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In the next couple of weeks Rose finds that she is getting more and more use to being used like that. In the morning Lord Cumberland will come into her room and she will immediately get up from the bed to go and position herself however he tells her. She never questions him because she has learned the hard way that if you question him, he will beat your ass until you are extremely sore.

There were a few times that she thought he would take her maidenhead, but he hasn’t yet, and today she is surprised when he brings her to a room that has three other women in it. Immediately one of them comes over to Rose and introduces herself as Mari.

“You are Rose. I hear that there is going to be an auction for your virginity tonight, so I am here to help you get ready for that and tell you how tonight is going to happen. I am just hoping that someone kind wins you.” Putting her arm through Rose’s she takes her off to the other side of the room. “Did I understand Lord Cumberland right when he said that you are going to be setting up your house as a house of pleasure? I would love to come and work for you. I do not cheat and I would love to get out of the city.” Looking back at the other two ladies she shudders. “Unfortunately, you will have to have women like them as well. They like a man who is not gentle, in fact, the one with the black hair likes it about as rough as it can be. The other girl will do just about anything, but I usually try to get a man who is gentle and loving. That is what you want for tonight.”

Just then there is a commotion in the entry hall and three men come into the room, but they are already wearing masks. Throughout the day the men decide to go riding and make use of the stables that Lord Cumberland has built up, but other than that, they are trying to get all of the women alone. Finally Rose figures out that they are just having a little fun before the auction tonight.

Finally the time has come, so Mari takes Rose to her room to get ready and decides what she should wear as the main attraction for the evening. When Mari looks into the wardrobe she gasps in awe. Fingering the dresses that she finds there she quickly goes through them until she finds just the right one. This one is all white, but surprisingly it fastens in the front.

“Here, this is what you shall wear tonight. You are the pure virgin and so you shall be presented as such.”

Helping Rose get ready Mari exclaims over the material erdemli escort that the dress is made out of. She is surprised at how translucent it is once it is on and how it shows just as much as it hides.

“Rose, by the time we get downstairs the bidding will be started. Once they see you though they will all want to up their bids, so do not be surprised if the other ladies get a bit upset with you as the bids will only be for you. You will be shown last, but the men will have only eyes for you. The bids have already been placed for all of us, but when they see you, they will double their bids. “

“When the bids are tallied then you will be brought up to a room. A maid will come and help you disrobe unless the man has requested that pleasure. Whoever had the highest bid for you will come, put his bag of coins on the table, and take your virginity. Once it is done, he will leave and a maid will come to help you clean yourself up. You will not know which man it was that took you though as he will always have his mask on. He will come to your room, take down his trousers, take your virginity and leave. If he does more than that, then you have truly gotten your man hooked. He will be back to you, but you will not know who he is, unless he tells you, and according to the rules of the auction, he is not to do that.” While she is talking, Mari helps her change into the white dress and brings her down to the main room where everyone is already gathered. As she told her there would be, there were other women there and they were in similar clothing as I was, but no one was wearing white.

There are four men in the room and each of them comes over to Rose and Mari as they enter. Without saying anything Mari opens the front of Rose’s dress. Without a word being said Jarvis, Lord Cumberland’s butler, gently takes her to a table and has her lay down on it. When her legs are spread she figures that it is going to happen right here that her maidenhead is going to be taken, but instead, when she opens her eyes, she sees that the men have surrounded her.

Jarvis is the only male voice to be heard in the room. “My Lords, tonight there is a rarity up for bid. She is a young lady of quality and her maidenhead is still intact. If you would like proof, then you may come and feel it for yourself.” Immediately one of the men reaches out and roughly shoves a finger into her. Rose has learned that some men like to hurt anamur escort women when they pleasure themselves and it is obvious that this is one of those men. With a nod he pulls his finger out and walks over to where there is a table set up. The second man puts his finger in as well, but when he starts pressing, Rose winces. Immediately Jarvis is there admonishing the men to be gentle until they have won me. After two more men check and it is confirmed that she is, in fact, a virgin, Mari helps her up and refastens the front of the dress.

“My Lords, the bids have been compiled. They are as follows: For the Black Orchid, Lord
has the winning bid; For the Tiger Lily, Lord

has won the bid; For Marigold, Lord

has won the bid, and with a bid that is three times higher than the rest, Lord has won the bid to deflower our virgin tonight.”

As the women leave the room, Jarvis comes over to me. “I will lead you to your room where a maid is awaiting you. Lord will meet you there in a few minutes. Nothing will be spoken, and it will be quick. He will come in, position you how he wants you, fuck you and leave. Lord Cumberland has a rule for these gatherings of his: The men may never cum in the woman unless it is in her ass and since there was no provision from your winner, he will not be using your ass tonight.” I notice that we are in a different part of the house than I have ever been in before. Without another word, Jarvis opens the door to a room and ushers her in. A maid steps forward and without a word takes the dress from her and lays it over a chair nearby. Knowing that a man is coming soon to use her body, Rose sits on the edge of the bed and tries to shut off any feelings that she might have.

The door opens and a man enters the room. The mask that he is wearing is the only thing covering his face, but it only covers it from the nose up. His mouth and chin are not covered. For some reason that scares her, but she doesn’t move. When he comes to her and positions her on the bed she realizes that she has no feelings whatsoever, except for a cold feeling inside of her. Quickly he places a hefty bag of coins on the table next to her bed. With almost a cold detachment Rose turns her head and fixes her eyes on the bag of coins as he uncovers his manhood. She feels him get on the bed, but before he can cover her body with his she closes her eyes. Feeling a manhood press into her is mersin escort not a new sensation as Lord Cumberland has done it many times, but the pressure of the manhood against her maidenhead is new. With one shove it is through and the act is complete as she screams in pain. No one told her that it would feel as if she was being torn in two. Tears slide unheeded down her cheeks until the man above her sees them. With a muffled curse he pulls out. Reaching down he gently wipes the tears away, cleans the blood off her thighs, cleans himself, rights his clothing and leaves the room.

As soon as he is in the hall he stops by Jarvis who has been right outside the door this whole time. Ripping the mask off he throws it to the ground, knowing that it was the mask that caused Rose to fear what had happened.

“Do not leave her. If anything doesn’t seem right, find me and I will do what I can.”

“Yes, Milord.”

Quickly the maid that had been assigned to Rose goes in to her room, only to find that she hasn’t moved from the position that Lord Cumberland placed her in. She is staring off into nothingness and immediately the maid is concerned. Running across the room she opens the door and tells Jarvis the get the Master. Something is wrong.

When Lord Cumberland comes into the room he sees Rose just as he left her moments before. Going to her side he sits down on the edge of her bed, but there is no movement from her. The fear that enters his thoughts is to horrible to think about so he pushes it to the side and gathers her up in his arms.

“Rose, I am so sorry! I am sorry that you had to go through that. Please come back to me.” When there is no response he gently gathers her up in his arms and takes her back to her original room. “I should have been more gentle with you, knowing that this was your first time. I am so sorry.” Reaching her room he places her in the middle of the bed and gently pulls the coverings up around her. “I will be here for you when you awaken, My Dear.” Pulling a chair over next to the bed he sits down to await her waking.

Much later Rose slowly comes awake and realizing that she is back in her normal room she quietly gets up to go to the closet. There is a new pain between her legs but she ignores it as she slips past the sleeping Lord Cumberland. Getting dressed in the simplest dress that she can find she looks around and sees that the bag of coins has indeed been brought to her room. Gathering a dark cloak around her shoulders she slips out of her room and out of the house all together. She knows that she will never be able to look at Lord Cumberland the same, nor will he ever be able to look at her the same since she is now, truly, a whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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