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I meet you at the door of my hotel suite. You’re wearing your tuxedo still, but the tie is hanging over your shoulders and the top two buttons of your shirt are unbuttoned. You’re holding a bottle of champagne in one hand, and leaning against the doorway with the other. My black silk robe is open, and you can see my nipples hardening through my sheer black bra. Your eyes slide lower, over the olive skin of my belly, and you suck in your breath as you see my shaved pussy framed by my garter belt and lace stockings. You snake your arm inside my robe and behind my back pulling me towards you, your lips descending to mine with an urgent kiss. My body is tight against yours as you walk me back into the room, kicking the door closed behind you.

Our kisses are heated, my lips sucking at your lower lip, my tongue coaxing yours from your mouth, tasting it, sucking it. I feel the bed behind my knees and tighten my grip on your arms to keep from falling backward. I whisper against your mouth, “Pull the chair over in front of the mirror.” You look at me with a seductive gleam in your eye, tangling your fingers in my long black hair, bending my head back, and tasting my neck before you release me and pull the chair over.

I smile, and bite my lower lip as I think of the night ahead of us, and watch you place the chair in front of the full-length mirror. I walk over to you; my eyes focused on yours. I tug on your tuxedo shirt, pulling it out of your pants, and start unbuttoning it. I kiss and bite a path of heat across each inch of skin I expose, until your shirt is on the floor at our feet.

“What game are you playing at?” you whisper against my hair. I push you back into the chair with a naughty grin. “We’re dancing,” I chuckle, “and I’m leading.” I turn around, seeing you grin at me as I catch your eyes in the mirror.

There are several feet between the chair and the mirror, and I stand there watching you in it, as I shrug the cool, black silk from my shoulders, and let my robe pool at my feet. Your eyes travel over the back of me, my long, black hair covers canlı bahis me all the way down to my ass, framing it at the top as my garters frame the sides and my thigh highs, skim just below. Your hand is just out of reach, so I bend over, to straighten my stocking, and spread my legs. You can see me. You catch your self in the mirror, reaching forward to touch me. I can feel your strong hands against the smooth skin of my ass. I know you can see my glistening lips and tight little rosebud. My muscles squeeze involuntarily, and I hear you in an voice of aroused interest, “You need to show me what you were doing last night, when you were thinking about me.”

I straighten up in shock, my actions betraying the fact that my fingers had helped me think of you quite well last night. I hear you chuckle at my reaction, and know that you lead this dance so much better than I do. Trying to ignore the pink flush of my skin, I undo my bra shrugging out of it, letting it drop to the floor. I catch your eye in the mirror, watching my bouncing breasts. “Mmmmm, so you want to watch,” I purr and then snap the garter on my ass at you.

With an urgent growl you pull me back onto your lap, and wrap my hair around your hand in lazy circles, pulling my head back against your shoulder. My thighs are straddling yours, I can feel the heat of your skin on my back, and the texture of your pants on my ass. You settle me on your lap, and I can feel your imprisoned cock, hard in the cleft of my ass. I turn my head against your neck, gently tugging your earlobe with my teeth. I whisper into your ear, slow and liquid, “Watch how I think of you.”

You look at me in the mirror, your eyes dark and hungry. I trail my fingertips down my neck, through the valley of my full, hard tipped breasts. I slide my hands lower, over my belly, tracing around the button, then down my thighs. I reach my knees and then slip lower until I’m touching yours. My hands slide between them, and you understand I want you to spread your legs wide, opening mine in the process.

My hair is one of your hands; bahis siteleri your other hand is tantalizing the underside of my breast. You can see this as you slowly open my legs, giving your eyes access to my glistening pink pussy. I feel your heartbeat quicken as I hook my feet around your calf muscles, and squirm my ass back against your erection. You cup my breast lifting it to my mouth. I catch your eye in the mirror, and staring at you with heavy-lidded arousal, I bend my head to my breast, flick my tongue over my pinky tip, sized nipple and suck it into my mouth. I moan on my nipple, sending electric vibrations right to the core of me. My thighs tense over yours but you hold me wide, watching the liquid effect on my plump cunt.

I lift my lips from my nipple, and watch myself in the mirror. I am caught in a daze of groggy arousal. I can see myself spread open on your lap, my nipples hard. My breasts are rising up and down; almost shimmering with every short breath I take. I’m lost in the moment, thinking of you. Even though you are here, I am in my own space, about to bring myself to that urgent peak. I watch myself, and bring my hands lower over my skin. I can feel my fingertips on my belly, then my hands on my thighs, firm like they are yours. I slide my hands over my knees, then back up my inner thighs, teasing myself the closer I get to my wet slit. I can feel my thighs tense the more I raise my state of arousal. I start circling my hips, rocking them, dreaming of your mouth on me. I take one finger, and slip it slowly between my pussy lips, missing my clit, and just pressing inside myself to feel my wetness. My finger slips in easily, and I arch my hips up to take it deeply. I slip my finger out and start to bring it to my lips.

I feel you grasp my hand. I’m shocked out of my dream state, as you suck my essence from my finger. I pull my finger out of your mouth, swirling it over your tongue, then turn to taste you. I can taste my tangy sweetness on your tongue, and moan as I suck you. I break the kiss, turning back to the mirror. I watch you, bahis şirketleri watching me, and remember that I am doing this to pleasure you.

I take my hand and spread my pussy lips, pressing my hips forward, so my clit pops out. Then take my wet finger and slowly start to rub tiny, wet, feathery circles over my clit. I can feel your breath ragged against my neck, as I press two fingers into me. You can see my cunt swallow my fingers, and you can hear me start to moan. I’m rubbing slowly back and forth over my clit, from left to right. I can feel the heat building the tell tale pink flush is spreading over my entire body. You can see the creamy arousal on my fingers as they plunge in and out of my pussy. My thighs are shaking and you hold them wide, groaning in my ear, “Open your eyes, little one. Look at me, and know you’re cumming for me.”

I am panting with need. I can feel my body begin to shudder uncontrollably. I see myself in the mirror and look deeply in your eyes, as my head thrashes back and forth, my body on the brink. I press my fingers deeply inside my cunt and gasp loudly as I feel that soft sensitive spot deep inside. The liquid pressure starts filling my pussy with every stroke of my fingers. My thighs are splayed wide. I beg for you to hold my thighs tightly, to help me build the pressure.

You hold my thighs lightly, and know I need a firmer grasp on them to cum. “Who leads this dance?” you say with sensual control, “Say the words” I look at you in the mirror, crazy with need, willing to say or do anything. Knowing that even with self gratification I need the thought of you, the feel of you.

“You always lead,” I pant, “Pleeeaaaaaaaaase….oh please!!!!!!” My pussy is contracting around my fingers, you grab my thighs tightly, grinding your hard cock against me.

“CUM for me,” you barely whisper against my ear. You bite my neck and watch me in the mirror as you feel my juices flood over your pants. I am groaning my release, as you hold me tightly, watching my writhing body. I shudder one last time as I slip my fingers from my pussy.

I lift them to your lips, my entire hand soaked from my gushing cum. You suck each finger separately, and I lift my mouth to yours to taste. My fingers in your mouth, your tongue in mine. This night is far from over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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