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Note: For some of my oldest readers, there’s a part of this story which you might find familiar… For the rest of you: enjoy!

I couldn’t imagine a more boring afternoon. I received an e-mail from the faculty at noon, asking me to come by as soon as possible. I did, leaving Maeve and Julia alone. You can imagine how I was feeling: both of them were sexed up and it was now clear that I was to be the focal point of that energy. But I had to go and see what they wanted of me. As I was returning home three hours later, I was still fuming: all they had wanted from me was a signature. One more frigging signature.

We I returned, Maeve was gone to lead a last group of youngsters on a mountain hike. She had done this all summer long, three times a week, and now her contract was coming to an end. It had been fun and came with a good salary. Most importantly it allowed Maeve to do one of her favorite activities all the time: hiking. After her work there would be a party and she would come back late. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to spend an evening as boring as my afternoon… But that was not to be.

The first sign was clear: Julia was looking in the fridge, bent down with her legs straight. I don’t know why some girls do this: it’s so much more easier to bend your knees. But anyway, since she was wearing a tank top with tight jeans cut-offs, I had a great view. A spectacular view in fact. She turned her head to smile a hello and returned to her investigation. My guess is that she wasn’t even aware of the view she was giving me.

“Julia, can I be blunt and a bit vulgar?”

“Sure.” When she simply smiled without looking at me, I knew that I had been fooled: she was perfectly aware of the effects she was having on me.

“You have an incredible ass. A fuckingly gorgeous ass… Whew! That’s out!”

She laughed and straightened, coming up to me and pulling me into her arms. She whispered in my ear: “I know, thanks anyway. I just though you might enjoy the show…” She then laughed again, a laughter which I soon joined. Still keeping her arms around my neck, she said:

“I know you’re a great cook and all Loa, but tonight I feel like fixing up a quick meal and sit that gorgeous ass of mine on your lap to watch a movie. How about it?”

“Sure, ” I could barely stand up straight, but I managed to reply “if it pleases you.”

“Yeah right…” She smiled and let go of my neck.

So after finding a few things in that overcrowded fridge, we did exactly that: a quick dinner and a movie. She took a quick shower in between though, while I was searching through their library of DVDs. When she came back, I was already sitting on the couch, eagerly awaiting her return. She had on a wonderful pair of panties: frail things of loose blue lace that let me see an ample expanse of mound and lips. No bush since this morning, only skin. I could see her panties because the top she had chosen was not her usual tee-shirt: instead, it seemed to be a tee-shirt designed for a 6 year old girl. Barely covering her breasts, it clung to her like a hand-made glove or like a strangely cut bra. I sighed as my eyes closed.

“What is it Loa, you don’t like my tee-shirt? My little cousin gave it to me when she grew out of it!”

“And how old is she now? Six?”

“No, eight. But in a way you’re right, she gave it to me two years ago…”

“Great…” I shook my head, unable to find a way to get through that movie…

“What’s wrong?” She said, smiling that naughty cheerleader smile of hers. “Want me to get dressed differently? No? Want me to take it off then?”

When she began to pull her tee-shirt off, I grabbed her arm and pulled her against me.

“Keep it on Julia… And let’s try to watch that movie.” I was laughing and, I must admit, a bit afraid of the coming moments.

“Ok then” she said. Leaning her head on my shoulder, she whispered, “one word: crotchless.”

Then she moved a bit, upwards on my legs, until she found a comfortable position. The feeling of her smooth legs on mine was heaven. But that one word was still stuck in my mind: crotchless. So those delicate panties were actually split in the middle, allowing free and easy access to her pussy and ass. And she was sitting there on my cock, which was growing at an alarming rate… All I had to do was unzip my shorts and… Stop it! “Hmmm, this is going to be hard…” Julia seemed to understand by the tone of my voice that I was more serious now.

“This is going to be hard Julia.”


“I promised Maeve a massage tonight and I think that afterwards…”

“Oh. I see. Can I ask you a personal question I’ve been begging to ask you?”

“Sure. “

“Are you in love with her?”

“I don’t know… Yes… I’m not sure actually. I’ve know her for so long that it’s kind of confusing. I think I never stopped loving her. So I guess that my answer is yes. Why do you ask?”

“I was getting that impression and I wanted to know. I won’t get in the way.”

When she tried to get up I held her down.

“Nothing has been done canlı bahis and as far as I know she’s still not interested.”

“Are you serious Loa? Of course she’s interested. When she told me that you were going to be living with us, she was squealing with delight! It was as if she had been transformed into a little girl!”

“I can hardly believe that, Julia. She’s known for a long time that I’m in love with her… She even told me she wanted to stay friends with me the first night I was here.”

“Yes, and I’ve told you that she was nervous and afraid after her massage. Something must have changed since the last time you spoke to her about it. When was that?”

“Years ago in fact.”

“You see? She had ample time to change her mind. And don’t worry about me… I was just testing you when I tried to leave a few minutes ago: Maeve and I have shared quite a few lovers in the past. Even Jack-ass a few times. But she never really liked him. And I’m not ready to get into another relationship right now. On the other hand, and I’ll be as direct and vulgar as you were earlier, I want that lovely cock of yours in my pussy as soon as you’ll want me…”

I was simply shocked speechless.

“I know it’s strange, but I like you a lot. I could even fall in love with you if things had been different. Anyway there’s something special happening between us. I don’t know what it is, but I want more of it. When you’re ready. — Now, do you want me to go and change?”

“I want you to kiss me. Now.”

And she did. Boy did she kiss me! At first she simply twisted her head towards me and kissed me on the lips. But a few seconds later a fire exploded somewhere inside us and our kiss turned into a wild and reckless tongue dance. I was tasting her for the first time and it was incredible: cinnamon, ginger and all-spice. I was completely floored by her passion. Soon she had turned around and was now straddling me, holding my head in her hands, rubbing her pussy against my crotch.

I don’t know how long we kept kissing with such intensity, but when I pushed her away her hair (and probably mine as well) were completely messed up. I pulled her tee-shirt off and dove for her breasts, trapping one of her nipples in my mouth as soon as I was able. My right hand was “feeding” me this nipple by squeezing the breast that held it while my left hand was grasping, massaging and even mauling her free breast.

Soon my right hand shot out behind her and rounded her hips and ass to land directly in her cleft. Slipping a few fingers inside that crotchless panty, I dove once again inside her pussy. Clutching my head with her arms, she moaned against the top of my head. Her hands then fell to my own shorts and she was starting to unbutton them.

At that very moment, you have guessed it, Maeve came back: apparently she had skipped the party altogether. In a flash, Julia’s tee-shirt was back on and she was sitting sideways on me once more. As she straightened her hair, she whispered: “You have to tell her about this, after tonight. I’m counting on you.” I nodded. “Hello!” shouted Maeve from the other end of the apartment. A few seconds later she was with us in the living room and laughed at Julia’s choice of clothing. She teased her and made some small talk but didn’t seem to notice anything wrong. She went back to her room and then to the bathroom for a shower. When we heard her moving under the spray, Julia turned towards me and giggled.

“She nearly caught us!”


“You’re feeling bad aren’t you? Well, please don’t. As I told you earlier, Maeve and I often share lovers… Occasionally at the same time. ” She smiled. “She even told me… Good Gods! I think I’m telling you too much. Oh what the heck, it won’t matter tomorrow anyway. She even told me that if ever you guys hooked up seriously, there would always be a place for me in her bed. There, are you satisfied?”

Once more, I was shocked speechless. The things girls say to each other! To hear her say that Julia was interested in me was one thing. But to know that they had even planned such a thing… It was mind-boggling. Somehow this little piece of information relaxed me and I hugged Julia close to me again. The first words I managed to say were: “I want to taste those breasts of your again… Cinnamon is my favorite spice, you know?” She laughed at my comment but apparently caught my meaning instantly. Interesting… Fifteen minutes later Maeve came back and joined us for the movie, wearing her old tee-shirt.

“I guess I was right to skip the party, ” she said, smiling as she sat down beside us “or I would have lost our little bet, isn’t it right Julia?”

“Perhaps…” she simply replied. “But even so, he’s yours Maeve, all yours.”

When Maeve realized that Julia was not talking about their little game but about something much more important, her smile disappeared. She looked at me then, completely serious. Meeting her stare, I simply grabbed her hand in mine and squeezed her fingers twice. She knew what it meant. After a while she smiled and leaned her bahis siteleri head against my shoulder. Softly, she said: “Can anyone start the movie?” Julia did.

It was strange. Two hours not listening to a movie. I don’t think anyone listened to it, not even Julia. We simply needed an excuse to be there, together, while something was slowly setting down on me and Maeve. And in a very real sense, on Julia too. Who knew what would happen between the three of us, how it would all fit together? All I can say is that I that I’m eager to find out!

Julia left us alone as the movie ended, still unwatched. She kissed both Maeve and me on the mouth, long open-mouthed kisses. She bade us a good night with a soft smile then left for her room. Maeve looked at me in the post-movie darkness. It’s strange how plans can sometimes turn completely useless. For this moment, I had planned to give her a long massage, progressively removing her clothing until she was nude. Then I would have done the same with my boxers and tee-shirt. After that I would have begun to touch her more and more intimately until we would be making love.

The look in her eyes told me that this kind of play was not going to be necessary. I would still give her a massage, but it’s primary objective would be quite clear. In silence Maeve got up and went to her room. She came back with a bottle of oil, three candles and a CD: Dervish’s Spirit. After turning the little lamplight off, she lighted the candles, put on the CD and turned to face me. With our gazes still locked, she slowly removed the band that held her ponytail and let her hair flow freely on her back. A few flicks of her head and they had spread all over her back and shoulders. She crossed her arms in front of her and grabbed her tee-shirt. It leisurely revealed that she had no panties on as her pussy and bush came into view, then it confirmed that she had had no bra either. Two massive breasts of womanhood dawned in the room.

She offered me a small smile then, standing motionless in front of me. Then a quick laugh and she threw me the oil bottle. Laughing with her I discarded my own clothing and opened the futon. When I got up, I took her hand to guide her to the bed. Lying on her belly, she moved her hair away again, letting me enjoy her neck and back unobstructed. Reaching for the bottle, I poured the oil generously again and covered both her legs. Beginning at the feet, I slowly moved up her calves. Then I straddled one of her legs and began a deep muscle massage. With her legs opened to accommodate me, her pussy was clearly visible between her buttocks, even in the dim light. Perfectly shameless, I stared at her pussy and buttocks.

Even though the temptation is extreme, I didn’t even touch her buttocks, trying my best to wait a little bit longer. I did the same treatment to her second leg and finished by giving both her legs long caressing effleurages. Closing her legs after that, I straddled her upper thigh and poured oil all over her back and buttocks. Sliding my hands all the way up her back, I began by softening her shoulders and neck. Widening my strokes carefully, I moved down to her shoulder blades and kept on massaging her back. After moving to the side of her ribs, I slid down to her hips, before going back up the same path and coming down a little closer to the middle of her back. I repeated this process many times before reaching her backbone. There, I stayed longer, going up and down in smooth, deep kneading motions or little steps in massaging each vertebra.

I then moved back up to her shoulders and followed a similar pattern all the way down. Then starting from her buttocks I moved upwards, and pause at every inch, giving her back a complete massage. When I reached her neck once more, I carefully massaged every little muscle and tendon. I then spread this delicate massage all the way down her neck to her shoulders, softening the large muscles of her higher back. Moving back down, I used my palms to rub and stretch her muscles one more time.

I invited her, then, to lie on her back. As I had known she didn’t even hesitate before turning around, even if it meant displaying and offering me most of her intimate treasures. I lovingly moved her hair to her side as to not hinder my massage. Kneeling beside her, I reach for the oil bottle and fill my palm with it. After letting it warm a little, I spread it between both my hands and begin to spread it across her shoulders and breasts. My erection was quite obvious now that she’s on her back and I did spend a little more time than necessary on her breasts: Maeve was simply smiling softly with her eyes closed. I don’t know how she was feeling, but I was in heaven: the knowledge that this night was not simply an erotic massage made everything dream-like. Her breasts in my palms, offered to me as gifts, were not to me forgotten either…

With another dose of oil, I moved down to her stomach, sides and mound. When my hand curved impishly around her pussy her smile deepened and she spread her legs even more to accommodate me. But I quickly bahis şirketleri moved back up to make sure the oil is everywhere, teasing both her and me.

When I pulled my hand away from the warmth of her pussy, my eyes poured in to replace it, enjoying the cleanly trimmed mound and shaved lips. I managed to tear my eyes away and came back up to kneel just beside her chest. There I began to massage her upper arms and shoulders. Slowly, taking more than enough time, I tried my best to squeeze, pinch and push all the tension away. While I did so, I asked her to take long, deep breaths. As she did, I kept massaging her as deeply as I could.

Moving down, I couldn’t resist a smile as I cupped both her breasts in my hands. She knew I loved them; I’ve told her more than enough times even in friendship! Squeezing one of those breasts in both my hands, I knelt down and blew slightly on one of her nipples. This opened her eyes and she looked at me: she simply nodded. Covering the remaining inch, I twirled my tongue around the nipple once, before planting a wet kiss on the little pink flower. This kiss raised a small giggle from her, but she didn’t move. Bending down further, I offered the same twirl and kiss to the other one.

When I finished the sideway massage of her beautiful breasts, I straddled her waist and began to give them the best up and down massage they ever had. To my great displeasure (yeah right, you believe me don’t you?), I couldn’t help but feel simple, lustful caresses entwining with my massage. I felt her nipples hardening under my touch and let them slide between my open fingers. I then squeezed them between my first two fingers before seizing most of her generous breasts in my hands.

A song or two later on the CD (as close as I can guess at least), I managed to widen my strokes and moved down from those breasts. Moving back to her side, I began to delicately massage her ribs, belly and sides. Since there is not much muscle there, I quickly move down. Before even touching her thighs and hips, I took one of her legs and opened it wider than it already was. I didn’t have any massage excuse: I simply wanted to see her pussy. The small giggle I heard told me that she understood this perfectly…

I then concentrated my efforts on her hips and upper thighs. With her legs nicely shaved, I met no resistance while I massaged her long, leanly muscled thigh. Reaching down to where her hip becomes her buttock, I come all the way around and up to her thigh and then down to her knee. Stealing occasional glances at her displayed pussy, I tried my best to focus on her legs. Now moving back closer to her foot, I raised her knee before continuing my massage towards her calf. We’re both conscious, of course, that this raised knee opened her pussy even more to my delighted eyes.

Normally I guess that she would have been shy about this explicit exhibition. But tonight, I think she understood what we were sharing. This night was as much a celebration of our years of friendship than the changing nature of our relationship. My admiration for her beauty has been one of the dominating constants of our relation. Since the first time I saw her up to this night, I’ve been admiring and her body. Sometimes openly, sometimes not. She has not always been comfortable with this, but tonight has changed something. It’s shamelessly now that I stare at her splayed open pussy, marveling at this beauty I had never seen until a few days ago.

I then moved to her other leg and made a similar path, from her hip to her feet. After finishing her second leg, I kneel down between them and wait a few seconds, staring at her once again. To my great surprise and pleasure, she surprised me with her boldness: she opened her legs and bends her knees. I saw the obvious smile on her face: she wanted to give something back to me after the massage and she dared to do so much. Bending down, I placed my head a few inches away from her pussy and loosed myself in her pussy. I couldn’t describe what I was feeling right now, staring at her many and intricate folds.

Unable to resist, I leaned forward a bit and kissed those lips. After letting my tongue go up and down her slit a few times, I gave her a large, open-mouthed kiss and find her clit for a few well-deserved caresses. But just as I was about to pull away, not wanting to overstay my welcome so fast, I felt her hand on the back of my head. Surprised, I opened my eyes and look up at her. She was looking down at me with a smile, clearly expecting an orgasm in the following minutes. More than happy to comply… Heck, enraptured to comply, I dove down again and did my best to give her the pleasure she had asked of me.

While my tongue worked its best over, between, under or around her many lips, I felt her beginning to enjoy my ministrations. Twisting and turning around my mouth, she began to moan in sync with my tongue. All of a sudden, she clamped her legs around my head, completely ignoring the oil on her thighs and the mess it’s going to make in my hair. Since I’d first dropped a drop of that oil on her earlier, we’d been constantly making love. Way before any penetration, it’s clearly love that we were consuming. And now, seeing her as free as she can be, I knew it was going to burn as deeply as it could.

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