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Female Ejaculation

The storm rages all around, lightning flashes threw the drawn curtains while the thunder seems to shake the very earth. With a thundering crash it takes her apartment’s power as it’s first victim. With her power out she lights a candle and sits restlessly in the candlelight listening to the unsettling noises. How could everything seem so different? It’s just the wind howling, blowing branches against the building. Stop being such a baby, you’re a grown woman! Wind, thunder and lightning shouldn’t bother you.

She hates feeling so vulnerable but she’s never been alone before. There’s always been a man around: her father when she was young, and her husband when she left home. But now she felt vulnerable and so very unsure of herself. I’m an adult! She thought. I can do this. I don’t need him to get through the night. Besides I was the one who asked him leave. Anxiously she sits on the sofa with her knees to her chest clutching a pillow tightly, rocking herself back and forth while waiting for the tempest to pass. Each time exhaustion takes over she is jarred back by yet another unnerving sound.

Jared awake by a noise, she groggily opens her eyes. This time the sound was not wind or branches, it was slow heavy footsteps inside the apartment. She sits up nervously and backs into the corner of her couch. My god, who is in my apartment? The candle burned out while she dozed and she can hardly see more then shadows on the wall. Sitting motionless, she listens intently, terrified of whom may be there. The sound is gone and she figures her mind is playing tricks on her. Reaching for her lighter, she knocks a glass over and it clangs across the table as it rolls off and lands softly on the carpet. Startled she jumps back then quietly begins to laugh at herself for scaring so easily. Suddenly she hears the footsteps again, slowly growing louder. Quickly halting her laughter, she listens as the steps grow closer to her. Fear swells up within her, terror so intense she can’t move. Soon a tall, masculine figure appears in front of her, cloaked mostly in the shadows. Paralyzed by fear she sits, quietly waiting for the unknown.

The figure walks slowly towards her, stops by the table picks up the glass, and places it back on the table. Who is he? Can he see me? It’s so dark in here, how can he see anything? How did he see the glass? She tries to move but feels cemented in place. He sits next to her on the sofa and with a soft voice, whispers to her not to be afraid. Oddly canlı bahis şirketleri she’s calmed by his voice yet still afraid to speak. He leans back on the couch, reaches over and with soft fingertips lightly brushes up and down her arm. She leans towards him slightly, still hesitant but also feeling strangely comfortable with him. What is wrong with me? I don’t recognize his voice yet I’m not so afraid. His touch is so soft, so relaxing and so comfortable. What is it that’s so familiar about him? Is it his cologne, I know I know that scent I just can’t place it. Struggling inside her mind. Should I scream, run, actually talk to him?

Deciding to talk she begins to ask him who he is when he brings a gentle finger to her lips, quieting her. Leaning over, he presses his strong lips to hers. She’s taken back by his gentleness. Her arms wrap around his neck and her eyes close as his tongue slowly probes her mouth. Her tongue begins to wrestle playfully with his as she begins to give into a slowly building passion. Thunder claps loudly and she jumps back breaking the kiss. A flash of lightning partially illuminates the room so that she can see more of his figure but still not his face. Thoughts run ramped through her mind. Who is he? Why is he here? Why am I not scared of him? Why did I kiss him? He takes her arms and tenderly guides her body so that she leans against him. Silently he caresses her arms, shoulders, then neck and runs his fingers through her long, soft hair. Unsure of what to do or say she sits there enjoying the calming feel of his touch. They sit without a word for what seems to her like an eternity until he lifts her chin and again kisses her softly.

As the kiss grows in intensity he slides her sideways up onto his lap. Instinctively she wraps her arms around him, as their tongues seem to dance in each other’s hot mouths. Still locked in a deep kiss, their passion builds and he holds her tightly to him, her nails clawing lightly at the back of his shirt. Through his shirt she can feel his broad shoulders, unyielding muscles and an enticing bulge pressing against her ass. As their lips part he caresses her cheek then nips at her shoulder while his hands run up and down her sides. She moans lightly under her breath. This stranger’s touch – so sensitive, caring, warm and inviting, who is he? Why? How does he know what I want, what I need? Hearing her moans he quickly pulls her nightgown over her head leaving her in just her panties. In canlı kaçak iddaa turn she pulls his shirt off of him and again their lips touch as their bare chests press against each other. When she feels his flesh warming hers all of her questions disappear into the stormy night. All she knows now is that she is filled with passion and desire for him. He runs his hands up and down her bare back as they continue the passionate embrace. He tilts her head closer and starts to bite lightly on her neck and shoulders. Overcome with lust she whispers over the howling wind; I want you.

As the thunder clapped loudly he pushes her down on the couch, pulling her panties from her body. She squints, trying to see his face though only able to see a shadowy figure kick off shoes and lower his pants and briefs. He lays naked on top of her, kissing her breasts, rubbing his hot skin against hers. While he teasing her nipples with his tongue, she claws at his back wanting to feel his strength inside her. He kisses down her stomach then down one leg, grabbing his shoulders she try’s to pull him back up towards her. Sturdy hands spread her legs as he kisses her inner thighs, driving her crazy with lust. She grabs at him again almost with enough strength to pull him up. Knowing she would succeed next time, he quickly thrusts his tongue into her, flicking it quickly inside her. Her arms drop from his shoulders grabbing at the cushions around her as she moans in pleasure while his motions go from fast to slow and back again.

Her body shows signs of her impending climax as she tenses and her hips buck towards him, he stops and drags his naked form slowly up her body, kissing around her body as he moves. As he reaches her lips and begins to kiss her he swiftly lunges his thick hard cock into the deepest recesses of her sex. She screams out in pleasure as he pumps quickly into her over and over again. What am I doing? Oh but he feels so good. Why? I shouldn’t but I want it so. Her mind clouds with passion, lust and desire as she gives completely into her unknown lover. Her nails dig deeply into his back and she pulls him tight to her, sinking her teeth lightly into his neck. Moaning wildly between bites as their hips move rhythmically together, his pace slows and with it her moans. After a brief moment he again thrust deep and fast. Her breathing becomes ragged, her moans, whimpers and groans intensify as they escape her lips. Again he brings her to the edge of an fiery climax only canlı kaçak bahis to stop deep inside of her. Her hips try to buck against him, her body wanting the release so close at hand. A faint whisper of Pleeeeasssse escapes her lips.

He holds her tight to his body, after a moment her struggling hips stop and her heartbeat slow. The sound of the rain pounding on the windowsill and her heavy breaths is all that can be heard. Again he begins to move his still rock solid cock in and out of her, though slowly at first as if to be sure that it will take time to build her back to the peak. He nibbles at her neck and chest as he circles his pelvis, grinding himself deep into her. Leaning in he kisses her as he begins to drive faster into her. She claws at him ravenously; she wants so badly to feel the release. He continues to move in and out of her evening off the pace so that he’s not too fast or too slow. He brings his arms under her, stops pushing into her and lifts her up so that he is kneeling back and she is sitting on his lap.

Now that she has the control she begins to rock back and forth on top of him. The thunder and lightning clash again as she greedily moves faster and faster, leaning further with each rock. He holds onto the couch cushions as she guides his movements. Their speed increases and she bends backward supporting her self with the arm of the couch. Her body jerking up and down faster and faster, his moans mixed with hers to break the silence of the night. As her orgasm hits he pulls her back into a sitting position, impaling her – his one arm around her back and the other on her buttocks helping to lift her over and over again. His groans are drowned out by her screams as she escalates to that overwhelming feeling of gratification. As her screams turn to whimpers he pushes her onto her back and begins to thrust himself as deep as he can. Wanting to feel his seed, she grinds herself to him, milking him for all he’s worth. As ecstasy sweeps through his body, he pulls himself out of her completing his climax on her stomach.

The sound of the again softening rain fills the room as he quietly stands and dresses, pulls a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes her stomach. He gathers her clothes, slowly dresses her and without a word sits back next to her. Still unable to see his face she begins to stand. He takes her arm stopping her and softly whispers for her to just lie and relax. With a finger he quiets her protest then caresses her gently, stroking her hair and arms until she falls asleep. When she wakes in the morning she finds herself alone, her panties drenched with her own wetness yet not a trace that he had ever been there. It, he was so real. Could it really have been only a dream?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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