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I’d been keeping Sam updated on what had been going on with Kay, and she was curious to meet her and spend a bit of time having the three of us together. She really didn’t believe that Kay was as willing of a slut as I’d told her, so she wanted proof for herself. She also said that she should have some fun as well since I was always showing her off, and taking her clothes off in front of other people she wanted an opportunity to be the person that was the undresser, not the undressed one!

I told Kay that I would pick her up Friday evening at 7pm and gave her some quick instructions on what to wear. Basically it was a short dress that would show off her tits, and could easily be moved to expose her. She was to wear her half cup black bra, stockings and garter belt with no panties and make sure that she was shaved smooth everywhere.

When Friday came around I picked up Kay and when we came out to the car she was surprised to see that Sam was sitting in the front seat. We exchanged some small talk as we drove to a restaurant a several miles away where I had reserved an out of the way table that had a high back horse shoe shaped booth surrounding it.

We arrived and after some awkwardness in deciding how we would sit we ending up with Sam in the middle. This gave them an opportunity to get better acquainted and Sam wasted no time in starting to question Kay about the recent adventures that I had done with her. There discussion was often interrupted by the waiters taking our orders, filling our wine glasses and more. Although they tried to keep the conversation quiet it was apparent that the staff heard enough to know what was being discussed.

I was enjoying their lively discussion about sex, and the fact that I was the only guy sitting with two lovely women while they talked about being exposed, fondled by strangers and even having group sex. I got up and went to the rest room…so I could leave them alone for a few minutes and when I returned I had Kay get up so I could sit in between them.

I figured it was best to let Kay know what was going to happened later in the evening on so after I had settled in the middle I asked Kay if she’d ever had sex with another women before tonight, and she immediately blushed. I already knew the answer was no, but wanted to hear her say it and acknowledge that the answer to the question would be different after tonight. I told her that tonight she’d be the giver, and Sam would be on the receiving end of sex as it had always been the other way for her I wanted to give her a little reward for her past efforts.

By the time our main course arrived we were already well into our second bottle of wine, and the two women had consumed most of it as I paid attention to always keeping their glasses full. Both were getting a very relaxed so I thought that we should move into a little bit of exhibitionism while we had a chance.

I leaned over and told Kay to show her tits to Sam. I said it loud enough for Sam to hear, and perhaps the couple in beşiktaş escort the booth closest to us. Without an hesitation Kay pulled down her shoulder straps and slipped the dress off her breasts. She held her hands in her lap so that Sam would have a clear look and then asked if she could see Sam’s tits as well.

Not wanting to be outdone Sam shrugged her shoulders and after unfastening the clasp on the front of her dress it fell away to expose both of her little titties. For a couple of minutes they sat silently looking at each others breasts but quickly covered up as they noticed the waiter coming to clear away the dishes. Neither of them had time to fix themselves completely so both were holding their clothes while he worked.

We ordered some dessert to share and after he left they both started to button up and cover up. I told Kay to leave one breast exposed by leaving a strap hanging off her shoulder. If the waiter said something she could pretend she hadn’t noticed. Since she was being exposed Sam stopped and left her top undone and although she wasn’t showing anything it was open all the way to her waist.

The waiter brought our dessert and although he didn’t say anything he never took his eyes off Kay’s exposed breast. Since he didn’t seem to mind, and both Kay and Sam were feeling the wine by then I told them I wanted to eat my dessert between two women with bare tits. I give them a lot of credit as neither one hesitated but quickly got both tits exposed as we shared the dessert.

I saw our waiter heading our way, and before either Sam or Kay started to cover up I just said “leave them out.” Although they could act as if nothing was out of the ordinary it was obvious that they were purposely exposing themselves to our waiter. His jaw about dropped to the floor when he approached us and saw two sets of naked tits being exposed. I’m sure he was hoping to still catch Kay showing a tit, but was sure surprised to see what he did.

He stammered and finally asked if we would like anything else. I asked him if he liked what he saw and that only made him more flustered. I could also see that he had an obvious bulge in his pants and for a moment thought about inviting him to come and share Sam and Kay, but this night was for me. I keep him at the table for a few minutes by asking him questions the two ladies that were sitting on either side of me. He was very complimentary, and very diplomatic too.

Did he like what he was saw? Yes. Did he think that they were too old to be sexy? No. Did he think one set of tits was better than the other? No. Could he tell the size difference? Yes. What did he think was the difference (B and A cup)? He didn’t want to guess. Did he still need a tip for the dinner? No. Would he like to touch them? REALLY!! Yes. Which set would he like to touch first? Why doesn’t he just lean over and feel their tits? OK!

He finally reached into the booth and started to fondle Kay’s tits a bit as I encouraged him to beşyol escort take full advantage of the opportunity. I told him to pull and pinch them a bit and he did, but not very hard. He them moved around to Sam’s side of the table and she was quite used to this type of request from me so she moved to allow him easy access to her little tits. He pinched her a bit harder and pulled her nipples until they were hard and long.

I then asked him if he’d like Kay to give him a blow job and after a moment of shocked silence just said; here? I told him it would be easy if he just moved around to her side of the booth and stood there as she’d do all the work. He wasn’t too sure about it, and Kay looked a bit shocked too but she slid out to the edge of the booth. When he was that he quickly looked around and moved over in front of her.

It didn’t take long, I’m sure it was less than a minute from the time she unzipped his pants, until she was swallowing his cum. It was a really quick show as Sam and I barely had time to move around to watch Kay take out his cock and suck it into her mouth in one quick movement. Just as quickly she tucked him back into his pants and zipped him back up.

He kind of staggered away and we quickly got up to leave as the women held their clothing in place while we walked to the coat room. I held their coats for them and as they put their arms into the jackets both of them were able to flash their tits to the closest tables as they let go of the tops of their clothing and put their arms behind them into the jacket sleeves.

The ride home seemed to take forever, and as we arrived I opened up another bottle of wine as Sam and Kay stripped off their clothes and headed for the hot tub. When I arrived they were already naked and between giggles and laughs they were exploring each others bodies. It sure is a nice sight to watch two lovely ladies kiss, touch, suck, and get aquatinted with each other in every way.

After finishing off the wine we dried off and moved to the bedroom. The next half hour or so was pretty much a blur as we took turns kissing, touching and sucking on each other. Although this was Kay’s first time with a women she didn’t have any trouble going down on Sam and quickly was able to lick her to her first orgasm. Sam then returned the favor and did the same for Kay.

What a sight, both women were enjoying each other, and quickly got into position so they were licking and sucking each others pussy to orgasm. They both seemed fascinated with the others shaved pussy and couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. I lost track of how many time they brought each other to orgasm, but eventually I couldn’t wait any longer and had Sam sit on top of my cock and Kay quickly moved over to straddle my mouth as they each bounced up and down and pulled each others nipples while they kept their tongues busy in each other’s mouth.

It had already been a long exciting evening, and I would love to say that I lasted for hours, beykent escort but that wasn’t what happened. After I had filled Sam’s pussy with my cum she laid back on the bed and with just a little encouragement Kay moved over and licked me clean and them moved over to Sam and licked and sucked her to another orgasm as she cleaned her pussy with her tongue.

We all fell asleep within a few minutes and in the morning I woke up to find the women once again in a 69 embrace. Kay was on top and was doing everything she could to get pleasure from Sam while she gave it back. Needless to say this was a great way to wake up and I was immediately hard again.

I reached over and grabbed a tube of lubrication and without saying anything slide up on Kay’s backside. She stopped for a moment and looked over her shoulder as I squeezed a large amount into the crack of her ass, but turned back to Sam’s pussy as I started to slide into her.

She told me later that she was still a little sore from her previous encounter, but since she mouth was occupied she wasn’t able to cry out or say anything as I pushed my way into her ass. Sam started to give me a commentary and seemed that she was enjoying the show from her close up vantage point. With her verbal encouragement I quickly shoved it all the way into Kay’s ass as Sam keep telling me deeper, harder, and take her ass baby.

By now Kay had also stopped what she had been doing and started to ask for it like a good slut should. Between the two of them yelling “fuck my ass,” “shove it in her ass,” “give it to her,” “fuck her ass baby,” “fuck your slut’s ass,” and even more comments I soon started to explode into Kay’s asshole. I let the first load go inside her ass, but then pulled back just enough so the rest would cover the asshole and slowly slide across her shaved pussy and down onto Sam’s face.

I don’t think that Sam had been ready for that as it seemed like she started to squirm a bit, but when she saw I wasn’t moving she stopped and laid still. When I did get off of Kay’s ass I saw that the cum had all slide down and had covered Sam’s face. I told her that she should give Kay one last orgasm and had Kay sit up and straddle Sam’s face.

Kay quickly started to grind and rub her pussy across Sam’s face as Sam did her best to bring Kay to an orgasm with her tongue. It wasn’t long and she got what she was trying for. As Kay moved off of Sam’s face I was pleased to see that Sam’s face was covered with sex. It was a mixture of Kay’s wet pussy, my cum and Sam’s saliva. After Kay caught her breath I pushed her over to Sam and told her to lick her clean.

She started to lick Sam’s face as she worked to clean us the mess that was deposited from her pussy and ass. She eventually seemed to have gotten most of the mess licked from Sam’s face and collapsed back onto the bed. After a quick nap for all of us Sam asked me if we get to “keep her as a toy” and I said sure. She did comment that although Kay was fun it would have been even more fun to have some more cock involved as well.

Kay seconded that idea, and suggested that we should have brought the waiter back with us too. I told them I could arrange it if they were looking for more, and offered to find a dozen of so willing guys if they thought they could handle it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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