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Double Penetration

I had known Duke since basic. We had met my first day in the Marine Corp just after our first run down from our drill instructor and seventeen hours of pure hell. We hit it off right away and became fast friends. Duke was a big guy, built like a tank just like I was and swarthy skinned, Italian I think but with a name like Duke who could know.

Anyway he did his three years and got out while I continued on and stayed active. We kept in touch and as a stroke of total coincidence he moved to the city where I got stationed. That’s where our paths diverged a bit; he met Britney and I went overseas…again. They courted while I went to Iraq and fought for our country. On leave I got to meet Brit for the first time and knew right away that she was the one for my best friend.

Tall, dark curly haired and tanned the color of KFC chicken, Brit was totally built to match. She had a tiny waist and a nice set of hips with an ass that bubbled out just enough to make you drool without being too big. She worked as a personnel trainer in the gym where Duke worked out and that’s how they met. She was smart, well spoken and love to laugh and watch football and was a dynamite cook to boot. I have to confess I was a bit jealous of how Duke had lucked out where I had only struck out with every girl I had time to take out between all my work and being active duty Marine. I hooked up with a couple of sluts and that was cool but nothing that ever suited me and unlike most happy couples, neither Duke nor Brit tried to hook me up with any of their friends.

“None of my friends are good enough for you Jon, (that’s me)” Brit had said when I asked one them about their lack of blind dates for me one night over dinner and wine. She was killing me again, wearing a tight pair of black stretch Capri’s and a halter that barely contained her rock hard 36C cup tits. Duke told me about how sensitive her nipples were once she had gotten them pierced the year before and could cum just from having someone suck on her nipples. Lucky bastard.

So, moving on, after a year of them dating and my usual life of train, lift, school repeat, I got deployed to Iraq and they got engaged. They agreed to wait till I got back until they got married, and I hoped not to get hurt or killed before I could see my two best friends walk the isle together.

Long story short, I made it back. They got married and it was a hell of a party, they introduced me to Kenni, a hot little navy chic who was a college grad and a goer in the sack and I do mean a goer. She loved it when I would bang her doggy style and, just before I came, pull out and cum on her face while she stroked my shaft, not letting me touch it at all. Needless to say Duke and I talked about all about Kenni’s little tricks and he must have told Brit because something changed between Brit and Kenni.

At first they had hit it off and seemed to do really well together, after out sexual exploits came up Brit started to be a bit more catty to Kenni. I never understood why till later and Duke never said.

As Marines are prone to do, I got deployed again, this time to Afghanistan and after about two months out of the US I found out that my little blond sex kitten Kenni was screwing some Airforce prick and had moved out of the apartment we shared. It was a long, shitty deployment and this time I was not lucky enough to get home without a scratch. In my fifth month I got blown up and my leg got stitched up with shrapnel pretty good. I went home, rehabbed and got medically discharged from the Marines. When I got back to my two best friends, I found that things had changed and all was not as it had been between them when I left. I got lucky enough to get into the apartment right next to theirs and found that their sex life was definitely not the problem.

My bedroom was just on the other side of the wall from theirs and on just my first night back from rehab, they made it known that they had a healthy sex life. The headboard of their bed slammed against the wall with a staggering speed and Brit’s wails of delight were so carnal and illiterate that I could not help but pull out my eight inch cock and stroke it. Aside from the headboard, I could hear their hips smacking together at an almost terrifying pace, a sound that was wet and loud and only made my cock harder.

“O fuck baby…fuck, imam cum. Harder, harder o shit fuck.” Brit screamed, suddenly falling silent as Duke gave her a series of devastating hard strokes and I heard her give a shriek and then a series of primal grunts as her orgasm played out. I was almost spent just from that last outburst, imagining how wet and tight Brits pussy must be, clutching around his cock as he and I both fought to make our pleasure last.

“Christ babe, I’m so sore. You gotta cum soon so I can sleep I gotta work in like three hours.” I heard Brit say as their screwing paused, and I continued to stroke my cock, slowing so I could hopefully finish at the same time they did and sleep myself before I had to get up and start my first day at my new, civilian job.

Duke said something that I could not hear and heard Brit sigh casino şirketleri and reply, again something I could not hear. Come on guys get back to it, I thought, this is the most action I have been around since I got out of the hospital.

“Come on baby, I wanna feel you cum before I go to sleep. I’ll get on top if you want, let you play with my tits while I ride you?” Brit asked as much as stated as I heard the bed shake and jostle as Duke did the smart thing and got on his back and let his amazingly hot wife mount up.

A shuddering moan reached my ears and again I had to back off as to not cum all over myself as I heard Brit take his cock and once again the bed and headboard started to rattle and shake as she rode him hard, her pace relentless as she pushed her man on to his orgasm.

“Come on baby. Jesus you always feel so fucking big like this, come on……I’m so close baby, twist my nipples baby. O fuck.” I heard Brit scream, only just on the other side of the wall, her mouth so close.

Duke muttered something then and I knew I would not have to wait much longer and thank god, my cock was swollen and covered with slippery pre cum and my hand was like a blur as I bit my lip and let Brit’s naughty encouragement push both me and her husband over the edge.

“That’s it baby cum…cum in my pussy…o fuck I’m gonna cum to, do it now fucking cum inside me!” Brit shouted and that was all the help I needed. Cum spewed from my cock and I proceeded to make a mess of myself and my bed as I came what seemed like a gallon of jizz all over myself and heard both Brit and Duke grunting and moaning their way through their orgasms and there room finally quieted down. I heard the two of them sighing and groaning as they lay in the afterglow. I heard Duke mumble something, and Brit giggled.

“It’s not my fault if he heard us, you want me to just lay here while you do that to me?” Brit said and they laughed some more. More mumbling from Duke.

“I wish that he would go out with us and find a girl, after that slut Kenni bailed on him he needs someone, just to keep him busy while you and I are at work and stuff.” Brit said, and I felt angry at the pity I heard in her voice but only for a moment. It had been a while since I have been out with people; it was hard to adjust to an environment where people weren’t trying to kill him. It was hard to understand the way a non conflict zone worked again, let alone go out and socialize with some women who either wanted to fix him or mother him. He just wanted to fuck or just go for coffee or something simple. Mostly he just wanted the former.


We went out, he agreed but didn’t do much dancing on account of his leg but he still managed to get one of Brit’s friends from work to come back to the apartment with them for a few more drinks. She was a tiny little thing, bout five foot nothing but built. Tits somewhere out of the upper B cup and she was filling out her jeans like no one who outside of a titty bar should, she was athletically built as all of Brit’s friends were from the gym. This one’s name was Kol, short for Nicole and she had a bright smile and short blonde hair that fell just below her chin, her arms were well muscled and she had a couple of tattoos that gave her just the hint of naughty that he needed.

Brit and Kol were talking about one of their clients or some such while Duke and I sat out on the porch and smoked a cigar.

“Hope we didn’t keep you up last night, Brit’s been hot for my cock ever since we picked you up from the airport. Well hotter than normal.” Duke said and laughed as he took a drag off the cigar, his face distant.

“What’s been up with you two? Ever since I’ve been back you to are either fighting or fucking, and fighting more than humping. Something you’re not telling me, you guys having trouble or something.” I asked, seeing my friend’s face I knew something was up. It took a minute but Duke opened up his mouth to speak when the front door of the apartment opened and Kol and Brit stumbled out.

“You wanna take me home, Jon?” Kol said as she plopped down on the stairs beside me, her perfume was intoxicating to say the least, not to mention her low cut shirt was showing off the nice swell of her tits and the lower edge of a lace demi bra and when I looked back up I saw she was biting her lower lip and one of her smallish hands was working over the upper thigh of my unwounded leg, her touch alone was making my cock swell painfully against the front of my pants.

“I think my place would do you just fine.” I started, realizing I sounded like a jackass but it had been a while since I had to speak much to a girl to get her back to my place, most just wanted the cock and nothing else which was fine. Kol nodded and gave me a sultry look that had me damn near pushing right through my zipper.

“Kinda late isn’t it?”

All three of us turned and saw Brit standing behind Duke, a motherly look on her face at the surprised gazes on our faces and she blushed and tried to explain.

“Well, we both have clients in the morning and…” Brit started, her gaze never leaving casino firmalari me.

“I think Jon has an alarm clock and can keep me from being late.” Kol said as she went the extra mile and squeezed my cock, a look of lewd approval on her face and she stood without another word and took my hand tightly in hers leading me off Brit and Duke’s porch and up to my door.

It took all of three seconds once the door to my place was closed for her to reach up and wrap both her strong arms around my neck and shove her tongue in my mouth. She was urgent in her affection and the heat from her body was doing wonders for my dick, Kol was already working on my belt and zipper, her hands groping my six pack and my well sculpted pecs as her drunken hands tried to get my pants off.

Kol moaned as my hands roamed up under her shirt, scooping her hard tits from her bra and finding her nipples hard as small pebbles. Kol broke our kiss and shoved me against my door, yanking my belt open and she roughly yanked my pants down and I stepped out. The front of my boxer briefs were sticking straight out and matted with my precum.

Yanking her shirt over her head, her tits bouncing slightly as her bra half cupped their round globes as she dropped to her knees and reached into my underwear like she was reaching into the cookie jar for a tasty treat. Kol smiled and looked up at me like as my cock slid free and slapped her in the chin as it sprung free, my precum trailing over her left cheek and she quickly wiped the slick fluid up and sucked it off her fingers as she took stock of my dick, appraising it almost. I’m not going to brag but just give it to you straight; god was kind to me in the shlong department. I have just over eight inches of meat, but I was not just blessed with length but girth as well, just a bit smaller that the circumference of my wrist, the head was an angry red and leaking slick fluid all down the head and shaft.

I could only groan as Kol slid the first three inches of my cock into her mouth, slurping heavily on the first few half nosily, one hand stroking the bottom half of my shaft and cupping my balls while she jammed her other hand into her pants and began to fumble with her pussy while she worked me over good. Kol had real talent and knew just what do to make my already swollen and cock feel even better.

Pulling off my cock a mid-suck, Kol looked up at me as she stroked my whole length cupping my balls and the ribbed head of my cock, sending jolts of pleasure along my spine.

“You sure you are ok with this?” Kol asked through half lidded eyes, her other hand still fumbling with her pussy.

I nodded and she gave me one last long suck just on the crown before she stood up and took hold of my cock, leading me toward my bedroom.

By the time we got to my room I was transfixed on Kol’s ass. With her jeans undone, I could see the top of her black thong about her tan little waist and could see her fingers of her other hand were still digging deeply into her pussy and she was shaky on her feet, the pleasure making a sheen of sweat break out on her half revealed breasts and she would pause and give an open mouthed moan, barely audible but still, more than enough to keep my cock hard as iron and dripping precum so that when we got to my bedroom we would have to do very little foreplay.

Once in my bedroom, Kol dropped her grip on my cock and finished pulling her pants off, the front of her tiny little black thing was matted with liquid and by the time I had gotten out of the rest of my clothes, she too was completely naked. She looked stunning, short but her body was chiseled and athletic, both Kol and Brit had competed in a figure competition only eight months prior and Kol had taken forth out of a pretty big pool. I could see the cut lines of her abdomen and the faint outline of a six pack. Just below that lovely six pack was a pussy shaved bald and I could see the wetness on her thighs just below her engorged lips, which were thick and meaty. Yes indeed I was gonna have a little bit of a ball with this little minx.

Kol lay back on the bed, her knees up and spread, absently teasing one of her nipples as she licked her lips and made room for me. I wanted to just crawl between her muscular thighs, ram my cock home and fuck the living shit out of her, but as I was lining up my approach I looked down between her splayed thighs, at the freshly shaven pussy lay out before me like a buffet, just ready to eat, a slick sheen of juice pasted to her thick lips and even running down between her legs and onto the little asshole that winked at me as she pulled her thighs apart further, her thick outer lips opening up even more and letting more or her juices out to greet me. I had to eat that pussy, loudly and make her cum at least twice before I got to work.

My first taste was pretty damn good, tangy and a bit biting but we had been at the club and it was far from the worst pussy I had eaten. Kol was enjoying it; she was running her hands roughly through my hair as I worked the magic only a skilled cunnilingist can. As I sucked on her clit and she güvenilir casino moaned out her vowels and gripped my head tightly between her wet thighs, I heard the gently squeaks of Brit and Duke’s bed just on the other side of the wall and a naughty idea filled my head. Brit and Duke had been serenading me with their sexual exploits since I got back and a couple of times before I got deployed the last time and it was time I returned the favor.

As I continued to suck, lick and kiss my way along the sweet folds of Kol’s pussy, adding two fingers to the mix, I heard the bed on the other side of the wall start to squeak rhythmically and then the first soft moans as Brit got rolling and began to gain in volume. Kol seemed to respond to the voyeuristic nature of my seemingly poorly soundproofed room, writing even more and adding a louder moan here and there, her competitive nature starting to come out a bit. The squeaking and moaning on the other side of the wall began to get louder as they got into full swing and Kol pulled me out from between her legs, anxious to get to it.

“Holy shit.” Kol gasped as I slid the angry red helmet of my cock up against her drooling pussy and began teasing the entrance as well as rubbing it along her now unhooded clit. Kol was soaking wet already from both her arousal and my licking but she did not have a very wide hips and would most likely have trouble taking my cock simply on width. Hitching her hips forward, Kol took the flared head of my cock just inside her and her mouth dropped open, her eyes rolled back and I pushed in slowly, looking down and watching her fat lips flaring around my cock head like the hood of a cobra, glistening juices flaring out around the head and coated to first couple of inches as I pushed in, trying not to cum right away from the sensation of Kol’s tight pussy wrapped around me, it clamped down like a vice as it tried to move forward a bit more but Kol clamped down tighter on me, despite the amount of natural lube she was putting out. There was not more holding back, I was gonna get up to my nuts and fuck her for as long and as hard as I could, I could hear Brit about to hit her first orgasm and the second was soon to follow.

Grabbing hold of both of Kol’s shoulders, and with a deep intake of breath from the lithe beauty behind me, I drove myself as deep as I could into Kol’s drooling pussy.

“O Fuck!” Koll shrieked as I began driving into her as hard and as fast as I could, biting down hard on my lip to keep the boiling fire at the base of my cock from turning into an end to this session. I was truly enjoying the attention and Kol’s hollering had gone from loud to damn near dog whistle pitch and she had taken to taking deep gasping breaths and squeezing her eyes so tight she looked as if she had just finished eating a lemon.

I changed position then, needing a break again to keep from busting my nut, and I have always loved to take it to a gal with her legs up on my shoulders so that’s just what I did. Her legs felt smooth and soft against my ears as I pulled her calves up beside my head and Kol smiled weakly as if she knew it was coming.

Next door, Duke and Brit had hit their stride, their headboard was playing hell against the wall and Brit was wailing her way through her third orgasm as Duke began to add to the noise, announcing his own orgasm was close.

Kol looked down lewdly to watch my fat cock disappear between her legs as I began to drop my hips down atop hers hard and fast. Kol began hollering and wrapped both her hands around my neck, her mouth open as she spewed foul words to encourage me on.

“O fuck, o fuck, o fuck, don’t stop….harder, o fuck right there.” Kol began to shudder and quake as another orgasm rocked through her and her pussy took hold of my cock like a vice while her lubricants surged around me, splashing on my balls and pushing me just close enough to orgasm that Kol’s eyes flashed open and she clamped her legs behind my thighs, biting down on her lip as hard as she could biting back a scream as she bade me power on and finish the nigh brutal fuck session.

Right at that moment, as the fire in my sac was beginning to boil over and I shifted into overdrive, I heard Brit shriek one final time and then there was silence save for heave breathing as the dialed it down, her breathless moans of pleasure along with Kol’s whimpers was all it took and all my pent up aggression come flooding up my cock. Using all my strength, I yanked my cock free of the amazingly tight and soaking wet confines of Kol’s pussy, my fist and rod trailing a stream of her fluid as I fired the first long stream of cum in an arch that landed just south of her chin and trailed over her left, sweat sheen breast as Kol let out a disappointed moan as her pussy clutched spasmodically at the vacant space between her legs as my cock continued to fire my molten seed across her belly and breasts. Dropping her legs I continued to milk my twitching organ as she scooted down and took my cook in her mouth, sucking so hard my eyes almost crossed. I wiped my hands through my sweat matted hair and suffered a full body shiver as Kol hollowed her cheeks around the head of my cock to get the very last drop of cum from my deflating cock. Kol looked up at me, her hand tailing absently from through the river of jizz all across her torso and shook her matted blonde tresses.

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