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After he finished the stalls that day, he was in the tack room cleaning some of the bridles. He leaned against a saddle resting on its stand. His thoughts drifted back to the lesson earlier that day. His prick jumped as he smiled thinking of her hardened nipples. He always wondered why women liked riding, he suspected but never knew. He finished cleaning a bridle and reached across the saddle for another. Glancing down, he realized this was her saddle. The one which housed her rising and sitting crotch. Her sweet crease was virtually here with him now. He let his hips press forward into the hard leather.

He began to stiffen as he caressed the soft, black, padded seat. He fingered the pommel as if it were her slit; sliding back and forth and over the edge. He was fully erect now and needed some room. He unzipped and pulled himself out. Touching the tip of his head to the leather seat, a drop of juice dripped out of him. He quickly wiped it off for fear of leaving a stain. He pulled more at himself and freed his still tight balls over the edge of his zipper as he raised a leg to straddle the rack. Slowly he rested himself into the saddle and closed his eyes. His cock stiffened to an unrecognizable hardness as his balls rested on the leather: Ah to be this saddle as she rises and sits in that rhythm. That fucking rhythm on his cock; up and down. Up and down he stroked as his balls slapped against the leather.

He could feel his pleasure rising when he heard the door open. He let out a gasp when he looked up. It was her. And he here in such a state. Although she stared unmoved for an uncomfortable amount of time, his erection did not abate. The surprise sent a rush through him and he was now coursing with passion. His nipples became hard and his penis stood straight up even though he had let go of it. He was hot with embarrassment. He wondered if he would faint with so much blood concentrated in two places of his body.

She stepped in and closed the door behind her. What? He was confused, frightened and extremely turned on as he wondered what she was about to do. He was not used to this vulnerability. He felt like the defenseless, bridled horse waiting for instruction from the rider. He was sweating profusely and could feel his balls begin to stick to the saddle, the leather felt good. Hell, his shirt felt good. As the sensations spilled mobilbahis güvenilir mi out of his body, he could pin-point each sense being used. He could smell her aroma as she approached, in what appeared to him as slow motion. His vision became acute as he searched her form. He could almost taste her lips which were parted as her breath quickened. His sense of touch was heightened by his interrupted orgasm. He could hear the pounding of his heart while still aware of her boots stepping across the wooden floor: 1, 2, 1, 2.

He stopped breathing when she pulled off her shirt and bra in one swift movement, revealing two perfect round mounds with stiff pink nipples. He began to salivate as she approached, his penis jutting up with no visible support. She stepped over and straddled his lap. Her breasts hung pendulous within inches of his mouth. She looked at him like she was angry. She told him to take off his clothes. He gulped and could not believe what was happening as he stood up to remove his overalls, button-up shirt and long-johns. It felt like forever as his nervous fingers fumbled with each button, snap, zipper, hook, lock. His wood never dissipated though. She did not move from her position as he grazed and bumped her now and then. This turned him on so very much. Allowing himself minimal access to her made him savor the moment when he could actually taste her, when she would be riding him: Ah to be the saddle.

He stood there stark naked with a huge erection and she stared at his stiffness for what seemed like a very long time. It turned him on to have this topless woman who was the object of his recent fantasies, staring at him. His penis bounced at this thought and she smiled, “Do you want to go for a ride?”

He could only nod, yes, yes, yes.

She gently placed her hand on his chest and slowly pushed him back down onto the saddle. The leather felt cool against his hot skin. His balls pressed into the seat as his erection pointed up toward her. He looked at her tight riding pants and could see a slight wet spot. Was this sweat or is she wet from watching him? He reached up and pressed a thumb into the wet spot making her gasp. He rubbed back and her hips followed. Forward, back, forward, back. He rubbed her with the length of his hand as her body swayed with him. He felt so powerful in this mobilbahis moment. He felt like the saddle, pushing and pulling her hips with him. He took her hands and placed them behind her back, holding her wrists with one hand as he continued caressing her with the other. He examined her breasts and her throat, then back down to her thighs and ass. He teased her until she was in an almost hypnotic erotic state.

He let go and stopped all contact. Then, in a deep voice, he instructed her to take off her pants and bring him her crop. To his surprise and delight, she obeyed. She handed him the crop. He tested it in the air a couple of times upon taking it from her hand. While still straddling the saddle, he directed her to turn around and touch her knees. He let her stand in this position for a moment while he stoked himself. He touched her back, ass, and thighs with his hands. Then he checked to make sure she was still damp. Her cunt was just about to drip, which made his own hole ooze just a little. He then began to caress her backside with her lovely leather crop. He ran it across her ass cheeks, between the crack, and down her thighs. He asked if she was going to be a good pony, and she nodded in affirmation. Then he have her a little swat on her behind which made her jump. He appreciated the jiggle her her chest as this happened and swatted her again, only a little harder. She didn’t jump. So he began to lightly flip the crop back and forth across her cheeks. She started to bob in rhythm with the stinging taps.

He stopped abruptly and instructed her to face him. He tapped her breasts lightly a couple of times with the crop. Just to get the nipples hard. Then he reached down and pulled her body close to his, so that she was straddling the saddle stand in front of him. He kissed her belly button. Then he ran the crop between her legs and started fucking the outside of her pussy with the handle. He held her hands together behind her back again with his other hand. He brought her to the edge of orgasm and stopped. Then he pulled her down by her arms until she hovered above his stiff cock. And with his free hand he eased himself into her while licking her hard nipple. A shiver when up her body as she sat in her saddle.

He said, “Walk.” She began to simulate what she did on horseback, squeezing with one, then the other mobilbahis giriş thigh. This made her rock forward and back with each hip as she squeezed him inside and out.

“Trot on,” he said. As he began to buck up and down in a 1,2 rhythm she bobbed up and down on him for a few paces. He opened the palms of his hands and let them graze her nipples. This made her shiver again as he slowly cupped her bobbing breasts.

“Rising trot,” he said as his passion rose. She began to pump up and down as her breath quickened. He followed her rhythm, holding onto her arms behind her back, pulling her down, sucking at her breasts gently as they passed his mouth. She posted up and down on his pole in her saddle, just as though she were riding in her lesson. Up, down, she kept going until his next command.

“Don’t stop.” He said as he reached around with both hands and grabbed her ass. He pumped her on his cock now in time with the ride. When he gave the command to canter, her pushed her down on his cock hard and pumped her fast. Then he began to rock her as though he were a rocking horse. He held her ass and fucked her like this until he could feel the contractions of her orgasm build around his rod. He kept pushing her down onto his lap as she gasped and moaned, holding onto his shoulders for support.

He slowed down as she finished and rubbed the crop across her back and leg. He tapped her thigh and asked if she would stand. She slowly complied. He arose from the saddle and guided her onto it. Once she was straddling the leather, he pushed her torso forward until he could see her juicy, fucked cunt. He slid himself into her and began to hump away at her while she held on to the saddle. “We’ll see who’s going for a ride now, huh?” He asked rhetorically as he continued to pound her from behind.

“Faster!” He smacked her ass with the crop hard enough to leave a red mark. She let out a little scream and jumped. She started to fuck him back faster. This made him so hot that he started to cum. He swatted her one more time and she jumped again, continuing to fiercely hump back at him until his balls tightened. He swatted her a couple of more times, then pulled himself out and stroked himself over the sweet marks forming on her hot round ass.

“Turn around and lick my balls.” She obeyed and there he stood, straddling her saddle, stroking his rod, with her kneeling in front of him and her face stuffed under his sack. The lapping and flicking of her tongue on his tight red balls sent him over the edge as his cock’s had swelled to a purple and red knob and his liquid shot out in several spurts onto her brow and hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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