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Author’s note: Number four. Thanks to everyone who has read this far and especially to those who have left comments.

Big thanks to CharlieB4 for helping me edit.

The Mistake – Part Four


It was nice and warm, his body right next to mine. I loved just lying there in bed with him, my ear pressed to his chest, listening to the beating of his heart mixed together with the quiet taps of his fingers dancing across the keyboard. It was so comfy that I almost wanted to give in to the post-orgasm tiredness and just let my heavy eyes fall shut like they so desperately wanted.

I denied them though, as sadly I knew it wouldn’t be a very long nap. The hotel room was paid for the entire night but if he didn’t go home soon then it was possible Rose would question his whereabouts. She had already called once and the excuse about working late would only work so many times. As annoying as it was we had every incentive to not give her a reason to suspect anything, not even a minuscule one.

He stopped tapping and I felt his arm come down around me. It gave me a squeeze, probably to check that I was still awake.

“Mmm?” I murmured, nuzzling my cheek against him. I didn’t want to let go.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, the strokes of his hand leaving warm tingling trails from my hip to my stomach.

I swallowed to clear my throat. “You know I am babe,” I said. “But that’s not important. What is important is if you are.”

I felt his chest move as he nodded. “And Sam and Ava?”

“They’re both in,” I said, resisting the urge to roll my eyes. I had already told him this. “Mom’s actually anxious to get the ball rolling if you can believe it.”

“Really?” he asked, his hand coming up to play with my hair. It felt nice too. “She seemed very hesitant yesterday.”

“Yeah well, I think Sam managed to sway her,” I said and this time I did roll my eyes but not at him. “Convinced her all over the kitchen counter. Caught me off guard too. With what we’re planning one would imagine they would know how to be a bit more subtle.”

His fingers stopped moving in my hair. “That’s…” he said but paused.

“Yeah yeah, I know,” I said and poked his chest. It was so nice and firm. “You think it’s super hot.”

It kinda was, but I had no intention of letting him know I thought that. At least not yet. I was still dealing with the weirdness of just hearing them going at it and especially the fact that I stayed and listened. It had been one of those impulse moments that you weren’t really sure if you regretted or not.

“It is pretty hot though,” he said. “I mean, you would have to get your good looks from somewhere, right?”

My eyebrows rose as I tilted my head to look up at him. He was smirking, his black eyes teasing.

“Was that a roundabout way of saying you think my mom is hot?”

Well he wasn’t wrong. If I had to be objective, and I felt I was pretty good at being objective, as far as women went mom was pretty hot. Well, for her age that is.

“I’ll leave that for you to ponder,” he said. “But back on topic. You’re really certain about this?”

“Yes! For the…” I sighed and stopped myself. “Yes I’m sure. And it’s really annoying that you keep asking because I get annoyed. I don’t want it to seem like I’m pushing you because you have to be sure too.”

“Sorry,” he said but I could see that my exasperation amused him. Ass. “And I meant what I said yesterday. I’m finished with Rose even if we don’t go through with this. It would end up costing me but it’s a bullet I’m willing to bite.”

“So you’re just not sure about the plan then?” I asked, rolling over to peer up at him. I had both my hands under my chin and my arms folded over his chest.

He tilted his head a little. “Not really. The plan’s pretty solid. I did some scoping out today and the few things I was on the fence about turned out to be non issues.”

“Then what is it?” I asked, my brows furrowing.

“Well,” he said and gestured to the laptop screen. I turned my head to look but I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. “I guess it just feels weird, being this close to taking the first step towards a new stage in life.”

I squinted my eyes to make out what was on the screen. It looked like a travel booking site, more specifically, an airline booking page. Everything was already filled out. Six tickets to Miami, extending the two he had already booked for a total of eight. It was a little sad, giving up two weeks of uninterrupted naughtiness with him. If it worked though, then it would be worth it ten times over.

“Well that was quick,” I said. And it was. We had only discussed it the day before and he was already making preparations?

“Maybe. I like to be effective though,” he said, moving his hand to hover over the enter key. “Last chance to back out.”

It really wasn’t but I still felt giddy when I reached out and placed my hand on his. He was right. It did feel weird. Definitely canlı bahis not bad-weird, no, but exciting-weird. Together we pressed down on the key and a second later the tickets were booked.

For a moment we just laid there, quiet and just… felt. It wasn’t something big we had done or even especially important. What it was though was something we had done. Something tangible, something affirmative. Action as opposed to inaction. It was something we could point at and say, ‘We did this for us and no one else. A first step towards something new and exciting — for us.’

“Well,” he said, breaking the silence after a while. “Suppose we should deal with this then too.” He closed the laptop before reaching to his side, his hand disappearing off the bed edge as he stretched. When he pulled back he had the bag he carried all his business papers in.

“Deal with what?” I asked, sitting up a little more but still mostly draped over him.

“This,” he said and pulled out a folder, placing it on his stomach and flipping it open.

My eyes went wide. He wasn’t kidding when he said he liked to be effective.

“Is this…?”

“Yeah,” he said, flipping a page to reveal several pictures. “The photos on the internet looked good but I still had an acquaintance go over there and take some more just to be sure. It’s the next best thing to actually going there ourselves. I think it’s everything we were looking for.”

“It’s… wow.” I sat up fully and pulled the file onto my lap. The pictures looked amazing. “Is this for real? Can we actually get this?”

“It’s expensive,” he said as I flipped to the next page, revealing even more pictures. “But I’m not exactly poor, and neither is Sam.”

I had a hard time believing what I was seeing, even harder to not start bouncing with giddiness. “Wow…”

“The papers are already drawn up,” he said and reached out to flip to the last page. At the bottom of it I spotted his signature right next to a blank line. “Sam just needs to sign it too. After they look through it of course.”

“They’re gonna love it. I know they will,” I said, flipping back to the pictures. It really was perfect.

“Just take the whole thing with you,” he said and moved to sit up. “I’ll need it back by Friday if they agree.”

“Woo there,” I said and reached out to grab his shoulder before he could stand. Quickly closing the file, I threw it on the floor beside the bed. “Where do you think you’re going?”

He didn’t resist when I pulled him back down, grinning as he went. “Home to my loving wife of course. Where did you think I was going?”

“Mmmnope,” I said and climbed on top, straddling him. I could already feel his dick twitch under me. “I’m horny again so Rose will just have to wait a little longer. If she has a problem with that tell her to take it up with me.”

He grinned as he grabbed my waist and pushed me to the side, following the movements as he turned us around. Not a second later he was on top of me, his hardening dick poking at my entrance.

“I’ll be sure to tell her that,” he said before catching my lips with his.

There was still plenty of lubricant inside me from the last time his dick occupied the space, making the processes of repeating the gesture a trivial one.


Five Weeks Later


It had not been easy but after much painstaking preparation we were finally ready. Everything was set. The papers were signed, the spouses were convinced, the lovers were in consensus and the bags were packed and in the trunk.

Rose had been the easiest one to persuade. Nicholas had simply told her that most of his business on an upcoming trip had been canceled, leaving the opportunity of an impromptu vacation. It was true enough and she had been delighted by the idea. Of course the offer had also been extended to Liam which in turn ‘convinced’ his dad to let Claire come along. From there on it had been a simple step of making it into a dual family trip.

Dad had been the hardest one to convince because of the short notice. He didn’t want to leave the company without supervision for two whole weeks during such a critical time of expansion. It took some cajoling and I had to work some magic but eventually I managed to push up the acquisition deal to just before the trip was scheduled. From there on it had just been a matter of convincing him that we had capable people to keep an eye on things while we were gone.

Eventually he had agreed to come along without giving any special reason for his change of heart. Through mom though I had found out that he hoped it would give them a chance to ‘reconnect’ with one another. It hadn’t been intentional on her part but even I could see how their relationship had turned staler for every day that passed. Mostly, I think, it was because of her absolute refusal to sleep with him anymore, opting instead to come up with excuses every time he tried to make an advance.

I felt sorry for him bahis siteleri but I couldn’t say that I wasn’t fine with her decision. After all, it had come to the point where I considered us as an us. Not just mother and son but an actual couple. It was still super weird at times but we enjoyed the process of adjusting, slowly figuring out this new dynamic between us. The biggest problem we had, and I suspected it was something we would never be rid off, was the constant switching depending on our current company between being lovers and just mother and son. It was definitely exciting though, figuring it out together.

Now finally the time had come where everything we had planned would come together and either create a future for us or crush all our dreams. Every precaution had been taken to assure the outcome of the former but as the saying goes, even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

And it all started the second we got onto the plane.

“Ooo I want a window seat!” Claire squeaked, sounding extremely excited as she bounced into one of the two three-seat arrangements our tickets specified.

As per our planning I took the other window seat with mom sitting between me and dad.

“Do you mind taking the isle seat, son?” Nicholas asked Liam. “I hate it when people walk past and bump into my arm.”

“Sure, no problem,” he said, letting Nicholas slip in next to Claire.

Rose with her damaged knee had to get one of the special seats with extra leg room just behind the wing isle. She said she didn’t mind but it was easy to see that she was uncomfortable about it, having to use her cane and all.

The takeoff went off without a hitch, everything going good so far. Five minutes after we got into the air mom was up for the next part.

“Hey honey,” she said, talking low to dad. “Can you do me a huge favor?”

“Uh, sure honey,” he said, pulled out of the book he had begun reading. “What is it?”

She glanced over her shoulder at Rose and said, “There’s a seat free next to Rose. Do you mind sitting there for a while? I almost didn’t get any sleep last night and would really love to stretch out for a bit.” The free seat was on purpose, booked by Nicholas without telling them.

He glanced in the same direction as her and hesitated. “Can’t Sam…?”

“Oh I would ask him but he’s already sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up,” she said. Which I was, sort of. Pretending to at least, with a pair of headphones on for effect. “And between you and me,” she continued, whispering. “I feel a little bad for her. I think her and Nicholas are having some problems. Can’t you talk to her for a while, keep her company?”

He threw another glance over his shoulder before sighing, closing up his book. “Alright, yeah. I can do that.”

“Oh thank you honey,” she said and leaned in to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re the best.”

Once he was gone there wasn’t much need to pretend anymore. Still, I kept at it for a few more minutes while mom got out a blanket from her bag.

“You don’t mind me using you as a pillow, do you?” she whispered as she laid down across the seats.

The part about her not getting very much sleep the night before was true enough. Mom had stayed up ‘packing’ well into the night. It helped that she was always like that whenever we were going somewhere. Some of it was actually spent packing but most of it was spent out in the garage. More specifically, in the backseat of the car.

“Go right ahead,” I said, pretending to wake up.

Of course because of the bright light in the cabin it was only natural that she pulled the blanket up over her head to block it out. And of course it was just as natural — for us anyway — that there wasn’t much sleep going on right away. I pulled out a tablet and held it at an angle, pretending to read something on it. In reality I was covering up the slight bobbing of the blanket in my lap so that Liam across the isle wouldn’t notice anything.

The dick sucking wasn’t really part of the plan and she had mostly suggested it as a joke the night before. Not that I was very disappointed when the joke turned reality. It was pretty difficult though, keeping myself under control. I did allow myself a few sighs of relief though each time she managed to get me off.

Four hours of flight was a long time but a four hour blowjob felt even longer. Although I guess technically she didn’t spend all of it sucking on her sons dick as she did eventually end up falling asleep. That my flaccid and completely spent dick was still in her mouth was more of a technicality than anything really.

The occasional glance I threw at dad and Rose informed me that they seemed to be getting along quite nicely, talking and even sharing an odd laugh once in a while. It was pretty cool seeing him smile. He hadn’t been doing it very much lately.

We got to the hotel alright and it was from there on the real challenge would start. Mom and I had bahis şirketleri talked about it and we had both agreed to try to keep everything on the down low. With two weeks living so close to one another there would be very few times where we would be able to safely sneak off. It would be difficult, we both knew this, but it was much safer this way.

But damn, even before we were finished checking in I knew it was going to be even harder than we had anticipated.

“Want me to carry your bag?” dad asked, reaching out to grab the handle of mom’s blue roller bag.

“I’m fine,” she said and moved it away.

It was short and direct. There was no question about it. She was irritated. I knew why but dad didn’t.

“Are you sure? You look a little-”

“I said I’m fine,” she snapped.

I let out a sigh that was low enough to go unnoticed. She would have to get better at controlling herself if this was going to work. At least the others hadn’t noticed the exchange. Nicholas and Rose was busy checking in and Claire was hanging around close to Liam, smiling and looking bubbly as always. Mom could take a few pointers from her.

“Do you have the reservation papers?” dad asked as soon as the Wallace’s were done at the counter.

“No,” mom said and crossed her arms. I could see the annoyance in her eyes, a manifestation of something completely different than the current situation. “You were supposed to take them, remember? Don’t tell me you forgot them.”

Dad’s cheeks turned a little pink. “I… I thought-”

“I got them,” I said, stifling an eye roll as I began walking towards the reception desk.

I made sure my path went right in between them and as I passed I gave mom a very pointed look. She caught it, I saw, and her eyes narrowed just a fraction.

The check-in went smooth enough. Technically Nicholas had booked it but it wasn’t a problem for me to take care of. Two rooms, one for mom and dad and one for me and Claire. It just wouldn’t be proper for her to share a room with Liam even though I’m sure he would’ve liked nothing else. To keep up appearances though Claire had asked if she could and we had even decided that mom would agree, knowing full well that dad would never go for it. As predicted he hadn’t. He still thought she was his perfect little princess.

“Do you have to do that right in front of me?” I said, frowning and looking away as Claire wasted not a minute ripping off her clothes as soon as we were in the room.

“What? Little sis not doing it for ya? Has to be mommy?” she asked, sounding amused. “Besides, It’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Hand me that, will ya?”

I had to look at her to see what she was pointing at. She had her back to me, looking at herself in a mirror, pointing at something behind her. It was her swim suit, lying on the floor next to her open bag.

“When we were little, yes,” I said, turning my head as I handed it to her. “And you’re obviously not little anymore.”

“Hah,” she laughed. “Knew you would look. Perv.”

“But you’re…” I sighed and dropped my exasperation. It wasn’t worth it. She had literally undressed in front of me. Of course I had seen her. It would’ve been impossible not to. Fucking Claire.

“Perv perv perv,” she said in a sing song voice as she put her bikini on.

“Whatever,” I mumbled and turned my attention to my own bag, digging out my own swim trunks.

It took me a moment to find them and as soon as I stood back up they were snatched right out of my hand. I whirled around, scowling at her.

“Fuck off. Give ’em here,” I said, holding out my hand. I was not in the mood for her shit.

She just grinned at me, holding them above her head. “Come get them then. I’m sure you would like nothing better than to wrestle with your nearly naked sister. Perv.”

Closing my eyes I drew in a deep breath. It wasn’t worth it. I had to remind myself of this over and over. It just wasn’t worth it.

“Why are you so annoying today?” I asked, shaking my head, my eyes still closed.

“I dunno,” she casually said. “Maybe I’m just excited. Are you gonna come get these or what? My arms are getting tired.”

“I’m not gonna wrestle you Claire,” I said, reopening my eyes. There was a light in her eyes, teasing and taunting.

“You’re so boring,” she said and did a quick spin on the back of her heels, my trunks lifting like rotor blades as she did. “Fine. You can have them if you stare at my tits for five seconds and say you think they’re sexy.”

“I’m not-”

“Fine,” she cut me off, still grinning that infuriating grin at me. “Then I guess you’re not gonna need these then.” She lowered them behind her back, taking a step backwards.

I threw my arms in the air. “Fine! Fucking asshole.”

“I’m not really into that but Nikki’s been wanting to try-”


She knew just what she was doing, exactly how to annoy me. She was trying to get under my skin and it was fucking working. I almost wish I hadn’t found out about her and Nikki… Nicholas. Fucking…

“Five seconds bro,” she said and pushed her arms together in front of her, squeezing her breasts against each other.

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