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The night was dark and stormy; the only hint of light was the lightning cascading across the sky. Adrianne sits in the dark house, huddled on the couch watching outside from the window as the rain pours down. Her only thought was on him. Is he okay, did he have a wreck; is he coming home this time?

Joseph grips the steering wheel tight arguing with Adrianne about something annoying, actually pretty stupid now that he thinks things over.

“Why does she do that shit to me?” he asks himself as he drives down the darkened highway, not knowing whether he’ll go home or not.

Unwillingly, Joseph finds himself taking the next off ramp driving himself back to their home. He wonders if she’ll be happy he’s home or furious that he showed his face after the fight they had.

Sighing with tiny little tears forming in her eyes, Adrianne moves from the couch and makes her way to the kitchen. Habit takes over and she turns on the faucet to get herself a glass of water. Just as she was lifting the glass to her lips, lights fill the dark, gloomy house and she tosses the glass in the sink to run to the door, just wanting to hold him in her arms and flood him with kisses.

Joseph takes a deep breath as the car pulls into the driveway and lets it out as he opens the door, stepping out into the cold rain, slowly stepping his way up to the porch. He pauses for just a moment before putting his key into the lock.

“What am I going to say?” he ponders to himself.

Without realizing he is doing it, he inserts the key into the lock, turning it and opens the door slowly stepping over the threshold, holding his head down. He hears running footsteps coming towards him and he looks up to see Adrianne, her cheeks stained with tears.

Adrianne runs towards Joseph, just happy he is okay, throwing her arms around his neck very tightly and with soft lips, kisses all over his face.

“Oh baby” she cries into his shoulder, “I’m so sorry about everything.”

Joseph, feeling her soft lips on his skin, holds onto her tightly and gently places a finger over her lips.

“Shhh my sweetness, I am the one who should apologize and I have just the perfect way to do it.”

Joseph smirks a little as his hands slide down her back, grasping her bottom, lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist, fluently walking them over to the kitchen counter.

With her legs wrapped around his waist as he walks them to the counter, Adrianne presses her lips canlı bahis to his neck, kissing and flicking her tongue against his flesh. Goosebumps prickle over his skin forcing a groan from deep within him. With a swoop of his arm, Joseph pushes everything off the counter laying Adrianne on top of it. Having no control over his movements, he pulls on her shirt, ripping and popping the buttons off, exposing her braless breasts, she doesn’t like to wear bras at home, says they’re too confining.

The lightning through the windows gives him a glimpse of the sight before him. Her firm, round breasts and the taut nipples beg for his mouth. More than willing to oblige, Joseph leans over her, rolling his tongue teasingly over a nipple and blowing his warm breath over the wet nub causing it to swell and harden more.

Adrianne moans, arching her back to his mouth as jolts of electricity, like the lightning outside, flow through her body. She grabs his hair in her hands, grinding his mouth onto her breasts, her thighs moistening with want of him. Joseph tugs at her pants, lifting her bottom to pull her pants along with her panties down over her thighs and legs, tossing them to the side.

The lightning strikes outside again, filling the house with light, the sight of her naked, laying in front of him, causes his breathing to stop as his eyes drink her every curve and crevice, her silky white skin glowing under the light of the storm brewing outside. His erection pushes dangerously against the material of his pants threatening to split the thin barrier between being confined or sweet freedom. With a teasingly light touch he slides his fingertip over her skin crossing over her stomach, Adrianne sucks in a sharp breath as goose bumps form over her body and jolts of heated electricity pass through her.

Joseph gives the nipple one final tug before sliding his tongue down the heated trail his finger traced. He nips and bites at her flesh flicking his tongue against her, he rolls it in a light circle around her bellybutton as he moves his mouth lower and he leans his head back drinking the sight of her trimmed mound; moist and swollen with want.

He breathes the air smelling a musky odor forcing his cock to harden. Joseph groans against Adrianne’s flesh sliding his tongue towards his treasure. He lightly slides his tongue down her wet slit curling his tongue as he laps up her sweet cream. His fingers find their way to her sweet lips pulling them slightly back bahis siteleri as he runs his tongue up finding her hard swollen nub flicking his tongue against it causing Adrianne to grab his hair and grind her hips up with a loud moan.

“Please Joseph” she says in a deep lusty groan “make me cum.”

With piercing eyes, Joseph glances up at Adrianne, he sees the want and the need in her eyes, the uninhibited sexual power she has in her eyes; it immediately makes Joseph lay his mouth on her nub sucking hungrily, twisting his tongue over it Adrianne fists his hair bucking her hips against his lips.

“Fuck Joseph…that’s it right there baby.”

He groans against her sensitive nub as he slides a finger inside her soaking wet hole. The feeling of her tight sheath grasping at his finger hungrily makes his cock react and strain more against his pants. Joseph blows a warm breath against her clit causing Adrianne to moan her body writhes on the counter and Joseph slides another finger into her easily curving his fingers upwards finding her most sensitive spot as he slides them in and out of her.

Not able to take any more discomfort from his raging hard-on he pulls away from her deliciousness, keeping his fingers deep inside her pressing against her g-spot, he quickly undoes his button and zipper pulling them down and steps out of them. Adrianne lets his hair go as she watches him with eyes so full of an animalistic hunger as his cock stands at full attention. Joseph’s other hand finds her hard little love button working it in light circles while moving his fingers in her wet folds quicker and with more urgency.

Adrianne’s body tenses feeling her release coming. Her breaths come in short gasps as she thrusts her hips against his relentless fingers, electricity bolts through her limbs making her toes and fingers curl. She thrashes her head, her back arching dangerously as she plummets over the edge. Joseph feels her walls tightening around his fingers and convulses; her screams of pleasure fill the air as another lightning bolt lights up the room.

He kisses and licks his way up her body, sending her body shuddering in little aftershocks of her orgasm. His lips crash down on hers with an unquenchable need, the taste of her still on his lips; Adrianne parts her mouth to let his tongue explore and taste. Groaning against her mouth, he sucks her tongue into his mouth twisting his against hers. He breaks the kiss looking down at her with a bahis şirketleri wild look in his eyes; he grabs her hips and with a flick of his wrists, quickly turns her over forcing her face down on the counter.

Joseph stands behind her, pulling her cheeks apart with his hand, his lust-filled eyes drinking in her tight little body, and places the tip of his cock against her hot, dripping hole. Adrianne pushes against him not being able to take much more; wanting to feel his had cock deep within her.

“You want this baby?” Josephs asks as he pushes the very tip inside teasingly. Adrianne moans deep, pleading with him as she grinds against him

“God Joseph, give me your cock, fuck me hard.”

Not wanting to disappoint, Joseph rares back and slams deep inside her, filling her to the hilt. The feeling of her hot, tight sheathe around his cock makes him shudder. She stops breathing when he slams into her, his cock always feels so good filling her just right, hitting all the right spots. Her body tingles, his hardness hitting her cervix forces a shuddery moan to escape her lips. Adrianne’s noises and her tightness drives Joseph to pull out completely and slam into her again.

He slides his fingers up her back leaving a raised, red trail making their way to her hair. He massages her scalp and weaves his fingers into her tresses and pulls, forcing her head back causing her to gasp and cry out in pleasure. Joseph snarls his lip, an animalistic need taking over when he hears her cries of pleasure and he rams into her hard and fast, his balls slapping against her ass, pushing her body violently against the counter. She feels the coil of tension in her stomach as she feels another orgasm building, this one like none other she has ever had. He feels her body tense, her walls tightening around his cock feeling like they are milking his hardness; he grabs her hips tightly slamming her hard against his fast pushes.

Adrianne grabs the edge of the counter with a death grip as her eyes roll back, her back arches upwards as her body bucks wildly against him, her body quivering with every movement he makes, she screams his name at the top of her lungs as thunder crashes outside. Sweat is pouring off Joseph, dripping on her ass and with a growl; he releases hot, thick ropes of his seed deep inside of her. Adrianne groans, her body still shuddering from her orgasm and Joseph collapses on top of her panting, trying to catch his breath.

“Ah fuck baby, that was intense, now what were we fighting about?” Adrianne asks, the earlier fight completely forgotten.

“We were fighting?” Joseph chuckles and collects her warm body in his arms carrying her upstairs to go another round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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