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My name is David; I’m 45 and have been married for 25 years. I’m 6′ about 220 pounds, in pretty good shape for a middle aged guy. I got married in college, made the mistake of not using a condom with my college girlfriend. I was a dad before twenty one and then two years later we had our second. Not wanting to have more kids I had the “operation”. Pretty soon sex was a once a month thing. When it was good it was just okay, most of the time it was the wife tolerating my cock in her till I came with her wanting to go to sleep.

Looking elsewhere and cheating was not something I was brought up to do. Sex became something I had to beg for or just dream of. A blow job was out of the question and the wife did not like to have my mouth anywhere near her pussy. The kids went off to college and started their own lives. With them gone I considered doing something about my marriage but I just couldn’t bring myself to think about a divorce. I had resigned myself to mostly my hand and anytime I could beg the wife for a quick fuck.

Who knew that would change because of a softball buddy? I played on a team with a city prosecutor. We played softball together and worked out occasionally. Over the years I have asked him a couple of favors which he was happy to do. The wife and the kids had gotten speeding tickets that disappeared with his help.

This where Demi comes in; I met her at a charity function that my work was involved with. She had been working with them for a time and convinced me to sign up for her committee. We hit it off right away. Demi and I had met for lunch a few times involving the charity to discuss our committee. Demi is 33 years old, 5′ 9″ about 190 pounds; a bigger girl so to speak. She was at ease with being overweight and seemed to love to tease me with her big tits.

Demi had met my wife at one of the charity events, so she knew that she had small breasts. I was sure that fueled her desire to tempt me with her tits. We had gotten to know each other well enough that we began a little playful flirting back and forth. Demi had a nasty side that she rarely showed the public but she would give me signs of her naughtiness. She often made comments about big girls needing more sex because they had more body to be satisfied than skinny girls. At one event she got a little drunk and told me she hadn’t had sex for a few years and needed a fuck in the worst way.

At one of our meetings Demi told me that she got a speeding ticket going over 100. A lawyer friend said he could help her because if she didn’t she take care of the ticket she might lose her job. The problem was that the lawyer didn’t do anything and then told her he couldn’t; damn lawyers. Demi worked for a private probation service and it was important that her record be clean. She was in tear stelling me that she couldn’t afford to lose her job.

I told Demi that I had a friend that might be able to help, but I couldn’t make any promises. Demi gave me a big hug telling me that she would be deeply in me debt. I told her that was happy to do it; that is what friends do.

The next day I called my buddy asking him for a favor. He said sure without a question. I e-mailed him a copy of the ticket, and just like that it was gone.

I got on the phone calling Demi. I told her that her ticket was güvenilir bahis taken care of and her job was safe. She screamed in my ear she was so happy. Demi demanded that we meet for lunch tomorrow, her treat. She said she would pick me up at 11:30.

Demi showed up right on time to pick me up. I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a short dress that showed a lot of her tits.

When we got to the restaurant Demi gave me a big thank you hug. She said she hadn’t slept in a week believing that she was going to lose her job.

“You have no idea how thankful I am. I just want to thank you and thank you right.”

Lunch went well and Demi paid, even though I told her it wasn’t necessary. I told her several times that she didn’t need to do anything I was just helping a friend. She went on to tell me that her lawyer friend was going to charge her $500 plus fine.

I told her that it didn’t sound like her friend was doing her much of a favor. I told her that lunch would be proper payback.

She just smiled said, “It’s a start.” The check came, and she paid then we headed for her car.

As we got back in her car Demi asked if I had anything scheduled for the afternoon, she said she needed to run an errand. I told her that I didn’t so it would be fine. She drove us to her apartment to grab something. We pulled into to her apartment’s parking lot, and Demi asked me to come in with her. Again I agreed.

When we got to her apartment she grabbed me and hugged me tight. She whispered in my ear that she would like to thank me right.

I told her that lunch was enough.

Demi just looked at me and then adjusted her dress down showing more of her tits. “Look you have no idea how much this meant to me, you saved me a lot of money that I couldn’t afford and let’s face it you saved my job. I’ve given this some thought. I want to show you how much I appreciate you. If you will let me.”

“Demi what are you saying?” I said looking quizzically.

“Okay, I will be blunt. I want to give you a blow job. You mentioned how you and your wife don’t have sex, much less her sucking your dick. It would be just a blow job between friends. If you don’t want me to I would understand, but you told me before that you hadn’t had one in a long time and I have to be honest I haven’t either,” Demi said with her hand tracing my crotch.

“MMM, it looks like something in your pants likes my idea. You can’t tell me you don’t want a look at my girls too; I catch you staring at them all the time,” Demi said pushing her tits out toward me. She stepped back and let her dress fall to the floor. She was standing in front of me with her big tits contained in a pink bra and matching panties.

Demi released the clasp on her bra letting it join her dress on the floor, her big tits were released and hanging down before me. She was right; I was dying to see her big tits. They were exactly as I expected. Her big mounds had large brown areola’s surrounding her nipples.

“Come on let me thank you the proper way and give that cock that is growing your pants what it deserves.”

I didn’t say a word, I just looked at Demi shaking my head yes. Demi kneeled in front of me grabbing my belt. She slid my pants down to my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and the pants. Demi grabbed türkçe bahis the waistband of my underwear slowly pulling them down freeing my cock. It was hard and pointing straight up. Demi looked up at me smiling.

“MMM, Nice and hard for me!” She said as she licked her lips before gently placing her them on my dick.

“Wait, I need to do this right,” she said. Demi pulled out some red lipstick and coated her lips. “I think this color will look great on your cock.”

She was right her bright red lips made her look slutty and felt great on my cock.

Demi had told she hadn’t done this in a while but her skills were very good. “Damn that feels great,” I let her know, as she worked my dick in and out of her mouth. She pulled off my cock to put bright red lip marks on the side of my dick before starting to suck again.

It wasn’t long before she had my entire dick in her mouth. The first few times she gaged but she quickly got the hang of it. Demi’s lips were sliding up and down the length of my shaft while her tongue played with my cock head. My dick hadn’t been sucked in a long time and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. “Demi I’m getting close to cumming.”

“Good, I’ve been dying to taste your cum for a long time,” Demi said looking up at me in between sucks.

I grunted and shot my load into her waiting mouth. She clamped her lips around my dick, taking every drop. Demi let my dick slide out of her mouth. Still kneeling in front of me she looked up at me, smiled and swallowed my cum. I sat back on her couch with Demi joining me at my side. My dick had gone soft with a little dribble of cum seeping out. I still had my socks on and my shirt while next to me Demi as naked except for the pink panties covering her crotch. “That was great,” I told her getting a good look at her big tits next to me.

“I really did want to do something nice for you for helping me out. But I have to admit, I’ve wanted to suck your dick for a while. Having your cock in my mouth got my juices going too,” Demi said rubbing her crotch over her panties.

“That was a great blow job, but I feel a little selfish. What kind of gentleman would let you suck his cock and leave you without satisfaction? How about I return the favor?”

“I don’t want you to feel obligated but my pussy would love some attention.” We both stood up at the same time, I removed my shirt while Demi slid her panties off. She moved her arms away from her tits and spread her legs invitingly.

Her pussy would have to wait for a moment, I wanted at those big tits first. I grabbed her breasts with both hands then move my lips down to her equally large nipples. I squeezed and fondled them as I sucked on those big nipples. I had never had tits this big and sucked them for all they were worth.

The moans coming from Demi confirmed she was enjoying me sucking her tits as much as I was enjoying sucking them. She gave me a hint that it was time to move lower. Demi slid off the couch to the carpet spreading her legs for me. My fingers went in first; they found a pussy that was soaked. I dove in with my lips and tongue. My tongue was devouring her pussy causing her to squirm. She was so wet I could feel the juice coating my face. I hadn’t eaten pussy in so long that I was savoring every inch. She tasted güvenilir bahis siteleri great and her reactions made me lick her even harder.

I had her hips bucking and swaying; now she was the one saying she was coming. Demi pulled my head in close to her pussy and her legs held on to me. With her big thighs squeezing me ,I was afraid I might not be able to breath. Her body tensed up and her legs clamped down on my head. Her body tensed up and she was calling out “fuck yes, fuck yes” as she came. She squeezed me tight and bucked hard with her hips. Demi finally relaxed those big legs released me allowing me to breath.

We moved back up to the couch, now both of us naked. Demi leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “Wow, now I’m thanking you. That was incredible, it had been so long. Damn you made my pussy purr.” Demi kissed my pussy juice soaked lips and slid her hand down to find that my dick was hard again.

With her hand wrapped around my cock Demi looked me in the eye. “I know I shouldn’t ask this, but I haven’t had one of these inside me in a long time. My fingers and a dildo just aren’t the same; will you please take me to bed?” Demi stood up holding out her hand. “Please don’t make me beg, I need to feel your cock pumping inside me.”

Demi’s blow job was good but I wanted to fuck her. My head was telling me that I shouldn’t cheat on my wife but my cock wanted in this big girl’s pussy. I was about to tell her no but my cock was winning. Hell I had gone this far, I thought. I reached up my hand taking hers letting Demi lead me to her bed. She climbed on the bed and spread her legs wide.

I kissed her pussy then moved up to her big tits. My cock lined up and hovered over her dripping wet slit. I teased her for a moment rubbing the head of my cock across her pussy lips. Demi arched her hips up trying to get my cock in her. “Fuck me,” she moaned as my dick rubbed across her pussy lips.

I couldn’t take it any longer either so with one push I plunged my dick in all the way inside her. We both moaned as our bodies hit. My cock started pumping in and out of her pussy giving us both what we desperately needed. I was fucking her hard at a good pace for but after some good pounding I was tiring out and breathing heavily.

Demi grunted at me as I was slowing down, “Can I get on top?”

I hadn’t thought of her big tits flopping in my face as she fucked me but I wanted it. I rolled off her, moving to my back. Demi slid on top of me and guided my cock back into her pussy. She bounced up and down on my dick while her massive tits jiggled in my face.

Suddenly Demi stopped fucking me, she bent down kissed me then whispered in my ear, “You’ve had the snip right?”

I knew she meant a vasectomy; “yes I’m safe.”

“Great, your cock feels so good inside me, I want to feel you shoot your cum inside me.”

Demi resumed bouncing on my cock, her big tits flopped around and as we fucked. I grabbed them with both hands squeezing and kissing them. Demi was telling me she was close and to squeeze harder. I had to admit I was thinking about milking a cow as I squeezed he big tits. All of a sudden Demi bent down kissing me plunging her tongue into my mouth. She bounced hard then screamed that she was cumming.

I was close too; her pussy clamping on my dick pushed me over edge. I grunted and shot my load into her pussy.

Demi collapsed on top of me breathing heavily. Her lips moved to my ear, “thank you, I so needed that.”

“I think we both needed it.” I said out of breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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