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This story is dedicated to Penny. May all her fantasies cum true. . .

“OH FUCK, MAE,” I screamed as Mae’s tongue lashed my pussy. I clutched her head between my legs as my hips thrust into her face. A wave of pleasure crashed over me as my pussy was flooded with my cum. Mae’s fingers spread my lips, making way for her tongue to pushing into my dripping pussy.

“Hmm, I just love the taste of your pussy,” Mae breathed as she continued to lick at me, bringing me down from my strong climax.

“God, that felt so fucking good. You certainly know how to make me cum.”

Mae slid up the bed until she was lying next to me. She leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. The taste of Mae’s pussy, still strong in my mouth, mixed with that of my own as Mae slid her tongue between my lips. Our tongues wrestled briefly before Mae rolled onto her back sinking into the thick pillows.

I rolled onto my side pressing my body up against Mae’s. I reached over to her and flicked one of her long nipples. My fingers slid over her smooth skin. I finally let my head sink to her shoulder as my arm wrapped around my friend holding her close. Kevin was traveling again and Mae had decided to keep me company for the night. It is nice to have a warm body in the bed with me, and I will never pass up an opportunity to lick Mae’s pussy.

“Oh, before I forget again,” Mae started, “I’m going to be hosting a lingerie party Friday night. It will be a few of the girls from the office. I’ve been setting it up with Jan, it should be a lot of fun. I’d love it if you could make it.”

My hand slid to her left breast cupping it. “I can’t think of anything on Friday, Kevin won’t be back until Sunday. So sure, I’d love to come.”

I felt Mae’s finger’s slid up my arm and drop to my right nipple, pulling at the tender flesh. “Good,” Mae murmured, “I think you’ll like this group. There are couple of the girls that have been getting a little frisky recently when we have gone out for drinks after work.”

“What kind of frisky?” I inquired, my fingers starting to travel over Mae’s taught abs.

“Liz was getting very friendly with everyone last week. She was kissing both Penny and myself and even grabbed on of my tits. She’s a fit little dirty blond, you’ll love her. But she seems to be a little reluctant still. She shied away when I tried to grab her ass under her skirt.”

I let my fingers wander down to the little triangle of hair above Mae’s pussy. “You were getting too close, I think.”

“Maybe,” she offered giving my nipple, that she had been holding, a tiny twist.

“Oh is that they way you want to play?” I asked jumping on top of Mae. I straddled her lithe form, and grabbed her firm tits in my hands. I pinched her nipples and pulled them sharply.

Mae moaned, arching her back. Her hips bucked under mine. She grabbed my ass and pulled me up toward her. Soon my hips were positioned above her hungry mouth. I felt her lips warp around my labia, sucking it into her mouth.

I moaned as her tongue plunged into me. Mae’s hands massaged my ass, pulling me into her mouth. I reached behind me groping for her pussy. My hand soon found her hot opening already well lubricated. My fingers glided over her moist lips as her tongue lashed at my pussy. I pushed one finger and then another into her entrance. They slid in with ease.

I needed to taste her. I pulled my fingers from Mae’s dripping pussy and sucked the sweet juices from my slick fingers. My senses were filled with her intoxicating aroma. I spun around and dropped my head between her legs. Mae’s pussy glistened in front of me. “I’m going to make you fucking cum,” I declared.

“Oh, fuck, Lisa, your tongue feels so good on my pussy. Oh shit, I’m going make you fucking cum for this.”

I cried out and buried my face into the gorgeous cunt before me. Mae and I sank into the sixty nine savoring the flavor of the other’s pussy, our tongues deep in the each other’s wet cunts.

* * *

Mae answered the door on the first ring. She pulled the door open wide, her face broke into a wide smile as she saw me, and quickly ushered me inside. Mae was wearing a short satin robe that came just under her hips. The crotch of her shear panties was visible under the hem. My eyes roved over Mae’s body, taking in the familiar curves of her form. The neck line of her robe was low cut exposing a good portion of the half cup bra that she wore under it. Her long nipples were as hard as ever and pushed at the thin fabric of the robe directly, unhindered by the bra.

I resisted the urge to reach out and tweak one of Mae’s beautiful nipples as I noticed that several other people were milling about the room. Mae asked if she could take my coat, which I immediately slid out of, exposing the lace covered corset and matching panties that I wore. Garter straps from the corset held my stockings at mid thigh. I traded the coat to her for a glass of cabernet. I took a sip of the wine while Mae hung my coat.

“You look delectable.” Mae’s voice was husky in my ear.

“Well canlı bahis you said lingerie party, I thought I should dress for the occasion,” I replied as Mae took me by the arm and brought me over to the small cluster of women on the other side of the room.

“I’d like to introduce you to some of my coworkers. This is Penny,” she said, indicating a curvy brunette with a glorious set of breasts pushing at the buttons of her shirt. I guess that not everyone brought their own lingerie to a lingerie party. “And her sister, Marina,” who looked like a slightly younger version of Penny. “And Liz, one of my best friends and my cubical mate.” Liz was tall with very light skin and long flowing blond hair. She made me think ‘Nordic princess’.

I shook hands with all the girls as we traded pleasantries and small talk. “Are you going to be the model?” Marina asked. “You know for the lingerie,” she added as I gave her a blank expression.

“Oh, no,” I responded with a laugh, “I just threw this on in the spirit of the event. I’m here to shop, just like you.”

Just then Jan appeared at the doorway to the next room. “Alright, everything is ready. Is everyone here yet?” I looked up at the sound of her voice and my eyes took in the tall vixen standing at the entry to other room. Her long red hair cascaded over her well tanned shoulders and onto the swell of her breasts. When she saw me her face lit up, “Lisa!” she exclaimed. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

Jan was wearing a kind of modified baby doll. The fabric looked to be a thin cotton that hung only to her waist and was tied into a large bow in her cleavage. The material shifted with her movements briefly exposing the under side of her tits regularly. The effect was very sexy; definitely a package that I would like to open. She had paired the garment with a tasteful pair of cotton panties, stretched tightly over her mound.

We crossed to each other and embraced, exchanging pecks on the cheek. I felt Jan’s hand squeeze one of my breasts. “God I love your tits,” she whispered to me. “The only thing I like better is licking your pussy.”

“Stop it,” I admonished her. “You’re going to get me all wet. It’s bad enough with you and Mae strutting around in your undies. But my excitement might start to show soon.”

Jan spun me around looking me over as she did so. “Well in my professional opinion you look good enough to fuck,” she declared. “And after all isn’t that why we are all here,” Jan expounded as the others all turned toward us after hearing her previous statement, “To get something sexy so that our men will want to fuck us.”

Before anyone could say anything the door bell rang and Mae ushered in the last two guests to the party. Carol was the firm’s receptionist. She proudly told me that she was turning fifty next year, though she obviously kept herself in good shape, for her firm body looked a good ten years younger. Her firm breasts pushed at the front of her blue sweater, while her jeans hugged her tight ass. I was looking forward to seeing her peal those items off. Milfalicious.

The last guest to the party was Jada; a beautiful and curvaceous black women. Though she was clearly of African decent, her skin was relatively light and I think that there was a little Asian mixed in. Whatever her heritage was it worked well for her, giving her that exotic mystique.

“Well, now that everyone is here, what do you say we get this party started,” Mae called out above the scattered conversations. A muted cheer went up from the small group. Everyone seemed eager to get a look at the lingerie.

Jan had returned to her position by the doorway into Mae’s living room. “This is a lingerie party ladies,” she said, stopping Liz, Penny and Marina as they started to follow Mae into the living room. “No clothing allowed beyond this point.”

“What,” Liz exclaimed, uncertain of what she was hearing.

“Come on,” Penny said, sliding out of her button down shirt. “We’re all women, it’s not like any of us have anything that the others don’t. And besides we’re not naked.” A lacey black bra cupped Penny’s full breasts, the circles of her large areolas just barely visible through the thin material. “It’ll be fun.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Liz said, not sounding entirely convinced. She did finally strip down to her underwear, showing off a practical and very cute pair of cotton panties along with a simple white bra.

It was clear from the number of mismatched under garments that most of the women from Mae’s office had not been expecting to be stripping to their underwear. I had had the advantage to knowing the naughty side of both Mae and Jan, and knew that there was no when that they would pass up an opportunity to get a room full of women out of their cloths.

Aside form making me horny, I could see the marketing advantage to getting everyone in just their underwear. The small talk instantly changed to underwear. Compliments were given to those that looked particularly cute or sexy and everyone was talking about what they liked and didn’t like about what they had on. bahis siteleri The conversation then shifted to what we all had at home, that we liked and what we were hoping to get today.

After letting the small talk continue for several minutes, Jan called the room to order. With the exception of Jan who was going to be running the party everyone took a seat on Mae’s sectional.

“First of all I would like to thank you all for coming out here on this chill night,” Jan started off, “And thank you to Mae for hosting this little gathering. Now, though an extraordinary bit of luck, we have two ladies here that are already modeling some of our lingerie. Mae and Lisa, please stand up.” Mae and I looked at each other and stood.

Jan took Mae by the hand and pulled her to the front of the room. “Today Mae is wearing our very sexy half length satin robe. Notice how it shimmers over her every curve.” Jan’s hands glided over Mae’s body brushing against her tits and ass as she spun her around showing off Mae’s hot form to the group. “And most importantly it comes off so easily,” Jan tugged at the waist sash of Mae’s robe. The robe fell open exposing Mae’s shear panties and half cup bra. Jan’s hands ran up to Mae’s breasts cupping them as she described the lifting capabilities of the bra. Before I knew what was happening Jan was holding Mae’s bra as Mae’s tits were fully on display. They sagged slightly having lost their support, though Mae’s tits are quite firm and did not show off the bra’s lift as well as someone else might have.

Jan pulled the bra back over Mae’s breasts. She commented on this as she did so, “See how much hotter Mae’s boobs look with the shelf bra on. It lifts her boobs, pushing them together to increase her cleavage. And of course because the cup is incomplete her nipples are still exposed, which gives you the sexy look of no bra under any garment while still getting the lift and support of one.” Jan’s hand grazed over Mae’s nipple as she spoke. She then bent down, grabbing Mae’s robe off the floor, and held it out for her. Mae slipped it back on. “See how her nipples push through the robe,” Jan said, as Mae retied it around her waist. “Now Mae’s nipples are unusually long, but with a standard bra they would be held back, or pushed to the side. This way they stand straight and can be seen clearly through the satin robe.” Jan emphasized her point by grabbing one of Mae’s nipples through the robe and pulling on it.

“You’re so naughty,” Mae scolded mischievously, as she reached back slapping Jan’s ass.

Jan sent Mae back to her seat with a light spank on the ass of her own and made her way over to where I was standing. I expected to be lead to the front as well, but Jan had something else in mind. She instructed the other ladies to gather around and proceeded to describe the detail and care that went into every piece of lingerie that they produced. Her hands slide across my body as she did so; tracing along certain seams to highlight them. The biggest surprise came when Jan grabbed the crotch of my panties and pulled it aside, so she could turn it inside out and explain how the garment was lined so that the delicate lace on the exterior would not irritate a women’s most sensitive area. Of course this whole time my pussy was on display. I looked around the circle of women, all of their eyes where glued to the area between my legs, it was hard to tell which ones were thinking about the comfort of panties and which were thinking about my glistening pussy, which was getting wetter by the minute. Jan released her grip on my panties and gave my pussy a light tap as she made sure that they were sitting correctly. I retook my seat as Jan drew our attention to the coffee table.

“I liked the way that you trim your pussy,” Carol said in a low voice, leaning in toward me. “It looked so sexy.”

“Thank you,” I responded, not quite sure what to say. I wanted to say that I was looking forward to seeing her pussy, but was not sure how she would take it, though she seemed quite forward. I was pretty sure that she was one of the bi chicks that Mae had mentioned.

On the coffee table in front of us were a number of plain paper bags. “Everyone will take a bag off the table,” Jan instructed us. “We are going to play a little game. The object of the game is to guess what is in your bag. You can pick up the bag and try to feel what is inside; you can not open the bag until you have guessed. If you guess correctly then you can have any one item from our line that I have with me tonight. Though regardless of whether you guess correctly or not, you do get to keep whatever is in the bag. Now, when I say any, I mean any, even if someone else has already selected it, or is wearing it. So order will be very important. To determine the order you will be going in numbers have been written on the tops of your bags.”

“I don’t see any numbers,” Jada interrupted.

“They are written under the first turn of the bags flap.” Jan replied. Everyone immediately undid the first turn of their bags flap to see what number they had been given. bahis şirketleri “We will be starting with one and going up,” Jan declared. This brought cries of both disappointment and glee as we all assessed our situation. I had number three. Carol, directly to my left had number one.

“Oh, I’ve got number one!” she exclaimed.

“One reminder,” Jan added, “The items in the bags are not necessarily lingerie, though they are all things that come from our store. And you must be specific to win. You can’t say lingerie for example; you must say teddy or panties etc. Ok, Carol, what do you think?”

Carol had been carefully kneading the bag in her lap while Jan had been finishing the rules. As Jan finished she started to talk through her thought process, “Well this one does feel like lingerie, or at least clothing. It is very light, I can almost not tell there is something in the bag at all, but I can just feel it. I think it is a pair of panties.”

“Is that your final answer?” Jan asked, mimicking Regis Philbin.

Carol hesitated for moment deciding if she was overlooking something. Finally she said. “Yes, if it were a garter it would be more bunched up, this feels flimsy. It is a sexy pair of panties,” she declared.

“Open the bag.”

Carol pulled open her bag, and her face lit up. “I was right,” she proclaimed holding the panties triumphantly in her up raised hand.

“Well, hold them up, let us see,” Liz called from my right.

“Yes let us see,” the others chimed.

Carol held the panties above her head, one hand at each end of the waist band. They were a pair of lacy, baby blue boy shorts. The lace was un-backed so up close one would be able to see right through them.

“Put them on,” I added, “Show them off.”

To my surprise, and that of many others, from the gasps around me, Carol stood and dropped her flower print cotton panties to the floor. I’m not sure if it was purposeful or not, but as Carol lowered her panties she was facing toward me, so I had a full on view of her pussy. I noticed immediately that it was well trimmed. Her lips were bald, but there was a full mat of close cropped hair above it that faded out as it reached the top of her lips. I marveled at the good condition that she kept her body in. My glimpse of Carol’s pussy did not last long as she pulled her new panties up, covering her beautiful mound.

She looked down and smoothed the material over her pussy, admiring the panties. Satisfied, she did a little turn, showing off her newly acquired garment to the crowd. “Now, if I remember the rule correctly I also get my choice of anything from your line. And I think I want to get a new bra to match these hot little panties.” As she said this she reached back and undid the clasp of her bra. She pulled it off and tossed it aside, as if for emphasis.

“I think I’ve got just the thing for you,” Jan declared, reaching into a box behind her and pulling out a baby blue bra in a matching lace pattern.

I looked up at Carol, standing over me, her C-cup breasts standing firmly off her taught body. Her areolas were large and dark; a rather stark contrast to her milky breasts and lightly tanned body. Her nipples were thick and standing erect. I could feel my pussy dampening further as my eyes roved this beautiful body beside me.

Carol took the new bra from Jan and slid into it, pulling the straps over her shoulders. Her thick nipples pushed at the thin fabric, and her dark areolas were clearly visible through the skimpy material. Everyone gave their compliments as to how well the new items looked on her. Carol beamed at the praise.

As she retook her seat, I leaned in toward her, “You make that look really sexy, if I had a cock I would fuck you.”

Carol turned to me, a mischievous look in her eye. “Don’t let that stop you,” she said quietly, her hand resting on my leg.

This was more then I could take. My pussy was on fire. But Penny, who had bag number two, was already squeezing her bag and trying to figure out what it contained. For now I would have to try to quiet my urges.

After careful deliberation Penny declared that her bag contained a camisole. She said she could feel the underwires, but there was too much material for just a bra. When she opened the bag it turned out to actually be a teddy. Penny held it up above her head. It was a shear pink teddy with denser lace covering the crotch and cups.

“Well, let’s see it on then,” Carol called out. This was followed by unanimous cries of agreement from the rest of us.

Penny got up. She looked like she wanted to duck out of the room to change, but now the precedent had been set, no one was objecting to the nudity and she didn’t want to be the first to chicken out. Penny stripped out of her underwear. Her full breasts with their large dark areolas topped off her curvaceous body. But Penny was even quicker then Carol had been, leaving us little time to savor her naked form. I did get a quick glimpse at the thick triangle of hair that sat above her bare pussy lips. Soon Penny had the teddy on; I could still see the triangle where her legs joined and the dark circles surrounding her pointy nipples through the flimsy material. She too spun around for us all to see the teddy stretched over her lovely form.

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