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After nearly a year of separation and divorce proceedings, fifty-five year old Wayne Brown was finally free of that woman. He could think of no better way to celebrate than to fuck his new bitch. Alas that would have to wait because there still a couple hundred miles left until he could pull over at a truck stop.

The man with the cool, deep brown complexion with a silvery undertone glanced over at his passenger. He adjusted his crotch with one hand as he spied the somewhat androgynous slut apply lip gloss to his pouty lips. They’d been augmented to almost but not quite cartoonish proportions. Wayne loved the result. And it’d been two weeks since he planted his nut deep inside the sissy.

Wayne spent twenty years in the Army before retiring and taking up over-the-road trucking. He enjoyed the alone time. It saved him from constant arguing with his wife. Well ex-wife now. But that never stopped her from bitching whenever he was at home. It was the unrelenting nagging that had first driven him to try boipussy.

His first encounter had been with a femboy he came across on a tube site. The punk had long blonde hair and huge brown eyes. He was originally from Norway, but living in the States. He went by the name ‘Kristi_Kastrat’. That was because the slutty bottom had been castrated. Kristi had videos of all types of super masculine men banging out his backside. Wayne couldn’t believe his luck when their paths crossed eight years ago.

Kristi opened the hotel room door dressed in open back red lace panties and nothing else. Wayne was average height by any standard, yet he towered over the amateur porn starlet. He grabbed him closed and inhaled the sweet strawberry scent. He fondled Kristi’s tight O-shaped bum.

It wasn’t long before Kristi had sucked him good and he was plowing away.

“Fuck my faggot ass, daddy,” pleaded the slutty boy.

“Oh yeah, faggit! That’s a good boy!”

“You like that I cut off my nuts, daddy?”

“Hell yeah! You didn’t need them,” Wayne huffed.

“Fuck me with that big Black cock,” Kristi begged.

“Yeah, faggit bitch! Take all this big Black cock, slut!”

Wayne pounded as Kristi’s thin little clitty dangled, leaking. His melanated flesh contrasted greatly with the pussyboy’s pale skin.

“Your dick is so big,” whined the bottom.

“Take it, baby! I seen you take some real big ones!”

“Yours is HUGE. How big is it, big Black daddy?”

“About eight-and-a-half!”

“Oh fuck! I bet it’s really like ten,” gasped Kristi.

Wayne threw all of his solid, bulky mass into the wispy tart. Kristi appealed all night for his loving strokes and powerful thrusts.

Wayne canlı bahis complied.

When morning arrived and he had to leave, nut was everywhere. Kristi was spent. It had been an epic night for sure.

There had been a few others over the years since Kristi, but he was always searching for an experience that matched it. He had come close a couple of times. But it was not until he met Shannon La Fratta that it seemed it could all come true again.

Wayne had been posting sporadically to a fetish site explaining what he wanted. A femboy. Willing to be castrated. Ready to be owned by a BLACK MASTER. And open to other plastic surgery as agreed,

The typical flakes replied and tried to fake the funk. But the intelligent man sniffed them out quickly. Then, Shannon answered, sharing that he was in love with the idea and had been contemplating having his butt done.

Wayne pounced on that response as soon as he could. In his natural state, Shannon was cute with his dark hair and dark eyes. He had a tight derriere that was nearly a perfect bubble. It didn’t need to be grotesque Wayne added, but some extra padding could be fun. Within two months, the skincare tech had booked the surgery to have silicone implants added to his backside.

Wayne was thrilled with the result. He even convinced Shannon to quit his job and go on the road with him. He got an incredible thrill as he watched other truckers and male motorists ogle over his 32-inch-waist-with-a-38-inch booty. Wayne required that his slave only wear skin tight leggings so his badonkadonk was on full display. There had even been offers from men willing to pay for some time with Shannon. Heretofore, Wayne had not taken anyone up on that.

The man who was twenty-two years Shannon’s senior did suggest they start a site to show off the bitch’s body and some hardcore action from time to time. And it was doing really well.

But Wayne was ready to finish up for the day and get balls deep in that asspussy. Especially since it was the first time since Shannon’s orchiectomy.

Finally, Wayne navigated the big rig off the highway. There was a motel that had truck parking so he stopped there. It was seedy to be honest, but that’s what Wayne wanted. They both got out of the cab and marched into the front office to check in. Wayne had on some old jeans and a sweatshirt. Shannon donned a pair of leopard print leggings and a pink bubble jacket. The trucker made no secret of his fascination with the femme bottom.

A man entered shortly after them and got a show of Wayne fondling the generously sized caboose. Shannon looked over his shoulders occasionally to ensure the fellow was watching. He was.

On bahis siteleri the way into the room, there was a spattering of hangers-on eye-fucking the sissy. It was just after dusk. Now, they were settled. “We need ice,” announced Wayne. “Go get it, boy!”

“Yes, daddy,” Shannon obliged.

“Hold on, faggit! Change into this,” he fished out a new outfit.

Shannon grabbed the white-and-black Cell Block 13 brand cropped T-shirt and too-little gray shorts with a cock pouch. Not that there was much to put in it.

Wayne chuckled as he watched the sissy struggle to get the tiny shorts over his juicy rump. “We gotta get this on cam,” Wayne said. He started the recording using his phone. He narrated. “Welcome back, y’all. You’ve got the beautiful Pussyboy Wonder and Black Man after a brief hiatus. But, we’re back with a surprise for later. Say hi, baby boy!”

“Hiyeeee,” lisped Shannon.

“Twirl around so they can see your new outfit.”

“Do you like it, daddy?”

“Daddy loves it. That’s why he bought it for you! What are you about to do?”

“Well daddy says we need ice so I’m about to walk down to the ice machine.”

“Wearing that, slut?”

“Yes. Only wearing this!”

“You got my dick hard as a rock, Pussyboy Wonder. Hurry up and get back here.”

Shannon opened the door.

“Hold on, faggit! Get your phone and do the body cam!”

Shannon put his phone over his neck using the lanyard. He silenced it and hit the record button. He turned the screen so that it touched him. Anyone encountering him would not know they were on cam. Any faces would be edited out before posting.

Not two doors down from the room, a tall, lanky medium brown-skinned dude took his shot. “Hey, boo! Wassup with you?”

“Nothing,” giggled Shannon.

“You lookin’ real good in that li’l outfit, boo! I see you like Black dick.”

“I do,” the sissy pursed his plump lips.

Shannon continued walking. Switching really.

“What that say on your back,” the dude called out.

“I’ll come back so you can see it.”

“Pussyboy,” the man emphasized each syllable. “And a jack-of-spades beneath it. Oh you da truth!”


“That yo’ pimp?”

“No. He’s my husband.”

“That’s a damn shame. I sho wanna fuck the shit outta you.”

“Sorry. But you can watch. Come to our window after I get this ice.”


Shannon returned to the task at hand. The stranger disappeared inside his room.

By the time he arrived back at the room, Wayne had the tripod set up.

Wayne quizzed his angel. “Did you turn anybody on?”

“Yes, daddy,” cooed Shannon. “I told him to come bahis şirketleri to our window to watch.”

“You better had told him that he can look, but he CANNOT touch!” Wayne smacked Shannon’s cheeks for good measure.

“I did! I promise, daddy!”

The pair began recording again. This time Wayne interviewed the girly boy about his recent surgeries. The lips, orchie, and pectoral implants. After he was satisfied he opened the curtain. There were already two guys waiting.

Wayne removed the small shorts from Shannon’s body. He grabbed and shook the ass. The folks were salivating. “Twerk for them,” he ordered.

Shannon popped his booty. Soon he was showcasing his birthday suit.

Wayne began kissing all over the sleek flesh. Shannon purred. One of the guys outside pulled out his dick. Soon, there were no less than ten Black men of every shade and complexion looking through the window.

Shannon fell to his knees and gave Wayne’s girthy rod some much needed attention.

“Suck this big Black cock with those juicy sissy lips, faggit!”

“Mmhmm,” moaned Shannon.

“That’s a good li’l faggit! All the way down, you slut whore!” Wayne had to play it up for the recording. “Shake that big butt for the people, boy!”

Shannon beseeched Wayne to bend him over. And he did.

“Fuck me,” wailed the punk.

“Take all this dick, faggit,” commanded the masculine one.

“Yes, sir!”

“You know Black Man loves fucking a bitch boy with no balls, don’t you, Pussyboy Wonder?”

“Yes, sir! I know!”

“Are you a man?”

“No, daddy,” replied Shannon

“Then what the fuck are you?”

“I’m a boy!”

“Damn straight. You’re a boy because men have balls. Where’d your balls go?”

“In the trash!”

Wayne bellowed as he thundered away. He slapped at Shannon’s button of a wee-wee as he pummeled the boipussy. “You’ve got such a pathetic useless li’l white boy cock!”

“Yes, daddy! It’s so worthless!”

“Yes, Pussyboy Wonder! Completely worthless. Give me that butt.”

“You like buttfucking me?”

“Do I? Do I??? God yes! I love fucking your gigantic butt, faggit!”

“Give it to me!”

“Ahhhh,” Wayne grunted.

The man pushed Shannon flat onto his stomach and began doing pushups in the pussy. Shannon hollered with pleasure as the spear invaded his inner sanctum over and over.

Then, Wayne could hold it no longer. He flooded Shannon’s insides with his baby batter. “That was so good,” he breathed laboriously. “Since you finally got your castration, I might let one of those fools outside fuck you. What do you think about that?”

“Oh really, daddy? I don’t…”

“I am,” Wayne interrupted.

The older man walked to the door and opened it. “I’m gonna let one of you fuck my faggit. But you gotta do it on cam. You can wear a mask. Any takers?”

It was about to be on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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