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3 am. Amicia looked at the clock disbelievingly. She was still waking up every morning at 3 am, like clockwork. Sighing softly, she turned onto her side, and closed her eyes. I can’t keep doing this, she thought to herself, it’s really ridiculous. How was she supposed to get caught up on her work if she was falling asleep at her desk everyday? Rolling over onto her back, she grumbled softly and opened her eyes to look at the ceiling. She then turned over onto her stomach, pulled the covers up over her shoulders, snuggled close to her stuffed tiger and closed her eyes, again. Breathing deeply, she sank down into the pillows and waited for sleep to come. She waited… and waited.. and waited.

It wasn’t like she ever really slept alot, so her body should have been used to her sleepless ways. Two hours one night, maybe 4 hours the next. Having tried all the “remedies” for insomnia and finding that none of them worked for her, she normally just grabbed a book, or worse yet, got up and turned on the computer. A “net-addict”, Amicia would sign onto a talker and watch the scroll of conversation while playing a game of MahJong on Yahoo. Sometimes, she would climb into bed after an hour or so of the game, drift off to sleep, wake up an hour later, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and go back to playing the game until it was time for her to get ready for work. Most days, she could cope, and no one would know that she had only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep, especially if she applied her makeup correctly to cover the circles beneath her eyes.

Amicia turned over again to look at the clock. 3:25 am. It just was not going to go away. She already knew that. Growling softly, she sat up and turned on the light. A month had already passed, and still she could not seem to rid herself of this.. ache.. that built up within her at the same time every night. And nothing she did would rid her of it, this she also knew. She had tried everything the first two weeks. Masturbating with her hand didn’t help, and the blue dolphin, while very stimulating, didn’t seem to do anything other than make her sex throb that much more. Most nights, she couldn’t make herself cum, which made things worse, and made her all the more furstrated.

Lately, it seemed that during the day, she was a veritable grouch. Never a smile or a kind word, and most people had learned to just avoid her as much as possible. Amicia found herself snapping at her co-workers, friends and family members for making a simple request, or asking a question. The worst thing someone could ask was ‘Are you okay?’, as it made her want to cry, but instead of crying, she would just brush past whoever had asked, tersely answering, ‘It’s none of your business.’ When she got home at night, she was always a little saddened by how she had treated everyone, and whispered apologies in her prayers, in hopes that somehow, whoever she had offended during the day, would hear and forgive.

Sighing a little, Amicia flipped back the covers and walked across the room to her bookshelf. She had bought a new book, “The Lunatic Cafe”, just before her trip, and hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. “If I’m not going to sleep, I may as well read.” she muttered to herself. Brushing her fingertip over the spine of each of her books, she frowned a little when she couldn’t find the book. Going over each book again, she hrmmed softly, trying to remember what she had done with the new one. Turning from the bookshelf, she looked around the room, then oh’d softly as she suddenly remembered where she had placed it. Going to the closet, she pulled out her overnight bag and took it over to the bed with her.

She had packed the book for the last trip she had made, just in case she needed something to do to pass the time. Of course that hadn’t happened. The meeting had gone exceptionally well, and the friend she had known for so long had become her lover. They had drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, and at just about three am, he had rolled her onto her back and slipped between her thighs. At first she wasn’t sure what was happening, but once he entered her, she was fully awake, moaning loudly and cumming quickly, with his hand pressed over her mouth in an attempt to stifle her cries of pleasure. Amicia never would have thought that she would have enjoyed having someone canlı bahis şirketleri wake her up at three in the morning, but she did.

Shaking her head, Amicia rubbed her arms. She was suddenly very warm, and her nipples throbbed to attention at the memory of his lovemaking. This was not helping her situation at all. Opening the bag, she looked into it and smiled. She had taken all her clothes out but forgot to remove the book, her perfume and bath and body stuff before putting the bag away. She took out the book, then turned the bag over and dumped the rest of its contents out onto her bed. Picking through the contents, she found the black lace thong she had been looking for and the lipstick that she was sure she had accidentally thrown away. She started putting things away, making sure everything went back to where it belonged, and then she found the collar.

The thin strip of black leather was dotted with 7 small beautiful jade orbs. Holding it up, she smiled and blushed, remembering how he had closed it about her neck the first night they were together. Reaching up to touch her throat, she could almost feel the gentle grip the leather had about her neck that night. Taking a deep breath, she turned, thinking to put it in the jewelry box on her nightstand, but then remembered what it was he had said to her.

‘Wear this and think of me.’

Lifting her arms, she put the collar about her neck, and closed it securely before turning it so the latch was in the back. Touching each little droplet of jade, she closed her eyes and purred softly. The leather was snug about her throat, almost feeling as if it were his hand, holding her steady just before his face came close to hers…

Clearing the rest of the items from the bed, Amicia stacked her pillows high behind her and laid back, book in hand, prepared to read. She was wide awake now, and it was nearing 4 am. Going to sleep now would be dangerous, she might over sleep and then she would be late to work, and that wouldn’t be a good thing at all. Reaching up to touch the collar again, she smiled to herself and began to read.


Amicia woke to the feel of her legs being opened. Groaning softly in protest, she tried closing her thighs shut, only to find something firmly lodged between them.. a body. Opening her eyes, she gasped loudly, only to have a hand pressed over her mouth.

“Ssssshhh!” he whispered, as his naked body came up to cover her own. Closing her eyes again, Amicia inhaled deeply and then smiled, bringing her arms up to encircle them about his neck. It was him. She knew from the scent of his cologne. Her fingers threaded through the soft locks of his hair as her legs came up to close about his waist. His mouth replaced his hand, and he kissed her thoroughly. Amicia purred, squeezing him with her thighs, responding to his kiss. His teeth scraped over her lips and her fingers tightened within his hair as the kiss intensified.

“I’ve missed you..” she murmured against his lips. Moving her hands from his hair to his shoulders, she carefully scratched at his skin while lifting her hips, rubbing her wet sex against him. He raised up onto his knees and reached for her hands. Gripping her wrists tightly, he held them down at her sides and forced her thighs wide apart with his knees. He leaned over her, flattening her breasts beneath his chest and growled softly against her ear. “Your hands stay here, understand?”

Amicia nodded, unable to speak. Feeling her heart thud beneath her breast, her nipples throbbed against his chest, and she groaned softly as he began to take control of her once more. Curling her fingers in the sheets, she closed her eyes once more as his mouth found the sensitive skin of her neck, just above the thin leather collar, and below her right ear. His breath was hot on her skin as his teeth dug into the soft flesh of her throat, marking her as his own. His hands moved to unwrap her legs from about his waist. His erection slid against the smooth moist lips of her sex as he placed her feet flat on the bed and pushed them up, until the back of her heels touched the back of her thighs. Amicia whimpered as he positioned her body so that she was completely open to him.

He leaned over her once more, pressing soft kisses canlı kaçak iddaa to her neck and her chest, before his lips latched onto her left breast. Amicia moaned and arched high off the bed, her body trembling with need for him. “Please.. please don’t make me wait” she whispered to him. But he would not be rushed. He slowly suckled her breasts, teasing both nipples with his teeth and tongue, then eased his way down her body, taking time to lap at her navel before forcing her thighs open once more with his shoulders. Amicia writhed on the bed, tugging at the sheets, her body hot and flushed.

As he situated his body between her legs, he looked up at her and whispered, “Have I told you how beautiful you are? Naked and waiting for me.. wanting me..”

Amicia opened her mouth to respond, but the words changed into a high pitched moan of pleasure as he slowly drew his tongue over her clit. His hands still held tight to her ankles as his face disappeared between her thighs. Amicia was able to lift her hips and press herself fully against his face as his tongue teased the opening of her sex. Her fingers tightened and tugged at the sheet, yearning to touch him, his shoulders, his hair. Murmuring and whispering his name, Amicia cried out as she was almost sent over the edge of her orgasm. She felt the familiar tingling in the arch of her foot, and the inner walls of her sex fluttered around his tongue as it delved deep within her.

Unable to control herself, Amicia reached down between her legs to curl her fingers within the soft strands of his brown hair once more. Pressing her heels firmly into the mattress, Amicia rocked her hips furiously up against his face, her cries becoming louder, her pleas more urgent. “I.. I’m going to cum.. please.. please.. don’t stop.. dont stop!” she cried over and over again.

His head came up, and his eyes seemed to glow with a devilish glint. “Where are your hand supposed to be?”

He dipped his head down to kiss the inside of each thigh, and then her stomach as he waited for her to answer. Amicia stammered, quickly untangling her hands from his hair. “They.. they are supposed to be here,” she placed her hands back at her sides “beside me.”

He smiled again as he raised up once more on his knees. His hands released her ankles and one hand dropped between her legs to lightly trace the puffy outline of the lips of her sex. She lifted herself once more, unable to contain her need to be touched by him. He slipped a fingertip between the lush lips of her wet sex as he brought his thumb to the nub of her desire, lightly stroking it up and down. Amicia groaned, her hips falling back onto the bed. Her thighs quivered and her knees shook, unable to hold her body up any longer.

“Do I need to bind your wrists together over your head?” he asked, his gaze meeting hers as his finger and thumb brought her once again to the brink of ecstacy. His thumb made constant circles about her clit, pressing just enough to cause her body to tremble. He slid his finger from her, only to slide it back in again, more deeply this time, adding a second finger. His other hand snaked up over her stomach to firmly grasp her left breast, giving it a squeeze. Amicia ooooo’d softly and closed her eyes. Her fingers released the sheet and her hands fluttered at her sides as she felt herself close to coming once again.

“I asked you a question..” he murmured as he leaned over her once more, taking her left nipple between his lips as he kneaded her left breast, holding it up to his mouth.

“No.. no no no you don’t need to bind my wrists over my head.. I.. I’ll keep them here.. where you told me to” She blushed. Even her voice, which was normally calm during even the worst situations, betrayed her need. She could hear her own lust.. her need, in the raspy stammering each time she spoke. Looking up at him, Amicia whimpered, squeezing his torso with her knees, begging him with her eyes to allow her to cum.

“Oh, I know you will.” He smiled down at her and gripped her wrists, squeezing them in his hands as he held them against her sides. Balancing himself carefully on his knees, layed himself over her body to look right into her eyes, keeping his mouth a breath away from hers. He spread his knees a little, forcing her thighs open a bit more and moved his canlı kaçak bahis hips, causing the tip of his cock to rub against the wet opening of her sex. Amicia gasped and pressed her head back against the bed, her lips moving even though no sound came forth.

“Ask for it.” he commanded. Moving his hips again, he lodged the engorged head of his cock within the soft folds of her pussy and held still, waiting for her to respond.

Amicia cried out, feeling the gentle stretching of her opening. Her thighs pressed against his knees as she murmured “please.. “

“Please what?” he asked, pulling back just a little. She felt his cock shift within her and groaned softly. His every movement caused a flurry of tingles to flood her veins, causing her body to begin to tremble again. Her chocolate brown nipples, which were already throbbing seemed to harden even more, and the walls of her sex contracted around the head of his cock. She saw his eyes close briefly, and new his need was as great as her own. Pressing her feet into the mattress again, she lifted her hips and further impaled herself on his thick shaft.

“Please fuck me. I’ve missed feeling you inside me.. feeling myself being stretched open by you.. missed tasting your lips and feeling your body covering my own.. please.. I need this.. I need you.” she whimpered. He held still, and Amicia bit her bottom lip. Her breasts heaved as she panted softly. “Please!” she begged once more.

He growled softly, his grip like a vice about her wrists as he leaned forward and plunged his cock deep into her waiting sex. Amicia cried out and pressed her head back, deep into the pillow, arching her neck invitingly. His lips found her throat as his body covered her own and again, he marked her, biting above and below the collar.

With each thrust, Amicia gasped and cried out, sometimes calling his name, sometimes begging him for more, sometimes mumbling incoherently. His hands held tight to her wrists, holding her in place beneath him as he claimed her body as his own. His mouth moved from her neck to her lips, then down over her chin, before finding her breasts. His thrusts continued, strong and steady, plundering her sex over and over again.

Amicia’s head thrashed back and forth as her entire body began to tense. With each stroke, he pushed her closer to her orgasm. Unable to hold back any longer, she pleaded with him to let her cum. Her fingers twitched and fluttered, curling and uncurling in his grasp, and she squeezed his body tight with her knees, urging him to drive her over the edge. His mouth found hers in a near viscious kiss, biting at her lips, sucking hungrily at her tongue. He swallowed her moans and panted with her, lifting his head to break the kiss only to command her to cum with him.

Amicia cried out again, and this time he covered her mouth with his, smothering her cries of ecstacy as she was finally able to cum. She could feel the hot spurts of his seed deep within her womb as her inner walls contracted and spasmed around his shaft. He released her wrists and brought his hands up to caress her cheeks, while kissing her lovingly in between gasps for air. Her hands came up to stroke his shoulders and then down his arms before circling them about his back, hugging him close as he hugged her.

“I love you ..” he whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead.

“I love you.” she whispered in return. Taking adeep breath, she closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms, feeling loved and satisfied.


Amicia blinked and reached up to rub her eyes. Shaking her head a little, she yawned and stretched, wincing a little at the ache in her thighs. Snuggling back into the pillows, she purred, feeling well rested and extremely.. sated.

Pulling the covers up to her chin, she looked over at the clock. She was definitely late for work. “Just a few more minutes…” she mumbled to herself. Smiling, she remembered the dream, and laughed a little. It had seemed so real. Reaching up again she touched the collar, and then the places on her neck where he had bitten her in her dream. Her body tingled deliciously and she was certain that if she looked, she would see that ‘glow’ that so many women talked about having after the man they loved make love to them. Sighing contentedly, she flipped back the covers and slipped from the bed. Bending to pick up the book that had been discarded sometime during the night, she smiled and placed it on the bookshelf where it belonged. She was ready to face the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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