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Double Penetration

My wife, Sarah, was always just a little… dirty. She would always try and one-up me in the bedroom, like it was a competition. If I made her cum 3 or 4 times in one night, she’d make damn sure I’d cum just as many times over the course of the next day. If I blindfolded and gagged her one night, she’d make sure I was blindfolded with a pair of her stockings and gagged with her dirty panties the next time. If I fucked her in the ass… well…

Sarah is a tidy little package. Blonde, blue eyes, red lips, 5 foot 3, short stack. Beautiful hourglass figure, nice round 32D breasts and a perfect ass, leading down to toned legs and a pair of cute, delicate feet. She was always my perfect woman, and my only regret was not marrying her sooner. Our sex life was fantastic, and continued to be through the years. Now, in our late 30s, we weren’t old by any stretch, but certainly past any inhibitions or embarrassing kinks we hadn’t told each other. The world was our perverted sex oyster, and we were both as kinky as each other.

I had her tied up tonight. Blindfolded, spread-eagle on the bed wearing only a pair of sheer black thigh-highs, with her shaved pussy leaking juices from the 20 minutes I’d just spent running my hands all over her body; pinching nipples, teasing lips, kissing her neck, laying my hard cock at her entrance then moving away. I’d left the gag off tonight, because I loved the little moans she made when I got close to her pussy, and the angry little pouts when I moved away.

“God dammit!” she growled, “Just fuck me already! I’m so ready baby…” she wiggled her hips around, trying to entice me to slip into her wetness. I stayed still where I was, making her think I’d left the room.

“Babyyyy…” she whined, “Where’d you goooo? Come fuck me already!”

It was then I got my phone off the night stand and played the audio I had saved. This was going to be interesting.

“Ooooh, you look sexy lying there baby…” a sultry, female voice came out of my phone’s speaker, crystal clear, like somebody in the room.

“I’m gonna just lap up that pretty pink pussy…”

Sarah froze, hips back on the bed, head turned towards the sound.

“Baby?” she muttered, “Baby, what you doing? Who’s that?”

I had downloaded an ASMR file titled “Bisexual Encounter” and thought I’d have some fun with it tonight. I’d listened through it so I knew what happened, and then planned to replicate the dirty things the narrator canlı bahis said she was doing to my girl. And it looked like she was a little fooled, for now at least…

“Mmmm, look at those big, beautiful tits… ” the sexy voice continued. It was deep and husky, and it was turning me on a little more too. I had a picture in my head of who was speaking, pulled at random from my fantasies, and it had arrived somewhere between Daisy Lowe and Kat Dennings for some reason. With that pic in my head, I was getting into it too.

“Oh I’m going to have to touch those cute little nipples with my lacey hands…”

I’d got a pair of lace gloves online for just this occasion. I had slipped them on earlier just before I grabbed the phone, and now, my hands were the fantasy woman’s hands. I started lightly tracing around Sarah’s nipples, making sure to have a light, feather touch with my glove props.

“Oh baby…” she gasped, “What are you doing? Oh this is so hot…” Sarah’s hips were moving again, and I put the phone down near her head, so she could hear the voice clearly in her ear.

“Mmm your nipples are getting hard baby…” Sexy Voice said, “Do you like it when I play with them? When I pinch your little nipples?” I started pinching.

“Oh fuck…” Sarah chocked off as I squeezed a nipple, getting a little jump from her hips.

“How about if I suck them a little hot stuff?” SV said. I bent my head down and licked at her hard, red nipples, swirling little with my tongue, trying my damndest to keep my short beard off her so as not to break the illusion.

“Ooooh, you’re good at that…” moaned Sarah, smiling and getting into the act.

“I think you pussy needs a little attention too baby…” SV gave another good suggestion…

I slid my lace covered hands down Sarah’s body, tickling her ribs a little, and grazing her pussy gently before placing my hands on her thighs, thumbs pointed to her wet slit.

“I think this tight, slick, puffy little pussy could do with a little… lick.”

On the word ‘lick,’ I gave one long, slow lick from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, then flicked my tongue off it, causing her to jump a little.

“Uh!” she grunted, pushing up to try and hit my tongue again.

“Mmmm, tasty…” SV said, “I think I might have to stay down here for a little while, lapping up all this juice…” at this moment, I knew the ASMR paused itself for a minute, so as not to break the bahis siteleri immersion. I kept my lace covered hands on Sarah’s thighs, using them as a barrier for my bearded face, and gently used my tongue to lick up and down her folds, sucking each lip slightly, teasing her, keeping away from her swollen clit for the moment. She was writhing and moaning on the bed at this point, pulling at the ropes holding her in place.

“Oooooh fuck, oh fuck you’re so good at that, oh lick my pussy you little slut, fuck!” she was panting and gasping, getting into the fantasy.

I pulled my face away from her right as SV piped up again “Oh honey that was so sweet, your pussy tastes so good… but… I think you’re ready for something else now…”

Sarah made an angry noise in her throat at having her orgasm snatched away, but she was still hot and horny, and was still into the fantasy world I created around her.

“Oh please keeping licking me, I love your tongue baby, please, I’ll be a good girl…” she whined.

I nipped off the bed into our sex drawer (yes, we have a sex drawer, do you not??) and grabbed one of her favorite dildos. Long, curved and not too thick, it hit her g-spot just right she always said. I knew what SV was going to say next…

“You need me to fuck you with a big strap-on honey, but I got another surprise for you… baby, get in here!” the recording played a door opening sound, and footsteps seemingly moving towards the bed.

“I had my man wait outside until I was done, but I think he needs a reward…” SV purred, as if whispering in Sarah’s ear, “What you want from her baby…?”

A new voice smoothed from the speaker now, a deep baritone voice, let’s call him Sexy Man Voice, SMV for short…

“I think that pretty mouth needs to be used for something other than moaning and groaning” SMV said.

“Mmmm, good idea baby,” purred SV, “I think she can just about take your big dick!”

With that I slowly made my way around the bed to her face, and lowered my cock into her mouth. She jumped a little, maybe getting a little too far into the fantasy, but she started swirling and licking and sucking on my dick, making slurping noises.

“Mmm yeah suck his dick baby…” SV growled in Sarah’s ear, “Suck it while I fuck you”

I reached down and slipped the dildo into her waiting pussy. It was soaked. The dildo slid right in to the hilt with almost no resistance. Sarah moaned hard around bahis şirketleri my cock, the vibrations causing a tickle in my balls. I started a steady in-out rhythm with the dildo, and used my remaining lace-covered hand to paw at one of her tits.

“Oooh baby, you’re such a tight pussy…” SV groaned. “And I can’t keep my hands off your perfect, round tits…”

“Yeah, she’s a good little cocksucker too,” came SMV’s rumble, “I’m gonna cum down her throat soon!”

At these words, Sarah picked up her pace with the sucking, and started bucking her hips up to meet my dildo thrusts.

SV – “Oh fuck, you dirty little slut, so wet around my big strap-on”

SMV – “Damn, hot piece of ass, little cock-sucking bitch”

SV – “You gonna cum for us baby? You gonna squirt over me? Squirt for me baby, cum for me”

SMV – “Take my load you little slut, you hot little ho!”

With that, we both lost it almost simultaneously. I came down her throat and a split second later, she almost jumped up to meet a thurst, and she actually squirted! It sprayed out from her little pussy, covering our bedspread. We both slumped, each one breathing hard. I removed the dildo from her and as I did so, the recording faded out to some footsteps moving away, and a door clicking shut.

Nice touch, I thought.

I removed the blindfold and grinned down as she blinked into the light.

“Dirty fucker…” she giggled at me.

“Thought you’d enjoy that!” I smiled.

“Oh I did. You actually had me fooled for a second at the beginning there! I thought you’d managed to get some sexy babe in here to lick my pussy for me!”

“Oh? You’d like that would you?” I teased, pinching a nipple

“Ouch! Yeah, almost as much as you liked the thought of me with a cock down my throat!” she shot back, “I felt your dick swell up when the guy on the recording came…” she had a sly smile on her face.

“Hmm, well, we both came pretty hard from that one…” I trailed off.

I started untying her, and she swatted my ass when I was bent over untying her feet.

“Dirty boy. I loved it though. Wonder what the real thing would be like…?” She asked casually.

I looked round at her, but I had just finished untying her and she hopped of the bed, grabbing a bathrobe and heading to the shower.

“I’ll need to think of something to top this!” she threw over her shoulder at me, then winked and skipped through the door.

Well, that was something to look forward to I thought, feeling a swelling down below…

This story is a fantasy, free to read, by an amateur author and requires, among other things, the suspension of disbelief…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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