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I looked up just in time to see my son cum all over Janet’s face. The first shot hit her just under her left eye and slowly dripped down her cheek. She tried desperately to get Jimmy’s dick into her mouth. She was close but the second blast hit her in the upper lip. Janet greedily licked her lip and devoured my son’s spurting pole so he could finish off in her mouth. I could see her mouth working the cum from his dick and her throat muscles contract to swallow ever drop. My son sat back in the chair with a look of pure enjoyment on his face as his best friend’s mother showed off her oral skills.

After watching Janet and Jimmy’s fun I needed to get back to the hard cock in front of my face. The cock in question belonged to one of my son’s best friends, Tony. The cock was a nice big fat one that I just loved. I had been sucking on it for a few minutes before I heard Janet’s cry of shock at nearly being blinded by a cum shot! Tony’s own mother was on her hands and knees in the middle of my living room floor with Janet’s son Peter’s cock up her ass. I could tell by the look on her face the he was giving it to her good and she was enjoying the pounding. Tony turned my head back to him and pulled my mouth toward his dick.

I swirled my tongue around the head before wrapping my lips around the shaft. Sucking cock has always been one of my best talents all the way back to college. My husband says that’s the main reason he married me was for my skills at fellatio. He said my mouth was the finest he had ever put his cock into. But it’s my son and his friends who fill my mouth with the most cum these days. Tony began moving my head up and down. I knew he was close.

“Hey Jimmy! Your mom is one sweet cock sucker! I know I say that almost every time but she really is!”

“Don’t I know it Ton! I blew a load down her throat this morning in the kitchen as my dad was backing out of the drive way for work!”

I began bobbing my head up and down faster on Tony’s cock. I had a reputation to live up to after all! Besides it was getting close to lunch time and we needed to get lunch ready for our sons. 18-year-old boys work up an appetite after an all morning fuck and suck session. Tony’s hands held my head canlı bahis in a vise like grip as he raised his hips to push his cock further into my face.

“Give it to her Ton! Fill her whore belly with more cum!” I heard my son say from somewhere close behind me.

From the corner of my eye I saw Janet kneeling beside me watching the action. I saw her hand reach over and start massaging Tony’s balls. Tony let out a loud moan and starting cumming in my mouth. The first blast hit the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed it in anticipation of more to come. Tony cums a lot! He shot about 5 strings of cum in my waiting mouth before I started sucking the last drops from his balls. As I lifted my head from his lap Janet leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue working its way around my mouth searching for any cum I hadn’t swallowed yet.

Just then Peter let out a guttural growl and we turned to see him grab Cyndi’s hips and push his own hips further into her sexy round bottom. Causing Cyndi to moan as his dick went deeper into her butt. Cyndi pushed her face into the carpet as Janet’s son filled her ass with a load of cum. Cyndi whimpered as Peter continued to grind his hips into her.

“I love fucking your mom’s ass Ton. I swear I come more when I fuck her ass than I do any other time.” Peter panted as he smacked Cyndi’s upturned ass.

“Allowing our mom’s to be our fuck slaves was a great idea.” Jimmy said as he reached over and gave my nipple a twist.

“Don’t you agree, mom?” he continued.

“Yes son. I love, we love, being your slaves and taking care of your needs. Is there anything else any of you need before we fix lunch?”

“No, you go ahead and do that while we go jump in the pool for a bit.” Tony replied.

Our sons had all decided to attend a college in another state because it was a well-known party school and allegedly filled with college sluts. None of us were thrilled by the idea, the dads included, of our son’s wasting time at a party school. So, the mom’s devised an idea. On the night of Peter’s 18th birthday, since he is the youngest of the group, we asked our son’s if we gave them the same things the college girls would give them would they consider attending bahis siteleri the local university. There was a bit of hesitation as they looked at us. But as we began to remove our clothes they began to understand what we were proposing and agreed. A few ground rules were worked out — such as we would still have to have sex with our husbands so as not to attack attention but other than that we needed to be available to any of the boys at any time. Once the details were worked out we dropped to our knees and began sucking our son’s cocks. A few switches were made but in the end each son finished in his own mother’s mouth, as we had hoped.

“Damn, Janet, your son pounded my poor little asshole this morning! I may now be able to sit down for a few days! I don’t even let my husband fuck my ass!” Cyndi laughed as we made sandwiches our boys.

“I know! Peter loves anal! He fucks my ass a few times a week. I had to tell his father no more anal just to keep from getting worn out back there!” Janet said!

“Luckily Jimmy prefers blow jobs. He only fucks me once or twice a week and rarely in the butt.” I added.

“Well that because you are such a ‘sweet little cock sucker’! At least that’s what Tony said!” Janet said teasingly.

“Speaking of sucking and Tony, Cyndi could you take care of him more often? My god I almost drown this morning from all the cum he shot into my mouth!” I said.

“I did, Lisa! He had me jack him off as we drove over this morning!”

“Thank god! Otherwise I probably would have drowned!”

We all laughed at that and finished up making lunch. A few minutes later the boys came in wearing board shorts and towels around their necks. The moms were not allowed to wear clothes around the boys so we served them lunch nude.

Later that afternoon after everyone else had gone home Jimmy laid on his bed while I have him a hot oil massage. He laid on his stomach while I kneaded his strong broad back. I poured more oil on and leaned down and began rubbing his back with my 34b tits. My rock-hard nipples pressed into his back.

“I love when you do that, mom.”

“I know. That’s why I do it. I’m here for your pleasure.”

“But you know what that does to me, bahis şirketleri you slut!”

“Yes sir, I do! Would you like me to take care of that for you?”

Jimmy rolled onto his back. His cock pointed straight up at the ceiling.

“Ride it, whore.”

“Yes, master!”

I straddled my son’s athletic body and grabbed his cock. I rubbed my clit with the fat head a few times. It felt so damn good. His cock felt like steel in my hand and I needed it. I eased back onto his dick and began to slide down the length of it. Jimmy grabbed my hips and slammed me down onto his shaft. I felt his balls slap my ass. I let out a scream as his cock head hit my cervix.

“Feel good, slut?”

“Oh yes! I love the way you fuck me!”

His strong hands started to move me up and down on his cock. I love when he uses me strictly for his pleasure with no regard from me.

“Am I a good whore, Jimmy?”

“Yes, you are a good whore mom.”

“I like being your whore.”

“And only MY whore?”

“Yes, Jimmy. Only your whore. You own me. I am yours to do with as you please.”

My 42-year-old thighs began to ache from bouncing up and down on his cock. He was close. I could feel him get a little harder in me and the cock head swelled a bit as well.

“Are you going to cum inside your whore, son?”

“No. I want to finish in your mouth.”


I climbed off his cock and immediately engulfed his shaft with my greedy mouth. I could taste me but it was him I wanted to taste. I wanted his cum in my mouth. I formed a perfect “O” with my lips and started moving my head up and down. Same motion but my mouth now replaced my pussy on my son’s dick. He grabbed my hair and pushed himself deeper into my throat as the cum began shooting from his dick. His cock continued to squirt down my throat as the tears began to run down my face. Jimmy enjoyed burying his cock as far as it would go and I enjoyed the feeling of his shaft down my throat. After swallowing his load, I was rewarded with Jimmy wiping his messy dick on my face.

“Go clean up before dad gets home.”

“Ok sir. Can I dress now or wait until he’s due home?”

“Get dressed now. That will be okay.”

“Thank you. Will you be home for dinner?”

“No. Sorry. Peter’s dad is out of town for business so we’re meeting there to gang bang his mom tonight. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow morning while you suck my dick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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