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The road was windy and narrow and the light rain wasn’t helping. Even so, I knew the way. It wasn’t far. And my mind drifted back to my chance meeting with my old college flame, now divorced living alone a short drive from my home. To relieve some of the tension, we got coffee and sat outside and suddenly it was true confessions.

She told me she thought of me even when she was married when they had sex and when she masturbated. She blurted that she’s do anything for one night like it had been back in college.

And I told her that I’d likewise always used her as the model for my fantasies. The porn stars I liked jerking off to looked like her. But I told her that my dream was for something beyond what we’d done years ago. And I told her she probably wouldn’t be willing to play along happily. But she said to try her. I told her I wanted a woman to need my cock in her mouth and as far down her throat as she could. And I wanted her to desire my cum in her mouth, on her face, in her hair, all over her body, in any hole. I wanted her to take what she desired. If she wants me to eat her pussy, she should straddle my face and ride it. Since we’re both clean, anal sex by whichever of us wants to do whatever is on the menu. And I told her that my consuming passion was for her big breasts. And I would need total access to them for my enjoyment.

So, we decided we’d meet twice. The first time would be for Diane. It would be romantic, sensual, satisfying, and sweet. The second time would be for me. Diane would study up on some porn links I sent her to see what I wanted and would do all she could to measure up. And as I thought about our bargain, I arrived at her rural house on it cul-de-sac lot. I walked up the steps to the porch and found the front door unlocked as we arranged. I locked it behind me and went up the stairs to the master bedroom. I could hear low music coming from inside, tunes from college. I entered and saw the large bed turned down and standing at the foot of the bed was Diane, in near darkness. As my eyes adjusted, I saw she was wearing a sheer robe, hanging open in front and nothing else.

I stripped and hastily deposited my clothes on a nearby rocking chair. When I turn back to her, Diane moved directly in front of me. I slid my hands inside each side of the silken robe and slid it over her shoulders to the floor silently. I bent down kiss the much shorter Diane and I was transported. I had forgotten what canlı bahis an amazing kisser she was. We would kiss for hours, just nibbling, tasting, playing, probing. She had the gift of perfectly matching your kiss and intensity. Our kiss became deep and emotional quickly. I fell to my knees on the thick rug and buried my face between her perfumed breasts. As I had so long ago, I cupped a big breast in each hand and pushed them together to cut off my air. I could feel only her soft, full, warm breast flesh engulfing me. I pulled back to lick and suck them. And here was Diane’s surprise.

Childbirth and breastfeeding had transformed her big, beautiful breasts in wonderful ways. Diane’s previously pale-to-barely-there aureole had become a dark carmine red. They were ellipses two inches high and an inch wide. And her likewise barely-there, not-very-sensitive, nipples had become almost half-inch-long nubs as big around as a pencil. And from the sounds Diane was making and the way she was squirming as I mock-nursed and suckled, they were much more sensitive than before. Diane took my hand and guided me to the bed.

We kissed and cuddled and petted and touched for a long time. She was so hungry for human contact, never mind intimate contact. Her hands roamed all over me. I had begun working out a few years after Diane and I split. So she got to see what 35 years of regular workouts did for me. She loved my chest as much as I loved hers, it seemed. And she stroked and jacked my cock every way she could, taking it in one hand then the other, then both. She was worshiping my cock. And her hand cradled my cum-heavy balls. Back in the day I knew she really didn’t like sucking cock and wasn’t good at it, so why spoil her night. I moved down to eat Diane’s pussy.

Actually, I kissed my way from her lips to her cheek, down her neck, to her chest, and paused a nice long time for some R&R with those breasts. As she lay on her back the mass of each breast sagged to the sides. I gathered up the fleshpots and gorged myself on them, sucking, licking and biting gently. I felt Diane grind her mound against my chest and I moved down to bury my face in her full brown bush. I inhaled deeply. I instantly recalled every detail of every time we had fucked thirty-plus years ago.

I licked her outer lips and warmed them with my breath. She moved her legs wide apart and I licked lower from her anus upward along the cleft where her pussylips were clinging bahis siteleri to each other. She sighed and I felt her body shudder. When I repeated the long lick from the bottom up, her lips, now swollen, gaped and parted. My tongue accepted the invitation to enter and I tasted her sweet pussy-juices. Diane had a sweet cunt. And as I moved my mouth against it and my lips and tongue began to explore and stimulate it in every way I could think to try, I could feel her hips writhing and bucking. She needed to cum hard now. I had only used my mouth on Diane’s sweet pussy up until this moment.

Now I gently rubbed the tip of my index finger against her pussy to get some of her wetness on it. I gradually moved it to the opening of her wet pussy. It had barely pushed in at all, as I had my lips around the hood of her hard, little clit sucking gently, when she exploded in a violent orgasm. Diane’s legs clamped on my head and I moved quickly to keep from breaking my neck and wound up with my face buried in her climaxing cunt. I slurped and gulped at the wetness. I wouldn’t say she ‘squirted’ or ‘gushed’, but her entire crotch and my face were soaked in her she-juice.

I waited until her legs released their constrictor hold on my head, then moved on top of Diane and rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit from her pussy to her clit. Her body spasmed each time I rubbed my glans against her clit peaking out from its hood and she moaned each time my cock was poised to plunge balls deep into her cunt, which had not felt anything bigger than her fingers for over ten years.

She took my cock with one hand and guided it to her hole and I pushed in gently. Diane sighed. I rocked a little and she began to moan. With each breath, she would make a little sound that I took to mean ‘more’. I eased my full length into Diane’s pussy and I felt it tight all around my shaft. As I began to pump her pussy in earnest, she exploded again. I was glad I hadn’t been nuzzling those tits because that would have driven me to the edge and what I saw would have pushed me over.

I looked down at this lovely, sexy woman of 60, and her face was twisted in a snarl and a smile. Her body was shaking. This made her huge tits jiggle and bounce in a way that makes my balls want to explode. And I can see my cock pumping in and out of her nest of pubic hair that is sopping wet now.

I roll us over and begin to help her position herself to top-ride me. She is bahis şirketleri still quaking from her orgasm. Her nipples are standing up rock-hard, begging to be sucked. I get her on top and my cock slides in and she begins to push up and down slowly. All I can see are those massive titties. My hands are all over them. I’m sucking and licking and biting them as I have fantasized about doing for thousands of nights.

Diane is trying to make me cum. I know she wants to reward me for her pleasure. But I have more on my to-do list. I fasten my mouth to one of her big, hard nipples and suckle like a starving baby. I’m pulling and twisting and rolling the other nipple with my fingers. And with my other hand I reach down and rub her clit as she fucks her pussy up and down on my stiff cock. The combination of the nipple play and the stimulation of her clit brought her to a very long climax. I felt her pussy pulsing, as if it was trying to push me out, but Diane was bearing down hard. I could hear her pussy expelling air from the suction created by the pumping. As soon as I felt her cunt calm down, I pushed her off me and positioned her in front of me on all fours. I pushed the full length of my cock balls deep into her pussy and grabbed her hips to pump it full length from behind. Diane had great figure with nice, wide hips and a narrow waist that she had kept all these years. I was pounding those hips.

But I had gone to great lengths to assure that we were positioned so that I could see our reflection in the huge mirror on her dresser beside the bed. And not only could I see my cock pumping in and out of Diane’s soaking wet snatch, but I could see her huge tits hanging down in all their glory, swaying, and jiggling, as I pounded her ass. I leaned down and reached around her to cup one giant tit in each of my hands as her pussy pumped on my cock. I could feel how heavy and full those jugs were, so warm and soft. That was it. The switch in my brain flipped and I was cumming. I leaned back, grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard and deep as I could and pumped as big a load as I have shot in ages deep inside her. We collapsed.

I don’t know how long passed. But I started dressing to leave. I saw how sweet she looked. She was not talking too much or asking for anything. But I felt bad as I thought about coming back here and using her, pushing her out of her comfort zone, maybe hurting her a little when I got my day. I told her so and told her we’d just skip my day, or do another one of her days. She declined. I could tell she had thought about this. She wanted to do my day. She considered it a challenge. This was a coming out for her. We set the date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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