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This is my first time publishing a story, hope you guys enjoy it, comments are very welcome.

Thanks to “Daisy” for the inspiration and for spotting the spelling mistakes.


The day had started so nicely, not a cloud in the sky, nice warm sunny weather. Daisy had opted to forgo her coat today, there was simply no need for one in glorious weather like this. It didn’t take her long to walk to work that day only 20 minutes or so, her daily walking helped her keep her body nice and toned, she specifically enjoyed the effect it had on her ass, keeping it firm and peachy.

Work started as normal with a team huddle and Daisy, to her delight, found herself standing next to the temp, he’d been working there for some time now, and although Daisy had always told herself to not get involved with work colleagues, she couldn’t help but find herself attracted to the temp.

He was exactly her type, he wasn’t overly tall coming in at a steady 5ft10″, he wasn’t particularly buff or skinny but was stocky, dark hair, glasses, strong hands. Whenever Daisy found herself alone with him her heart would skip a beat, and on the rare occasions they touched, her loins would burn. They seemed to get on well enough when they talked but he was very reserved, almost shy, but Daisy got a sense of something beneath this, she couldn’t quite figure out what it was, at times she caught flashes of something in his eyes, she couldn’t describe it as anything other than a darkness.

As the day wore on customers came in, asked the same ridiculous questions they always asked, asked for help with tasks they’ve been shown countless times before, just the same as it was any other day of the week. But somewhere around 2pm the weather outside began to turn, the warm bright sunny day, soon became overcast, cold and gloomy before finally the heavens opened. As the rain lashed against the windows all Daisy could think was how wet she was going to get going home, and not in the good way she giggled to herself, maybe by the time i finish it will have stopped, she thought.

5pm was looming and the rain seemed to have gotten worse, pelting the windows with force to drown out the radio, even if i had brought a coat, it wouldn’t have been enough to protect me from this, how will i get home she thought, then it struck her, she’d overheard a conversation a while back, between a colleague and the temp, and it turned out the temp lived near her. She felt awful, to bombard him with this favour as they weren’t overly close, but she had to at least try for the sake of staying dry. She worked up the courage to approach him, and as politely as she could asked him the huge favour of giving her a lift home, he paused for a few seconds appearing to contemplate her question, while she watched him make up his mind, she noticed it again behind his glasses, that flash of “darkness” in his eyes, the corner of his mouth turning up into a coy smile,

“Of course i can give you a lift home Daisy, it would be a shame for you to ruin how lovely you’re looking today!”

A compliment! Daisy could immediately feel herself blushing, after thanking him she quickly excused herself.

Lucky for the both of them staff parking was joined to work, in a covered car park, saving either of them from getting wet moving to the car. The drive back to Daisy’s wasn’t long but Daisy wished it could have gone on forever. It was like the guy driving her home was someone completely different, he was chatty, funny and charismatic. The entire drive home they drowned out the radio with conversations and laughter, Daisy could feel the moisture building between her legs,, why am i so attracted to him she though, no-ones ever had this kind of effect on me.

They pulled into Daisy’s driveway and quick as a flash, the temp had jumped out and walked round to the passenger door with his umbrella, he opened the door for Daisy, keeping the umbrella above her keeping her protected from the rain, as he walked her to the door, without the cover of the umbrella, he became soaked by the rain, his crisp white shirt clinging to his chest, turning virtually see through, Daisy’s heart began to flutter even harder as she could make out some clear muscle definition, still he wasn’t ripped like a hollywood action star, but his pecs looked firm, and his stomach was toned, she had to shake the thoughts from her head of reaching over and ripping his shirt open and exploring his body with her hands. Even though it was a short walk it felt like it had taken them longer to get to the door than it had to get here from work.

Daisy unlocked her door and stepped inside, astonishingly dry she turned to look at the temp and saw him stood there looking like a drowned rat, every good bone in her body compelled her next action

“thank you so much for being a perfect gentleman and keeping me dry, now please let me return the favour, come in and i will dry your clothes for you and give to a towel to dry yourself off, i simply güvenilir bahis cannot let you jump back in your car like that… and before you say anything, you are not allowed to say no!”

“well when you put it like that, i guess you better find me a towel hahahaha,” and with that he stepped inside, his clothes and hair dripping onto the floor creating small puddles around his feet, Daisy quickly dashed off to find him a couple of towels.

She passed him a towel to start drying himself off and his hair, Daisy wasn’t sure how but she found herself dabbing his body with another towel, paying close attention to his arms and chest, she quickly snapped out of the haze.

“Down the hall, 2nd door on the left is the bathroom, go in there you’ll find another couple of towels hanging up, take your clothes off, dry yourself and then there’s a dressing gown hanging on the back of the door, hopefully it will be big enough for you, once you’re sorted bring me your clothes and i’ll throw them in the dryer.”

With a mock call to attention and salute, he quickly scurried off down the hallway and into the bathroom, content he was out of the way, Daisy whisked herself off to the kitchen, to start preparing some dinner, knowing they would be here for sometime waiting for his clothes to dry, Daisy decided for him he would be eating here tonight.

She had most of the prep ready for the meal by the time he finally appeared, Daisy tried her best to stifle a laugh but couldn’t contain it and burst out laughing at the sight before her,her estimations about the dressing gown were grossly wrong. It was clear he couldn’t draw it anymore closed due to his stocky build meaning the dressing gown formed a deep-V down to just above his belly button and then the dressing gown itself ended about mid thigh.

“Well i thought i was pulling it off, your laughs tell me i’m clearly not,” he chuckled

“No no, don’t take my laughs as criticism, i think you look fabulous darling, pink silk really suits you!”

They both laughed heartily at this, he passed his clothes over to her and she moved to the tumble dryer to put everything in, having grown up doing this at home it was muscle memory to check through everything to make sure there was nothing hidden that shouldn’t be there, so she checked his trouser pockets to make sure they were empty, his shirt, jacket etc. but in sorting through everything she noticed a piece of clothing missing… His underwear! A fight broke out in her head. Do I confront him on it to make sure everything’s dry or do I leave him to keep his dignity but risk him leaving wet patches wherever he sits? Amongst the internal struggle a lone thought blocked out every reasonable argument

If he takes off his underwear, there’s a chance I could catch a peek of his cock, her cunt quivered with this thought, and just like that her mind was made up. She strode back into the kitchen, finding him stood at the counter having picked up where she had left off with the meal prep.

“I hope you don’t mind me carrying on here, thought i would lend a hand,”

“I said i would dry all your clothes!”

He stammered at this statement, confused he replied “yes? And I am very grateful for that, is something wrong?”

“I said ALL your clothes, that includes underwear mister!”

The penny dropped, he’d hoped she wouldn’t have noticed and he would just put up with the discomfort of wearing wet boxers, it was clear from her tone and stance she once again wouldn’t take no for an answer

“Okay you caught me, would you pay me the courtesy to turn around, granting me some privacy?”

She did as she asked, resisting every urge to turn around and ogle his junk, then something slapped over her shoulder, she opened her eyes and there were his boxers, now draping themselves over her shoulder. She laughed at the audacious nature in which they were presented, walked back to the laundry room, threw the boxers in with the rest of his clothes and spun the dial to begin drying them.

She returned to the kitchen to find him chopping some of the ingredients ready for cooking, there’s something so attractive about a man who can cook she thought, as her hand absentmindedly brushed over her breast, feeling her nipple harden beneath her bra, she shook herself back to attention, walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a couple of wine glasses and then cracked open a bottle of red, poured them a glass each and walked over and presented him with his

“I hope you’re a fan of red? Because i don’t really have much else to offer”

“Red will do just fine Daisy, thank you very much, where you do keep the pan?”

And with that they both worked on the dinner, working in a seamless flow around the kitchen, never getting in each other’s way, passing over tools and crockery as needed. They’d turned the radio on, fuelling their fun as they danced along, singing to the latest hits, really belting out some of the classics that came on. It was quickly turning into a magical türkçe bahis evening for Daisy, they seemed to have a real connection, her rule of not getting involved with colleagues a distant memory, she just hoped the feelings were being reciprocated.

They finished cooking the meal and sat down at the table, bringing a fresh bottle of wine with them, having polished off the 1st while cooking. The conversation kept flowing over dinner, the spark Daisy had been feeling early now feeling like a constant field of electricity between them. Dinner finished and another bottle of wine, they retired to the lounge another bottle in tow, the conversation now turning to more adult topics, starting innocently with relationship statuses, how long they’d both been single for, slowly becoming the lines of questioning becoming more intimate, occasional touches between them sent shocks through Daisy’s body.

A playful shove wasn’t quite as playful as it had been intended meaning Daisy spilled the red wine over her shirt, he quickly apologised for pushing her harder than he had intended. Daisy simply laughed

“It’s fine no need to worry, but it does appear you’ve had too much wine to be able to drive home tonight, which means you will be staying here tonight mister!”

“Damn i guess you’re right, I’ve been having such a good time i forgot i had the car with me, obviously i want to make sure you’re absolutely okay with me staying here tonight?”

“Of course dummy, I wouldn’t have offered otherwise would i?”

As a sign of mutual agreement they clinked their glasses together to cheers the situation, Daisy snorted, spilling some more wine upon herself after witnessing him down the remainder of his glass in one swift gulp.

“Just because i said you could stay here, doesn’t mean you can get trashed,” she joked

“And who said I should take advice on drinking from the woman with red wine spilt all down her shirt?” he joked back

They both laughed

“Ya know you really should get that shirt off and in to soak before it gets ruined.”

Daisy was caught off guard by this, the tone of his voice sounded somewhat commanding, she could feel herself getting wet.

“You know you’re right, let me just go and take this off.”

Not feeling steady enough to just stand up of her own volition, she placed a hand on his thigh to help get to her feet, and as she started to move past him she let her hand glide up his arm, suddenly she was stopped, his hand firmly gripped around her wrist, holding her in place. He stood up behind her, spun her around on the spot and pulled her in tight. His hand cupped her face, electricity coursed from his hand through Daisy’s body, her legs shaking beneath her as she looked into his eyes, she could see it again.

“Ya know the longer you leave the shirt on, the worse it gets.”

Before giving her a chance to answer he leaned down and put his lips to hers, the tender feeling of his lips melted Daisy’s remaining inhibitions, she reached her hands up around the back of his neck, returning the kiss, his hands moved from face down her body, coming to rest on her hips, he pulled her body closer against him, feeling something poke her in the stomach Daisy was reminded there was no trousers or underwear to contain his erection so it was freely pressed against her stomach. Daisy pulled away from the kiss breathless, speechless, she stared up at him, he reached up and took his glasses off and threw over to the nearby armchair, and it was then Daisy finally got to see his deep blue eyes, and it was now she could finally see what it truly was flashing across his eyes, the darkness that took over his eyes, it was hypnotizing.

Seeing her lost in his eyes, all he could do was smile, another woman finally seeing his true nature reflected in his eyes, before she had a chance to react, he reached between their bodies, grabbing her shirt between the buttons and ripped it open, buttons spilling all over the room, Daisy gasped as the air hit her skin unprotected now her shirt was open

“Well, now you don’t need to worry about trying to get the stain out of your shirt.”

Again his voice seemed different, this time it was deeper and definitely speaking with authority, Daisy hastily grabbed at her open shirt and pulled it back over her chest, in an effort to provide her some dignity.

His hands grabbed her wrists and pulled them apart revealing her chest again

“Tut tut, no need to be shy Daisy, you have a beautiful body, plus it’s only fair, you’ve spent all evening staring at my bare chest, don’t you think it’s time to return the favour?”

His words and grip melted her resolve, any mock resistance she had to the situation was gone, where has this man been hiding she thought. He pulled her close, pressing his lips against hers again, the passion behind this kiss was fiercer than there first, he let go of her wrists, letting them dangle beside her body, he reached up grabbing the collar of the shirt and slowly sliding güvenilir bahis siteleri it back and down over her shoulders, gliding it down her arms before letting it drop to the floor.

Daisy stood there, enraptured by the situation unfolding, feeling his tongue probe into her mouth, she moved hers to counteract, their tongues dancing together between their mouths, finally remembering she had control of her hands again, she decided now was her chance to explore his body. Reaching up she placed her hands on his pecs, she could tell he definitely worked out, her hands trailed down to his abs, there wasn’t a six pack per say but they were toned, again making her pussy quiver, she continued running her hands down his body, reaching the hem of the dressing gown he was still wearing, she slid her hands underneath, running them up his thigh, moaning into his mouth as they kissed thinking about the delight of feeling his cock.

Suddenly her hands were restrained again and being pulled above her head, he pulled away from her, breaking off the kiss

“Now who said you could touch that?”

His voice melted her body, her legs quivering beneath her she started to find it hard to stand straight, with no time to try and steady herself, he dragged her to the edge of the sofa, bent her over the arm of it, reached underneath her body, undid the clasp holding her trousers together, she shrieked as she realised what was about to happen, but a firm hand kept her head pinned against the cushions of the sofa, his other hand grabbed the hem of her trousers and started yanking them down, exposing her firm ass, surprisingly this time, Daisy heard him gasp

“My, my Daisy, these trousers have done an incredible job of hiding this, I’m almost upset you have been hiding this from me, but it’s time for you to understand,”


“i may be a temp at work but here,”


“I am in charge, do I make myself clear?”

* smack*

Again his meaty hand lands across her bare ass, Daisy squealed a third time, feeling his hand crack against her skin, her juices fully dampening her panties, she liked being treated rough, and suddenly that flashes in his eyes, it was this, the darkness was really dominance. The shy guy in the workplace was really hiding this beast of a man, she could sense this side of him was almost primal, what he wanted he would get, and if not she would be punished, this excited her even more, she hoped he wouldn’t notice how excited this was making her.

“Yes sir, I’ll do as I’m told, when I’m told.”

“Good girl,” he delicately rubbed her cheek in a soothing circular motion to relieve the stinging sensation, before leaning down and planting a soft kiss to demonstrate he can be caring as well as punishing, it was then he could smell her pleasure, the juices of sex penetrating his nostrils, the primal urges in him flared, making his hard cock twitch between his legs. With a snarl he grabbed the back of her neck pulling her up, stood at the edge of the sofa, unsure what was about to happen, all Daisy could think was it was a good job he was holding her, as her legs were so unsteady. He turned to her right and pushed her forward, his hand around her neck used to move her like a joystick, she found herself face to face with the wall.

His hand moved from her neck to her shoulder as he spun her around to face him, he lunged at her planting his lips firmly against hers, his hands moving behind her to unclasp her bra, his lips moved from hers, to plant kisses along her cheek, across to her ear, he nibbled on her earlobe, the kisses continued down her neck, across her collarbone, he slid the straps of her bra over her shoulders, again sliding down her elegant arms and onto the floor, he took half a step back to truly drink in the sight in front of him.

He licked his lips at the sight before him, her breasts looked divine, her nipples hard looking good enough to eat, He dived forward and inhaled her right nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, circling it with his tongue, a hand clawing at her left breast, tweaking the nipple. Daisy planted her hands on the wall behind her to help steady herself, the pleasure shooting throughout her body was making her knees buckle beneath her, her breath ragged, she couldn’t stop herself from moaning out in pleasure. He swapped the nipples he was working on sucking on her left and pinching her right, trying to pay equal attention to each.

Without warning he pulled away and stood up straight, as Daisy’s knees had been buckling beneath her she had partially slipped down the wall, meaning he now towered above her, from this angle she could see the true fire in his eyes, his hand moved towards her, it landed on her shoulder, and with a strong grip, he pushed her down to her knees, her mouth salivated as she realised what would be happening next, her mouth absently gaping open. He grabbed the flimsy restraints holding the dressing gown closed, and pulled them apart, shrugging the dressing gown off, he stood before her completely naked. His hard throbbing cock, standing strong and proud in front of Daisy’s face, she was mesmerized by it, her mouth hanging open even more, she found herself drooling anxiously waiting to taste it

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