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Sunday morning came and once more the girls slept late behind a closed door.

Standing at the door to the garage meanwhile, Ann watched with a wan smile as her husband backed his big sedan out. He had his clubs in the trunk of the car and was on his way out to the course to meet some friends for a few rounds of golf, not expecting to return until some time late in the afternoon.

Quite frankly, Ann was just happy to see him go, knowing that something really special was due to happen once she and her children were alone.

As soon as she saw the garage door start to lower, she immediately put her husband right out of her mind and raced away as fast as her legs could carry her.

Going into the bathroom first, she stood in front of the mirror and examined her face critically. As a middle-aged woman, there was no chance that everything could still be as firm and wrinkle free as they had been when she was in her prime, but she lamented the fact anyway. It was very, very important to her that she should look her best for her girls.

To that end, her hair was carefully styled, her make-up had been applied with a light touch, and just a hint of perfume had been dabbed on, taking a moment to marvel that she was gussying up like this for her own daughters.

Throwing off her all of clothes next, she considered what kind of damage age had done to her. She was a bit more plump than she would have preferred and gravity had made her full breasts sag, making her curse the passing years. She was a little cheered by the fact that she knew she had not totally lost her looks – too many people still stopped and stared for her to believe that – but still she believed her girls deserved better.

Grabbing her bathrobe down from a hook, she slipped it on over her nude body.

Had she had her preference, she would have put on some sexy lingerie, but that was not possible as she only had one outfit that fit the bill. It had been ages since she’d done much dressing up for her husband and, last night, she’d worn the best of what little she still had for her girls. After they dismissed her though, her husband had seen her in it and just naturally assumed it was for his benefit – especially considering she had been hitting on him earlier in the day.

As a result, she had been compelled to endure Roger’s romantic attentions during the night – a wholly unsatisfying experience that left her without an orgasm. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a perfectly good lover who had rocked her world plenty of times over the years, but her mind had been decidedly elsewhere last night. Beyond which, sex with Roger had long ago settled into a monotonous routine that neither of them seemed able to break out of and she knew every move he would make, every sound he would utter by heart.

In any case, she would not be able to wear that lingerie again until she had been able to launder it.

But now was not the time to dwell on such things. Determinedly, she dismissed these disappointing memories to focus once more on the here and now and the promise of what was waiting for her upstairs.

She was trembling with excitement, her legs like rubber beneath her as she emerged from the bathroom and made her way up towards the bedrooms. At this point, she had absolutely no qualms with the idea of cheating on her husband and was totally at peace with the idea of committing incest, so her unsteady step spoke not of shame or guilt but only of how anxious she was to love and be loved by the two young women who waited for her.

Ann paused at the top of the stairs for a moment, trying and failing to compose herself, and then looked towards the door to her daughters’ bedroom. It was standing wide open now and there were no sounds coming from within, hinting that they were no longer there. Going over to the door, she stuck her head inside and found the room in disarray, but without any trace of either Kristen or Ruth.

So she wouldn’t have to wake them up this morning, but where might they have gone?

The first idea was that Ruth and Kristen might have gone after some breakfast, but she discounted the notion. She had just been downstairs, after all, and had not seen or heard either of them in the kitchen or in the dining room. The second idea was that perhaps they were in the upstairs bathroom freshening up, but a glance told her that it’s door was wide open, it’s lights were off, and there was not a hint of movement from within.

At last, she looked towards her own bedroom speculatively. Could they be waiting for her there?

Without even realizing that she was doing it, she kept her footfalls light and soft as she made her way down to the end of the hall and the bedroom she and her husband had shared for two decades now. She was stopped in the open doorway however, overcome by the sight that was revealed within.

Kristen was on the big queen-sized bed, reclining casually as she waited for her mother and sister to join her there. She was completely nude, artfully posed with her legs apart so that her tender illegal bahis young twat was as much on display as was the swell of her firm bosom. Also delightfully bare was Ruth, who stood next to the door where she had evidently been waiting to greet the older woman. Ann’s eyes were drawn to her youngest child’s mouth-wateringly ample chest, thoroughly enjoying the way it swung and bounced whenever she made even the slightest of movements.

Ann’s heart did some impressive gymnastics as she took in this remarkable view, wondering why she had resisted facing up to her incestuous urges for so long.

“So there you are, mom,” Ruth purred, moving in. “We were beginning to think that you’d gotten lost.”

“I’m sorry,” Ann murmured. “I didn’t realize you’d be waiting for me in here.”

Her hand on her mother’s arm, Ruth pulled her the rest of the way into the bedroom and slipped around behind her. Fingers gently pulled the hair back out of the way and Ann felt warm, sweet breath on her neck and tender kisses that made her skin tingle. The older woman sighed joyously, swooning under her daughter’s efforts.

“It’s all right,” Ruth whispered into her hair, “you’re here now.”

Reaching around her mother, the girl took hold of the front of her robe and pulled it open wide, completely revealing the nude body within to the young lady waiting on the bed. Ann sagged back into Ruth for a moment, feeling totally exposed.

Society would have proclaimed her passion for her own two children as wicked and deviant, would have decried her as a filthy pervert for lusting after these two girls so desperately, but Ann knew better.

How could anything that felt so wonderfully right possibly be wrong?

As her mother regained her footing, Ruth stepped back just enough to sweep that robe off and toss it aside, then was right back into place, her front pressed firmly into Ann’s back. Her arms went around the woman’s waist and she hugged her tightly, the both of them thoroughly savoring the experience of having the full length of their bodies crushed together.

Just as they had the previous night, Ruth’s hands would eventually rise to lay claim to her mother’s heaving breasts. With every bit of the skill she had attained during one afternoon and evening of fondling her sister, the girl stroked and caressed that slightly sagging bosom and something began to catch her attention.

Her mother’s nipples were large and a pale red, already hard enough to put someone’s eye out. However, the thing was that whenever the girl’s hands came anywhere near them, her mother would tense up and let out a hoarse, yelping cry.

“Why, mother, dear,” she inquired softly, a smirk forming on her face, “are your nipples really that sensitive?”

Trembling and moaning under her daughter’s ministrations, Ann could not answer save to grunt out an, “Uh-huh.”

Ruth ran her hands slowly down the slope of her breasts, making no effort at all to disguise where she was heading, and so naturally Ann braced herself as she imagined that a lot of attention was about to be paid to her teats. Even so, what Ruth did would catch her completely off guard and very nearly bring her to orgasm.

Catching hold of those oh, so sensitive nipples between her fingers, Ruth lifted. The nipples were stretched as they took virtually the entire weight of each breast, the generously sized orbs swinging and jiggling as the teen made them gently bounce and jiggle for good measure. Ann went into sensory overload at the delirious mixture of pain and pleasure that shot through her, but her youngest child had no mercy for her.

“Oh, God, yes, Ruthie!” Ann squealed, choking on the words. “Oh, yes!”

From where she still reclined on the bed, waiting impatiently for the other two women to come and join her, Kristen watched this highly erotic but surreal scene unfold.

Who would have thought that her mother was so hot?! She had looked awfully good last night in that lingerie, but she looked fantastic naked. Oh, she was not blind to what the passing years had done to her, but she believed that it only made her mother that much more beautiful. She wondered how she could have lived in such close quarters with them for so many years and been so blind to how incredibly sexy these two women were. It was quite a conundrum, but she thanked heaven above that her eyes were opened at last.

Kristen slid off the bed and stood up. If they weren’t going to come and join her, she would just have to join the two of them. Her mother’s eyes were riveted to her from the moment she rose, watching as she drew closer and closer, soaking in every last detail. She noted that Ruth was also watching, a smirk on her face.

“Finally decided to get in on the fun?”

“I was under the impression you two were going to jump into bed with me,” answered Kristen with her very best pout, “so we could all have fun. Instead, you’re trying to keep mom all to yourself!”

“I’m willing to share, but these boobs are mine right now.” Ruth gave her mother’s illegal bahis siteleri dangling breasts another shake, eliciting a shuddering moan from her. “Maybe you can find something else to play with . . .?”

It was obvious what Ruth was hinting at and Kristen’s eyes involuntarily dropped to that area between their mother’s legs. Ann got the hint as well and let out a pleading cry when she saw her eldest girl’s eyes lower. She shifted her weight quickly, opening up her stance to better expose her already swampy cunt.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” Ann sighed. “Please . . .”

Edging a little closer, Kristen rested one hand on the older woman’s hip and sent the other one probing down between her legs. A shout emerged from Ann’s lips when she felt her daughter touch her there and it took another mighty effort to avoid cumming prematurely, but Kristen only grazed the dewy, swollen lips with her fingertips in the end.

Raising her hand, Kristen was careful to show it to the older woman, who stared with wide eyes at the droplets that clung to the fingers. With a soft smile, the teen then brought those fingers to her own lips and had a taste. “Mmmm! Yummy.”

With both girls teasing, tantalizing, and tormenting her now, Ann almost lost control yet again. Breathing hard, her heart threatening to pound it’s way right through her chest, she was by now grunting and groaning and shaking all over. Determinedly, she tamped down the flames, but knew that she would not be able to survive much more of this.

It was at that point that Ruth chose to release the nipples she had been holding all this time, allowing her mother’s breasts to drop back down. She did this as a favor to her sister as it would let Ann focus her full attention on what Kristen was doing down there between her legs. She did this as a favor to her mother as well as it was becoming increasingly clear that she might not be able to stay on her feet. Ruth wrapped her arms around Ann and held her tight, lending her some needed support.

Ann found herself imprisoned in the arms of her youngest child, her arms pinned to her sides. She could feel Ruth’s bosom pressing into her back, her young twat bumping against her bottom, her hot breath gusting across her neck and shoulder. The added sensation of a wet kiss against her overheated flesh, of teeth grazing slowly across the skin, had her writhing and squirming against the girl, enjoying the feel of Ruth’s secretions being smeared all over her ass.

Kristen lowered that hand again, pressing her palm flat to her mother’s belly and sending it slowly, inexorably downwards.

Ann was panting so hard it was a wonder she didn’t hyperventilate by the time the girl’s hand cupped her mound firmly, but the sensation of a long finger sinking deep into her boiling depths was finally too much for her to withstand.

Her eyes rolling back, Ann let her head drop backwards onto Ruth’s shoulder as she endured a savage convulsion, orgasm finally claiming her. She wanted to cry out, to scream loud enough to shatter glass, but found it impossible when she couldn’t even catch her breath. Jerking and twitching, gasping and straining, she was consumed by nothing less than pure and undiluted ecstacy.

Ruth held onto this bucking bronco, bound and determined that she was not going to lose her, and breathed a sigh of relief when the explosion finally started to subside.

Weak and spent, feeling as limp as a rag doll, Ann let her head fall forward in the slow-cooling aftermath. She could feel tears rolling down her cheeks, but these were tears of absolute and undiluted joy, not saddness.

She was barely aware of it when the hand left her hip, Kristen cupping her mother’s chin to raise her face once more. With a weak but very happy smile, she gazed at the girl with a look of utter adoration.

Her eyes dancing, Kristen leaned in and kissed her mother’s lips.

Down below however, her hand started to move again, another finger joining the first inside. Without giving Ann a chance to fully recover from that first awe-inspiring climax, she started to fuck her with her hand – those probing fingers thrusting deep into her twat while her palm rubbed against her aroused and erect clitoris.

Kristen closed the distance between herself and the other two, embracing them both while never letting up on her mother’s juicy cunt. Beyond the joy of holding them close at such an intimate moment, she also recognized that Ruth’s strength was not unlimited and she might need some help to keep their mother upright.

Sandwiched between her two daughters, her pussy being thoroughly worked over, Ann came very quickly this time.

And this orgasm was one for the history books.

When it finally started to die back down, Ann was allowed to sag down to the carpet, dropping gently to rest for a moment on her hands and knees. The two teens standing over her came together for a long, passionate kiss in the meantime, celebrating what they had just done to their mother.

Catching her big canlı bahis siteleri sister’s hand, Ruth pulled it to her own lips to hungrily clean off every last trace of Ann’s juices. A soft, breathless whine rose from somewhere down below as their mother watched them closely, unable yet to find the strength to move.

With arms draped around each other’s middle, the two teens then headed over to climb into the bed without so much as a single glance back at the pile of flesh they were leaving behind. In their parent’s bed, they indulged in a little kissing and groping while making a point of not paying any attention at all to their mother.

Finally, Kristen looked to the door and saw that the older woman was still right where they had left her. “Really, mom,” she scolded, cuddling her sister, “are you going to sit there all day?”

“Yeah!” Ruth agreed. “Didn’t you want to play with us anymore?”

Determinedly calling up every last ounce of strength and will power she could muster, Ann climbed awkwardly to her feet, stood swaying for just a moment, and then came lurching towards the bed and the two teenagers.

* * *

With her head down and resting on her crossed arms, Kristen had her eyes closed, a dreamy little smile on her face and a pillow under her hips.

Behind her, Ann was devotedly working on the girl’s elevated butt.

Roger had tried to get her to try anal sex with him a number of times over the course of their marriage, but she had always refused. It just seemed so nasty, even disgusting to do anything with that place poop comes from, after all. When her girls wanted to get anal with her, however, she hadn’t even thought of trying to talk them out of it, too.

If she could so willingly betray her own husband, if she could so eagerly indulge in incest with both of her children, why should a butt hold any fear from her?

As she worked, her tongue stroking and caressing, darting and stabbing, she was amazed to discover that she rather enjoyed the work. Her daughter kept herself clean and so the smell wasn’t bad, their was no nasty taste, and she was being rewarded with a lot of happy noises from Kristen.

She was enjoying herself so much, in fact, that she suddenly chose to do something wild and new. Using her hands to spread apart the girl’s cheeks and her thumbs to open up the puckered sphincter, she actually sent her tongue probing up inside.

The response from Kristen was electric and overwhelmingly positive. Reaching back between her own legs with one hand, the girl stroked her own pussy with one, then two fingers until she had a very nice orgasm.

Delighted with her success, Ann rounded on Ruth immediately, catching her by surprise and pulling her down. “Your turn, baby! Let me do you, too!”

Always open to new experiences, the young woman just smiled and rolled over onto her belly.

* * *

Standing there as if frozen to the spot, Kristen could only watch in wide-eyed wonder and wonder how exactly the bed was surviving this.

With her mother and little sister atop it, facing each other but leaning back on their elbows, their legs scissored together so that their burning twats could come together, the two women were bumping and grinding against each other so hard that they were making the whole bed bounce and shake violently. Ruth’s hands were like claws, digging into not merely the sheets but apparently the mattress beneath for purchase, while Ann was clutching and clawing at the headboard so fiercely that it was hard to believe that she wasn’t leaving scratches and gouge marks.

How could that old bed be standing up to all of this abuse, Kristen wondered to herself. How was it possible that it hadn’t already come flying apart?

And to think, all of this started when her mother happened to wonder aloud just how it was that her two daughters became lovers . . .

Her teeth clenched, Ruth was almost growling as she worked her pussy against her mother’s, using every last erg of the strength and stamina she had built up over a lifetime of amateur athletics. Ann, meanwhile, was a wild and wanton animal, gasping and grunting breathlessly as she pushed and shoved herself against her daughter.

Watching the couple go, certain that they were going to spontaneously combust from all of the friction, Kristen thought they looked like they were in heat. It was a beautiful sight, indeed.

With a hoarse cry, Ann suddenly came surging up to a more upright position, her hands reaching out for her youngest child but grabbing nothing but air. Convulsive shudders coursed through the woman for what seemed like an eternity, but then she crashed bonelessly back to the bed and was deathly still.

To the watching girl, it looked like she had just had either a very big orgasm or a heart attack.

Ruth continued on, grinding against her sprawled mother for a few moments more until she too came, throwing her head back to let out a keening wail. She would fall back in the aftermath, going just as still as the older woman.

Holding a hand out over the women’s still conjoined body parts to feel the waves of heat rising from their superheated flesh, Kristen could have sworn that she heard the bed sigh in relief as the abuse finally came to an end.

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