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Looking back now I feel so dumb, that I did not pick up on the signs earlier. Let me explain. I am Josie a 44 year old divorced mother who had her son late in life. I had given up so much for my career and was now the head solicitor in my practice.

My life had just become humdrum, cases that no longer challenged me and coming home to the same old existence. A son on his computer a ready meal and some old crap on the tv and a few to many gin and tonics. And back to the same the next day.

Sex was none existent as no one at work interested me and I never had the chance to socialise outside of work. I had urges of course, but being tired after work, and having a teenage son in the house. Well I guess the spaces between masturbation sessions got longer and longer and did not feature in my needs so much.

Now getting back to those signs I was telling you about. Back in the late eighties power dressing was the norm for women in business and at that time I wore a lot of leather. Leather skirts and satin blouses with a tailored jacket were my normal attire with sometimes a nice pair of boots.

My husband at the time loved me in these outfits, and so some more risqué, leather outfits were purchased. I never put two and two together and realised that when fashions changed and I no longer wore these outfits for work or play that it was at this time hubby began to lose interest in me and found a young bimbo to fuck.

The signs I kept missing were that all my leather items were usually kept right at the back of the large wardrobe in my bedroom. But they kept being brought nearer the front. I do not know how many months I must have moved them back to the rear of the wardrobe, just in a daze of putting the laundry away.

Then one morning I did notice, and thought it strange. Had I picked up the skirt and jacket in a nostalgic haze? I decided to keep an eye out and firmly put this outfit well away from the front. In fact I took a photograph on my mobile phone, once I had put all the washing away.

It disturbed me greatly that if it was not me moving these clothes, then it must be my teenage son! I went to work, and got back after a late meeting. I felt tired, and so I went for a shower to put some life back in to my body. As I showered, I remembered the trap I had set in the wardrobe.

Washing my body as I thought about the trap, I noticed that my nipples were getting sensitive and hard. Was I really getting turned on, and hoping that it was my son moving my clothes? I just had to find out, in a rare moment of sexual excitement, I rushed out of the shower and dried myself off.

Putting my towelling robe on, I rushed to my bedroom. Nervously I opened the wardrobe doors. I was bowled over with emotions when I saw one of my sexiest leather skirts right at the front. It was a knee length pencil skirt which I always felt sexy in, as it held my bottom in a nice shape and showed of my figure well.

I slumped down on the end of my bed, I felt dazed and amazed. I could not work out what was going on. Was it just that my son liked the feel and touch of leather? Or was it the idea of me wearing it?

I nipped downstairs and got an ice cold bottle of vodka from the fridge putting it in an ice bucket. As I returned to my room I walked past my sons room noting that the door was shut. But guessed he would be on his pc as always.

I lay on my bed and tried to work out what was going on. Was it just that he was following his father in having a fetish for leather or was he interested in me sexually.

I slipped off my robe and picked out the newest leather to make it to the front of the wardrobe. My idea was to look for any tell tale signs of my son leaving his mark on the soft leather. At this moment I had a feeling of desperation to find a spunk mark on the skirt. But I found nothing.

I felt ashamed for feeling like that, but the feel and smell of the leather was starting to bring back sexy memories and feelings. I brought the skirt up to my nose to inhale its aroma brushing my nipples with it as I did. The feeling of leather on my nipples sent a shockwave through my body, and I shuddered.

I lay back and thoughts of my son came into my head. He was a handsome boy and was starting to develop some nice muscles. I had never seen his cock though so I could only guess at its size.

I had a sudden naughty idea and taking my mobile phone into the bathroom. I turned it on and linked its camera to my laptop. Finding a good hiding place was difficult, but once I was satisfied it was well hidden, and pointing at the bathmat where he would stand to dry off. I returned to my bedroom, pouring myself a large vodka. I decided to add to the anticipation of the wait by putting on the leather pencil skirt and dug out my old tight biker jacket, which I slipped on, along with a pair of knee high boots.

I turned around and looked at myself in the wardrobe mirror. Wow I thought I have still got it. Bearing in mind I had, had a hard day and was wearing no make up, I was bostancı escort bayan quite pleased with my reflection.

I was also so horny. You must remember that I had been supressing my sexuality for such a long time. I guess it was all coming to a head now or I would not be getting excited about spying on my son, and trying to see his cock.

I heard Steve’s door open and the bathroom door close. As I had a few minutes I grabbed my dildo from my toy box. I got myself settled with a drink, rubbing my nipple with the cold glass. In between sipping my drink I licked the end of my dildo.

I noticed the steam stop coming from the shower, and realised my heart was pounding. This was definitely the most perverted thing I had ever done.

The shower door opened, and there was my darling son, all naked and glistening wet. I could only dream that he would have a big cock. Imagine my incestuous delight then, when the towel moved and exposed a gorgeous seven inch cock. Wow I thought to myself I bet it is close to ten inches when it is hard.

I watched rapt with attention as he dried himself off. I pulled my skirt up out of the way and pushed the dildo into my sopping wet pussy.

The feeling of being so depraved turned me on so much, I did not notice Steve leave the bathroom. I typed incest stories into my browser and soon found what I was looking for. As I read the stories I imagined that it was Steve and I as the characters.

I positioned myself above my dildo and began to ride it hard thinking of what my sons cock would feel like deep in my pussy. My need for sex was overwhelming my motherly instincts, and I was beginning not to see Steve as a son but as a potential lover.

After one of the biggest orgasms of my life I calmed down, still stroking my pussy lightly. I thought about how I would get to find out what was getting into Steve’s mind and came up with a plan. The first thing I did was to email my secretary to tell her I would not be in the next day.

I fell into a fitful sleep, dreams of a sexual nature going around and around my head. I got up and showered, dressing as if I was going to work. I gave Steve the customary peck on the head and said goodbye and left the house.

I knew that shortly he would leave to go to college and I could creep back into the house. After stopping for a coffee I judged it would be safe to go back home.

I looked around the house to make sure Steve was not there, and went and pulled out all of my leather outfits, chucking them on to the bed. Just for the kinkiness of it I took off my skirt and replaced it with a leather mini skirt. Slipping it up my stockinged legs.

My next mission was to look at Steve’s computer. I soon got past his password which surprise, surprise was leather. I looked in his documents folder and found scores of pictures of older women in leather and other fetish outfits. I then found another folder which had pictures of dominant women too.

Now I looked in his internet, praying that he did not clear his history. I was in luck and hit pay dirt. There was loads of looks at leather and fetish sites, but what I was really looking for was anything to do with incest.

Bingo, I found a whole host of sites, there were several mom, son stories he had looked at, as well as searches for moms in leather. I also found an incest chatroom and because I entered through his history I got past any passwords. I looked at his profile and found several pictures he had taken of my leather clothing. No doubt he was sharing these pics with others on the site.

I looked at his chat log, and found a guy he had been chatting with I clicked on his name “mom fucker” and the list of past chats came up. Before I started to read it I went and got my vibrator.

I was amazed and so turned on, as I read what these two boys were chatting about. It seems both boys were infatuated by their mothers. “Mom fucker” had shared pics of his mother in a bikini an obvious holiday shot whereas Steve had shared a photo of me at a party a while ago, as well as the photo from my law firms website. And of course there were the photos of my leather outfits.

I know I should have been disgusted, but I was both turned on and flattered that these two young men thought of me as a sexy woman. You can guess at what their chat was like, all about wanting to bang their mothers, and each others mother.

After another good cum, I made sure everything was back in its place and left his room. Back in my room I bagged up all of my leather and drove to the dry cleaners to have them all cleaned. I even took the kinky leather. The person who served me would just have to deal with it. I wanted to have the real smell of leather back after all, they had been in my wardrobe for a few years.

For something to do, I drove into the city and went to a well known sex shop. I was looking for some of the fetish videos we used to have in the past. I found a few of the titles and thought it would be fun and nostalgic ümraniye escort to re-watch these old films. I also bought some leather bondage gear, and some bits I thought might suit Steve. A few more toys were added and I loaded them into my car.

Lunch was in order, so I took time out in a nice restaurant, and had a leisurely lunch. A good walk in the park afterwards gave me time to think about things and decide if I was doing the right thing.

I reached home about the time that I usually did, and noticed a terrible atmosphere. Steve hardly said anything at the dinner table, and I only got a few grunts for the rest of the evening. As well as hearing him slam his bedroom door when he went upstairs. It took me a while for it to click as to why he was in such a bad mood with me.

Steve must have gone into my wardrobe to do his clothes moving hint and found that all the leather was missing. He must have thought that I had thrown it all away, and that his dream was over. I went to bed early as tomorrow was friday, and I was looking forward to the next evening.

The day went quick and I was soon in the dry cleaners picking up my clothing the smell was wonderful. I also bought some cream for cleaning my boots, and thought that Steve would enjoy that job.

I drove home, and managed to smuggle everything up to my room. I took a shower and put on a robe afterwards. I went into the kitchen and poured a glass of wine to steady my nerves. Still thinking that I had thrown away my leather Steve again barely acknowledged that I was there.

I left him eating with a smile inside, knowing what was in his mind but also knowing what was in mine.

Back in my room I dropped my robe and slipped on a simple black satin chemise. I then looked through my leather skirts, and chose a black one that came to mid-thigh. I pulled the cold leather up my legs thinking that I should also wear some hold up stockings too, which I did. I chose a leather bolero jacket to go with this look as it would show off the chemise.

The hardest choice was the boots as I did not want to go for the full hooker look yet, just classy and sexy. Finally I picked a pair with three inch heels, and came just below my knees. I put on some make-up and took a look in the mirror. For posterity I took a selfie of my reflection in the mirror.

I took a deep breath and a last slug of my wine, and walked down the stairs. I enjoyed the sound of my heels on the wooden floor of the hallway and put my hand on the kitchen door handle. I could hear Steve washing the dishes and my heart pounding.

It was now or never, another deep breath, and I turned the handle and stepped into the kitchen. Steve had his back to me at the sink. I kept an eye on him as I walked over to the fridge. My heels click clacked on the tiles and I saw Steve spin around at the sound. And saw his eyes become full with lust.

I made a big show of bending over to reach for the wine bottle, wriggling my ass at Steve as I did. I filled my glass, and nervously turned around. Steve was like a cliché, his tongue was almost hanging out and his eyes were fixed on me. I smiled and asked him “what?”

Steve took a while to reply, telling me that he thought I looked fantastic and asked if I was going out.

“No darling I am staying in and thought I would just chill out, maybe watch a dvd or two. Why do you ask?”

I enjoyed the way he was stuttering and faltering, as I was obviously having an effect on him. And I was sure I could see his cock starting to harden.

“Well mom I have never seen you dress so sexily before I thought you must be going on a date with some lucky guy”.

To check if he was really hooked, I told him I was going into the lounge to see if there was anything on the tv. If he was hooked he would follow me instead of going to his room and playing with his pc.

I sat along the sofa, stretching out my booted legs, sipping my wine. To my delight the lounge door opened and Steve entered, before he sat down I asked him to get the wine bottle and another glass. On his return I told him to refill my glass and pour himself one too. His hand shook as he tried to pour mine, which I found so cute.

Steve sat in the chair opposite as I flicked through the channels. I could see, and sense his eyes on me all the time, and at my every move. I made him refill my glass again, and decided to make my move.

“Well hun it doesn’t look like there is much on the tv tonight do you mind if I watch a dvd?”

Steve shook his head and I hit play on the remote. What Steve did not know was that it was one of the fetish dvd’s I had bought the previous day. His head really spun around when he saw what was on the screen.

“What is this mom!” he said nervously.

“Well dear I thought you may enjoy it seeing as how my leather outfits have been moving about my wardrobe on their own. Did you not think I would notice or was it all a big hint?”

Steve went bright red, but to his credit replied.

“Well escort kartal mom to be honest I have found you to be so attractive for quite a while now, and when I went snooping and found your leather clothes. Well you just became such a fantasy figure for me. I kept dreaming about you. And yes it was kind of a hint.”

I looked him straight in the eyes.

“And tell me dear boy did you wank that cock that is getting so hard now as you thought about your mom dressed like a slut?”

He nodded not meeting my eyes. I decided to tease him further.

“You dirty bastard, come here and take off your jeans and boxers and get over my lap. You not too young to get a spanking from your mother”

Steve stood right in front of me, he almost had a smirk on his face, thinking he would surprise me with the size of his cock. He obviously did not know I had spied on him in the shower. He slid his jeans down his legs and stepped out of them, now he just had on his boxers, which showed a nice outline and a small wet spot at the end of his cock. I pulled the boxers down exposing his hard large cock.

I could not stop myself licking my lips in anticipation. But to get him really hard I decided to press my boots together and get him to put his cock between them.

Once I could feel his cock through the leather of my boots I decided it was time for a chat.

“Steve darling very slowly, I want you to fuck my boots” I saw his eyes widen at the sound of me using the “fuck” word.

“Well Steve here we are doing what I am sure neither of us thought would ever happen in a million years. But there has to be a few ground rules. Firstly, you are to take off any passwords on your pc and never clear the history. It made mommy wet, reading what you had written. And you must not ever show my face when you share my pictures. Lastly keep your mouth shut we could be put in prison for this, keep quiet, and mommy will be the slut you always fantasised about. Deal?”

Steve nodded his agreement, so I upped the anti. “Now stand up and let mommy taste that wonderful cock.”

Steve stood up close to my face and the cock bobbed across my face. I was so turned on, I felt so alive, so naughty, and oh so slutty. I took hold of his cock and brought it to my lips, licking the end with my tongue.

The taste of Steve’s pre cum was so sweet and tasty, and so plentiful. In my hand, I could feel him throb and knew he would not last long. At least we had all night and a young man like him should not take too long to recover.

I marvelled at his cock now I was so close to it. It was indeed a ten incher. “Oooh what a lucky slutty mommy” I thought as I sealed my ruby lips around the big crimson cockhead.

I could smell the aroma I never realised I had missed so much. The aroma of a mans groin and cock. I moved the cockhead between my lips, making Steve fuck just my lips for now. I could feel more pre cum drip onto my tongue as I did this. I was in heaven, and buzzing as it was so sexy and depraved.

I began to slide my lips up and down Steve’s cock, taking him further and further into my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth for a moment “when you are ready to cum force your cock as deep down mommy’s throat as you can and hold her head there hunni”

I went back to sucking on his throbbing ten incher, slipping my fingers into my pussy. I felt his cock starting to pulse and knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Steve put his hands on the back of my head, and I took a deep breath, ready for him to force me to deep throat him. Then it happened, he pushed my head towards his groin. I tried to gag, spittle came out of the corners of my mouth, and my eyes watered. God I wanted this, to be used like a slut, by my own son.

I was now having to breathe through my nose, but still not getting enough oxygen. I do not know whether it was that, or the depravity of it all but I was getting light headed.

Just as I thought I was going to pass out with my son bucking his groin against my face. Cock to the hilt in my face, Steve began to cum. And it was not just that little bit that my ex hubby used to produce. It was lots, and I mean lots.

There was so much and it was coming out so quick that I couldn’t swallow fast enough some went up my nose and some exploded out of my sealed lips. Still Steve’s cock pulsed and gave out its stream of cum.

Finally he ceased and slid his cock out of my mouth. Its slimy head dripped cum across my face. As I tried to get my breathing back to normal, I begged him to take a photo on my phone for me. I must have looked such a slutty mess.

As I recovered, swallowing the rest of the cum I looked at the picture. It was so hot. There was cum all over my face, and on my satin satin chemise as well as my leather jacket.

I got Steve to get another bottle of wine ready and went to freshen up my make-up. I wiped the cum off my clothes and face, with my fingers and could not resist eating all the cum from them. I washed my face and decided to redo my make up into a real slutty look.

I decided as no subterfuge was needed any more, I would go for the full slut look. I put on one of my leather miniskirts and a leather vest, spending a while with a silver gel pen writing “slut mommy” on it in big letters.

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