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Note to readers: This is my first attempt at an erotic story. I would love to hear any and all comments (positive and negative), just as long as they aren’t blatant bashing. All characters are over the age of 18 and any similarities to real life people is completely coincidental. So now, I hope you enjoy.


Josh was the kind of guy everyone loved to spend time with; he was funny, charismatic, genuine, and cared about those around him. He was about 6’1″ tall and 250 pounds; so he had a little extra padding. He worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a local hospital on their Orthopedics floor. He lived in a small one bedroom apartment that kept bills low so he could have some money available to enjoy himself a bit on his days off. Enjoying himself usually consisted of playing pool, hitting up the local sports bars or strip clubs, and sitting at the beach to read. What it did not consist of very often, unfortunately, was getting laid.

With a slightly fluffy build to his body, Josh already felt a bit self-conscious about how he looked. Add to that a barely average penis length, and you don’t exactly get Captain Confidence zooming around to woo the ladies. What you get is a man who masturbates daily and slowly loses contact with the opposite sex. Until medical intervention decides to step in and take control; with the help of some pure dumb-luck.

Josh had just finished his fourth twelve hour shift for the week. Looking forward to a straight four days off, he went about his normal end of work routine: get home, shower, grab a beer, make a sandwich, and browse TV. While taking his shower, the sudden urge to pee came upon him. Since he was in the shower, Josh decided to let it flow and wash it down the drain (why waste water on a toilet flush). But this was not like most times, for as he started trying to push, and explosion went off right behind where his penis is located and he couldn’t pee. Pure, unadulterated pain coursed through his pelvic region and he still hadn’t urinated yet.

Knowing a thing or two about basic self-diagnosis (and just not wanting to see a doctor unless absolutely necessary), he figured the pain was probably due to a UTI (urinary tract infection). Given that he usually doesn’t drink a lot of water while working (if you’ve worked in a hospital, you know you don’t have time) and can’t remembering actually urinating at all in the last 14 hours, he figured he just needed to drink a ton of water and let it flush itself out. So over the next hour or two, he drank several large glasses of water; and he finally was able to pee. It hurt like hell, but he did it.

The next morning, he awoke to the slight pain and urge to pee again. As he was draining the bladder, he noticed the pain was a little worse. Fearing the infection might be getting worse, he decided to go to a local Urgent Care clinic to get this sorted out. Not even bothering to eat breakfast, he dressed, brushed his teeth and was out the door and at the clinic within 45 minutes of waking. As he signed the check-in list, he was surprised he didn’t see a receptionist. Not thinking much of it, he decided to take a seat in the completely deserted waiting room and wait for his turn.

Ten minutes later, the doctor came out to get Josh and he was finally able to get a good look at her. Strawberry-blonde hair was neatly placed into a loose pony tail behind her head. Two grey/blue eyes were perfectly framed by a pair of wire-framed glasses that sat atop a cute little button nose. The lips seemed almost perfect, not too puffy, but still had some definition to them. The lab coat being worn only hinted that the body beneath it would be as desirable as imagined. And then she spoke, “Josh, please come on back.” A bit anticlimactic, but at least she didn’t sound like a person with a three pack a day habit after 40 years.

Once in the exam room, the doctor said, “Have a seat on the table and tell me a bit about why you’re here. The check-in sheet was left blank in that particular spot.”

“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing really,” Josh began. “I just got done working four days in a row over at the hospital and I have a tendency to not really drink much water during my shift. And I sometimes forget to rehydrate once I get home. Last night when I got home, I tried to pee and felt a horrible pain just behind my penis in my pelvis. This morning I tried peeing again and I had the same feeling, but the pain was maybe a bit worse.”

“Sounds like a typical UTI, what did the urine look like?”

“Amber colored and kind of cloudy.”

“No difficulty actually urinating though, right? Just the pain?”

“Actually, now that you mention it, I wasn’t able to actually pee at first last night. It just hurt really badly and I had to drink a lot of water in order to go. It still hurt horribly, but I was able to go.”

The doctor thought for a minute, “The paper says you’re only 26, correct? Have you ever had your prostate checked?”

“No. canlı bahis şirketleri I didn’t think I needed to worry about that until I was around 40.”

“Usually, I would agree; but I think we should take a look now in order to rule out any other complications. Would you mind dropping your pants for me so I can take a look?”

Before he could stop himself, Josh blurted out, “If I had a nickel for every time a cute chick has ask me that . . .”

With a lopsided, quirky smile, the doctor asked, “How much would you have?”

Blushing slightly, Josh admitted, “About 5 cents if you include today.”

“Keeping on topic, but changing the subject matter slightly, when was the last time you had intercourse?” asked the doctor, switching back into professional mode like it was as easy as flipping a dial.

“With someone else? About 6 months ago.”

“Assuming you masturbate, have you ever felt pain when ejaculating?”

“Considering I don’t even do that much anymore, I’ve never felt any difference.”

“When was the last time you ejaculated at all?”

Josh thought back, “About three weeks or so ago.”

Whistling with a look of astonishment, “Wow, that’s quite a while. Well let’s make sure nothing else is going on other than a UTI. Would you mind turning around and bending over the table slightly?”

Pulling his underwear down and doing what the doctor asked, he got ready for the inspection. Hearing the doctor put on the gloves, she began to describe what she was doing. “I’m just going to apply a little lubricant to the anus and insert one finger while palpating your prostate. You might feel a little discomfort, but let me know if there is any pain like you felt before. I know this is easier said than done, but try to relax as much as possible.”

Up until this very day, Josh had never had anything pass through his rectum other than crap. Now standing in this room, alone with this gorgeous woman as she’s about to stick a finger up his ass, he couldn’t help but think, “This is the most action I’ve gotten in months.”

“Alright Josh, try not to tense up while I am performing the rectal exam; it will only increase the overall discomfort.” And with that said, she started slowly inserting her finger into Josh’s asshole. Even though Josh has never gotten enjoyment out of the thought of ass-play, he can’t help it when his dick starts responding in a very filling manner. Hoping she doesn’t notice his rising problem, he doesn’t’ realize she is actually squatting behind him with a perfect view of what is happening as a result of her exam.

After a couple minutes, the doctor feels what part of the problem might be. With finger still inserted, she says, “Josh, I think I’ve found part of the problem. Your prostate seems to be a bit enlarged.”

Suddenly worried, Josh forgot all about his erection. “Enlarged?!?!?! What do you mean? Am I sick? How can we fix it?”

“Josh, I want you to relax. Given the information you’ve given me, I want to try something out before we order bigger tests and consult another doctor. You told me you haven’t ejaculated in several weeks; I think that might be part of your problem. The prostate creates the majority of what you see when you ejaculate. If you’ve been producing that, but not excreting it, it may have backed up and caused a minor blockage in one of the ducts or tubes.”

Still worried, “What can I do? Is there a medication for this? Do I need surgery?”

With finger still firmly placed against Josh’s prostate, the doctor says, “What I have to suggest may seem a little unorthodox, and possibly unethical; but I assure you this is the easiest thing to try before ordering any lab work and having you visit a urology specialist. What I want to try is manually express your prostate while you ejaculate in an attempt to dislodge any possible plugs.”

Josh never realized how his vocal filter is turned off when he has a finger in his ass, “You mean you want me to cum while you’re fingering my prostate?”

“To put it bluntly, yes. I also want to ensure you are producing the proper amount of semen and that there are no issues with the fluid itself. Sometimes that can be an indicator of further problems.”

“Alright, I’m game if it’ll help. What do I need to do?”

“Well, since I need to be back here with my finger on the button so to speak, I’ll need you to hold the collection dish so I can inspect your semen. Since I already have gloves on both hands, I can also masturbate you. Unless you wanted to take care of that yourself?”

“No, by all means. Have at it.” Josh said a bit too quickly. “You’re the one that needs to know when to express my prostate.”

“Just try to relax and let me know if there is any pain.”

With that Josh felt the doctor’s other hand reach between his legs and wrap itself around his cock. Because of the fright from what she told him, Mr. Winky had diminished considerably. Now it was starting to grow back to its full canlı kaçak iddaa length. As the doctor expertly maneuvered Josh’s penis, he couldn’t help but think of how hot this whole situation was right now. Sure, he was just told something might be wrong with his prostate. But he had one of the hottest doctors he had ever seen jacking his dick right now while she fingered his ass.

“Doc, I think you might need a little lubrication on your hand there. The glove is starting to hurt a bit.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have thought of that. Let me put some of the lubricating jelly on there.” And she started looking around for the package of lube she used to insert her finger in his ass. When she found it, she realized she had used the full contents of the small, single-use tube when initiating the rectal exam. “Unfortunately I used all the lubricant on my other finger and I only brought the one tube of jelly with me. Are you sure you’ll need it much longer?”

“I don’t know doc. If there is no lube on it, it might take forever. I usually just spit on my hand when I’m at home, but my mouth is bone dry right now.”

“Well, I really want to get this sample out of you and see if that helps. I guess I can try spitting on it. Turn around a little, but be sure you don’t move too fast; I don’t want my finger to dislodge from there and me have to find a way to re-lubricate THAT.”

As Josh turned slightly, he realized hear face was at perfect level of his dick. She tried getting a big glob of spit and dropping it over top of his dick, but missed by a quarter of an inch to the right. “I’m not sure how you do this without missing all the time.”

Josh replied, “I usually just lick my hand and jack. . . masturbate. That provides enough lubrication for me to rub one out. Umm . . . I mean, finish masturbating.”

The doctor though about it for a second or two, “well, I’m already crossing some lines by masturbating him in the office. I guess I can provide some oral stimulation in order to ensure proper lubrication.” And with that, she surprised Josh by placing her mouth fully around the head of Josh’s cock.

“Holy shit doc, what the hell?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything Josh, but I figured this would be the easiest way to provide the proper amount of lubrication in case multiple applications need to be provided. But, you have to let me know when you’re about the ejaculate so we can put the collection dish in place and catch that sample.”

“Okay, I’ll let you know when I’m about done.” And the doctor continued bobbing on Josh’s dick all while massaging his prostate. Josh couldn’t believe his luck. He woke up this morning thinking he may have a UTI and now he’s getting his dick sucked by a hot doctor. He was actually starting to really enjoy the finger part too.

Josh did, however, have to continue to fight the urge to grab the back of her head and skull fuck her. How he had lasted this long was a mystery to him considering it had been about 6 months since another person had seen him naked, let alone put his dick in them. He decided to look down and see what it looked like from an aerial perspective; and boy was he glad he did.

First thing he noticed was how the tops of her breasts were visible from this angle because of the V-cut to her scrub top and jacket. The two mounds of milky flesh just beckoned to him as his over-sexed brain was imagining what he would do to them. He then realized the doctor’s eyes were closed and, unless he was seriously mistaken, she was completely getting into this blow job. Not only was her actions getting more fluid and loose, but her breathing was getting deeper and jagged. All of a sudden she took the entirety of his dick in her mouth and felt the head rub against the back of her throat. As he felt a shudder run through HER. He then noticed the skin on chest and tits began to cover in goose pimples.

And she moaned. Just as she pulled her mouth back up to the head of his cock, she let out a deep, guttural moan that seemed to emit from her very core. Then she looked up into Josh’s eyes and the professional was gone. This was the look of a woman that needed this just as bad as Josh did. While she continued to passionately bob up and down on his cock, she was fucking his asshole with her finger. Every now and then she would shove that all the way in and tickle his prostate while flicking her tongue across the head of his dick.

Josh was in amazement. Never before had he felt such unimaginable euphoria as he was feeling at that moment. The culmination of all these new sensations was quickly driving him towards the point of no return. Just as the doctor was burying her nose in his patch of pubic hair, he warned her he was going to blow soon. With a reluctant groan, she pulled off of his dick and started massaging the prostate in earnest.

“Get that sample dish ready, I’m hoping for a big load here.”

Almost too late, Josh moved the collection dish to the tip of his penis. canlı kaçak bahis Just as the dish got into place, he felt the juices making their journey down the length of his dick. Unfortunately they were traveling a little too fast and missed the dish altogether, hitting the doctor on the side of the neck. The next 2-3 ropes of cum landed perfectly in the collection dish. After that, it was just small amounts coming out as the doctor slowly pumped the rest along the length of Josh’s cock.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Josh. I shouldn’t have done that, I don’t know what came over me.”

Once again, Josh couldn’t help himself, “According to what’s dripping down your neck, I would say I did.”

Wiping her gloved hand across the side of her neck, she felt the initial glob of Josh’s semen smear across her skin more than actually wiping off. As she did this, she couldn’t suppress the sudden chills of excitement that raced down her spine and straight to her sopping wet pussy. “I haven’t even touched myself and I almost came,” she thought. Thinking solely about the veritable swamp growing in her scrub pants, she completely forgot about the other index finger; still firmly planted in Josh’s once virgin asshole.

“Doc,” feeling the quivering of her finger from her quasi-orgasm, “you might want to think about removing your finger or you might just get another sample.”

Returning to reality, the doctor noticed Josh’s penis had only drooped slightly. “You’re still partially erect? Does this happen often?”

“No,” Josh replied, “But I also usually don’t have someone’s finger in my ass as she kneels in front of it.”

“Uh, right. Well, is there any pain coming from your prostate as I massage it now?” As she said this, she started slowly stroking Josh’s prostate with the still well lubed finger.

Answering with an involuntary groan of euphoria, Josh’s dick never even reached half-mast. As this busty doctor started rubbing in his rectum, Josh’s cock started rising back to full attention once again. Josh couldn’t help but wonder whether this was for another sample, or purely for the doctor this time. “Was the first sample not enough doctor? It seems to have filled the dish here.”

Taking the dish from his hands, the doctor said, “Well, it appears you built a greater supply than would normally be seen. And I, uh, want to make sure that all of it, the semen I mean, is drained. So we can start from a baseline. In order to complete this, I think you should give one more load. I mean to say, we should have you ejaculate, at least once more during this visit.”

Josh couldn’t believe what he just heard. “You mean you want me to cum again? But I don’t see another sample cup. Where am I gonna cum?”

Slowly pulling her finger from Josh’s asshole, she couldn’t help but smile. “Josh, I think we can drop all pretense of what this has turned into. It may have started out innocently enough, but it has definitely turned into something completely different. My only regret is that I can get into serious trouble for this. I could lose my license and not be allowed to practice as a doctor anymore if an ethics committee were to catch wind of something like this.”

With the finger finally free from his ass, he leaned back against the exam table. “Then I guess we should make it worth our while to ensure no one actually catches wind of anything.” Lifting the doctor to her feet, Josh couldn’t help but pull her into a deep kiss. Putting up no resistance, the doctor welcomed his kiss with a hunger and passion she had missed. As their tongues battled for dominion, the two frantically started pulling at the doctor’s clothes, starting with the exam gloves to which she had grown accustomed.

Separating lips long enough to pull off her scrub top, the doctor dove back in to continue the most erotic kiss she had experienced in at least three years. Josh, however, had two new toys that seemed to demand the attention of his hands. Feeling the bra covered breasts, Josh couldn’t help but want to see them completely uncovered in all their glory; so he reached around back and unsnapped the clasp. Slipping the bra from between them, Josh tossed it aside as he broke the kiss to bend down and devour these two perfect specimens.

It was now the doctor’s turn to lose control of her verbal filter, “Oh shit, suck my nipples. Fuck, I missed that.” And enjoy it she did, reaching down to cup her dripping snatch. While Josh worshipped her tits, she drove two fingers straight into her pussy to give her g-spot the same treatment she gave Josh’s prostate just minutes ago. She didn’t even go slow to savor it, with all the build-up from the blow job, she just wanted to cum.

While one hand furiously rubbed on her internal love button, she guided Josh from one tit to the other. Josh just kept on licking, sucking and nibbling on those hard nubs at the end of these two perfect tits. As his mouth continue the tit worship, his hands were rubbing her smooth, round globes know as her ass cheeks. As he rubbed her ass, he couldn’t help but massage the same hole she had just finished probing on him. Moving his finger toward the front, the doctor’s pussy provided ample lubrication for him to start probing her ass.

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