my balls and my erection that was pushing against the fabric of my pants, bulging I’m sure and painfully evident. I started massaging the other foot and it kept pulling the other foot even closing pressing on the heat emanating from my crotch.

“Mmmmm….you do good with feet. Great hands. I just love my feet rubbed. I just never knew it would…”

“It would what?” I asked, trying to think how she was going to finish her sentence.

“Oh, nothing…never mind,” mamak escort she said, in a soft voice and a smile while rolling her leg pressing against my cock. I didn’t know if she could feel my hardness with the side of her leg and I was trying not to overtly press my cock against her leg, but it was increasingly hard not to move against her.

“So how does that yoga work anyhow?” I asked, trying to divert my attention and trying to remember that I was here as a friend and that I was trying to stay true.

“You should try it. Let me show you a couple of the things that helps me, especially core and flexibility.”

“OK,” I said.

Slowly she extricated her feet from my reluctant lap and proceeded to demonstrate a couple positions, that did little to abate my excitement and did lots to fuel the images in my mind. There was the ‘downward dog’ thing and a couple more poses, all the while talking about the health benefits of each and espousing their worth for her regimen. I tried to surreptitiously massage my cock to try to relieve the pressure, and her lithe form on the floor in front of me had me reeling with excitement.

“Have you ever tried partner yoga Bill?”

“No, can’t say that I have…” I managed to gulp, my mouth dry and my heart racing.

“C’mon here then…let me show you a couple things,” Brandi said, with a bit of a new twinkle in her eye. Perhaps she really did know what she was doing after all and it was me who was getting seduced.

“I’m hardly dressed for anything yoga-ish though.”

“That’s ok…that can be arranged. Boxers or briefs?” she asked, very innocently.

“I beg your pardon,” I asked, taken aback.

“We can both get into proper partner yoga attire. That is if you’re game,” she asked now, a bit of a dare and twinkle look in her eye and tone.

“And what would that be?” I could imagine quite well what I’d like it to be.

“Well, ideally, as little as possible, but in this situation, we could both be in underwear.”

“As little as possible, huh?” I asked, not quite sure if she was serious or not.

“That’s right. You wanna give it a go?”

“Sure, I’m game,” I said resolutely, not quite being sure where exactly this was going. But it sure was going in an interesting and unexpected direction from what I thought my day was going to be like this morning.

“Ok then. Briefs and undershirt for you; bra and panties for me. Cool?”

“Cool with me.” And with that, Brandi quickly pulled her tank top tee shirt over her head, and let me see her even more gloriously toned torso with only the rest of the bra which had visible straps until now. I could see the outline of her nipples, clearly hardened beneath the thin fabric of the lacy bra. And before I could unbutton my dress shirt, she was out of her shorts, standing proudly in a very brief and very sexy green lace bra and panties. Did I mention they were brief? Very skimpy and so very brief. I guess I said that already. She was spectacular.

I got out of my shirt and unbuttoned my pants as Brandi stood there proudly in her mostly naked form smiling at me, which was no different than beach or pool attire really. But in this situation, it was just a bit more sexy standing there in her living room.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks as well, standing in front of this nubile creature, admiring her petite and fit body, and she too was looking me up and down, not at all missing the large bulge in my boxer briefs. I should mention that I’m pretty fit, and at 6’2″ and 190 pounds, I wasn’t at all embarrassed at being in my underwear with her, but more so at my cock, pointing upwards in my underwear, and just about at the waistband of them. I also am rather proud of my 7″ cock, which was every bit of that and more given how excited I was and how long I’d been turned on by this encounter.

“Nice Bill. I see you work out too. I didn’t know,” Brandi said, smiling that wry and sexy smile that I’d begun to recognize.

“Thanks girl. I try. And you Brandi. You are spectacularly beautiful.”

“Thank you Bill. I’m glad you appreciate my efforts. It’s been a while…” she left that unfinished. I wasn’t sure if she was referring to her boyfriend, or lack thereof or going without sex. They should be near the same thing I guess, but I still wasn’t sure the rest of her sentence. Or perhaps she was referring to her foot problem? Yeah…right.

In any case, her foot was definitely better as she motioned to me to sit down and we did so back to back and crossed elbows together.

“This one is for breathing and centering. And to get used to your partner’s rhythm.”

We did that for a few minutes, and I could feel her body’s heat against my back.

“And now bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. And we push against each other and try to stand. Just push straight up and try not to think of pushing against me.”

After a short couple attempts, we stood half way, and she held us there so we were using our thigh muscles. I thought I would push her back given I ankara escort outweighed her by probably 90 pounds. But she was strong and we managed a balance position back to back.

“That’s great Bill. You learn fast.”


“Now let’s face each other for more breathing and now a bit of stretching. Are you flexible?” Brandi asked, turning around as did I and straightened out her legs and indicated that I do the same, so we were sole of feet together. She reached forward and we grasped each other’s wrists.

“I have worked on some of this too,” I said, not fully divulging that I’d done a fair bit of martial arts in the past and so was more than a bit flexible.

So back and forth we pulled each other, keeping our feet together, and holding the position of getting chest to thighs for 10 seconds while the other pulled forward.

“Wow Bill. You surprise me. You’re pretty flexible for a guy.”

“Like I said, I’ve been working on this too.”

One might think that this physical exertion would help side-track me and deflate my aching hard on, but not so. Just being in Brandi’s proximity and touching her albeit fairly innocently was enough to keep me absolutely as turned on as ever.

“Ok, now let’s try this,” she said, while I continued to marvel at her body, firm, taut and powerful even though she was small in stature.

She sat now cross-legged, and I did the same, now separate from her by about 3 feet. We grasped wrists again and did the same back and forth pulling, only this time her head got close to my legs as she reached and bent forward. With each time we got to center, we held each other’s gaze and I watched her body intently, enjoying the sight of her nearly naked body and her tight muscles and her firm belly as she moved forward and back. I could see too, that she was watching me and a few times eyeing my very prominent erection, now with a bit of a wet spot at the tip.

“And there’s one more that I’d like to show you, since you’re quite flexible.” She then uncrossed her legs and put them out to each side so we were still separate, but now by only 2 feet. I just paused for a few moments savoring the sight of her legs spread out and her pussy was covered by a small patch of also moist lacy material. Her inner thigh muscles were stretched and her belly was firm, without an ounce of fat. Her small but firm breasts were held tightly by a very skimpy and matching green lace bra, and her nipples were clearly hardened even more than before.

I did the same with my legs, although I was not nearly as flexible as she. This time our feet were touching again and because my legs were longer but hers were more spread apart, we were quite close together. This time we grasped forearms, and at first, she pulled me forward. I’m not as flexible this way, but as she pulled, she helped bounce my stretch so that I was almost face to her stomach. I paused here ostensibly to hold the stretch, but really more so to inhale her aroma, which was her perfume highlighted by the smell of her sexual arousal, which was unmistakable and remarkably intoxicating.

Going the other way would be interesting to be sure. I was still so very hard and there was no hiding my erection in my briefs. When I pulled so that she went forward, she got nearly with her head to the floor, which was occupied by my very hard cock. I was now looking at the back of her head and her nearly naked back, inches from my cock.

“You know this isn’t supposed to be so sexual…” I heard Brandi whisper, as her hair was against my thighs.

“It’s not?” I asked, perplexed by this comment given our position.

We sat upright, now looking at each other with a very poignant and sexual air in the room. We held each other’s gaze and each other’s arms and just took some breaths together.

We did a forward and back thing again, this time my head was even closer to her pelvis, and I could inhale her aroma and see the wetness emanating from her center. I savored that for a bit longer than the last time, and still held onto her arms.

When she came forward, her forehead brushed against my cock and balls without pretense this time. I could feel her breath against my skin as she rubbed my back and forth.

When we returned to the sitting position, she looked deeply into my eyes. She let go of my arms, and while continuing to look at me, her arms went behind her back and took off her bra and flung it to the side. I couldn’t help but break the look and took in her nearly naked body, this time taking in her small, firm breasts with very small, tight and erect nipples.

I could hardly breathe and dared not do anything to break the moment.

“God, you’re so incredibly sexy Brandi,” I said softly and with every bit of passion that I felt.

She reached forward to my waist, and helped me to pull off my tee shirt, so that now we were both in just our underwear, no mistaking the others’ arousal.

“This is great for my stretching…” she said to me softly, smiling as she leaned forward again, this time not holding my arms but leaning forward on her elbows and her hands were on my thighs. Her head inched ever closer to my cock and I felt her breathe slowly and inhale my scent too, as she kissed the tip of my cock through the fabric of my underwear, wet with my precum that had been seeping there for almost an hour.

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