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That first night that Sonia and I shared ourselves was the most sensuous, almost nirvana-like experience of both of our lives. Needless to say that it made us connect in a way that we would not have believed possible. Of course we never wanted it to end and wanted to stay in our bliss forever. However, reality had other ideas. We knew that what we have cannot never be disclosed and can never be shared with others. The extent of our relationship had to remain what we always were and have been in the eyes of the world – that we are family. We knew that none of our relatives could ever come to know about this or it would unleash such a disaster that the family would be ripped apart. Fortunately for both of us, we no longer lived with our family!

We decided that both of us didn’t want our sexual experiences to end. However, we were both mature and adult enough to understand that certain ground rules had to be set and always adhered to. We could not change our attitudes and behaviors towards each other in front of our friends and roommates. Things had to be the way they were. We had to continue our two independent lives because we were cousins/family first and lovers second. We also decided that we would only have sex when circumstances allowed (though at times we did manipulate them to our advantage) and would not take any unnecessary risks. Finally and this was most important, we both knew that we would never end up with each other on a permanent basis. We both knew that marriage was out of the question, both legally, socially, and culturally. So we had to be realistic and when and if the time comes, we will have to date and jealously could never ever be a part of our lives. Family first, lovers second.

Sonia, and I made this pact with each other and we stuck to it. Like in any other relationship we had ups and downs, but as promised, we were always there for each other. Through good times, and hard ones. We did date other people and when things were bad we found comfort in each other’s arms. It wasn’t easy but it was always worth it. We actually used it to our advantage. We became each other’s sexual student and teacher. We both tried new positions and techniques and practiced on each other. So our dates were always very satisfied with us. But if we ever wanted more, we both had outlets. Although I didn’t have that much of a problem getting satisfaction, apparently because of Sonia’s high sex drives, her dates couldn’t keep up so that worked out really well for me. I do want to emphasize that neither of us were sexual maniacs, but we did have a handful of relationships in out collage days.

We went through four years of this, and then both of us got our doctorates. Sonia got a job at a prestigious business firm in the same city as our University, while I got a job in neighboring state. Saying good bye was tough, but it was necessary. Real life was calling. I got a single bedroom apartment in my city while Sonia moved to a 3 bedroom one and found two female roommates. She didn’t like living alone so they were there more for the company. We both got busy with work, but always kept in touch almost on a daily basis. A few months into our news lives we had a three day weekend so I decided to go and see her. Obviously the family wanted us to come home, but I told them that I had to see my professors about a potential business opportunity and Sonia said she had to prepare for an upcoming conference with her group at work. Since the entire family has a very strong emphasis on education and work ethic, no one minded and were actually supportive our of dedication to our work.

I told Sonia that I would be coming in on Friday night after work and we’ll have dinner together. I told her to invite her roommates as well, though she didn’t understand why. She wanted a nice romantic dinner with me, and I told her we would do that the following night but I needed to break the ice with the roommates to ensure the weekend went smoothly. She understood my plan and the stage was set. She invited her roommates who readily accepted as apparently they had heard about me from Sonia during one of my many call to her.

I came into town around 7 pm and drove straight to Sonia’s apartment. I rang the door bell and Sonia opened the door, exquisitely dressed for a night out! She was wearing a low cut top and jeans that completely hugged her ass. She looked as beautiful as ever. I gave her a hug as I walked in and kissed her on the cheek (her roommates were home).

“Hey Sonia, I’m back!” I said.

“Great to see you.” She replied as she hugged me. “I’ve missed you so much.” She quickly whispered and give me a hard squeeze because anyone would notice. She let go of me and waved me in.

“I’d like you to meet my friends. This is Preeti.” She smiled pointing to a girl dressed in the traditional Indian Shalwar Kameez. Preeti rose from the couch and extended her hand which I shook in a friendly manner. Preeti had a very cordial and friendly face. She was not as slim as canlı bahis Sonia but that did not take anything away from her charm. She had long hair that was tied in a single ponytail.

“And this is Neha.” Sonia continued, pointing to the other friend, who also rose and shook my hand. Neha also had a very friendly face, but had very dark and piercing eyes. She had a friendly but firm hand shake. Neha was dressed in a knee length skirt with a semi professional blouse. She had a figure similar to Sonia with shoulder length hair.

“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you.” I said. I brought my bag in and we all sat down for a bit. “Sonia tells me that both of you work for the same company as her and that you too started around the same time.”

“Yes.” Preeti said. “Actually we met in the company orientation and since both Neha and I were living in a Hotel, Sonia came up with this idea. We call her the resident expert as she’s been here for so long.”

“You’ve spent even more time here haven’t you?” Neha asked.

“8 Years and 2 degrees later.” I laughed. “It was time to see the rest of the world.”

“Well then you are the new expert in town, guess we should pay your for your consulting fees.” she quipped. She turned out to have a nice sense of humor after all.

“Because you are such good friends of Sonia, all consulting is free.” I laughed too.

“My my, Sonia, you did tell he your cousin was so generous too.” Chided Preeti.

“Oh he’s special alright.” Sonia smiled. “Well I don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry, so what’s the plan?” She asked.

“Well, why don’t I freshen up, and you guys as ready then we’ll head out.” I said “I hope both of you will be joining us.” I looked at Neha and Preeti.

“Well if you insist.” Neha said.

“I do.” I said. “It will give us a chance to get to know each other.”

“Ok, then while you freshen-up I’ll go and change too.” Preeti said getting up.

A few minutes later as we were getting ready to leave, Preeti came back dressed in a full length skirt with a sleeveless top that accentuated her heavy breasts. I gestured the ladies out the door and when I followed Sonia out, I didn’t see any panti-lines. I just smiled to myself anticipating the night.

We went to a nice restaurant and dinner was a lot of fun. Neha and Preeti were indeed very nice and the four of us got along fabulously well. We joked and laughed as we ate and drank, all the while Sonia and I were playing footsie with each other. It was a booth style place so Sonia and I sat in one side and Neha and Preeti on the other. Sonia kept rubbing her hand up and down my thigh in slow movements under the table coming closing to my dick, and then going away. She was having the desired affect on me as I was started to get hand. I had a feeling this would happen so I actually wore my bikini style brief rather than my boxers so my arousal would not get prominent.

I didn’t want to only one to be suffering so I managed to place my hand on Sonia’s thigh and rub it as well, but since she was wearing jeans I didn’t have much access to anything else. Though once in a while I pressed my finger on the crotch of her jeans, causing Sonia to breathe in a just a bit harder that normal. After dinner we ordered some dessert and now it was time for me to bring forth the reason why I wanted to have dinner with Sonia and her roommates my first night there.

“Sonia I need a favor.” I said.

“What’s up?” She inquired genuinely.

“Could I borrow your apartment key?” I asked.

“Any particular reason?” She asked again.

“Well, since this is a home coming for me, I’d like to step out later tonight to check out my old hang out spots and I don’t want to wake any one since I might be coming in late. I have a few friends I’m thinking of meeting. I’ll be sleeping on the couch, this way non of you girls have to get bothered.” I turned to Neha and Preeti “I hope you both won’t mind if I have the key while I stay here.”

“Not at all.” they both replied.

Sonia started to get the message, handed me the key and said “Sure no problem, but just don’t stay up too late. I don’t want to sleep your days here.”

We stayed out till about 11 pm and then headed home. After chatting for about another hour, the girls decided to call it a night. Sonia brought me a couple of pillows and bedding and made the couch as comfortable as possible. I announced my plan to leave so Sonia gave me good night hug, and went to the bathroom. Neha and Preeti also said their good nights and went to their room.

As soon as their rooms were shut, I opened my bag, pulled out a package, shut it up again, opened the main door, shut the living room lights, shut the main door and locked it. Then I slowly walked into Sonia’s bedroom and stood behind the door with the package. Sonia walked into her room, turned to shut her door, and looked at me. She smiled, and locked her door. She opened her arms and I walked into them and gave her bahis siteleri the most sensuous hug I could muster. She was wearing a spaghetti top and a pajama bottom as she usually did, and she looked good enough to eat. But that was for later.

I was lost in the moment as we hugged each other. It was as if our bodies needed to feel each other, to hold each other…almost as if time stood still. I brought my hand up and gently held her face and I gently kissed her lips. The gentleness only lasted an instant as our passions took over ad we started kissing each other like two people craving each other’s feel. Our lips locked, and our tongues connected, as we hugged each other even tighter. I felt my hands leaving her face and starting to roam all over her back, her waist and her ass. Her tight supple pajama-covered ass was free of panties and I could feel her push back on my hands as I caressed her butt. Our lust was over taking our love and our passion was over whelming our sensuality. We kissed each other with the urgency we both know we felt. We both started rubbing our hands over each other bands and butts and breathing heavily as our kisses became more and more raw.

As we broke our impassioned embrace, I picked her up in my arms and gently laid her on the bed and placed a soft kiss on her now wet lips.

“I have a little something for you.” I smiled.

“Oh, I wouldn’t call it little.” Sonia said with a wink as she rubbed her hand on my crotch.

“Well thank you, but that’s not what I was referring to.” I chided.

I picked up the package that I had bought from the floor and handed it to her. Sonia smiled broadly started opening her gift eagerly.

“Oooohhh, what an assortment! Let’s see, this is very interesting.” She said lifting out the first item. It was a Black silk negligee with a lace bust and black lace thong panties. It had red embroidery around the bust line with a small delicate rose at the cleavage. The lingerie left nothing to the imagination. Sonia looked at me with a sly smile and returned to the package. She lifted out a pair of scented candles with matches and a Kenny CD (her favorite instrumentalist).

“Mood makers, huh?” She asked. I smiled back. “Well I’ve been in the mood ever since you walked in the door. Trust me they would be redundant.”

“Always good to be prepared.” I said.

“I can see that.” She said picking out the last two items. A pack of ribbed condoms and KY Jelly lubricant. “Once a boy scout, always a boy scout, Huh?” Without waiting for an answer, Sonia lifted herself up and gave me a hug.

“These are lovely, but did you bring anything for you to wear?” She said looking in the package again.

“Of course I did.” I replied with a grin. “The condoms!” Sonia laughed her beautiful laugh again and I just thought how lucky I was.

“Ok, now I want you to turn around and close your eyes for a second. Since you went to all this trouble for me, let me set them up for you.”

Sonia puttered around the room, setting up the CD and the candles, and when I opened my eyes again, the room was lit by candles, the CD was playing softly, and Sonia looked liked an angel in the candle light wearing the lingerie. The black negligee was in stark contrast to her fair skin and her dark nipples were clearly showing through the lace bust. The lingerie ended halfway down her butt, so the crotch of the panties was clearly visible. Knowing that I have a weakness for hairy pussies, hers in particular, I was glad to see Sonia had been letting her pussy hair grow. The hairs were not only visible through the lace of her panties, but also some were sticking out of the sides of her crotch. As Sonia laid there on the bed, I was mesmerized by the work of perfection that lay before me.

Sonia beckoned me with her finger, drawing me to her. I walked over to her and gently ran my finger over her face and lips. Sonia kissed my finger lips lightly, as I continued to trace my fingers on her chin and neck. My eyes followed my finger and I traced the seams of the negligee around her breasts. I brought my finger to the small rose and then trace it down in a straight line to her navel, lingering there for a bit, before going down further to my treasured destination.

I gently ran my finger over her panty-covered mound as was delighted to feel her soft hair sticking out of the lace. I felt the soft wisps on my finger tips as I slowly slid down, feeling the lace started to feel hot and wet. I teased her crotch with finger tips by lightly rubbing the now growing wet spot. I brought my finger to my nose, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath letting her musk intoxicate me.

“Oh, you know how to make a girl feel sexy and wanted.” Sonia whispered.

“You make it come naturally to me.” I looked into as her eyes with a sincerity that I have rarely felt with other girls.

Sonia sat up and kissed my lips again, and started to undo my shirt. She kissed my chest as she undid each button. I took my bahis şirketleri shirt off and Sonia started to plant butterfly kisses all over my pecks and started to flick her tongue on my nipples. Sonia made me lay down as she undid my belt and pants and showing her eagerness she felt, completely pulled them out. My dick was starting to get hard again, and I had already started pre-cumming admiring Sonia. There was a wet spot on my briefs which Sonia felt with her finger tips. She brought the finger to her lips and licked them with the tip of her tongue. She looked at me again, and keeping her eyes locked into mine, she placed her hands on the sides of my underwear, held the waist band and in one swift motion pulled them down, leaving me naked in all my glory.

Once again, without breaking eye contact, Sonia got between my legs and took semi-hard cock into her mouth. Sonia can’t deep throat without gagging so she loves to take all of me when I’m soft and make me hard in my mouth using nothing but her tongue and lips. Sonia’s hot mouth is one of the best I have ever felt (without exaggeration) and I felt a twitch as I released more of my pre-cum in her mouth which she just lapped and swallowed. She sealed her lips around the base of my now hardening cock and started to suck as she pull her head back, making me grow hard with every movement. I was hard in moments.

To this point Sonia had not broken eye contact and looking into her eyes seeing the candle light reflect back from them as she sucked me was too erotic for words. Without saying a word, she took me out of her mouth, took a condom from the pack, unrolled it in my hard dick, and poured lube on the condom. She then got over my ceiling-pointing dick, moved the crotch of her panties to the side and lowered her self on me.

This was new to me because we always had sex completely naked, and as she lowered hot pussy on my throbbing dick, I could feel the crotch of the panties rubbing across the sides of my dick. Sonia took me in fully and leaned forward to kiss me. Her silk negligee felt extremely sensuous on my chest and as she started to move back her forth, the inclusion of the silk added a new element of sensuality that I had not expected. Sonia straightened again and started to buck her hips as I held her waist.

“I’ve been missing this so much.” She moaned. “I want to feel it deep in me.” Sonia said as she ground her pussy down hard on my cock. I could feel her cervix hitting my cock as she pushed down.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long.” I managed. “You have the best pussy!”

“Then fuck me hard, lover.” She said. “Show me how much you love my pussy.”

Sensuality aside, Sonia and I were comfortable enough to talk very dirty during sex. Flipping her over I started to fuck her pussy missionary style. Sonia hugged me as I humped into slowly into her. I kissed her neck and licked trailed up and down her neck. I gently bit into her shoulder timing my bites with my strokes.

“Fuck! I’m getting close.” she said. “Go faster! Please.”

Feeling the pleasure pressure start to build in my balls as well, I started to pick up my speed, smacking into her hard and hoping the walls here sound proof. Sonia hugged me tighter and started to rub her nails up and down my back – a sure sign that she was about to cum.

“Oh yea, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” She panted and then held her breath and squeezed her arms around me. I continued humping getting close myself, and as Sonia came could feel her pussy contract around my cock which completely pushed me over the edge. I came deep in her feeling her pussy contract in response to every spurt my cock was making. Our orgasms subsided and I just laid on her letting serenity overtake take both of us. I started to feel myself grow soft in her, so I gently pulled of her very wet pussy.

In total silence I laid back next to net and we just hugged, enjoying afterglow of the sexual roller coaster we had just been on. Sonia turned her head to me and gently kissed me.

“How can something so wrong feel so right?” She asked

“It can’t.” I said. “It must be right.”

Sonia looked at me and smiled. “Right.” She rolled over me, and straddled me again with that mischievous grin again.

“You know I’m a little surprised that I’m still dressed. You always tore my clothes off me during sex, and I still have a ripped, bra, two ripped panties and one ripped negligee to prove it.”

“You looked so heavenly that I just couldn’t bring myself to spoil the image” I said

“Aww, really?” she smiled

“Yes, besides you were doing such a great job on my dick, I didn’t want to break your concentration.” I added

“You smoothie you.” she said in a I-should-have-known attitude. “Well now that your cock as happy, how about taking care of these.” Pointing at her breasts, “or have you forgotten your old friends?”

“First of all, there is nothing old about them. Second, I’m only getting started dear.” With that, I slipped my hands down, held the negligee seams and pulled them over her head and I sat up, leaving her topless, and exposing her firm supple breasts. I lay back again, and started to admire them.

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