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I started this story as a flashback in my story “The Day After”. I think that it is appropriate to describe where Randy wanted to go when he rekindled our relationship. We will visit the turning point in my life and some of the stops along the way in my journey from naive country girl to apparently one of the biggest sluts in town. At least this starts on a pleasant note.


It is nearly quitting time on the Friday before the Fourth of July weekend and I am thinking of all that I want to do before returning to work next Tuesday. I am in the process of moving from the spare bedroom in my older sister’s house in Arab to share an apartment with a new friend Mary whose previous roommate left unexpectedly. She needs help with finances and I need to be away from family supervision.

Randy approached my desk and said, “You didn’t accept my invitation.”

“I didn’t say no and you didn’t say what I was invited to.” I replied.

“Well we have something to talk about. How about dinner at the Rib Cellar and a little dancing afterwards?” he asked.

I began explaining my impending move, the car full of clothes and dozens of other things that all sounded like excuses to say no.

“Good, I’ll help you unload your car. Then you can freshen up and change while I run home to do the same.” he told me.

I guess that was that. I completed my time card for the week and left the building promptly at four thirty. Randy followed me to my new apartment. Traffic was light today because many had extended the holiday weekend. The usual delay for base security was lessened by the light traffic. Minutes later we parked in front of my door.

I went ahead of Randy, opened the door and announced, “Mary, it’s me. I have some help moving in.”

Randy deposited the first armload of hang ups on the bed and returned to the car for more. After a long pause, Mary asked, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your father?”

Randy reappeared with the rest of the hang ups and dropped them on the bed. I stopped him before he could escape.

I quickly announced, “Mary this is my boss, Randy.”

They both replied, “Good to meet you.”

Randy quickly exited as Mary and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. I had never seen a black person blush before, Mary’s cafe au lait complexion glowed as we continued to laugh.

Randy returned carrying two suitcases. He sat them in my room.

He loudly announced, “This old man needs a break, get me some water and what the hell was all that laughing about?”

I moved to the kitchen and prepared a round of ice waters, leaving Mary to explain. She was sitting on the edge of her chair, dressed in light yellow blouse with a matching short skirt. Her skin was still glowing from her embarrassment as she calmly explained in what I would call a musky voice, “I thought you were Annie’s father.”

This brought another round of laughter. We all rose looking from on to another when I noticed how similar my and Mary’s bodies were. We were nearly identical in height, had ample breast, thin waist and wide hips. Mary was only ever so slightly more muscled than I. I stepped forward hugged her. Randy decided he should hug too.

Mary asked, “What are you guys up to later?”

Randy answered, “Dinner at the Rib Cellar and dancing later.”

Mary looked at me, rolled her eyes at me, and said “When did you say you left the country?”

I honestly answered, “Not long ago.”

We all agreed it was best if we suspended operations for tonight and moved forward. Randy left for home and I began to prepare for the evening.

Mary asked, “Girl do you understand what dinner at the Rib Cellar means and how you should dress?”

I replied, “No what do you mean?”

‘It means the Cellar is special. You need to be dressed, you need to be somebody. I can help some but you have to stay on your toes.” replied Mary.

She found an outfit in her closet that might let me skate through the evening. It was a bit more revealing than my style but very dressy. I showered dried and dressed in Mary’s outfit. We sat and discussed what the evening might bring.

Moments later the doorbell rang announcing Randy’s arrival. We exchanged pleasantries and departed . The ride to the Rib Cellar was non eventful with little conversation.

As we were escorted to the Cellar I began to understand what Mary had told me. The wait staff were all formally dressed illegal bahis down to the white gloves. Every detail was anticipated and attended to. Randy ordered champagne and specified the dinner. The pace of the dinner allowed ample time for meaningful conversation.

The wine was poured and Randy inquired about my past. I shared details of my divorce and recent social life. Randy talked a little about his family. I was more concerned about our immediate environment than the content of our conversation. Somewhere between the entree and dessert I realized I had told my entire life story and all I knew was that Randy was married with four children. After dessert Randy asked for the check. After a quick look,he placed three hundreds on the tray and thanked the waiter. I had never seen a hint of the price for dinner and wine. The waiter smiled. I assumed he received a generous tip.

Randy and I left the dining room entered the lounge at the top of the stairs. Randy suggested a drink and a dance or two. I reminded him that I had moving duties this weekend. We compromised on two dances and no alcohol. Our second dance was an especially romantic slow dance.

As we left the dance floor Randy whispered in my ear, “I wish you would join me in my room for the evening.”

It had been months since my divorce and even longer since meaningful sex, I was his. We went directly to a room on the third floor that he had earlier reserved. I was twenty-two and had never had sex outside of marriage. Yet I was here in a motel room with a married man hoping he would insist. He didn’t insist but he tenderly convinced me that we should become lovers. It was an amazing night that I will never forget. We did things that I once thought were impossible. We collapsed in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke early Saturday morning and tried to slip away to the bathroom. Randy caught my arm, caressed my breast and mounted me. I sensed a greater arousal growing inside of me, I relaxed and let the bud bloom into a massive orgasm unlike anything I had ever experienced. This was all new to me. We cuddled as we planned the rest of the day. Finally I had to answer nature’s call, I ran from the bed to the bathroom.

Randy ordered room service breakfast while I tried my best to become presentable. He was much more successful than I. I felt better after juice, coffee and food. We resisted the temptation of a second round this morning and left to finish unloading my car.

When we entered the apartment with the remaining items from my car Mary greeted us saying, “You look like you’ve been up all night. You will never get your stuff moved.”

We did not acknowledge her comment but replied, “We are on our way to my sister’s to retrieve the rest of my stuff.”

I knew that Cathy and her family were at the beach for the Fourth, but I didn’t tell Randy. We had a pleasant drive to Arab. Our playful exchanges were interrupted by hastened attempts to recompose as we approached a traffic check. We arrived at Cathy’s and I let us in with my key.

We went directly to my room where I told Randy that the family was at the beach. I didn’t need to say more as he hurried to remove our clothes. We were in the bed in less than a minute. There was no need for foreplay as he quickly entered me. In spite of our hurried start we proceeded at a leisurely pace until we reached an orgasm together.

Twice a day sex had been a rarity in my marriage, now I had experienced it two days in a row with an expert lover. In fact marital sex had consisted entirely of a few quick strokes with me on my back with my knees raised. I couldn’t imagine what the rest of the weekend would bring.

I became aware that a huge wet spot had formed as the mixture of Randy’s cum and my juices flowed from my body. I roused Randy and began removing the sheets. I threw them into the washer on a short cycle. I grabbed a wash cloth and tried to remove the stain from the mattress. I could not see any improvement. I tried wetting the cloth with vinegar. The stain remained but seemed to blend into the mattress’s cream and gold floral pattern somewhat.

We went to the utility area off the garage and began searching through the boxes that I had brought from my house in Georgia. I hoped to find enough stuff to upgrade the apartment kitchen to a fully functional status. We were making good progress when the washer signaled that it was time to move to the dryer. illegal bahis siteleri We could now accurately estimate our departure time. I soon declared victory in my quest for usable stuff and began loading the car. Randy was carrying the last box out as the dryer chimed.

I yelled to him, “Hurry back and help me in the bedroom.”

I looked across the front yard and saw Mrs. Baxter, the nosy next door neighbor looking down her nose at me. I waved and called back to her, “Good afternoon Mrs. Baxter. I’m going to miss you, I’m moving to Huntsville.”

Back in the bedroom the mattress stain was more prominent once it dried. I asked Randy to help me turn the mattress over.

He asked, “What’s the big deal?”

I replied, “My family does not behave in a manner that would cause such a mess.”

He looked down at the mattress and then at me stating, “At least one of them does.”

I blushed a bright crimson red as we turned the mattress and made the bed. With the house restored to Cathy’s cleanliness standards we locked the door. As we drove away I waved to Mrs. Baxter.

We stopped at Walker’s Barbecue at Cherokee Ridge just before the early dinner rush. Randy had a large pork plate and I opted for the stuffed baked potato. My level of physical activity over the last two days left me exhausted, I wanted to carb up a bit before the evening. The parking lot had filled while we had enjoyed a leisurely meal.

It was a short drive back to the apartment that only took about thirty minutes in the light weekend traffic. Mary was driving out as we stopped to enter the security code to open the gate.

She yelled to us, “We are going to dinner, watch the fireworks and then dancing. Do you want to join us?”

I answered, “We had a hard day. I think we’ll enjoy the fireworks from here.”

We grabbed the parking spot that Mary had just vacated near our door. We had unloaded all but one small box in the back floor and a few more hang ups in the trunk when Randy announced, “Quitting Time.”

We locked the car, entered the apartment and then locked the front door from inside. I began to unpack one of the kitchen boxes when Randy piped, “I said it’s Quitting Time.”

”Unless you want to sleep on the floor we have to put some of this stuff away,” I replied.

Randy reluctantly pitched in and in a couple of hours everything was ship shape. I prepared a fresh lemonade for each of us. We sat on the couch while some dumb reality show played on TV.

I stood and announced, “I’m going to grab a shower now. I may want to watch the fireworks later.”

Randy mumbled, “I’ll be in there in a few minutes.”

I felt greatly refreshed as I washed away the grime and sweat that had accumulated during my move. I was ready to step out of the shower when Randy entered. His equipment hung far down his leg as he pulled me back into the shower. He touched me all over. He spent time massaging, caressing and just plain teasing. My blood was boiling yet he appeared to be unaffected by our closeness. He turned the shower off. We exited and toweled dry. It was strangely quiet.

He lowered the lights as we entered the bedroom. I found my way to the bed and prepared to sit. Randy grabbed my shoulders and pulled us together. We kissed with open mouths and his tongue probed my lips. I thruster my pelvis into his, the expected upward pointing protrusion was missing in action. We

Randy pulled his mouth away from mine, nuzzling my neck briefly. He brought his mouth to my right breast taking the nipple and areola in with a gentle suction. Placing my nipple between his teeth he gently bit. He moved to my left breast repeating the process. He then returned to my right until I pushed him away. He dropped to my tummy gently kissing his way from pelvis to pelvis continuing to move lower. He firmly positioned me on the bed, lowered his head between my thighs and spread my labia with a gentle stroke of his fingers.

His mouth covered my entire opening, he applied a slight suction as he teased my inner labia and my clit with his tongue. I had never heard anyone describe the ongoing activity,much less experience it. I was debating whether to hang on to this feeling or to succumb to my desires. Suddenly there was no decision to be made. Juices rose from deep inside my vagina and pooled at my inner lips. The pressure rose as my labia puckered and my vagina spat into Randy’s face. I could not believe canlı bahis siteleri the feeling as it built inside of me again and the second shot landed in his eye. This caught Randy and me by surprise. I felt a third convulsion building and pushed Randy away as he dodged my discharges. The next convulsion produced more of a drool than a shot.

My first experience with oral sex left me exhausted, but I was determined to repay Randy. We were laying diagonally across the king size bed as slipped lower in the bed. I placed my right ear on Randy’s navel and drew his flaccid member to my lips. I lowered my left hand and gently stroked his thighs and scrotum. I teased the hood of his uncircumcised cock with my tongue with no apparent change in its condition. I pushed myself to a kneeling position, lowered my head and began kissing the underside of his cock from head to scrotum and back. After several round trips with no response I took him into my mouth. I pushed my lips towards the base of his penis. He provided more than a mouthful but he was still not capable of penetration.

My ear returned to Randy’s navel. I lay there with one arm and one leg curled over his left leg. My lips just covered the head of his penis as I gently sucked. I don’t know when we went to sleep but when I awoke I was breathing through my mouth. As I inhaled I drew his penis deeper into my mouth. As I exhaled my lips motor boated around it. My first attempt at providing oral sex did not produce the intended results but I am sure that they were unique.

I was hungry, thirsty and naked. I slipped from the bed leaving Randy asleep. I found Randy’s dress shirt from Friday night draped over the chair at my dressing table. It would make an adequate cover up for a quick foray to the kitchen. I slipped my arms into the sleeves and over lapped the front. I delivered two ice waters to my bedroom and returned to the kitchen to retrieve a bowl of strawberries and cream. Just as I took the first step towards the bedroom the front door swung open and the lights came on.

Mary sang out, “Annie I’m glad you’re still up. I want you to meet Solomon. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of each other around here in the future.”

I turned to see a huge black man smiling at me with his hand extended as if to shake mine. He said, “I am pleased to meet you, Annie. Please call me, Sol.”

I leaned forward and reached for Sol’s hand. His hand engulfed my hand making it look tiny. As Sol vigorously shook my hand, my unbuttoned shirt gapped open. It was like someone hit the off switch on everyone’s brain when the shirt came open. I still had the strawberries in my left hand and Sol continued shaking my right hand. I could feel my tits bouncing as they struggled to free my nipples from my shirt.

I finally stammered, “Well Sol I guess you are already seeing more of me.”

He froze with my right hand encased between his hands. He stared straight at me. Standing in the middle of the living room with a bowl of strawberries in one hand the other hand trapped by a large black statue, I could neither move nor cover myself. After Sol had time to memorize every detail of my body the circuit breaker to his brain reset itself.

Smiling broadly, Sol babbled numerous detailed apologies in Oxford English with an ever so slight island lilt. He still held my hand as Randy entered the room.

“Well it certainly sounds as if you guys are getting to know each other,” Randy mused.

Mary offered, “It’s nothing like it seems to be. It’s a long story though.”

Randy replied, “We will have to save that for later, Annie and l have some unfinished business to complete.”

Sol released my hand as Randy spoke. Without thinking I spun around to face Randy and to move into the bed room. As I turned my shirt flew fully open. I believe that my elbows were fully covered, but not much else.

Randy commented, “I guess it looked pretty much like it sounded in there.”

We returned to the bedroom and picked up where we left off. Unfortunately we left off at exactly the same place as earlier. I woke the morning as the sun was breaking the horizon. Randy was on his phone, apparently with his wife. He quickly hung up when I rolled over.

He began explaining, “The kids got sun burned at the beach and kept Dot awake all night. She started home just after midnight, she’ll be back around eight. I have to take care of a few things at home before she arrives.”

With that conversation, our three day weekend ended at dawn on Sunday. Randy rushed out and headed for home. I remained at my apartment. After two days of unforgettable sex, I was left unsatisfied. I knew I could hardly wait for our next opportunity.

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