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Later that week I get a call in the middle of the day from a blocked number. Now normally most people don’t answer those calls but I do because: A. I’m self-employed and B. If it’s a telemarketer I’ll just hang up anyway.

It’s her… (The slut)

For those that missed Part 1, this is my girlfriend’s daughter who just turned 21, is a hottie, and she knows it. She’s also a huge tease and she knows this as well. Anyways, it’s her on the phone.

She says: “Hey, I’d like my black thong back.”

I tell her I can’t really talk right now as I’m in a meeting with a client but can call her back in about an hour. She asks if I can just come over after my meeting and I say “sure.” She reminds me not to forget “her undies”.

Just the way she playfully says “her undies” gives me a suspicion that she is up to no good.

I’m a consultant in the financial world and make decent money but it’s a “If the client makes money, I make money type of thing.” I finish up with my client, race home, and thankfully I had just washed the thong with my last batch of laundry so it was clean and head over to her house.

On the drive over there a million things are going through my mind…

I get there and no one answers the door. I double check and her car is out front.

??? WTF

I go around back and she’s sunning herself by the pool in a white one-piece bathing suit.

I clear my throat and she looks up and says “Oh hi!” with a big smile on her face like it’s no big deal. I’m like I have your um “stuff”. I have it in a non-descript brown bag, I hold it out for her to take. She gets up and says “Hang on a minute and let me cool off.” and jumps in the pool, splashes around for a minute and climbs back out.

Her tanned body looking even more accented by the white fabric, now see-through, clinging to her dripping body. Her nipples are erect and I can see the faint outline of her areolas are a little smaller than a quarter.

I again go to offer her the bag containing her thong, which I’ve done unthinkable things with since the last time she’s worn it, yet I’ve laundered it clean for her. She looks at my outstretched hand with the bag and just says: “Follow me.”

She grabs her towel from the deck and proceeds to walk into the house and into the living room, puts the towel down on the couch and sits on the towel. I follow and just stand there not knowing what to say.

She then says… “Look, I want you to show me what you do with them.”

I’m like “Uh what?”

“Go ahead. My mom isn’t going to be home for a while…Show me.

She takes the bag from me and removes the panties. Noticing they are clean, she asks, “Did you wash these for me?” with just the slightest smile.

It is now her with her hands outstretched, panties in hand… “Come on anon; show me what you do with my underwear.”

I’m just izmir escort bayan standing there and she adds… “Or do I just tell my mom she is dating a perv with a weird fetish?”

So I think oh Hell, In for a penny…

I unbutton my jeans and she sits down on the couch. Somehow I’m not completely hard due to my nervousness and I tell her this.

She says, “Well that’s not my problem now. Is it?”

So I sort of rub myself through the fabric of my jeans and she says, “Here let me help.” and un-does the two top straps and slowly peels her wet bathing suit from the top half of her glistening body. That helps and I slide my jeans down and I’m sporting a little more than a semi at this point.

She says “go on…”

So I start rubbing through my boxers and she stops me and says “No. No…, What do you do with my underwear?” “Show me. Show me exactly what you do with them.”

So I take the thong which she still has in her outstretched hand from her and I take a sniff. It smells like detergent. But just the feel of the fabric in my hands is enough. The bulge grows and her eyes grow wide. I now slide my boxers down and she goes: “Wow!” Sniffing my clean underwear does that to you huh?

I say “Well they aren’t normally clean when I usually get them.”

And she gets it and smiles. “I see.” She says and nods.

So I start stroking it and she’s just staring at it. I take her thong and wrap it around my dick and start stroking. Her eyes are fixed on this and mine are on her. I then said, “You know what would help…”

It is her now that is speechless with her eyes fixed on the constant stroking of my hand so I stop and that gets her attention. She looks up at me. “Yes? What?”

I continue: “If you gave me the pair you had on earlier today… They would smell like you.”

She quickly gets off the couch, runs to the bathroom with her perky tits bouncing in the process and grabs a pair from the hamper. Handing me a cute little pink thong… She asks, “Will those do?”I looked for the crotch and took a big whiff of them. Mmm they smelled so nice. “Yes, These will do.” I replied.

So I’m stroking with the black pair wrapped around my dick and I’m inhaling this little pink number she just gave me. That scent about sent me over the edge and I’m not sure she could tell I was getting really close but I was. I then realized she was back on the couch and sort of touching herself through the bottom half of her swimsuit and really getting off on watching me.

She let out that soft moan I could hear down the hallway late at night and that was it for me. I started spurting all over the black pair wrapped around my dick and she just sat there in amazement while touching herself through her suit.

When I finally come back down to earth, I unwrap them and unsure what to do, try handing both pairs back to her. izmir escort At first I didn’t think she was going to take them from me but she took the black pair that I had just cum on.

She just held them in front of her and watched my spunk dripping from the black pair.

I went to hand the pink pair back and she said, “No, I only want them like this from now on.” referring to the black ones covered in my cum.

So I’m like OK… and put them in my pocket.

She was still holding the pair with my goo and I said “Well should I leave?” I didn’t know how far I should or could take this. She asked if I could stay for a bit. I more or less pulled up my pants and stayed and she got up and threw the black pair into the hamper in the bathroom.

When she returned to the living room she was wrapped up in another towel and I thought. OK that was that. No more showing her tits off.

That’s when I realized she might have taken her swimsuit off and was just in her towel now and just walking around the house. It didn’t take long for me to get hard again with those thoughts swirling around my head.

She more or less noticed, asked if I was getting excited again, I said yes, and said we should go into her room.

So I followed this slut into her room and she just dropped the towel with her back to me. I was right. She wasn’t wearing anything under the towel. I was just standing there not thinking at all staring at her bare-assed nakedness.

She turned around and walked over and said, “What? You’re going to be all shy now?” She continued “You make a mess of my underwear and now you’re going to make it up to me… Or do I have to tell my mom what you just did in front of me?”

I shit you not? This was a nightmare of a situation and a fucking dream come true for me all wrapped up in a big old tangle of What-the-Hell-did-I get-Myself-into.

She laid back on her bed and said “If you think my underwear smells good, come smell the real thing.” I was down on my knees in about a half second with my nose buried in that sweetly shaven pussy of hers. She says, “Well don’t just smell it!”

I started licking and nibbling like my life depended on it. She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me in and I could barely breathe.

She kept telling me “more-yes, More-yes, More-YES!!”

I was in heaven, she tasted so sweet! Now don’t get me wrong, her mom is OK too but not like this young chick. OMG it was just too much.

This kept up for what felt like about maybe 20-30 minutes but could have been 10. Who knows?

She then wriggled around on the bed and we were basically 69-ing with me on the bottom. I had such a great view of her ass! I grabbed both cheeks and spread them to get a better view of that delicious pussy and her cute little asshole is staring me right in the face.

And then I thought… It escort izmir is so cute. No one’s probably even stuck a finger in there yet. So I decided what the hell…

And wet a finger from her juices and placed it on her asshole.

She stopped what she was doing and her body got all stiff.

She goes… “Um!! What do you think you are doing?”

I’m thinking to myself… What does she think I’m doing? And… It’s not a hard no… soo…

I said: “Does it hurt?”

And she replied, “No but…” and that’s all she said.

I wiggled it a little and then started putting it slowly in… Just the tip of my finger at first.

She was so still…

I kept up with my licking her now very wet pussy but kept my finger there in her ass letting her get used to it. She eventually went back to slobbering all over me again. Boy could this chick suck!

I then pushed my finger in a little more and she sort of stopped what she was doing but when I wiggled it around a little she let out a small moan.

I’m thinking… this girl is a bigger freak then she knows!

So this goes on for a bit. I got my finger pretty much in her but and I’m wiggling it around and I’m just tongue deep in her slit lapping away. Her legs were very muscular so each time she came she clenched her thighs against me. I think I counted 3 times. Her ass muscles also clenched down on my finger each time she came and it was just a great feeling.

With the tastes, smells, sights, and sounds… I didn’t know how much more I could take and told her I was getting close. I didn’t want to surprise her with a mouthful but I did think about it!

She climbs off of me and grabs a pair of silky white panties from a drawer. Not a G-string but these really nice soft silky panties.

She wraps them around my saliva-slick penis and starts jerking me off with them and says “C’mon, help me out.” So I grab my throbbing dick over her two hands and help.

The sight of this chicks silky white panties sliding up and down and the feeling was just incredible. She’s telling me: “Cum, Cum on my panties… You know you want to.”

I only lasted about a minute, maybe a minute and a half and I’m spurting all over her panties and her hand. It felt so damn good.

What she did next surprised me… (Well, Sort of.)

She licked her hand and put her panties half in her mouth, looked up at me, and went. “Mmmmmm… You taste pretty good too.” She was now licking her fingers.

Holy shit this girl was a huge freak I thought to myself.

I was pretty spent and a lot more time had gone by then I thought. It was nearing 5PM and it wouldn’t be long before my girlfriend would be home.

She must have read my mind because she said I probably shouldn’t be here when her mom got home even though there have been times when I was working on something at the house for her.

But she usually knew if I’d be there in advance.

I let myself out and left with the image of her just sitting up in her bed naked and licking her fingers burned into my brain.

End of Part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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