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As Mike entered the hotel, the usual crowd of regulars were sat along the bar, while his friends were all in their customary corner of the room. He grabbed a beer and sat in the only seat available, next to Carmen, his girlfriend. His arm immediately moved around her shoulders, his hand lazily resting on her large breast.

Carmen pulled his hand away and said, “You got wheels?”

Mike nodded and she let his hand fall back onto her tit. As he drank deeply on his beer, he slowly pushed his hand beneath her tank top and caressed Carmen’s naked breast. Some of his friends were embarrassed but many were turned on by the spectacle. Carmen was sexually excited at the public display, particularly as her nipple regularly protruded from her tank top for the viewing pleasure of her friends.

Mike and Carmen did not stay long but soon headed for the car park. Mike examined each car; trying to decide which one to steal. Carmen was rather pissed off when she realised Mike’s definition of having wheels, was based on his ability to steal a car, but as they drove away in an older model car, Carmen was excited and she kissed him, while her hand slowly rubbed Mike’s inner thigh.

As Mike and Carmen drove towards the local lover’s parking spot, Carmen was engrossed in Mike’s prick, imagining the enormous penis in her pussy. Unexpectedly Mike saw his sister, Suzie, walking home after yet another long school detention. He swung the car around, and pulled up next to his sister. Suzie pushed her way onto the front bench seat next to Carmen and moments later, she began to have evil fantasies of an incestuous threesome and the lesbian domination of Carmen.

Suzie forcefully pushed her hand between Carmen’s thighs and felt her saturated panties.

She said, “Being a bad girl seems to really turn you on, rich bitch!”

Carmen grabbed Suzie’s arm and tried to force her hand away from her cunt, but Suzie was too strong. Mike laughed as Suzie began to stroke Carmen’s clitoris, and slowly Carmen stopped struggling. As Carmen’s hands relaxed, Suzie kissed Carmen, her tongue forcing its way past her lips. Carmen opened her mouth and Suzie’s tongue penetrated deep into her mouth, exploring, probing. Eventually as Carmen let go of Suzie’s arm, Suzie whispered, “Show me your big tits!”

Carmen stared at Suzie in disbelief but Mike pulled over and parked under a streetlight; they were directly in front of Carmen’s home. Mike turned to Carmen and roughly forced her top down, revealing her large breasts. As Mike teased and sucked her nipples, he took hold of Carmen’s hand and placed it around his prick, Carmen immediately began to jack the massive penis. As Suzie penetrated Carmen’s cunt with her fingers, Carmen was in ecstasy and she knew she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Carmen’s orgasm exploded as Mike’s prick ejaculated spraying jism onto her tits. As Carmen screamed and shook in ecstasy, Suzie asked, “Is this man at the window your father?”

Carmen’s eyes flew open, trying to focus on the person looking through the car window. Jism was dripping from her tits as she saw her father staring at her! Suzie lazily withdrew her fingers from Carmen’s cunt, almost making a display of scooping Carmen’s cunt juice out of her vagina for the viewing pleasure of Carmen’s father, Paul.

Carmen screamed, “Drive!”

However, Paul was too quick and pulled the laughing Suzie out, before dragging Carmen from the vehicle. Suzie was sat on the lawn laughing hysterically, sucking Carmen’s cunt juice from her fingers, as her father dragged Carmen towards the house.

Suzie called out to Paul as he disappeared into the house, “Are you going to spank her, can I watch? Can I do it?”

Paul slammed the door and pushed Carmen into the lounge room, Carmen’s mother, Jocelyn, looked up from her computer as the dishevelled Carmen fell to the floor crying. Jocelyn jumped to her feet as Paul pulled Carmen to her feet by her hair.

Twisting his hand in his daughter’s hair, he held Carmen’s face close to his and whispered, “Shower and then bed, whore! Get rid of the sperm on your tits and whatever holes it maybe in!”

Paul and Jocelyn stared at Carmen as she ran wailing, towards the shower. He turned to face his wife as Jocelyn sat down quickly and closed the lid of her laptop.

Paul was catatonic with rage and he began to pace the floor, repeatedly asking himself, “How can we stop this? My little girl has been bewitched by that ungodly boy and his evil sister!”

Finally, he screamed, “I’m going to the church and figure out what to do!”

As Paul left, Jocelyn stared after him in disbelief. Eventually she opened her laptop, a new window had appeared; it was a video message from her internet ‘lover’. Jocelyn watched as a young attractive woman, dressed only in high heels and lace topped stockings dildo fucked an older hapless female. She could not stop herself watching the video, her sexual arousal escalated with each thrust; she knew the young woman was canlı bahis fucking her own mother. Jocelyn imagined herself as the female being penetrated and was at the point of orgasm when a text message appeared on the screen.

In truth, Jocelyn did not read the message, but typed furiously detailing everything that had just happened with her daughter, Carmen, both her sexual partners and what she consider was her husband’s insane reaction.

The wait for a reply seemed interminable but as the characters appeared on the screen, Jocelyn stared at her internet lover’s words, “What a perfect opportunity!”

After a pause, the message continued, her lover told her to seduce her own daughter and, if possible, Jocelyn should become her fuck toy. If that failed, she was to offer herself to the other girl; she was definitely a dominatrix and would be happy to use her in every way possible!

Jocelyn shocked, typed, “OK” and logged out.

It was Jocelyn’s turn to pace the floor and she kept repeating to herself, “I must not do this, it is incest!” Yet her mind was crammed with fantasies of sex with her daughter and her friend. She could not stop examining ways of making her fantasy a reality. Almost subconsciously, she made her way to the bathroom and listened. Quietly she opened the door, Carmen was huddled, sitting in one corner of the shower cubicle, crying.

All thoughts of seduction gone, Jocelyn hurried to her naked daughter, pulled her to her feet, and taking her in her arms, held her tight, comforting her. As they held each other, the water cascading over them, Carmen’s tears began to subside and finally stopped. It was then that Jocelyn became aware that her long affair with artificial means of deriving sexual satisfaction had left her craving for the intimate touch of another human being. Slowly she released her daughter and stepped back. Jocelyn took in every beautiful feature, every immaculate curve of her daughter’s body and realised her libido was screaming to be satisfied by the girl standing naked in front of her.

Carmen smiled at her mother, “You’re wet,” she said.

Jocelyn paused and then said, “Yes, I am. Please tell me what happened, how you felt tonight. I promise there will be no punishment, no screaming, and no grounding.”

Carmen sighed and as her mother started to discard her wet clothes, she said, “Well you know I have been going out with Mike for a few months now and obviously there has been an awful lot of heavy petting, but no vaginal intercourse.”

“He’s never fucked your cunt?” exclaimed Jocelyn.

Carmen was shocked by her mother’s language, but she replied, “No, he has never fucked my cunt; although there were many times I wished he had!”

Carmen took a deep breath and said, “Tonight was different. We picked up Mike’s kid sister, Suzie. Suzie is the youngest of our group; she turned eighteen a few months after me. Anyway, she attacked me in a… in a lesbian way.”

“You mean she lesbian raped you?” Jocelyn asked almost unable to suppress her sexual excitement at the visions of her daughter being forced by another woman.

“God no!” Carmen replied, before adding, “It was beautiful, she was aggressive at first, but then she fingered my cunt. Oh mum, I have never had such an intense orgasm.”

Carmen paused and looked at her almost naked mother. As Jocelyn slid her panties down and stepped out of them, Carmen stared open mouthed at her mother’s naked body. She too took in every feature of her mother’s slim body, from her pert tits, her shaven pussy, and her long slender legs.

Carmen exclaimed, “You shave your cunt! What does dad say about that?”

Jocelyn laughed and said, “It is that long since your father was interested in sex with me, I doubt he even knows.”

“How do you, I mean, have you a lover?” Carmen inquired.

Jocelyn laughed and replied, “Only a fantasy one and she is gorgeous!”

“She?” Carmen asked softly.

Jocelyn blushed, it had been an unintentional slip, but Jocelyn nodded before saying, “Yes, I am a bisexual. Nowadays, I have to admit much more of a lesbian.”

“I think I am bisexual!” Carmen whispered, before adding, “Oh mum, the ecstasy Suzie created in my vagina, in my cunt, was unbelievable, out of this world. I can’t wait for her to do it again.”

Mother and daughter looked at each other their eyes locked together, their libidos screaming. Jocelyn smiled at her daughter and took a tentative step towards her. Jocelyn slowly lifted her hand and gently caressed Carmen’s cheek.

“I know this is wrong, illegal, but it seems so right,” Jocelyn whispered.

Carmen moved forward until her nipples touched her mother’s breasts.

“Being wrong makes it all the more exciting,” Carmen said, as she guided her mother’s lips towards hers.

Mother and daughter’s lips met in a feather light touch, but the passion was irresistible and soon mother and daughter were wantonly kissing, their tongues thrusting into bahis siteleri each other’s mouths. Exploring hands caressed and squeezed each other’s breasts, nipples, and arse cheeks. As both women tentatively touched the other’s cunt, Jocelyn gasped and taking Carmen’s hand led her to the marital bed.

Mother and daughter fell on to the bed, kissing, their bodies writhing as their hands continued to discover each other’s most intimate parts. Jocelyn forced her thigh between her daughter’s legs and Carmen willingly spread her legs, grinding her cunt against her mother’s naked flesh. Jocelyn lifted her head, smiled at Carmen as she lower her lips, and began to kiss her daughter’s neck. Carmen moaned sensually at her mother’s touch, but Jocelyn continued to move slowly down her daughter’s body. As her hands fondled Carmen’s tits, Jocelyn began to suck her daughter’s nipples, and holding them between her teeth, she gently pulled them.

Carmen was moaning loudly, her nipples hard and erect in response to her mother’s caress, but Jocelyn had moved on and was now kissing, biting her daughter’s belly. As her mother’s tongue swirled around her belly button, Carmen felt the first erotic touch of a finger on her clit. Carmen stifled a scream of pleasure as her mother’s finger first circled her cunt lips and then slowly entered her cunt. Carmen was in ecstasy as she felt her mother’s tongue flick over her clit, before her mother’s tongue slowly played on her cunt lips.

As her mother’s finger moved in and out of her cunt, Carmen felt her mother’s lips surround her engorged clit. She was unable to stifle her scream of ecstasy as her mother began to suck her clit, her mother’s tongue flicking; licking the clit. Carmen pulled her mother’s head hard into her cunt as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure raked her body and her cunt exploded in a torrent of vaginal fluid. Carmen lay panting for breath as Jocelyn slowly returned to lie besides her.

Carmen smiled at her mother and said, “That was unbelievable!”

As she looked at her mother’s face covered in her cum, she added, “God, did all that juice come out of my cunt?”

Jocelyn nodded as she licked her lips.

Mother and daughter lay quietly on the bed, recovering, before Carmen said, “I have to do the same for you.”

Jocelyn smiled and said eagerly, “Let’s do a sixty-nine” as she jumped up and placed her knees either side of Carmen’s head. As Jocelyn lower herself once more onto her daughter’s cunt, Carmen reached up and began to finger and tongue her mother’s vagina. Soon the two women were moaning with Sapphic pleasure and did not hear Paul return. It was not until a shaft of light from the hallway fell across the bed, that they realised their predicament. Jocelyn had just lifted her head when she saw her husband approaching, his prick in his hand.

Jocelyn watched as her husband rubbed the head of his penis against the side of Carmen’s face. As her daughter moved and opened her mouth to suck her father’s prick, he ejaculated in to her face and Carmen, seemingly unconcerned, immediately returned to the task of sucking her mother’s cunt. Deeply embarrassed, Paul left the bedroom while Carmen induced a spectacular orgasm in her mother, which left Jocelyn delirious with pleasure.

For some time mother and daughter lie quietly on the bed before Carmen asked, “Do all men cum that quickly? Most of my ex-boyfriends did, apart from Mike.”

Jocelyn smiled and whispered, “I guess it depends on how close the sex you are having is to your own secret fantasies. Your dad reads porn stories, lots of them, and they are always about submissive fathers controlled by their daughters. It must have been a dream come true for your father.”

Carmen laughed and asked, “So what are your secret fantasies?”

Jocelyn blushed and sighed as she said, “I have always been submissive, even more than your father. The thought of being told or ordered to do sexually obscene acts by a woman, to be a woman’s plaything, really turns me on.”

Carmen said, “Well, I will try to make you my submissive plaything, but I think I too am more submissive than dominant. For now, you do what I want, when I want. Got it!”

As Jocelyn smiled and said, “Yes Miss Carmen,” Paul suddenly called out that he was going out again, this time to the bar.

The two women lay on the bed gently caressing each other, discovering what turned the other on. It was almost midnight when there was a soft rap on the French window of Carmen’s bedroom. As Carmen jumped off the bed and donned a robe, she said, “Dress in your sexiest gear and await my summons.”

She hurried to her bedroom; she knew it was Mike and Suzie come to check if she was all right. As she opened the French window, Mike leapt inside and hugged her, while Suzie peered nervously around the window frame.

Mike whispered, “Are you all right? I was afraid your mum and dad would do something really bad.”

Beaming, Carmen replied, “Oh they did.” Then bahis şirketleri after a pause, she added, “Come in, I think you will love it!”

Carmen guided them to the lounge room and got them a drink. Mike and Suzie looked nervously around, expecting all hell to break loose any second, but Carmen suddenly called, “Mommy, get your arse in here, now!”

Mike and Suzie were shocked by the outburst, but nothing had prepared them for what happened next. Jocelyn opened the bedroom door to the hallway and slowly emerged dressed only in high heels, stockings, and brief panties. She looked down at the floor as she walked. Jocelyn, a vision of sexuality, stopped in front of her daughter, her hands clasped behind her back, her nipples erect, and there was a growing damp spot between her legs.

Mike stared in disbelief, his penis growing rapidly, but Suzie leapt to her feet and walked slowly towards Jocelyn. Suzie smiled as she circled Jocelyn, examining her, inspecting her. Finally, she stopped at Jocelyn’s side; then moved forward and whispered in her ear, “You really are a very desirable MILF. I will really enjoy fucking you senseless!”

Jocelyn did not know how to reply, so she just said, “Thank you, Miss Suzie.”

Suzie smiled as she reached out her hand and cupped Jocelyn’s breast. She fondled the firm tit, squeezed the nipple playfully, and laughed as Jocelyn moaned with her growing sexual arousal. Suzie fingers seemed to dance across Jocelyn’s belly as they sought out Jocelyn’s cunt.

“Spread your legs” Suzie ordered and Jocelyn willingly complied.

Fingers traced the perfect camel toe, which was Jocelyn’s cunt, before Suzie hooked a finger beneath her panties, and commenced to stroke and tease Jocelyn’s clit. Jocelyn moaned loudly and looked up to see her husband, watching his wife succumb to his sexual nemesis.

As Jocelyn raced towards orgasm, Suzie whispered, “Don’t come until I give you permission!”

Jocelyn fought to hold back the tidal wave of pleasure surging through her body, but Suzie’s expert manipulation of her cunt made it impossible. Jocelyn screamed as a surge of indescribable pleasure cascaded through her body. She had lost all control; her cunt squirting juice down her legs and onto the floor.

Jocelyn collapsed onto her hands and knees; she could barely hear Suzie’s distant laughter as hands rolled her onto her back. A cunt pressed onto her lips. She began to lick and suck the offered vagina and slowly realised that it was her daughter’s cunt. As her daughter ground her cunt into her mother’s face, her mother’s arse was lifted off the floor and a cushion was rammed under it. Jocelyn groaned as she felt her daughter’s tongue start to caress her clit.

Jocelyn opened her eyes and saw a prick poised at the entry to her daughter’s anus. The prick thrust forward and Carmen’s anus stretched painfully as the head was forced into the anal passage. Jocelyn licked and sucked Carmen’s cunt hysterically as the prick slowly entered the anus. The prick’s full length was buried deep inside her daughter arse, when Jocelyn realised the prick belonged to her husband.

Carmen’s father was anally fucking his daughter, while her mother sucked her cunt.

Jocelyn watched her husband’s prick slide in and out of their daughter’s arsehole, before she saw the prick jerk as her husband ejaculated; sending jism deep into his daughter’s bowels. Paul withdrew his prick slowly, and as Carmen’s rosebud convulsed, sperm dribbled from it, down on to Jocelyn’s face.

Suddenly Jocelyn felt a second tongue flick across her vaginal lips before it moved to her arse hole.

“It must be Suzie,” thought Jocelyn as Suzie’s tongue penetrated her anus and her daughter savagely tongued and sucked her clit. Jocelyn was lost in her depravity; the euphoric pleasure of the Sapphic threesome consumed her. Unexpectedly Suzie’s face was thrust violently into Jocelyn’s arse as Mike began to fuck his sister’s cunt. Both Carmen and Jocelyn could not stop the orgasmic pleasure from overpowering their senses and both shot copious amounts of juice from their cunts.

Panting, they paused and rolled away from the copulating brother and sister. Mother, daughter, and father watched in awe as Mike’s huge prick banged his sister’s cunt mercilessly. Suzie was moaning with delight as Mike thrust his prick in and out of her cunt. The fucking seemed to go on and on and Suzie orgasmed several times before Mike shot his load into his sister’s vagina. Mike held his prick hard in his sister’s cunt as the ejaculating prick convulsed, jism gushing from its tip. Almost gently, Mike withdrew his penis allowing his sperm to flow from Suzie’s cunt. Carmen, pushed Mike aside, knelt before Suzie’s leaking cunt and greedily sucked her boyfriend’s jism from his sister’s open cunt lips.

Finally, the incestuous group were spent and all the participants relaxed, Carmen lay on the sofa, her head on Mike’s lap, her arse still slowly leaking her father’s jism on to the sofa’s cushions. Jocelyn looked at the cushion, then the dark patch that her cunt juice had left on the carpet and at the numerous other cunt juice and semen stains decorating the furniture and carpets around the room.

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