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I guess you could say that my attractions for Becky started when I was a small boy, around the age of four or five. I know it is debatable whether or not a child at that age can be attracted to a member of the opposite sex but I do believe it to be true. I myself know that I had early erections as a child but never knew why they happened or what they were.

Becky has lived mostly a single life; she married once and quickly divorced. She is stunningly attractive. About 5’4″, tan skin. Brown/blonde hair past her shoulders. Great figure with a perfectly shaped round ass. Not too big but just right. A good C-cup, handfuls. And a waist that 20 year old college school girls would be jealous of. She’s in her mid-forties and in great shape. However, she’s also the sister of my recently deceased father. She is my Aunt Becky.

Yes, this is about my intimate relationship between me and my aunt. It began after my father’s funeral and was only 19. At times like those families seem to unite together. Becky seemed to be compelled to stay close to me. She would come over almost daily after work to talk to me. She would invite me out to eat to get me out of the house, she helped me work through my grief and I tried to help her as well. Eventually we became like two peas in a pod, always together. Not like your typical aunt and nephew, more like two really good friends. And then we got too close…

It was during a weekend in the afternoon, she had invited me over to her house near the lake. When I got there it was the typical day we usually had. I sat down and started watching TV. She was down the hall in her bedroom. “Jon…” she called out.

“Yes?” I replied from the living room.

“Come in here for a sec, I need your advice.”

I got up and walked to her room. The door was cracked open, canlı bahis I opened it and my jaw had dropped. Becky was standing there in a little white bikini, posing like a playmate.

“Do you think this is too tight?” she asked, turning around.

“Not at all….you look hot…” I said, instantly regretting it. I just called my aunt hot, I felt so embarrassed.

“Aww…thanks!” she replied looking at me. “Did you bring any swim trunks so we can go swimming out back?”

“Shit…I forgot them at my place.”

“Well….” She said looking me up and down. “You could just wear your boxers if that’s not too uncomfortable for you.”

“That’ll work” I said. Of course by now I’m half cocked just by the site of my incredibly hot aunt in a bikini standing in front of me. So like an idiot I just pull my pants down in front of her which must have exposed my raging hard boner under my boxers. She looks down and notices, smiles and blushes.

“What do we have here…” she said.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry…” I say, just now noticing how exposed I am.

“No, no…don’t be.” She said all smiles. And then pushed me onto her bed and kneeled beside me. I’m shocked, and stuck in awe. She reached her hand with white painted fingernails across my chest and down into my boxers.

“Ohhh….” I moaned as she grabbed onto my hard on and starting tugging on it. I slid my boxers off letting her have better access to my dick. She wrapped both of her hands around it and starting pulling harder. I laid back, really getting into it. As she jerked me off she started licking the tip of my cock and then put her whole mouth around it. I put my hands on her head, moaning constantly while at the same time still shocked as to what is going on. Her head bobbed back and forth on my dick, sucking and slurping and using her bahis siteleri hand to jerk off whatever part of my member she couldn’t fit into her mouth. I blew my load all over the inside. She pulled my cock out and swallowed with very sexy smile. “Oh my god…” I moaned, “That was so fucking good.” She snuggled up against me in her bed and kissed my cheek. I put my arm around her and we pretty much laid there all day.

A week had gone by; we would talk on the phone almost every night. It turned into a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. It was finally the weekend again so we had time to spend with each other. Becky had come over to my place, we had just planned to sit and watch a movie together. There we were together on the couch, with all the lights turned low. She was cuddled against me as I held her. I was starting to get bored of the movie, it was one she had picked out from the video place. So I reach my right hand down and onto her ass. She hardly even noticed. I started rubbing, moving my hand towards her stomach.

“Mmm…” she smiled and kissed my chin. I smiled back and keep rubbing, slow moving my hand down into her crotch. I was pressing and rubbing against the outside of her jeans, right over her clit. “Mmm…” she moaned again. So I unbuttoned her tight jeans and unzipped them. Then I reached down under her panties and touched her wet pussy lips gently, feeling her light bush against my palm. She laid back into me, letting me have my way with her. While keeping my right hand busy with her muff, I reached up under her shirt and bra with my left hand and massaged her left breast. I kissed her neck and she started moving back and forth slightly, sticking my index and middle finger inside her warm and wet pink hole. She moaned softly as my fingers penetrated her and my left hand fondled her now bahis şirketleri erect nipples. I moved my fingers faster, rubbing her inside. She moved back and forth harder. “Ohh yeah!” she moaned wanting more. I fingered her pussy vigorously and fondled her soft busty tits. She rocked harder and I moved faster, plunging a third finger into her tight twat. “OHHHH!” she screamed out as I felt her get really wet. “Mmm…” she moaned again as she turned over and French kissed me.

She then got up and pulled off her jeans and panties while I undid my pants and slid them off with my boxers. She straddled me, getting on top with legs spread wide. I grabbed my hard cock and slowly squeezed it into her tight pussy. As I did this she took off her sweater and bra and started moving up and down on my dick. We moaned together and I put my hands up on her hips, pulling her down as I thrusted up. “Oh yeahhh…” she moaned and then bent down to kiss me while riding my cock. I started moving faster and plunging my dick into her harder. She went back up and arched back, moaning and gasping. I reached up and groped her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples with my thumbs. I pumped faster and harder, feeling her wet clit move up and down on my long hard cock. “Unh!” she screamed with an orgasm. “Unh! Ohhh Jon…”she moaned cumming again. I pushed harder, trying to hold back my load as long as I could. Her perfectly shaped ass jiggled each time I thrust. I squeezed her tits and I blew my hot cum up inside of her with her cumming again soon after. We slowed to a stop, all hot and sweaty and out of breath. Becky laid on top of me with my dick still in her. I put my arms around and held her against me. “That was great…” she whispered. I looked into her eyes, smiled and kissed her.

The next few months went on like that. Sure I felt ashamed; I was dating…and fucking my aunt who was 26 years older than me. Age has nothing to do with it really; she’s hotter than most girls my age. We love each other and that’s all that matters.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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