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Note: This story is purely about the Ebony Humper craving and addiction to eating white pussy. There is nothing sweeter than for a dark skinned black man having his face buried in between the legs of a wet, silky smooth white woman. It’s where the Humper belongs and where he loves to eat.

The Ebony Humper waited patiently for Bella. Bella was an Italian goddess that he was pursuing for nearly a year. They met at a Mexican restaurant during happy hour and he yearned for her ever since. Bella was a short woman, about 5’2″. She was thick in all the right places and just recently got her boobs done to a perfect 38DD. Her legs were thick and muscular from the many hours she spent at the gym and she always kept a nice tan. Her long black hair came down to her shapely ass. The Humper’s mouth was watering just thinking about Bella and dreaming about her white pussy.

Bella sent the Humper a text stating that she was close to his house.

Bella: Can’t wait to see you!

Humper: Me neither. It’s been a long time coming.

The Humper was dressed wearing khaki shorts and a white pullover shirt. He had just got back from the gym and his muscles were really popping out of his shirt. He looked in the mirror and smiled as his dark bald head shined brightly.

“If I can’t seduce her with my fine black ass, I need to retire from the game,” he said to himself.

Bella finally arrived at the Humper’s house. When he opened the door, he immediately gave her an intense hug. He loved the way she looked. Her hair was loosely hanging down her back and she had on a black and orange sun dress with black flip flops. The Humper had a major foot fetish and he admired her freshly polished toes. He licked his lips and couldn’t wait to have them in his mouth.

“Come in Bella. I’m so excited to see you,” said the Humper as he grabbed her hand and led her inside his home.

“I know right. It seems like it has been forever for us to hook up.”

Bella was impressed with the Humper’s home. For a guy, it was neat and clean. She also admired his nice firm ass from the back and his dark chocolate muscular legs.

The Humper led Bella to his living room where they both got comfortable on the sofa. Bella relaxed a bit by taking her shoes canlı bahis off and placing her feet on the Ottoman. Her green colored toes drove the Humper crazy. He had to do something.

“You know I have a foot fetish right,” he said to Bella.

She giggled and covered her mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry. Are these cute piggies getting you aroused?”

She wiggled her toes and it made the Humper more excited.

“Well just a tad. Do you mind if I massage your feet?”

“Hey, I will never turn down a good foot massage.”

The Humper took her feet and placed them on his lap. He gently took his hands and started rubbing her feet. They were soft and felt amazing in his hands. Bella leaned back and closed her eyes. She loved how his strong hands were rubbing her feet.

The Humper began to get aroused. He started to massage her calf muscle and then he went in for the kill. He leaned down and put her big toe in his mouth and began to suck it. Bella let out a loud yelp shocked that the Humper was sucking her toes. She never had that done before and it felt really good.

The Humper took two more toes and began to lick and suck them while rubbing her feet. He positioned her heel on his crotch so that she could feel how excited she was making him. By now, the Humper was on his knees and worshipping Bella’s feet with his tongue and mouth. Bella just closed her eyes and enjoyed the soothing sensation. She could feel the wetness flowing from her pussy.

The Humper spent a few more minutes sucking her toes and then he took his tongue and began to trace up her calf to her knee. Bella grabbed the Humper’s head and pulled him up.

“Kiss me please!”

The Humper spread open Bella’s legs and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. He put his hands on her large breasts and began to kiss her on the mouth. The locked lips and their tongues swirled in sync. The Humper was able to pull out one of Bella’s breast and he licked down her neck all the way to her breast and began to suck on her nipples.

“Damn baby! Your tongue feels amazing. What are you doing to my titties?”

The Humper gently sucked her nipples while swirling his tongue around at the same time. Bella was getting sensations and chills all over her body. She wanted bahis siteleri to cum right then and there. The Humper sensed that he had her right where he wanted her. He stopped sucking on her nipples and stood up. He reached out his hand.

“Come with me baby.”

Bella was so turned on that she didn’t realize what was about to happen. Was he going to fuck her?

Eat her?


She was clueless and didn’t care. She fell into his trap and would let him dictate the situation. Bella grabbed his hand and followed the Humper to his bedroom. The light was dimly lit and the Humper stood in front of her. He removed his shirt showing off his muscular dark chest. Bella put her hands on his chest and she felt the goosebumps on the Humper’s skin. The Humper reached under her dress and pulled down her underwear. Bella stepped back from him.

“I got this baby.”

She pulled down her panties and took off her dress. She was completely naked in front of the Humper lusting for his touch, for his mouth, for his hard chocolate stick. The Humper pulled Bella close and pushed her back on the bed. He opened her legs and got in between them.

“Your pussy smells good,” he said as he softly brushed against her hairless pussy with his nose.

“Do as you please with my pussy. I shaved it just for you baby.”

Humper leisurely licked around her clit. He didn’t want to dive right in yet, but take his time with her. Bella squirmed a bit as he teased her sweet spot. The Humper massaged her thighs while he slowly licked her pussy. He kissed her pussy lips and traced his tongue all the way down her pussy to her ass. He flicked his tongue on her hole and then worked his way back up to her pussy. By now, Bella was soaking wet and she was caressing his bald head. Every lick from his tongue, gave Bella sensations and she let her appreciation known to the Humper by moaning out loud.

The Humper took his tongue and stuck it inside of her. She tasted sweet and it was really wet. He never experienced a pussy so wet before. He loved it. He quickly started fucking Bella with his tongue while he took one of his fingers and began to rub on her clit. Bella was going crazy at this point. Her legs was shaking, her breathing got intense.

“Please bahis şirketleri finger fuck me! Finger fuck my pussy!”

The Humper obeyed as he stuck two fingers inside of her pussy and put his mouth on her clit. He curved his fingers up and began to tickle her G-spot while he sucked and licked on her sensitive clit. Bella couldn’t stand the pleasure any longer. It usually takes her a while to cum, but the Humper knew her pussy so well.

He knew all of her magical spots.

“Baby, I’m cumming,” she screamed as her body shook violently.

The Humper got off of her clit and just focused on fucking her pussy with his fingers. His strokes were deep and he kept hitting her G-spot. Bella let out one loud yell and her body collapsed on the bed.

“Oh my God! Never have I came like that before. You know I can only cum once right?”

The Humper took that as a challenge. He wanted to see if she could cum over and over. He scooted up to her face and began to slowly kiss her. He put his fingers back inside her drenched pussy and slowly fingered her.

“I think I can get a few more out of you.”

The Humper started sucking on her nipples again while he fingered her pussy. Bella felt those same sensations again and started to moan out in pleasure. The Humper worked his way back down to her pussy and started working her clit again with his tongue and mouth. He took his fingers out of her pussy and started to massage her pussy lips. He paused from sucking her clit and spit on it, making it wetter and slicker. He then started licking her clit again and Bella lost complete control.

“Oh my God, I’m going to cum again!”

On cue, the Humper put two fingers back inside of Bella and began to work her G-spot over while he licked her clit. It was only a few seconds later when Bella screamed out and squirted a tad in the Humper’s mouth. That was her second release in a matter of minutes. The Humper did what no other man in her life could do… make her cum more than once.

“Shit girl. You squirted a bit in my mouth.”

Bella was stunned and didn’t believe him. She never squirted before.

“No way. I never squirted before.”

“Well, I know what I tasted and it was a squirt.”

Bella laughed and the Humper came back up and kissed her again. He would give her four more orgasms off of eating and fingering her pussy. Bella left the Humper’s house a new woman. She was permanently hooked on the Humper’s tongue and mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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