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Chapter IV: Lovers, The Taboo Broken

It was evening before the Reverend and Emma woke in each others arms.

The heat of the day gone, an early evening prairie summer breeze blowing in the open cabin door, the fragrance of clover sweetened the air.

They’d gotten up, dressed and still hungry the way new lovers are, hugging, bonded in love and lust, a sweet quiet kind of desire simmered as they kissed, a mesmerizing kiss, their tongues in each others mouths, that tingling sparkling delight in each others groins never really going away.

“Baby? I … have to tend to the animals before dark” the Reverend persuaded Emma. He couldn’t stop touching her. Her pressing against him, so sexily, her feminine scent so captivating him. She had slipped on her filly white drawers. leaning into her father on her tiptoes, the cotton chemise and drawers smelling of her, her hair a sexy mess, her father, her lover, beaming at her.

The Reverend stood back and looked at his daughter. She was gorgeous. Her top open to mid-chest, her olive complexion, she was absolutely glowing, her so powdery soft, her so sexy in her underwear. Emma smiled blushing.

“If you’ll start the fire, Papa, I’ll warm us some food” she beamed up at him, her youthful exuberance calmed by her smoky sexual heat “and start our bathwater” Emma offered, a glint in her eye, one that her father caught, meaning they would bathe together tonight.

Even as Emma said it the Reverend Joshua’s cock hardened against his daughter’s soft warm belly. Emma reached between them and squeezed her father’s thickening cock, her little pussy tingling, that hungry excited thrilled look in her eye again, lusty, playful, sexual.

“My, the devil does want you, doesn’t he child?” Reverend Joshua teased smiling so warmly, reaching down to cup her bottom, his hands going inside the open crotch of her frilly soft cotton drawers, and into the warmth and wetness of his daughter’s already swelling creamy wet little pussy.

Emma sighed, raising one leg in a kind of sexual pirouette to allow her father complete access between her legs, her bare soft sex framed so erotically by the crotchless bottom of her white cotton drawers. She smiled softly under her eyelashes up at her father.

“He wants you too, Papa” she chimed, giving his swollen erection another soft squeeze. She whispered against his chest “You’re so hard” squeezing her father’s erection, the thick meat of his cock so hot even through his pants. “He’s inside you again already, too, Papa” Emma conspired with her father ” … he wants us … to fuck again, Papa” Emma purred up at her father.

Pushing against him pulling on his newly hot throbbing incestuous erection, Emma nuzzled into her father’s neck, her eyes closed, smiling, in love with her father. “He wants us to be lovers, Papa” Emma cooed “incestuous lovers” she whispered, her words inflaming her already slippery hot wet little cunt. “I know how to get the devil out of you now, don’t I, Daddy?” she whispered secretively in her girl’ish soft little voice so sexily Joshua’s blood quickened.

“I know how, Daddy” pulling, squeezing on her father’s aching hard erection, his balls heating, tightening “I know how to, don’t I, Papa?” rubbing her swelling tingling breasts against her father, his fingers pushing inside her, her pulling on his hugely swollen cock, her nipples making her hot little cunny hum.

“Yes, baby, you do, indeed you do, child” the Reverend groaned his eyes swallowing his daughters flashing eyes. “Ohhh god, Em” her jacking little hand making him wrap his big arms around her, pull her to his chest, enshrouding her, his lips hot in her hair, his daughter jacking his aching cock right through his pants, his balls hot and tingling.

“Papa? If you need me to, Papa, I … will Papa. I’ll put you in my mouth again, I will, I want to Daddy” his little Em breathed harder, jacking her father’s cock, the warm swelling wetness between her legs making her squirm, pushing her groin into her father’s thighs, rubbing her large swollen breasts into her father’s chest, her nipples hard and aching hot Emma used both her little hands to rub his cock.

Her father’s one big hand covering the whole small of her bare lower back, his thumb sliding over the dimples of her lower back, his other inside the slit of her crotchless drawers, pressing into her slippery wet folds.

Emma cooed and purred, jacking him. His big warm masculine hands cupping her bottom, cupping her hot little pussy, she rubber her aching tits against her father, wanted him to touch her breasts practically pouring out from the unbuttoned chemise top.

“I know how, Papa” she gushed again, rubbing against him, heating them both, repeating the naughty wicked words, her his daughter offering to suck her own father’s incestuously hard aching dripping wet cock.

She could feel the damp heat of her father’s pre-cum soaking his pants again. “Daddy? I like you in my mouth, Papa” that hungry canlı bahis want between her legs. “I love sucking you, Daddy, it makes me so wet, want you … to lick me again, too, Papa. Oh god Daddy, I’m so wet again” she purred, wriggling and swaying on her father’s fingers. “Can I, Papa? Make you cum again, in my mouth, Papa? I’ll suck you so hard, Daddy, I promise, I will, I’ll suck you so hard, Papa” her voice breathy hot, her squirming on her father’s fingers imagining herself sucking his cum, milking her father’s hot hard cock with her little hands.

“I’ll show you how much I like it, you so hard in my mouth, Daddy, what a good girl I am.”

Joshua’s cock throbbed in his daughters hands, the meaty thickness of his cock hot, swollen, needing relief. When she said “your good girl, Papa” he nearly came. The very things she said in his fantasies as he jacked off out in the fields thinking of his beautiful little Emma.

“Papa? While you …” she could barely speak, ” …go out, I’ll put on my nightgown for you … I want you to take it off me, Daddy. I want you to see me in it, to watch me in front of the fire, Papa.” Emma pictured her swollen hot breasts swaying, jostling under her gown, her naked hot litte cunny so bare under her gown, the thin cotton fabric damp in the steam clinging to her curves, her sweaty heat making it almost transparent for her father’s pleasure. She pictured him sitting there, his hugely swollen cock. How really she’d known all those nights her father was aching hard watching her, that she wanted him to watch her.

“Oh god Daddy” Emma gushed, wriggling on her father’s fingers, her nipples aching hard, her little hand jacking her father’s cock through his cum soaked pants “to see through it, to see me move for you Daddy. It makes me so wet you watching me. You wanting me, Papa. Knowing your cock” she gave it a hard squeeze “is so hard for me, Daddy. That watching me, seeing me almost naked under my gown, makes you … so hard, Daddy.”

Alone, just the two of them in the cabin, no one near for miles and miles, the incestuous lovers ground into each other, the warmth and dampness of each other’s hot skin radiating between them.

“Em, I want to watch you laying on your bed, child, touching yourself” the Reverend admitted fucking his cock into Emma’s little hands, “laying on your belly, your little bottom pushed up, baby” he growled in heat thrusting his fingers inside her from behind, her soft bottom her warm-hot bare skin so deliciously exposed through her crotchless drawers. “Mmmm, kitten, Daddy wants my lil baby, too. Daddy wants to show you how to be Daddy’s good girl, Daddy’s naughty lil baby. Would you like that Em, for Papa to show you? To be Papa’s wicked lil lover?”

Emma breathed out, his incestuous little lover, in answer leaning hard into her father’s chest, squeezing and pulling vigorously on her father’s raging hot cock between them his pre-cum soaking through his pants. Her breasts jostled and shook to her jacking motion, the backs of her hands hitting her breasts as she leaned them down to her jacking his cock wanting to feel her father’s cock against her swollen hot tits.

“Oh god Daddy, yessss, your lover, Papa” staring at her hands pulling on her father.

“Em? Daddy wants to show my little girl things that, well, you’re going to love, Em” Joshua whispered turning her by her chin to look up at him.

Emma swooned as her father leaned and kissed her tenderly on the lips, then hotter, a long deep kiss, their tongues entwined, father and daughter.

“Mmmbaby, have to, go … tend to the animals” he growled still kissing his daughter’s warm wet mouth, slipping his tongue inside her warm mouth, her hands hungrily pulling on his throbbing hot cock.

“I’ll be … right back, my little lover, mmmm, lil baby, Daddy wants, more” he growled playfully, grabbing her little bottom, mouthing the swell of her neck. “I know you loved Daddy’s tongue licking you, didn’t you, child” he whispered into her ear. “Papa wants to lick my lil baby again, when I get back” he whispered touching his forehead to hers. “Papa wants to taste my lil girl again. Mmm, lil baby” he growled, pressing his cock into Em’s hands, against her groin pushing back at her father, rubbing herself on his field hardened thighs.

“Daddy, you’re, you’re making me so hot again, Daddy” Emma mewled. “It felt so good, Daddy, yesss, I loved your mouth on me Papa, your tongue, made me so wet, Papa. Oh god Daddy, you’re making me so slippery, Daddy. Want to put you inside me. Go take care of the animals, I’ll be here when you get back” Emma purred pushing away from the warmth of her father’s broad chest.


Emma luxuriated in her father’s attentions; he made her feel so loved, so lovely, his little kitten. She wanted to show her Daddy how much she loved him.

She put the kettle on the hearth hook, and still smiling, basking in the glow of their incestuous heat decided she would eat as she prepared food bahis siteleri for her father. He could eat coming in from the barn while she filled the tub for them. She wanted her father to bathe her, and, she wanted to bathe her father.

Emma glowed in the early evening light. She pictured his cock hard and throbbing, that huge thick thing. “Mmmm, Papaaaaa” she whispered to herself “I want to soap your huge cock, Papa. Want to … jack my father’s cock” feeling so wicked saying the words in her mind “to stand in front of you, so tiny in front of you, Papa, to jack your huge cock, Daddy, in both my little hands, to rub it against my breasts, to slide your cock between my breasts, Papa” she gushed out in a heated flurry, so sexed up, so wanting to make her father cum inside her again, with her, thrilling at making him cum, her cumming on his daddy-cock that she’d made so, so hard.

Emma’s nipples ached. Her breasts felt so full, so swollen hot pushing through her top she had to touch them, filling her hands fleshy hot, heavy, so firm and full. She closed her eyes and sighed pulling on her nipples. She wanted to do everything with her Papa. She wanted to wash his magnificent cock for him. She wanted him to fuck his cock soapy with lather in her little hands, slippery between her breasts.

“Ohh god, Daddy’s cock, fucking my breasts” she gushed picturing her firm full young breasts so large wrapped around his thick hard pulsing cock. How hot it would make her looking into his eyes as he fucked her breasts, his balls hot against her belly, so full of her Papa’s cum.

Emma took a deep breath, picturing her and her father in bed at night, him straddling her, kneeling over her, opening her mouth as he fucked her lovely swollen tits. Pictured his cock slipping between her lips, her licking the head. How hot and horny it would make her, relishing in the heat and friction of his huge hard hot cock sliding slippery wet in his pre-cum between her pillowy soft breasts. How she’d moan wrapping her lips around the head of her father’s cock sucking him, swallowing his hot cum, her father’s seed. Emma was beside herself.

“Papa, I want you again, Papa. Want you to lick me, my little pussy again” she mewled picturing his tongue licking through her shiny pulsing hot slit again. “Want to suck your cock Papa. Want you in my mouth again” she whispered out into the cabin, picturing them sucking each other at the same time leaning against the wooden table for support, slipping her fingers inside her drawers, under her chemise, fingering her hot little cunt, squeezing her aching swollen tits.

“Such … a naughty girl, such a dirty little girl” Emma thought out loud. “I know I’m so wicked, lord, but I love my Daddy’s cock. I want my Papa to fuck me, to slide inside me. How wrong could that be? I don’t care if the devil does have me, I want my Papa’s cock in my mouth, ohhhh god, I want my father to cum in my mouth again” she gushed feeling so fluttery lightheaded she almost lost her balance as she made herself lean forward and stand, as she made herself change into her nightgown, her mind and her swollen tingling body hot and flushed.


Joshua took care of all the animals, smiling and talking and beaming at them; he was so wonderfully happy, brimming with love and lust and want for his daughter, eager to be back in the cabin with his little Emma. His cock was aching hard as he stepped out of the barn, picturing her, imagining, fantasizing as he did in the fields Emma bound from the rafter of the barn, her arms high above her head, her wriggling, his tearing open her blouse, attacking her lovely swollen hot tits.

He looked out into the soft silent evening sky, a huge majestic cumulus cloud hovering out over the slopes and wanes of the prairie. He looked over at the cabin, the largest landmark besides the rolling slight hills and berms for miles out on the plains, and there was Emma standing in the doorway, leaning against the heavy slat door a vision of loveliness in the purplish pink light of the pending dusk.

She was already dressed in her white nightdress, the thin cotton gown pushed against her by the breeze, her long dark hair blowing to her side and behind her. Her curves and thighs and breasts outlined so clearly, her arms behind her, the breeze blowing her gown up, fondling her the way the Reverend wanted to himself; Reverend Joshua growled “Nnnnnn, lil babyyyy” squeezing his cock through his pants. He loved looking at his daughter.

Emma had stepped out of the cabin to signal to him she was ready to begin their bath, her long hair let down blowing in the breeze. Her father had never seen a more beautiful sight than his little Emma right then.

He recalled a postcard he’d seen once, a photograph, a Platinum print by an artist, Thomas Eakins. The nude woman in the photograph was languidly leaning her feminine suppleness in a similar way, as Emma was now, her flowing hair draped around her, very much like Emma’s windblown dark bahis şirketleri hair was around her face.

“Lord she is so lovely” he thought to himself, “so fucking sexy.” Her father didn’t have words.

Reverend Joshua raised his arm, gestured a wave and smiled back at his daughter, and then turned back into the barn to finish up, his cock aching throbbing hard anticipating bathing with his beautiful little girl, his lovely daughter, his Emma.


Emma poured the water hot and steaming into the tub. Sweaty in the steam of the bath as she carried the heated water from the hearth, this time her glances at her father, back from the barn, in the cabin for the night sitting watching his daughter as he did each night, knowing he was watching her, that he was so hard watching her, that she was performing for him, bending and leaning and letting her large breasts jostle under her thin gown so enticingly, had Emma on the verge of cumming at every movement.

The way her gown formed around her, her hips, her thighs, her tender little shoulders, her long brown hair, a work of art. Tonight the Reverend didn’t hide his gaze, or his erection. He watched his daughter, her gown transparent from the steam and her perspiration, his little girl looking so soft and delicately feminine. Just the two of them alone on the farm, his cock hard and throbbing, delaying his gratification.

Emma let him know she liked him looking at her, wanted him to look at her, bending, subtly lifting one leg, raising her bottom provocatively, her gown unbuttoned to the middle of her chest, leaning so her father could see her swollen hot breasts, her erect puffy hot nipples.

They didn’t say a word as Joshua uncrossed his legs, and stretched his legs in front of him; he wanted Emma to see his hard cock straining against his pants, the fabric tenting like it would burst around his bloated pulsing hot erection, squeezing his cum filled balls. The two incestuous lovers putting on a show for one another, building the sexual tension, their secret, their private moments here alone together just the two of them, incestuous lovers, where no one else would know, their secret.

Pretending in part, that tonight, was no different from any night, the delicious seduction, Emma’s father gazing with that powerful lust for his daughter, gorging himself, feasting on her through her nightgown, watching her, her eyes, her smile as Emma walked over to him, their eyes locked, and held out her hand.

“Come bathe with me, Papa” Emma almost whispered, her nipples pushing out through her damp nearly transparent gown. “Let me wash you” her eyes traveling down to his hugely hard cock straining to be released.

Emma saw herself stroking his cock in the bath, her hands soapy and slippery, jacking her father’s cock; her little cunny hummed, that buttery feeling in her belly.

Joshua saw his daughters nipples pressing through the thin fabric of her gown, damp and clinging to her glowing soft skin, her rounds, her cherry dark nipples, puffy and hard. He wanted to take them into his mouth right through her nightgown. The cabin was filled with an erotic, incestuous tension as he stood from his chair letting Emma pull him up, letting Emma walk him to the tub’s edge where she turned to face her father.

She leaned in close to his chest and inhaled her father’s scent. She unhooked the heavy metal buckle of his belt, unbuttoning his pants, her breasts pressed together against her wrists, her father looking down between them his cock threatening to burst out, and then looking up and into his daughters sparkling eyes, his eyes smiling hot, hungry.

Emma blushed. She studied her lover’s chest, her father’s strong chest. She kissed his soft skin as she opened his shirt staring at her father nipples too, brushing her soft fingers through his fur, over his sweaty hot chest. Breathing him in, kissing his nipples, she pushed his pants down slowly over his warm hot skin, his hips, his bottom, and let them drop to the floor around her father’s feet.

Joshua stood naked in front of his daughter, his rigid hard cock bouncing against her belly, his strong arms at his side almost menacing in his quiet strength.

Emma admired the way her father’s thighs flexed, how his long legs were shaped, how his thighs glistened in the steamy room. She ever so slowly deliberately reached out and gently touched her fingers over her father’s erection. Joshua groaned.

She rubbed her palm over the head, tracing her fingertips up its girth. He leaned his head back, his eyes half closed. She squeezed so tenderly the Reverend’s knees went momentarily weak. The Reverend leaned in close to his daughter, inhaling her perfumy powdery fragrance, his cock throbbing in her little hands.

“You’re making Daddy need you, Em” his deep voice rumbling through his daughter.

Emma flushed and began breathing harder, squeezed, pulling on her father’s thick hot pulsing cock in her little hands, stared down at it in her little hands, her voice ragged, her throat dry, she whispered “Step into the tub, Papa, let me, bathe you, Papa, let me … clean you” picturing herself stroking her father’s cock lathered in soapy bubbles.

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