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Author’s preamble.

This is a tale about consensual mother-son incest with some spanking. All participating characters are over the age of 18. The story is entirely fictitious and any similarity to people or places is purely co-incidental.


The merry wives of Windsor.

“You know girls, I could pop my cork for that one.” Cathy nodded towards the poolside where Johnny Johnson was flexing his muscles ready to dive in.

“That’s my son for god’s sake,” retorted Jane, shocked at her friend’s half-whispered comment. “You’re old enough to be his mother.”

The third of the trio of 39 years old women took a slug of her wine and squinted in the sun to look at the youth who was now swimming away from them. “Come on Jane, he is one gorgeous hunk.”

“My two best friends lusting after my son. Jeez, this is absurd.”

“Just saying …” responded Sandy. “Just between the three of us, Tony has been working way too much for his own good and is usually too tired to look after me and your Carl is a dream Cathy, while we are being indiscrete. He’s a horny bastard too; always looking at my babies.” She hoisted her very generous bosom that was almost indecently bikini-clad.

“Well you flaunt them under his nose enough.” Cathy lifted her shades to look at her friends. “Let’s face it, we three have all raised good looking sons and while we’re being honest Jane, don’t think I haven’t noticed you checking out my Carl’s butt and package. I wouldn’t put it past you to have had your fingers down your knickers, especially since your Roger fucked off.”

Jane face flushed. It was true; she’d always been a horny bitch. That was fine when her ex had been around, as Roger had always given her a good rogering. Now he had gone she only had her fingers and toys to keep her going. And her fantasies about her friends’ sons: even her own Johnny now and then, if truth be known. That was why she had reacted to Cathy’s comment about how gorgeous he was. Pure guilt.

“Why are you blushing Jane?” asked Sandy. “Do tell your best friends all your dirty secrets.”

Jane blushed even more furiously as Cathy and Sandy convulsed in laughter. They had been drinking all through the hot afternoon and were more than a little tipsy. “Not blushing, just too much of this,” she retorted, lifting her glass; she promptly drank the contents and held it out for Sandy to refill. “Anyway, you’ve both got your hubbies to keep you going.”

“Jane,” said Cathy, her voice now seeming sympathetic, “seriously, if you want to make a pass at Carl, you have my blessing. Maybe he can rock your boat.” She reached over and rested her hand on her friend’s arm.

“How could you think such a thing: your own son? And why would I think of such a thing?”

“Hell Jane,” Sandy chimed in, “I wouldn’t give a shit if you screwed my Shaun. It would be a good experience for him. Better than him knocking up some big titted bimbo from the shallow end of the gene pool.”

Jane felt herself blushing again and took another gulp of wine.

Sandy stage-whispered to Cathy, “I bet that’s what she’s thinking about right now. Having a virile twenty year old between her thighs.”

“You could be right there. Look at her nips.” Cathy checked that Johnny wasn’t looking then flicked her fingernail across Jane’s nearest nipple; it was playing tents under her bikini top.

Jane’s body was indeed tingling inside. Sandy’s crude remark about having a virile young man between her thighs had implanted itself on her imagination. Cathy’s comment about her being good experience for him also hit fertile ground. It would solve her own urgencies and it might be fun to teach him how to treat a woman. Her flicked nipple brought her back from the tiny fantasy that had been taking shape. She squealed, spilling wine across her right breast, making her jerk from the cold liquid. Calming down, she swigged the remaining wine and held out the glass for a refill. Sandy obliged and Jane’s mind returned to her thoughts: a plan started to form in her mind.

“Hey Cathy, how would you feel if my Johnny was to make love to you all afternoon? Or you Sandy, how would you like if he shot his load in all three of your holes, again in an afternoon? And now it’s not just my nipples sticking out.” She pointed a finger to each of her friends’ breasts. Four more nipples were now making their presence visible. “I have a Cunning Plan …” Jane’s Cunning Plan was put on hold as Johnny pulled himself out of the pool, squeegeed the water from hair and body with his hands then walked past them towards the patio door, unaware that six eyeballs were checking him out after he had passed.

“Let’s make it open season on our sons,” Jane continued. “Any of us can seduce the boys, even out here where we can all watch, agreed?”

“Maybe that’s pushing it a bit Jane. In front of everybody,” said Cathy. She too, for different reasons was left feeling neglected in the bedroom; Pete had always been ataşehir escort bayan reluctant to act on her fantasies. The thought of Johnny making love to her all afternoon was exciting; but to do it in public? She shivered inside: she was not an exhibitionist so why was her pussy tingling?

“Hey Jane, that would be such a turn on. Let’s all get topless then get Johnny to text the other two to come over for a swim.” Sandy was much more enthusiastic and started untying the strings holding her minimal bikini top in place. She held the tiny triangles over her nipples then looked from one to the other at her two friends.

Jane was conscious of her own nipples straining her bikini and her pussy was tingling. It was her son who would see her boobs. Well, the thought that she knew he had sneaked a look at them at least once when she forgot to lock the bathroom door consoled her. But to reveal them to him deliberately? That was different but by god exciting. Her hands went behind her back, released the hooks and let the shoulder straps fall down her arms. Sandy’s top was now on the floor and her breasts sported huge erect nipples. The two topless mothers now stared at Cathy who, after a few long seconds, reluctantly pulled her top over her head and dropped it at her side, embarrassed that her friend’s son would see her breasts. She turned over on her lounger and lay face down, feeling the blush warming her face.

Sandy tweaked her nipples, making them stick out even more and Jane had to admire her friend’s breasts. Was she being turned on by the lewd display? She had never walked down the gay side of the street but wondered what Sandy’s breasts would feel like in her hands. No wonder Carl lusted after them.

“Jeez Mum,” she heard her son’s voice, “and Mrs Smith …” he stood there without finishing the sentence as he stared lustingly at Sandy’s big tits, glancing back guiltily to his mother’s smaller set now and then.

“Johnny, please fetch us another couple of bottles from the fridge, and bring some beers. We have decided to sunbathe topless this summer; you’ll get used to it.”

“Yes Mum.” He turned back towards the house and almost stumbled as his head kept turning back to refresh the vision in his eyes.

“Why don’t you text Carl and Shaun and tell them to come over for a couple of beers and a swim?” Jane called to his retreating figure. He called his friends and told each of them to get their asses over. Their Mums had invited them over for a few beers. “And all three of them are topless.”

Johnny returned, carrying two wine bottles and a four pack of beer, all the way unsuccessfully trying to hide the erection in his shorts. Sandy put the bottles and cans into the cooler then patted the lounger next to her. “Did you call your mates?”

“Yes Mrs Smith, Shaun will pick up Carl on his way over.”

“OK, you’re in charge of the drinks this afternoon Johnny. Keep the beers and wine coming. Before you sit down, you can refill our glasses. When he moved round her to fill her glass, he had to stand close. His erection was tenting his shorts right in front of her face. She licked her lips and reached out to grasp it, feeling his hard length and thickness. Embarrassed at this, he looked over at his mother. She was just watching this with a little smile on her face. He saw her give him an almost imperceptible nod of approval. It was OK with her. And he was a healthy and very randy youth. He was reluctant to leave Mrs Smith but forced himself to leave her and approached his half-naked Mum.

Jane looked her son up and down. His was truly a fine body and the bulge of his tool looked interestingly big, to say the least. She resisted the temptation to reach for it as he filled her glass but she felt her pussy responding to his maleness. Breaking the incest taboo would be so easy with her son. Little did she know that he had secretly lusted after her ever since he started turning into a man. Mrs Smith’s globes were massive but he preferred the neater tits of his mother.

He moved on to Cathy. She had her face turned and had been surreptitiously watching the scene played before her, even Sandy’s groping of Johnny. In spite of herself, she was turned on by it all. When the young man approached her with the wine, she half raised her body so that her breasts were exposed to his gaze. They were just a tad bigger than his mother’s and would be lovely to hold, to squeeze and to suck that little nipple into his mouth.

He was almost drooling as he returned the nearly empty bottle back to the cooler but before he sat down next to Shaun’s mother, she said, “Give me a kiss Johnny.” He bent down intending to give her a respectful peck on the cheek but she had other ideas. She looped her hand round the back of his head, pulled him into a raunchy open-mouthed kiss and raised his hand to one of her breasts. They stayed like that for many seconds as she once again gripped his tool. To Jane and even more escort kadıöy so to Cathy, Sandy’s ‘public’ kissing and groping seemed a little over the top but Johnny was not complaining.

They heard the door chimes so Jane told her son to let his friends in. While he was gone, Jane told Sandy not to be so blatant with her Johnny. Sandy just smiled enigmatically. “All this talk and maybe the wine have me firing on all cylinders. I’m going to get myself fucked senseless this afternoon and there are three horny youths.”

It occurred to Jane first and to Cathy a few seconds later what Sandy had said, and the implication that she would fuck her own son. Jane felt her pussy tingling again: yes by god, she would love to have her Johnny’s prick up her cunt. She was surprised at the crudity of her thoughts. Cathy’s thoughts we not so well defined. She was coming round to the idea that she would enjoy an afternoon of lust, but with her own son? A step too far she thought, and then watched as the three boys came out of the house. They were all wearing nothing but shorts and all of them had tents in their shorts.

Sandy’s husband liked her to show off her boobs and she was something of an exhibitionist so she often wore a simple housecoat at home and was careless with the belt so Shaun had seen much of his Mum’s lovely globes but for the first time he saw them bare. Mrs Johnson’s were much smaller than his Mum’s but they had big hard nipples. Mrs Cornell also had a lovely pair: she had turned over and let the boys see them, but she blushed.

“Grab yourself a beer and come here Carl. Don’t be shy.”

“Yes Mrs Johnson.” Carl was obviously nervous as he pulled the ring on his beer can and took a hefty gulp then walked to her.

“If you’re going to fuck me Carl, and you are going to fuck me, I think you can call me Jane. Now come and kiss me.”

“Yes Jane.”

Cathy looked at Sandy and saw Johnny’s shorts round his ankles; Sandy’s mouth was slurping around his erection while he was mauling her big tits. Jane was also getting her tits moulded by Carl and she was stroking his tool through his shorts as they shared a passionate kiss. “Shaun,” she said, trembling a little, “I guess we don’t want to be left behind the others do we?”

“No Mrs Cornell.” He knelt beside her and took one of her nipples in his mouth.

“Call me Cathy; as Jane says, if we are going to fuck each other’s brains out, we don’t need to be formal. Now get those shorts off and show me what you’ve got for me.” Shaun quickly shucked off his shorts and Cathy saw the lovely prick that bobbed in front of her eyes. She wanted that inside her, she had to have it, so she pushed her bikini bottoms down her legs and off. Her fingers went automatically to her pussy, feeling the juices there as she diddled with her clitoris. The whole atmosphere on the patio was supercharged with sex so she forgot her inhibitions and pulled Shaun to her by his prick and told him to fuck her. She spread her legs wide so her feet were on the ground either side of her lounger. Shaun knelt between them and brought his tool to the entrance to her pussy. “Shove it in Shaun, I want it hard.” She squealed when he obeyed and thrust it all the way home. “Now fuck me.”

“It’s been a while since I had any sex Carl,” said Jane, barely whispering her instruction to her would-be lover, “so take it slowly: be gentle with me.” Carl continued playing with Jane’s breasts, suckling on the nipples, one of his hands slipping under her bikini panties and inserting a finger into the slickness of her pussy. She was stroking the hard flesh with her hand inside his shorts. After a few minutes, she told him to remove her last shred of clothing and to get rid of his shorts.

She welcomed him between her legs and he respected her need for gentle sex. He rubbed his tool around her pussy, getting his member lubricated in the juices leaking from her. He introduced it to the entrance and pushed forward slowly, feeling her pussy walls gripping him as he slid slowly in, pausing now and then to let Jane’s pussy adjust, until he was balls deep. He rested there for a few seconds with Jane’s hands around his arse, holding him deep inside her. Then he started to slide in and out very slowly. She felt every ridge and bulge of his tool as he worked his whole length inside her and was happily surprised to feel an orgasm building in her belly so soon.

Jane looked over to her friend Cathy. Shaun now had her legs over his shoulders and he was pounding into her pussy. With her encouragement, he was slapping her bum every now and then while she savaged her own nipples. It was not long before Shaun called, “I’m coming Cathy.”

“Yes, yes, fuck me; fill me with your seed, YEYEYEYES,” as she felt him pulsing into her she screamed out her orgasm.

Meanwhile Sandy had got rid of her panties and had Johnny screwing her into the lounger to the obvious joy of them both. Her scream brought on Jane’s beautiful maltepe escort orgasm and she was conscious of Carl’s prick unloading his young balls deep inside her. She held the deflating prick inside her as long as she could until it finally slipped away. Jane looked around at the other two couples: as was she, they were all resting after their passions. Carl moved his body off hers so she stood and waved her son towards her. “Let’s get a few more beers, Johnny.”

She turned and walked into the house, Johnny following her. In the kitchen, she turned and stood facing the door as Johnny came in. Somehow, she felt more naked now than she had on the lounger outside. Johnny could not keep his eyes off his mother’s body on full display, even the mixed sperm and her orgasmic juices seeping down her thigh. She approached him and put her hands on his shoulders, looking him directly in the eyes. “Are you OK with all this?”

“I guess I’m OK, but dare I say I’m jealous of Carl?”

With one of her hands, she pulled him to her breast as she grasped his prick with the other. “Do you want to fuck your old Mum? Do you want to put this prick into my pussy?”

“Yes Mum. I’ve wanted you since forever.”

She closed in and kissed him passionately: open-mouthed and tongue probing. It took her son a few seconds to respond but soon he was kissing her back with equal passion. She was still rubbing his prick up and down, thrilling to feel it expanding to full size again and Johnny was enthusiastically moulding and squeezing his Mum’s breasts. They we interrupted by Sandy who whistled softly when she saw the two would-be lovers clutching and kissing each other. “Well, look at you two dark horses: mother and son getting real close. Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I did already think about that. Why don’t you continue this on the patio and maybe I can persuade Shaun into my arms and, more to the point, into my pussy.”

Throughout her little speech, Johnny and Jane were still absorbed in each other as they both recognized their mutual fantasies. “Let’s do just that, Johnny,” she said as Sandy walked back out to the patio. Hand in hand, they followed her, the beers that they originally came for completely forgotten. “Sit on the lounger Darling: I’m going to straddle you and sink down onto a new and forbidden erection.” Johnny sat; Jane straddled and sank blissfully onto the man-sized tool, moaning as she felt her son’s flesh fill her warm tunnel.

Sandy had gone up to her son and whispered into his ear, “You’ve been lusting after my body for long enough Shaun. Today your dreams come true: fuck me, fuck your mother. Get back into the cunt you came from.” She dropped to her knees and raised her butt, ready to be fucked doggy fashion. Shaun sank to his knees behind her, his prick already solid, and drilled his Mum from the back as his hands reached round to grope at the breasts that had taunted him for so long.

Cathy looked around and saw her two friends both having uninhibited sex with their own sons. Her resistance was fading; the wild fuck Shaun had just given her left her wanting more. She knew what she wanted; could her son do what his father refused? Would he? This afternoon had turned wild; the wine she had consumed had burned her inhibitions away.

“OK,” she thought, “we are pushing far beyond any boundaries so I’m going to turn it up another notch.” She saw her son pulling another can from the cooler, watched as he pulled the ring and put the can to his mouth, swallowing about half the contents before lowering the can and wiping his mouth on his forearm. He then looked over at his mother who was laid out on her lounger, legs spread wide with Shaun’s sperm oozing from her wide-open pussy. She beckoned her son over to her side; he came and knelt beside her lounger.

“Mum, you have Shaun’s … stuff … leaking out of you down there. You look slutty and you were encouraging him to smack you.”

Unbeknown to him, he was leading her on to where she wanted to go. “Carl, you don’t know how slutty I feel. Will you do your Mum a favour? It’s something I’ve always wanted but your Dad would never do for me.”

Carl looked at her face: she was breathing heavily and her eyes were shining. Whatever it was, he could see she was turned on just thinking about whatever it was that she wanted. “What’s that Mum?”

She said nothing for a few seconds, plucking up her courage. Finally she whispered, “Carl, I want you to put me over your knee and spank my bottom very hard, here in front of the others. I have always wanted to be spanked in public and this seems like the best chance I’ll ever get. Then I want you to humiliate me and rape my arse.” She was embarrassed that she had asked this of her son, and that was part of her fantasy. “Do this for me Carl and I’ll be your slut to do with as you like any time, anywhere. God, I feel so horny just thinking about it.”

It was Carl’s turn to remain silent while he quickly realised the possible ramifications of the request. He whispered back to his mother, “You’ll be my slut even after this afternoon if I do this for you?”


“What about Dad? How could you be my slut when he’s around?”

“We can work it out somehow Carl.”

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