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It had been a late night and I was thinking how delicious it was to sleep in for a change. But two things became immediately apparent as my eyes fluttered open: I had a raging hard on (as I often did when first awakening) and my mother was sitting in the chair next to my bed. I propped myself up on one elbow, being careful not to disturb the sheet that was thankfully covering the lower half of my body.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” she intoned.

“What are you doing here mom?”

“I’m here to help you Hon. I got to thinking how embarrassed you were by the mess you made in your bed last week, and I want to do what I can to make sure you don’t have to go through that again.”

‘It’s really OK, mom. I told you, it was just a weird dream. I really don’t think it’s likely to happen again.”

“So, have you been taking care of yourself?” she said with just glimmer of concern.

“Um, sure mom,” I answered turning beet red.

“Well, frankly I haven’t seen any evidence of that in your laundry hamper or waste basket.”

It was clear mom wasn’t going to be satisfied without some kind of explanation.

“Gee, mom, most of the time I do it in the shower, and if I do here in my room I just use some tissues and flush them down the toilet.”

“So let me get this straight. You’ve been slinking down the hall in the middle of the night so you can get rid of the evidence?”

“Well, actually, mom, it’s more likely to be first thing in the morning.”

“No matter, Hon, do you have any idea what would happen if you ran into you father while you were doing that? I can assure you it would be a lot worse than having to explain your wet sheets to me! Are you sure you’re on top of this?”

“Yes mom, really.”

“I’m sorry, Sweetie, but you seem awfully defensive to me. You wouldn’t be hiding something would you? Oh my God you haven’t made another mess have you?”

“No mom, really I haven’t. I promise.”

“Well then you won’t mind my talking a quick peek.”

“Oh, mom, I told you it was just a weird dream; really you don’t have to worry about me.”

“I hate not trusting you Billy, but you have guilt written all over your face. I’m afraid it’s inspection time.”

With that my mom grabbed the sheet and pulled it down abruptly. My penis was still as hard as a rock and sticking through the slit in my pajama bottoms.

“So you say there’s nothing to worry about!!!”

“Oh mom, it’s not like that. It’s just because I have to pee so bad. Really, I mean it.”

“Well, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt Billy. I can see you haven’t soiled your sheets again, and I know boys your age often wake up in that condition. But I’m still not happy about you sneaking around the house like a common criminal concealing the evidence. Now you go take care of yourself and then come right back here so we can have another little talk.”

The last “little talk” we had was probably the most embarrassing thing I had ever experienced. But I had to admit it was probably the most erotic thing I’d experienced too. I slipped my erection inside by pajamas bottoms as nonchalantly as I could and tucked it under the elastic waistband.

“That’s so cute,” my mom said, smiling, “I guess that’s what all you guys do when you need to conceal your erection. I love the way your little eye stares up at you. But you don’t have to worry about waving that flagpole around right now, there’s nobody in the house except you and me.”

I had to wait quite awhile after I got to the bathroom before I could pee, and during that time I couldn’t help but get a little excited about what my mom had up her sleeve. When I was done I discovered her sitting in my bed and her chinos were draped over the chair she had been using.

“You know, Billy, when you have a regular girlfriend to have sex with you won’t have to worry about those nocturnal emissions because you won’t have a chance to get all backed up. I’m glad you say you are taking care of yourself, but I’m worried you aren’t doing it frequently enough to solve our problem. And the fact that you feel you have to do it behind my back isn’t helping. So here’s what we’re going to do. Until you find a girl your own age, we’re going to use my vagina to make sure you won’t continue to embarrass yourself on your sheets.”

“Oh my God, mom, isn’t that illegal or something?”

“Don’t be silly, Hon. I’m you mother. Just think of it as part of your sexual development. And besides, when you do find a girl, you’ll appreciate having some experience. I wish you father’s mom had taught him what I’m going to show you so he wouldn’t have had to pretend he knew what he was doing when it was so obvious he didn’t. Now scoot over here next to me.”

I should mention that most people think my mom is a real knockout. She was really young when she had me so she is still only in her early forties. She runs marathons, does downhill skiing and keeps really, really fit. I’ve heard more than one person say she looks like a young Meg Ryan. I had not really contemplated her much in such a vein, but I had to admit, the prospect of canlı bahis getting intimate with her really turned me on.

“Now the first thing that usually happens when you find a girl you like is that you spend lots of time is making out — you know, just kissing and stuff. Have you at least done that?”

“Uh huh, Becky from high school let me do that much.”

“OK, then why don’t you give me a nice, passionate kiss? Go ahead and really give it your best.”

I was nervous as hell, but excited too. I slowly approached my mom and lingered for awhile before gently probing her mouth with my tongue. We embraced more closely and I could feel her small breasts pressing against my chest. Our breathing was synchronized and our mouths melted into each other deliciously. My mom broke off the kiss.

“Well, Billy, if you are nearly as good at the things I’m about to teach you as you are at kissing, you won’t have any problems at all! Has Becky let you do anything else?”

“Not too much, mom.”

“I see. Well the next thing you’ll want to do with a girlfriend is to make her feel like she has the most beautiful breasts on the planet. Girls are often self-conscious about their breasts, just like you are probably self-conscious about your penis. So it’s very important that you show her how much you love them, even if you have to pretend a bit. Do you like my breasts, Billy?”

The truth is I didn’t have to pretend. I was happy and excited just looking at them through her tee shirt.

“I have what people often call an athletic body, Billy. That’s a nice way of saying my breasts are small but firm. Some men only like big, bouncy breasts, but others actually prefer small ones like mine. Fortunately, you dad is one of those people. The nice part is that my nipples are super sensitive. Now I want you to caress my breasts gently through my shirt. Nothing else for the moment, just feel their warmth and firmness. Be sure to notice how my nipples respond to your touch. Go ahead, honey, give it a try.”

I could not believe how sexy my mom felt. My penis was poking out of my pajama bottoms again.

“Now spend a little time fondling my nipples, Hon. Gently, but not too soft either. That’s right, just squeeze them between your fingers and roll them around a little. Oh, sweetie, that feels so good. It makes me think about when you used to suck them when you were a baby. I loved the feeling of your little mouth sucking them as my milk squirted out.”

I could not have been any hotter.

“Your girlfriend probably won’t have had any experience nursing a baby, but that’s the next thing you should do to show her how much you love her breasts.”

She pulled the tee over her head slowly and presented her incredible breasts to me.

“Now in real life, you might have to help her take her top off, Billy. But don’t rush it. If you sense any reluctance on her part, back off and wait until she’s ready. Showing your breasts to a boy for the first time is a very big deal for most girls; especially if they haven’t done it before.”

“OK, mom, I promise.”

“Now put one of my nipples in your mouth and suck it gently. Not too hard. That’s right; it feels best if you do it with a regular rhythm. Not too fast, you’re not in a race; your goal is to make your girlfriend feel loved and special. Now rub the tip of your tongue back and forth over the very tip. Ummmmm, that’s nice. Oh sweetie you’re going to be very good at this. Don’t forget about the other one. You can caress it gently with your free hand as you continue to suck. When you think the time is right switch sides. That’s good. Now give each nipple a little kiss and look at them with wonderment. When you’re with a girl, you should tell her that her breasts are more beautiful than anything you have ever seen and that you feel happy and appreciative that she is showing them to you”

I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life.

“Now, Billy, do you see how erect my nipples are? If your girlfriend is that way it means she is feeling very sexy and it’s time for you to move onto the next phase. Do you know what that is?”

“I’m not sure mom, maybe putting my dick in her?”

“Oh, Billy, that’s why it’s so important we’re having this talk. The very last thing you want to do is rush things. You need to slow things up to the point where she is begging you to enter her. But before I show you how to do that, it’s time for a little female anatomy lesson. But it’s no fair unless I can see your penis at the same time “

My mom pulled the sheet down again to reveal my pulsating erection.

“Take your pajamas off Billy. That’s a good boy. You have such a beautiful penis. I don’t ever want you to be self-conscious or ashamed about showing it to a girl, even though it might be a little scary at first. Now watch closely.”

My mom sat facing me and crossed her legs, giving me a close up view of her incredible pussy. Of course, I had never seen one before, at least not close up, so I didn’t have much to compare it with, but my male instincts told me I was observing something very special.

“A bahis siteleri girl’s vagina is surrounded by two sets of labia, Billy. Boys usually call them “lips”. The outer set is called the labia majora, and the inner ones are called the labia minora.”

She separated her inner and outer lips with her fingers so I could see the distinction and traced them all around her opening.

“Of course, what you will be most interested in is what is between the inner lips. At the very top of the vagina is the clitoris. As I told you before, it’s the most sensitive part of the vagina and you need to pay very close attention to caress it in just the way your partner wants. Unfortunately, every girl likes something a little different, so you’ll have to work with her to find out exactly what feels best for her.”

At this point, my mom stretched open her own lips and exposed her protruding clitoris for my inspection.

“Can you see my little bud, Billy? This covering at the top is called the hood, and it protects the clitoris when it is not being stimulated during intercourse or masturbation. Do you remember that I told you smegma can build up under there if a girl does not wash thoroughly?”

At this point, my mom grasped her hood and pulled it back for me, just as she had made me do with my foreskin during our previous talk.

“See, Billy, I keep myself nice and clean. Do you want to touch it?”

She took my finger and placed it on her lovely wet clit.

“Now I want you to very gently rub all around. Not too hard. Remember it’s very, very sensitive and it can hurt if you are not gentle enough. That’s nice. Do you like the way it feels?”

“Oh God, mom. I think it is the softest thing I have ever felt.”

“Be very careful not to rush things when you’re doing this with a partner. Be sure you pay close attention to how she is responding to your touch. If she is moaning softly, or providing some other kind of encouraging cues you’re probably ready for another leap.”

“What kind of leap mom?”

“Do you remember how you sucked my nipples?”

“Sure, it was really cool.”

“Well, you can do the same thing with a girl’s clitoris. Usually the first step is to lick it up and down — very gently. Why don’t you try?”

Very slowly I approached my mom’s awaiting clit with my tongue. The smell of her vagina was more enticing than anything I had ever imagined.

“That’s it; now move you tongue around and around very gently. You’re doing just fine, Billy. OK, now pretend like my clitoris is a nipple and suck it just like you did before, but with less intensity. That’s right; just keep sucking in and out, in and out. Can you feel it getting harder? A nice hard clitoris is a very good indication that your girlfriend is getting turned on and is ready for you to insert your penis. If you can’t tell for sure, look at her nipples. If she is really aroused, they will be hard too. Depending on the anatomy of her breasts, it might be easier to tell if she is ready to move on by looking at them instead of her clitoris. And of course there is one other way. As I told you before, a girl’s vagina makes slippery stuff called arousal fluid when she is ready for intercourse. That’s so your penis can slide in and out without hurting her. You can tell if she is ready by inserting your finger to see if she has secreted enough arousal fluid. Boys call that being wet. Since this is a lesson for you, I can tell you that I am very turned on right now, Billy, so go ahead and insert your finger so you know what a fully aroused vagina feels like.”

I tentatively slipped my middle finger into her and moved it over the slippery surface.

“See how wet I am, Billy?”

“I’ll say mom. It’s slippery like a fish.”

“That’s interesting, Billy. Some people think arousal fluid smells a little like a fish too. Why don’t you smell you finger? No heterosexual man can resist that smell.”

I believed her.

“If a girl lets you feel the inside of her vagina and it’s as slippery as mine is now, it’s a good bet she’s ready for your penis. Now comes the hard part. Hon, I’m going to help you get ready for penetration. The worst thing you can do is fumble around looking for the place between the inner lips where your penis needs to go, so you have to move very carefully. Are you ready?”

Talk about an understatement.

“By this time, your penis will have been erect for quite some time and some slippery stuff called precum will probably have begun to leak out. You have probably noticed it when you masturbate. The purpose of precum is to help your penis begin its journey into the vagina and to lubricate the inside so your semen shoots out easily. However, not all boys make enough, so it’s a good idea to use an alternate source of lubrication. You have several choices: If your girlfriend is wet enough, you can coat the head of your penis with her arousal fluid — just keep dipping your fingers into her and spreading the wetness over your head. Keep doing it until you are nice and slippery. Another really easy way is to use your own saliva. bahis şirketleri Or you can ask her to lick or spit on your glans, but I wouldn’t try that the first few times. For now, let’s just use your saliva because that’s something you can always count on.”

My mother instructed me to spit onto her fingers and she used it to prepare my member.

“OK Hon, now come a little closer. I’m going to help a little this time because you haven’t done this before.”

She took my erection and slid it up and down her slit, just barley making penetration.

“Can you feel the entrance to my vagina, Billy?”

“Yes mom. It feels really smooth.”

“Good, now I’m helping point you in the right direction, but when you are on your own, you’ll have to be prepared to do this all by yourself. It’s a good idea to do what I’m helping you do right now. Just take your time and move your head up and down until you feel the sweet spot between her inner lips, just below the clitoris. Then, when you are sure you are positioned correctly, move your body closer and try to slip inside. Go ahead, Hon.”

I could not believe what was happening. My own mother was teaching me how to fuck a girl! And it felt soooooooooooo good.

“That’s it Sweetie. Can you tell that you’re inside? Now come in all the way. Feel the nice, warmth around you cock? Doesn’t that feel wonderful?”

“Oh my God, yes mom.”

“Don’t expect this from an inexperience girl, Billy, but I’m going to contract my vaginal muscles around your penis to increase the pleasure you are experiencing.”

My cock felt like was the center of the universe. I lost all sense of reality.

“OK, Billy, now just do what comes naturally. That’s right, move yourself in and out, in and out.”

All of the sudden, I realized I was going to cum. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it. I felt my penis erupt inside my mother.

“Four, five, six. That’s the number of spurts I can feel, Billy. There is noting more wonderful for a woman than having her vagina filled with a nice hard penis and ejaculated semen. And when the squirts are forceful like those, a girl can feel it tickle her cervix. I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about your sheets for awhile!”

“Gee mom, it happened awfully fast.”

“That’s because you’re just learning, Billy. As you gain experience, you’ll have more control over when you ejaculate. Hopefully, you can time it so that your girlfriend and you have orgasms at about the same time.”

“Did you have one mom?”

“No, Billy, but I didn’t really expect to. Not your first time. But if this happens to you with your girlfriend, it’s not such a tragedy. She can still have an orgasm.”

“How mom?”

“Lie here next to me and let me show you.”

My mom propped herself up on a pillow and spread her legs.

“Now wait just a minute and I’ll bet some of your semen will start to leak out.”

Her vagina was glistening and I could smell her arousal fluid.

“There it is. See Billy?

We both admired the white goo dripping out of her hole.

“Now I want you to spread it over my clitoris. I’m very close to orgasm already so you should be able to give it to me.”

I followed her instructions and began to rub up and down just as she had showed me. That’s right. Keep going. Keep going. See how hard it is? Just look at my nipples. If your girlfriend’s nipples look like that she’s well on her way. She might want to take over for herself because she knows exactly what feels best for her and she will really, really need to cum. If she does, let her do it and you can caress her nipples instead. But don’t do that now because you’re making me feel wonderful. Now pull back my hood and lick me round and round. Yes, yes. See how hard I am! I’m hard for you Billy! Suck me harder. Oh yes, yes. YES!!! Oh Billy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

My mom’s body was shaking with pleasure and she looked at me proudly and smiled.

“Congratulations Sweetie, you’ve just made a woman cum for the very first time. I’m so happy for you. But what have we here?”

As incredible as it seemed, my penis was already hard again.

“Ahh, youth,” my mom exclaimed with a smile.

She took my erection in her hands and began moving my foreskin up and down over my slippery glans. The feelings in my body began to intensify. I could not believe it, but my mom put my penis in her mouth and began to suck it with a strong rhythmic motion. I could feel the head of my cock at the back of her throat. I knew I would not last long. She looked at me knowingly as if to say, “It’s OK Honey, just let go,” and that is exactly what I did. My second orgasm in less than ten minutes overtook me and I collapsed in a heap of sweat. My mom stuck out her tongue and showed me the semen that I had just produced for her. She swallowed it ceremoniously.

“Ummm, I just love the taste of semen. Thank you so much Billy. I’m confident that if we keep practicing, those embarrassing wet dreams of yours will be a thing of the past. And by the way. If you find yourself thinking about what we’ve done here today and you need to masturbate, it’s OK to leave your wet tissues in the wastebasket. I’m the only one who will find them, and I promise I won’t tell a soul! Now, I think it’s time to change your sheets again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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