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Part 2 of this 4 part beginning.


CH 2 – The Invite

Tuesday was quiet with no interruptions or temptations, so I thought that all would be put in the past – I would soon find out that was far from accurate! On Wednesday, I was going to be working from home again and as everyone else left for their respective days. I was feeling relieved that I had a slow day ahead of me. Within 5 minutes of the house being empty, I hear a knock at the back door. I was very curious as no one ever goes to that door. I then notice that there is a path in which to go from their back yard into ours with little effort and that it is almost hidden from sight from all the other neighbors. She has the baby in her arms and I don’t even consider the consequences and let her in.

As Sheri walks past me, I notice that she makes obvious eye contact with a bit of a glint (or did I imagine that) in her eye. I close the door and as I turn to look at her she states flatly: “The baby will be asleep for about an hour, but I need to clear up what happened the other day.”

I reply that I couldn’t agree more and that I knew it was a response to the situation. Shari asked if there we could sit somewhere comfortably and where she could lay the baby, so I led her to the living room where she placed the baby on the couch and sat next to her. I sat on the adjoining loveseat, as far away as possible to prevent any temptations on my part. I must note now that my urge was to take her in my arms and devour her! I kept reminding myself that I have children older than her and that I love my wife dearly, even if we don’t have a physical relationship at the time due to health issues.

Shari is güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri actually studying my face intently and make pointed eye contact and asks somewhat meekly: “Are you upset with me for the way I reacted?”

“Not at all. It was surprising and caught me off guard, but I understand what you said afterwards. I am very willing to put it in the past if that is what you are asking.” I was about to discover that this sweet young lady had a lot more to her than what I thought I had learned.

Shari then said: “First; I am so sorry about leaking all over you, that has never happened before. Second; thank you for being so light hearted and understanding, I was absolutely devastated about it!”

I reply: “Remember that I am the father of 4 and the very proud grandfather of a wonderful little boy that lives on the other side of the country. I have witnessed my share of breastfeeding and the unfortunate challenges that go along with it.

Her next question got me very uncomfortable: “Why do you look at me like I am someone you would like to take to your bed and you sit there and calmly tell me things will be fine and repeatedly tell me that you have children older than me? It is very confusing and I don’t understand why I crave to see you look at me that way, like you are undressing me and caressing my body with your eyes!”

I start to apologize saying I am too old and that I shouldn’t be having these lustful thoughts and definitely shouldn’t be letting them show on my face!

She walks over and kneels down in front of me. Taking my hands in hers she asks: “Do you really find me attractive, even with this pregnancy weight still güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on me?”

Completely stunned, I reply: “You are a stunningly gorgeous young lady and Dan is a very lucky man to have you and to be able to make love to you! I don’t know what you mean about the pregnancy weight as you are very petite and I would never have guessed that you had just had a baby if I didn’t know!”

She gently takes my face in her hands, looks deeply into my eyes and says softly “Stop me if you don’t want this”; and kisses my lips. Grasping the back of her head, I passionately return the kiss and part her lips with my tongue and explore the inside of her mouth.

I suddenly realize what I am doing and pull back hesitantly and ask “What are we doing?” shaking my head slowly to regain composure.

With a huge smile on her face, she says “Thank you for being honest; your reaction gave me my answers. I understand the conflict you have.” The baby begins to stir and Shari says it is time to feed her, and promptly sits next to the baby, lifts her shirt over her head revealing the most perfect breasts I have ever seen with puffy nipples and they are obviously full of milk, and begins to nurse the baby – right there in front of me. She then gives me the most mischievous grin and simply states “She will only drink from one side at this feeding. I normally have to pump the other side to keep it from getting engorged, but you are more than welcome to help if you would like. I don’t want to leave my husband, and I definitely do NOT want to damage your marriage, but I can tell that we both would enjoy and maybe even need this”

My self-control was güvenilir bahis şirketleri fading quickly. I looked at her longingly and said “I am very flattered and tempted, but we can’t do this. Not because of the church, but because it would be a heat-of-the-moment decision and … My wife will be home in about 15 minutes as it is her short work day! Her schedule is fluid so she isn’t always away. You just happened to catch me here alone on the rare occasions that I am!”

Shari quickly gathered herself together, put her shirt back on, and started to apologize. I placed my hand on her shoulder and told her that in another time and place, I would not have hesitated. “You are gorgeous and any man would be honored, as I am, to have you interested in them. I don’t want either of us to have regrets. You are too young to carry that burden.” She then picked up the baby and left out the back so as not to be seen by anyone.

Other than seeing them at church, I did not speak with either of them for a long while as Halloween passed and Thanksgiving was approaching.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, my wife announced that we would be having company for dinner on Thanksgiving. “It seems the new family that moved in behind us do not have any family in the area and I didn’t want them to be alone for the holiday’s so I have invited the 3 of them to be here for Thanksgiving and that they are welcome to join us for Christmas as well. They have the most precious baby girl and I want some baby time since our grandson is so far away!” and with a wink and smile in her eyes “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I have been given an all clear to enjoy our ‘PRIVATE’ times again!”

After I choked on what was in my mouth, I looked at her and said “Dan and Shari? How wonderful!” I stand and take her in my arms and begin playing with her ass, whispering in her ear “did you want to start right now?” All the while, in the back of my mind I’m thinking “how will I ever survive this change of events?” …

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