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We arose early today and skipped the morning meditation. We were going back out on Lorelei to visit islands south of us. Our first stop would be Dominica where we would do some sightseeing then we would head for St. Lucia stopping on the way at a small uninhabited island for a meditation. On the way back we would stop at Martinique then head for Guadeloupe. Finally we would swing by Montserrat on the way back to Antigua.

We would be gone for four days. We could have done it in three but we didn’t want to sail at night, preferring to spend our nights in port ashore. We made it to Dominica in good time; we had a nice wind and didn’t have to tack very often. We spent a couple of hours touring the island then got underway for the deserted island where we would do our meditation. The island was small but pretty and had a good beach as well as good anchorage for Lorelei.

Now that there were sixteen in our group we divided up so that six women each had a man. The other four women paired off. Mitra took Debby and Suvarna took Rachel. The meditation was basically the same for all the pairs: sitting facing each other with the man’s cock in his female partner. Four of the women could do the circulating of the light. The other two would keep practicing until they got it.

After the meditation we returned to the boat and headed for St. Lucia. We still had about four hours of daylight left so we would make it before dark. I got the impression that Suvarna was treating Rachel like she was Victoria. Knowing she would not have the chance to form that mother-child bond with her, she was experiencing it with Rachel. The same thing seemed to be happening with Mitra and Debby. Both of the younger women seemed very receptive to this. I didn’t know if they never had this close, affectionate relationship with their mothers or if they just responded to it because it felt so genuine and loving.

I did know that what Suvarna and Mitra were doing could only be done on this high plane of love or it could become a dependency for all of them. It reminded me of two lionesses showing their cubs how to survive on their own, only done with much more love and spiritual awareness. They would benefit from these relationships for the rest of their lives no matter how short or long they may be.

I paid close attention to them because I wanted to learn how to do this for my own children and to help Sandy become capable of doing it. It was very bittersweet to see how good a mother Suvarna could have been. As for Mitra, I would try to get her to stay around after Suvarna died to be our spiritual guide and another mother to Victoria and my two children. I was convinced that having more than one mother was as healthy for you when you were young as having more than one lover when you were older.

In order to keep these relationships anchored in the reality of what the group was all about, Suvarna made sure that when we bedded down for the night, she and Rachel had one of the males in bed with them. Tonight was my turn with them. After a shower that was longer than we could have had if we had been at sea, the three of us climbed into bed. We began by having Rachel lie between us. Suvarna and I took turns kissing her and running our hands through her hair. She was so much more relaxed and comfortable with us than she had been on the previous trip on the boat.

I moved down her cheek kissing my way across her neck to her chest, then continued on to her breast. When my lips enfolded her nipple she pressed her chest up to push as much of her warm soft mound into my mouth as she could. I heard her breathe in sharply as my tongue began to dance with the swelling bud. Suvarna’s hand cupped her other breast and softly caressed it. Rachel was as receptive as a sponge as she soaked up our affection and silently expressed her desire for more.

As Suvarna slid down to put her mouth on her other breast, Rachel said, “Suvarna, being with you has completely changed my way of thinking about sex. I thought it was all about passion and action and heated movement in order to have a climax. Now I see how much better it is when it’s done with tenderness and affection and love. You two take the time to make foreplay not just a part of lovemaking but essentially the entire act. Everything you do is done with so much love and genuine caring. It’s like the meditations, you don’t rush toward an orgasm you float into one.”

“You just keep right on floating my sweet love. Prem showed me from the very first time we ever had sex that love was the key to the whole experience. When you love your partner this much, these acts stop being sex; they become communion. You stop feeling like the other is doing something to you and your bodies become a harmony of movement like two ballet dancers. This opens your heart and the sexual energy moves there and transforms you.”

“Oh Suvarna yes it does. It makes me want to give myself totally to you both. Even more than I want to experience you, beylikdüzü anal yapan escort I want you to experience me until there is no more you and no more me.”

“Then just let it be my love. Let it be.”

I left Suvarna to attend to her breasts while I slid down, kissing my way to her navel and then all over her stomach. I barely touched her perfect skin as my lips glided across her, pausing occasionally to lick her navel. Her muscles twitched when the touching got to be too tender to bear. She pressed upward wanting me to kiss her with more pressure. I put my arm under her lower back and pulled her to me as the intensity of my kisses increased. She softly moaned followed by, “Ohhhhhh Yesssssss.”

Her eyes were closed and she was so surrendered she appeared to be floating on the open ocean, rising and falling on gigantic waves of pure sensation. She no longer cared who was loving her or how they were doing it, trusting that whatever was being done to her was done with love and had no other intent than to provide her with pleasure. I moved still lower and the arm under her back slid down so my hand could hold her left butt cheek. My mouth continued its journey toward her mound.

She and Debby were the only two women in the group who still had pubic hair. Her soft curls were an enticing alternative to the bare flesh of the others. I licked across them then blew my breath over the damp trail my tongue left. I kissed my way slowly down until my tongue touched her clitoris.

Another soft moan escaped her lips as her legs spread open and she pulled them up and bent her knees. Now it was my turn to shiver. This beautiful gesture of opening up to me like a flower spreading its petals never ceased to cause me the highest erotic pleasure. It was the most intimate invitation a man can receive. A silent beckoning to behold and partake of the joy her body so eagerly wanted to share. There is no other moment quite like it. To miss the opportunity to appreciate it is to miss one of the great experiences of living.

Still holding on to her ass with one hand my other hand moved to her knee where my fingertips lightly traced a path along her inner thigh to the fold where her pussy began. My thumb pressed against her outer lip and smoothly rubbed up to the top where it replaced my tongue on her clit so my mouth could slide gently down to kiss the pink folds of her slit. My lips slowly traveled the length of her labia until they covered her opening. My tongue parted her lips to explore her vagina and once fully extended began to lick the hot flesh. I alternated licking and sucking her as she pushed her pussy against my face to urge me to continue my tongue’s discovery of her.

I kept feasting on her slit for a long time making sure to slow down whenever it felt like she was nearing a climax. I didn’t want her to cum yet but to get completely aroused. I had other plans in mind for her before she had her release. She was very wet now so I shifted my position to lay crosswise to her and draped her legs over my hips. My hard cock was pointed straight at her opening.

Without my saying anything Suvarna moved down to lie beside Rachel’s hip and laid her head on her mound. I shifted my hip slightly so the head of my cock was touching her lips then pushed forward to slide it into her mouth. Her hand encircled the lower half of my shaft as she began to stroke it while she was sucking me. After only a minute she pulled back and released my cock so she could put it on Rachel’s entrance. When I felt the tip in position I pushed forward and slid smoothly inside her until Suvarna’s fingers stopped my insertion. Her hand began to move again as she slowly jerked me off while the upper half of my cock was being squeezed by Rachel’s cunt.

Suvarna knew this was my favorite way to make love. She and Janelle had done this to me many times. She moved her mouth so she could lick Rachel’s clit while she lovingly stroked my cock with her hand. I could feel Rachel’s juices seeping out of her. Suvarna alternated my cock from Rachel’s pussy to her mouth until I could no longer distinguish which was more arousing. She would let go of my cock completely to engulf my entire length with her mouth and coat it with her saliva then pull off and redirect it to Rachel to let me feel it slide all the way inside her while she played with my balls.

Suvarna kept Rachel and me below our orgasmic threshold for a long time while she orchestrated our movements. Then she raised her head and swung her leg over Rachel’s body and slowly lowered her pussy to her mouth. Rachel eagerly welcomed Suvarna’s bald twat to her mouth. Even with Rachel’s enthusiastic oral attention to her pussy, Suvarna kept on playing with my cock and Rachel’s pussy.

Finally she pulled her mouth off my cock and returned it to Rachel’s pink channel, “Oh baby, I feel like my pussy has just collapsed like the core of a star and now beylikdüzü balıketli escort it’s going to explode.” Her hand moved to cradle my balls as I slid my wet cock deep inside Rachel and held still. Suvarna’s head tilted back; her eyes fluttered closed and her face took on an expression of pure bliss as Rachel’s vagina went into spasm around my cock, causing it to throb then spew the contents of my balls all over her hot pink walls.

Our orgasms engulfed us in a silent explosion of white light. They were powerful but each of us assimilated the full force of them as we had learned to do in the meditations. These were whole body-mind orgasms. The energy blasting its way through our hearts, rising upward to our third eye where it made time stop and joined us together as one entity. No moans, screams or other sounds could express what we were feeling. This time love took us even beyond tears. Sometime later we slowly came back down.

Rachel moved over so I could lie between them. They turned on their sides and each one put an arm over me. I thought about what Mitra said about lovers’ spirits watching over each other while we slept. We would all be well cared for tonight.

Even though we had plenty of supplies on board we decided to eat breakfast at a local restaurant in St. Lucia before leaving. The restaurant was located in a beautiful, secluded resort on Marigot bay with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the ocean. The bay was just wide and deep enough to bring Lorelei into and anchor in the gorgeous turquoise water. Peter went ashore in the dinghy and returned with the resort’s larger water taxi to ferry the rest of us in.

The weather was perfect for our trip north to Martinique. September was prime hurricane season but this year had been quiet and there were no storms in sight at this time. Lorelei had more than enough sophisticated electronics to be able to spot any bad weather within several hundred miles so storms were not an issue for us. We had to make do with warm sunshine and puffy white clouds and a perfect amount of wind for sailing. Another day in paradise.

The atmosphere on board had completely transformed from crew and passengers to one of all of us being a family of sorts. Everybody looked after each other and helped themselves to whatever they needed. Peter, Andy, Debby and Rachel all fit in with the rest of us like they had known us for a long time. Each one said they had never had a better cruise than this one.

The morning was spent with small groups having massages and rubbing sunscreen on our bodies while others sailed the boat. David was especially enthralled with learning how to sail and loved Lorelei almost as much as Peter did. He said this was the first time in years he’d been disconnected this long from a computer network and he was loving it. He had really progressed from when we first met him in Geneva. He had completely dropped all the pain caused by the breakup of his marriage and was living life happily and completely.

I went below deck to go to the bathroom and met Daniella and Janelle walking back from the galley. Daniella ran up to me and threw her arms around me and kissed me. “Prem, Janelle’s been telling me how much you like hand jobs and has graciously agreed to show me how you like it. Are you busy doing anything else right now?”

“I’m never too busy for some loving from Janelle’s marvelous hands. I need to go to the bathroom first then we can go back up on deck for an open air demonstration.”

Janelle said, “Prem I want you to have an enema so we can both do something to you. Would you like me to give you one?”

“Follow me ladies.”

We went into the bathroom connected to the cabin I’d been sleeping in and I located the enema bag and handed it to Janelle. She put warm water in it then showed Daniella how to administer the enema. Daniella was excited to do this and wanted Janelle to do it to her when they finished with me. Janelle gave Daniella hers while I was on the toilet. After the enemas we all got in the shower and bathed each other. We didn’t bother drying ourselves; the sun and the wind would do that.

I rummaged around in Suvarna’s case and found the strap-on dildos and the anal lube before heading back up to the deck. We went to a spot about two-thirds the way forward and found a wide area of the deck. Janelle went to a locker nearby and got out some cushions for us to lie on.

“Prem you lie on your back. Daniella you put your leg over Prem and put your butt close to his face so you can help me with his cock and he can start getting your ass ready to be fucked.”

When we were in position I heard Janelle telling Daniella how I liked her to do this, “When he’s soft like this I like to begin with gentle kisses and licks. You can start at the base and work your way up to the head. Then lick the tip and put you lips around it.” She alternated her instructions beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş with demonstrations. “Lick across the hole while your lips are pursed around it.” I could feel my cock slowly growing stiffer.

“Ooooohhhh Janelle, what you’re doing seems to be having the right effect. How did you get to be such an expert at this?”

“The university I attend has a farm and I took a year long class that required me to work on the farm one day a week. We had cows and goats that were used to produce milk, butter and cheese; which we also learned to make. Being a horny little girl, when it was my turn to milk the cows I would always pretend that the teats were a boy’s cock. I experimented with different techniques to see which one produced the most milk. Watching and listening to the creamy milk spraying into the pail got me hot so I’d keep one hand on a teat and the other on my clit while I pretended I was doing this to a boy.”

“Jesus Janelle, so that’s how you learned to jerk a guy off better than he can do it himself. I’ll bet those cows were happy too. Didn’t you have machines to milk them?”

“We didn’t have a big herd and the school wouldn’t pay for machines. The cows never complained Prem. Now that he’s started to get hard you can wrap your fingers around his shaft and give it a little squeeze while you keep licking and sucking the head. I love to feel him grow in my hand, it makes me shiver to know I can do this to him and he enjoys it so much.” My cock continued to swell as Daniella paid rapt attention to her lesson.

Since I was already familiar with what Janelle’s magical hands could do to me I decided to pay some attention to the fabulous ass that Daniella had so kindly put in front of my face. Her exposed pussy, framed by her ass cheeks and thighs, was seriously adorable. Her puffy outer lips held pink labia in an intimate embrace that allowed them to protrude enough to make you want to suck on them all day. Her clit was prominently displayed at the top of her slit and begged to be licked.

But the star of the show, especially considering my vantage point, was her perfect asshole. The puckered wrinkles surrounding the hole were as symmetrical as a computer could draw them. In addition to their tidy arrangement they were also a beautiful shade of pink. Studying her crotch was a great assist to the hardening of my cock, which Janelle had already done a superb job of.

I put my hands on Daniella’s hips and pulled her back to me so I could reach her with my mouth. She jerked when she felt my lips make contact with her puckered hole. “Oh Prem, nobody’s ever kissed me there before.”

“Are you telling me you’re an anal virgin Daniella?”

“Yes, nothing’s ever gone in that hole up to now, but don’t let that stop you. I want you to play with it and when you think I’m ready I want you to fuck it.”

“That’s exactly what I had in mind. First I’m going to lick it a while to get you in the mood. Then I’m going to put some lube in you and stick my finger in to stretch you out a little.” I proceeded with my attentions to Daniella’s ass while they progressed to the next phase of my hand job. Janelle told Daniella to pour some of the lube in her hand and wrap it around my fully erect cock. Janelle poured some lube in her hand and used it to massage my balls.

“Daniella you can’t neglect his balls when you do this. It’s an essential part of the program. Prem is especially fond of having his balls massaged. Prem, when did you develop your fondness for having a woman play with your balls?”

“When I met you Janelle.”

“Ahhhwww that’s sweet but I’m sure your wife must have done this for you.”

“Strangely enough no, she didn’t. But she’s going to.”

“I’d be glad to teach her if you want me to.”

“I’d like nothing better Janelle but you’ll be back in France before you get a chance to meet her.”

“Maybe we could do a video for her.”

“I’ll have to think about that my sweet, but it’s very kind of you to offer.”

Janelle returned to teaching her current pupil the fine art of manually stimulating a man’s testicles and I resumed my oral attentions to Daniella’s asshole. After a few more minutes of my licking her and inserting my tongue into her while she became increasingly adept at stroking my hard cock under Janelle’s superb tutelage, she suddenly stopped and moaned loudly. “Ohhhhh Godddd Prem that feels so good. I had no idea I’d like this so much.”

I gave her something else to like by inserting my finger into her vagina to search for her g-spot while using my thumb to rub her clit. Her moans increased but she did manage to keep stroking my cock with a nice firm steady rhythm. Her hand was moving from the base to the tip easily as it slid through the lube coating my shaft. “You’re right Janelle, I love the feeling of his hard cock in my hand. It’s so warm and the texture is so… stimulating. Ohhhh Goddd this is making me so fucking hot. My pussy’s tingling from doing this.”

“I think it’s time to show you some more advanced techniques Daniella. You don’t have to limit what you’re doing to just your hands. I’m going to straddle his hips and you rub his cock all over my pussy. Slide it up and down my slit and put the tip on my clit. Rub it on my thighs too. You could use your own pussy if there’s not another woman around.”

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