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I opened the door of the shower cubicle for her. She passed me throwing me a smiling look full of that radiance I have come to enjoy so much. She threw her towel off and hung on the rail, while her other hand turned on the hot water. Waiting a few seconds, she then turned on the cold balancing it carefully. By this time my own towel was on the rail with hers.

“We have been stolen from! Do you remember that?” she asked me cheekily, as if it was a small matter to lose 4000 shs to a corrupt minor city official.

“That is why we must wash off the filth. I feel corrupted and violated,” I replied.

We fell silent as we spread the liquid bath gel all over ourselves. I turned her around and soaped her back from neck to lower thighs. I scrubbed her thoroughly with my palms. Before I could rinse her off, she turned to me and did the same for me. With a little extra. Her hand crept between my legs before I had time to react. She ran it back and forth before taking hold of my balls, squeezing them gently.

“I shall be clean all over my darling, by the casino şirketleri time you’re through with me!” I said.

She leaned closer to my body causing her breasts to rub against my shoulder blades. “You set your eyes on the wrong girl. You will pay dearly for it!” she threatened me in a mock-gangster voice. My cock jumped to attention.

“Hey, what is this?” she changed to a small girl voice, half-turned me and walked round to grip my erect organ. “You told me it happens in the morning, and called it ‘morning wood’. So what is this?”

“Sunset wood. Don’t you love sunsets?” I grinned into her face. She responded by circling my stem with her thumb and forefinger, running it from the root of it to the swollen head. I groaned.

“Is it hurting?” she inquired in that small voice.

“Like hell! Keep milking me like that and it will cough lots of stuff onto the floor. Don’t you want that inside you?” She smacked me on the bottom for reply, without slowing her movements. I felt a heat in my ball sac ad my thigh muscles tightened. casino firmalari Cum shot onto the wall opposite with such force.

“Wow! How awesome! I have made you come all over my hand. I have never seen anything like that. Thank you for such a wonderful present!”

“I have not yet finished washing you, remember?” I rubbed her shoulders, descending to her sweet tits. I lifted them and washed their undersides, and pulled at the nipples.

“Weee! What are you doing?” she protested mildly.

“Preparing them for sucking'” as I brought my mouth to one nipple. She held my head over her tit as I sucked like a hungry infant. She moaned loudly. My hands continued washing her sides and tummy.

“Please squat!” in a mock military tone.

“Yes, my general,” she giggled.

I continued my washing of her thighs crossing to the opposite one to continue my ministrations. In this position they were open apart, giving me access to her sex. I lightly massaged her outer lips, with mounting excitement for both of us. I ran the finger along her güvenilir casino slit, opening her lips. She was already slippery with desire. I made circling motions in her hole, feeling her hands gripping my thighs tightly. Again I marveled at the strength in those arms. I let my fingers bend her clitoris this way and that.

Her grip round my thighs became vice-like and she screamed. “Kiiiimm! You are killing meeee!” I increased the speed of my clitoral massage. “Oh, my god!” Her head pushing hard against my thigh, I felt her whole vagina pulsing and pushed a finger deep inside her hole.

“Jeez! You’re so warm inside Darling,” I exclaimed. Her vaginal walls continued squeezing me powerfully, deep in the grip of her orgasm. Must be all the gym she does, but her muscles are so well toned, even these inside, I thought.

“Oh, Darling, where have you sprung from?” she moaned without really wanting to know. “You make me feel so totally woman!”

I pulled her to her feet and we stood under the running shower letting the water hit our shoulders and backs rinsing us clean. I cupped one hand, collected some water and rinsed her pussy. She was looking at me with a worshipful smile, so wide and bright that my heart clutched.

The love flowing between us at that moment could have filled the Indian Ocean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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