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I woke up with a groan, but not my usual one.

It took me a moment to realise that I wasn’t having a wet dream, and that there was in fact something warm wrapped around my cock.

Pulling back the blanket revealed a hood from a familiar onesie, and my underwear shoved between the mattress and the wall. She didn’t even look up as I pulled the blanket off the both of us, head just bobbing up and down.

“Good morning.” I said breathlessly.

Rin giggled briefly, and then continued to blow me. Leaving me uncertain of her intentions. She might just be getting me ready for something else, or she might be trying to make me cum.

Either way, it felt amazing.

The red sunlight of the dawn was still peeking around the edges of the curtains. Making the room glow as I basked in the feeling of Rin’s expert tongue on my cock.

She’d taken a risk, waking me up this way as a surprise… But I fucking loved it. “Mmm. Shit, yes.”

Rin pulled her head off my cock, letting out a mouthful of drool that she quickly pumped along my length and looked up at me, “Feeling adventurous?”

“Depends.” I frowned, “What did my wife have in mind?”

She shuddered, “Fuck. Oh, I love it when you say that. Just a second.”

Rin stood up and pulled her onesie off quickly, revealing her perfect naked body. She grinned at me and touched herself, “So wet. So naughty. Getting all riled up on you whilst you were asleep.”

“Want to get on top, then?” I asked her.

She shook her head, “Uh uh. Not yet. Adventurous. I may have bought some other fun things yesterday. Would you mind… Tying me up?”

I blinked as she bent over and pulled some soft black silk ribbons from a bag and began twisting them around her wrists. “You into that?” I asked in surprise.

“So much.” Rin bit her lip, “You… Didn’t answer. What about you? Pleeease?”

I climbed off the bed, giving her the space to lie down.

Sat over her, my wet cock dragging across her navel as I reached up to her raised arms. “So, do I tie this up tightly or…?”

“Just a loop.” Rin said, “I need to be able to pull free if there’s a problem or something. But I’ll pretend I can’t. That’s why I’m holding them. You really never tied up a girl before?”

I tied the ribbons up so that she’d be able to slip her hands free, but that they should stay put if she was just pulling against them. “We used handcuffs. Bruised my wrists.”

“Ooh.” Rin said excitedly, “She tied you up? You… Like it?”

“Yes and no.” I shrugged and then kissed her neck, and began to kiss lower until I got to her breasts. I suckled one of her teats, causing Rin to arch into me, “I like biting. Being bitten. So, I do like a little pain. Certain kind of pain. Hated the handcuffs. Might like ribbon.”

“I knew you… Fuck. Shit… Wanted to bite me.” Rin groaned, “I’m into it. Yessss… Not so much the… Oooh. Makeup to cover the bruises, after. But worth it. Oh… Eat me?”

I brushed my teeth against her leg, and then nuzzled down into her sex. Flicking my tongue at her clit. A glance lower told me that she wasn’t just wet. She was already dripping onto the bed.

Teasing was part of the excitement of being tied up, though. So I drew things out by licking inside of her. Using my fingers to make her groan and moan, as she clearly tried to keep things quiet.

As my hand continued to run along her insides, I shifted upwards and put an arm behind her shoulders. I pulled her down, stretching her arms and causing her to gasp, before pushing my mouth roughly against hers.

Rin moaned loudly into my mouth, shuddering as I felt her cum on my hand. I continued to work on her, saturating the sheets as she overflowed. “You’re mine.”

She swallowed, “I’m… Fuck… Yours.”

“How do you taste?” I asked her and kissed her again. My tongue playing with hers, teasing the tops of her teeth before I pulled away, with Rin sucking at my tongue to try and hold onto it.

She breathed heavily, “More.”

“Uh uh. I asked you a question.” I pulled my hand from inside her a moment to suck on a finger before pushing it back inside her. “How do you taste?”

“Fuck… You love this.” Rin glared at me, and then shuddered, “Oh, you’re going to make me… Cum… Again. I like it. Okay? I like… Shit… Tasting me… On you… Fuck.”

I withdrew my hand slowly and offered it to her, holding my hand just out of reach, so she had to stretch to reach. Which she immediately did. Pulling on her bands to lift her head and suckle on my finger, sending a thrill through me.

Rin was loving this, being ever so slightly dominated.

I desperately wanted to take it to the next step, and fuck the daylights out of her. However, she was trusting me with this. I had to reward her, play into the fantasy.

My hand returned to making her shudder and moan, and I kissed at her cheek, “Do you have any more of those ribbons?”

“Ugh… Yes… A… Couple… Fuck yes… Oh, I’m close… I’m going to cum… Again.” Rin arched into her bonds.

I pulled demetevler escort free, stopping mid-orgasm and making Rin give a frustrated moan before she kicked the bed, “Hey! What are you doing?”

I pulled open her shopping bag, and saw so many things she probably hadn’t planned for me to, just yet. I tried to ignore most of them and grabbed a couple more of the ribbons and turned back to her.

I gently looped one of them around one ankle, and then tied it to the metal ladder at the end of the bed. I took a moment to kiss along the inside of the now partially immobilised leg.

“Oh god.” Rin shivered, “You’re really doing that?”

“Do you mind?”

She laughed nervously, “No. No, I do not. Can you stop taking your time and fuck me?”

“Nooope.” I replied as I began to tie up the other ankle to the edge of the bed frame.

With that done, I climbed in between her legs, leaned down and slid up her stomach, relishing the skin-on-skin contact. I paused when I was high enough to kiss at her breasts.

Rin mewled, moving her feet and tightening her grip on the ribbons in her hands. “Oh, come on. I really, really want you. Pleeease? Put it inside me?”

I put my arms behind her, holding her as I kissed between her breasts, “Put… What… Inside you?”

“Oh, fuck. Fuck you.” Rin growled, “You want me to beg? I’m begging. Pleeeease. Pleease, Chris. Please fuck me. Fuck your slutty sister. Fuck your naughty wife. Just fuck her. Pleeeease.”

“Don’t call yourself a slut. Ruins it.” I said and then kissed at her again, “But… Beg me. One more time.”

I leaned up, and began rubbing myself up and down her entrance, “For me?”

“Pleeease, Chris?” Rin said, staring at me with her glittering emerald eyes, “Please, take my little cunt. Fuck my snatch. I want it. I want you, so bad. I want you to fuck me so hard. Fuck me so I can’t walk. So I just curl up on the couch all day. I want to feel you pressing down on me. When you’re ready, you’ll fuck me again, and again. Use me all day. Make me yours. Pleeeeease.”

I pushed myself into her, and she groaned instantly, pulling back instinctively but having nowhere to go as my cock pushed into her tight little twat.

“Yes!” Rin screamed, dragging at her wrists as I pinned her hips into the mattress. “Fuck yes! Oh, do it. Fuck your horny fucking wife. Make her cum on you, again and again.”

There was so little resistance when I pulled back, her pussy unable to get a grip on me because of how slippery it had become. Letting me go immediately from entering her, to pounding into her and making the bed creak and groan beneath us.

“Damn! Chris!” Rin stared with wide eyes, “Yes! Fuck! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

I slammed into her, over and over. Jostling her tits, making her hair puff and sway each time she was knocked upwards in the bed, jerked to a stop in the air by the ribbons around her ankles.

“Eugh! Fuck! Chris!” Rin tossed her head back, eyes squeezed shut. “Oh! Deep! Fuck! Yes! Just… Like that!”

Her pussy rolled, clutching at me in desperate and intermitent waves. Her stomach tightening into momentary knots, as she arched and cried out, face matching the colour of her hair.

Rin let out a long and deep cry into the sky, screaming out her orgasm into the world as her cunt finally managed to clamp down on me.

I fell onto her, groaning out a growl, “Close…”

“Cum.” Rin commanded, letting go of the ribbons to put her arms around me quickly, “Cum inside me. Pleeease. Cum for me. In me. Fill me up.”

There was pretty much no chance of anything else happening.

I swamped her insides. Feeling my cum pushing its way back out passed me to spill down onto the bed. Each of us desperately holding onto the other as we came together, joined together.

I tried to whisper, coming out more as a hoarse snarl. “I love you.”

Rin kissed me, taking me into her mouth as I continued to blast semen deep inside her welcoming insides. I felt her manage to get her legs loose, locking her ankles behind me, pushing me in deeper.

She gave another cry of joy, and then seemed to almost ragdoll as she became relaxed. No more clenching of every muscle in her body. Just her skillful tongue working itself around my mouth.

I felt even more of my seed spilling out of her, enjoying the thought of it running down her asscrack as I made out with her.

Eventually, we did stop kissing each other. Long after I had deflated and let the rest of my seed dribble out. Long after the sun had turned from a deep red to blue skies.

Long enough that the exhaustion from our morning frolic had passed.

Rin smiled at me as I lay down beside her, one hand on her stomach. She crinkled her nose and kissed my cheek. “So, how was your morning?”

“Amazing. Is this what being married to you is going to be like?”

Rin frowned, “Not every morning. Can’t go letting you take me for granted. But… I figured we needed it, after yesterday.”

“I will never take dikmen escort you for granted. You’re too precious for that.” I smiled at her. “Besides, if I did, you’d kick me in the nuts.”

She giggled, “Probably. So… No regrets, then? Fucking your sister?”

“Don’t you mean marrying her?”

Rin blushed and shrugged sheepishly, “Not like we can have a real wedding. Don’t think there’s anyone who would understand what I feel for you. Not really.”

“People who don’t know us, do.” I pointed out, “Tom, Jan. If someone doesn’t know about the twin thing, they adore us as a couple. Think we have something special.”

She snuggled against me, “So… No regrets at all?”

“Some.” I sighed, “Regret getting seen by Vincent. Don’t want anyone to try and take you from me. Regret us not working this out sooner, being with each other instead of so many other failed relationships.”

Rin made a sound of contentment, “You know just how to talk to a girl. That really what you think? Or are you just trying to sweet talk me?”

“I could never lie to you, Rin. You always knew. Always.”

She shook her head, “Don’t know about that. I mean, I caught you most of the time. But I still never noticed that you actually loved me. Not until I tried to fuck you, and you kissed me.”

I turned her head and gave her a brief kiss. “What does that tell you?”

“That you need to brush your teeth. You still taste like pussy.” Rin teased, and looked down, “Aaand that I need to change the sheets on the bed. Holy shit, it looks like I pissed it. We really need to put down a towel next time. Maybe two, if you keep up the floods.”

I sighed, “So… Moment’s over?”

“Seems like.” She moved stiffly, awkwardly. Revealing reddened marks on her wrists as she sat up. “Don’t worry. Meant what I said. When we stop for lunch, I want you to fuck me again. And before dinner. And before bed. Maybe before then too, if you can handle it.”

Rin stood up and stretched, before leaning down to rub at her ankles. As she did, I saw a small white glob push backwards out of her open snatch and splash towards the ground. She groaned, “Chris… Holy crap.”

I laughed softly and kissed her ass, “What can I say? You do this to me.”

“I’m showering. Alone.” Rin grabbed some clothes and began shuffling awkwardly, leaving a trail of cum behind her, “You can clean up the mess you made.”

“Yes, missus.”

She glared at me, “Wife. Not missus. Didn’t like that.”


Rin came up behind me as I piloted around a half-submerged log, leaning on my shoulders, “There a reason our mattress is on the verandah?”

“I’ll put it on the roof when we stop. Needs to air out. We… Made a mess.”

“You made a mess.” She teased, and kissed at my neck, “And you didn’t even get around to biting me.”

She’d got changed into a simple outfit after the shower. Tiny denim shorts that seemed to be ridiculously tight on her ass, and a loose-fitting black tank top made from something soft and partially transparent.

“Do you see me driving, here?”

Rin pouted, and moved over to the kitchen bench, “Fine. No distracting the driver. Say… This plan of mine, to get fucked all day? That’s not going to get in the way of a plan you had, is it?”

“Nah. Decided to change when I was going to do something.” I replied casually, “Besides, give up that invitation? I’ve got a few more days.”

She began boiling the kettle, “Did you have anything for breakfast before you got going? Leave anything for me?”

“Check the toaster oven.”

Rin let out a happy squeal as she found the bacon and egg toastie just waiting for her to cook it. “Oh, I missed those. You used to make them for me, all the time. Remember?”

“Every day before school.” I nodded, “Since… When did I start? Must have been near the start of high school.”

She leaned on the counter, “Never did ask you why. I was just feeling spoiled and loved it. Even if Vinnie had to tell me I was being an ungrateful bitch to you every time you made one.”

“Asshole.” I grumbled, “I made them for you, Rin, because I was worried about you. Noticed you were starting to eat less. Skip breakfast most days.”


I shrugged, “Wasn’t uncommon. Most of the girls in my class were competing to get thinner at the time. Just normal high school girl stuff. But I figured that better than complaining you were pushing yourself too far… I’d just make something too good to resist.”

“That is incredibly sweet.” Rin said, walking over and hugging me from behind. “You always did take care of me.”

I smiled and leaned my head into hers, “As best I could. Which… Well, wasn’t always the best. I definently had my share of screwups.”

“Like screwing Jessie. After I told you not to come near any of my friends.” Rin said flatly.

I rolled my eyes, “Consenting adults. We weren’t in high school anymore, Rin.”

“How did she get to you, anyhow?” Rin asked curiously, “Not like you guys went to the same uni.”

“Same ankara escort parties. We were both a bit tipsy, and Jess sort of just walked up to the circle of friends I was with and planted one on me.” I shrugged.

“Huh. She just kissed you? That’s all it takes to break down my brother’s barriers? Would have got around to kissing you sooner, myself, if I knew it was that easy.”

I chuckled, “Did say I was a bit drunk, too, right? But, no. Wasn’t the only thing. She then whispered to me.”

“Offering to fuck you. Such a slut.” She said. I could practically hear Rin rolling her eyes.

I nodded, “Yeah. Sort of, yeah… Uhm… She did offer to have sex with me… But may have sort of been offering something… Different.”

“Oh. My. God.” Rin said in disbelief, “She said you could fuck her ass, Chris? Holy crap. That’s a warning sign, not an invitation! Not for a first time.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” I shook my head, deftly piloting the boat across the shallow patch that Tom had warned us about. “I’m still going to take the excuse that I was drunk.”

“And the three months of dating, afterwards?”

“More like… Six.” I cringed, “What can I say? I was nineteen. A girl I had watched go through puberty, at the same time I had, was interested in me. And down to fuck all the time.”

“Wait. Six months?” Rin said in confusion, doing some mental arithmetic, “So… You were with her… When she first started dating Rob… Three year anniversary. Was there a crossover? Or was he just the next guy?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. It’d be close. Some of your other friends did suggest to me that Jess might have cheated on me. Didn’t much matter to me, I had already been building up the courage to dump her.”

“Any… Particular reason?” Rin asked curiously.

I rolled my own eyes, “Duh. You. I hated sneaking around behind your back. Jess loved it. We weren’t remotely compatible.”

“Hold up a second. Does that mean you guys did stuff close to home?” Rin asked, accusingly.

I nodded, “Yuup. That’s going to haunt me, isn’t it? Jess liked your bathroom, when the two of you had that flat with the shower that shocked you every time you touched the shower taps. The sink was at just the right height.”

“The deathtrap.” Rin shivered, and then sat down beside me on the floor, “So… You’re finally admitting you screwed my friend. Just down the hall from me. That… Pisses me off.”

“Don’t get comfortable. You’re about to burn your sandwhich.” I waved back to the kitchen, causing Rin to jump up and run over to it.

“That was close.” She said, putting it onto a plate, “Still doesn’t make up for betraying me.”

“I did tell you about us. And apologised.” I stated.

Rin sat back down, crunching into the hot toastie, leaning over her plate as she spilled egg from it. “You did. Still annoyed.”

“And here I was thinking I was going to be in heaven all day.” I sighed, “Suppose I deserve it.”

Rin snorted in laughter, “Not heaven. My pussy. Suppose you can name it, if you really want to. But heaven is still going to be ready, once you are. She likes feeling you in her.”

“Even though you feel betrayed?”

Rin shrugged, “Yeah. I still love you, Chris. Still really, really, want a day of you just fucking the shit out of me. It’s our honeymoon. I’ll settle for making you eat some burnt toast for lunch or something.”

“Oh, so you’re going to treat me by cooking for me?”

She punched my leg, “Oi! I’m a decent cook, now. Jan didn’t complain about my biscuits, did she?”

“She didn’t eat any, either.” I teased her.

Rin grumbled to herself, and finished eating her sandwhich. Glancing at her, I could still see red marks on her wrists and ankles. Burn marks from our morning activities.

I re-focused on the water, barely avoiding a completely sunken tree. “The ribbons were fun, but I don’t think we should use them for a while.”

Rin sighed, rubbing at her wrists, “Yeah. Probably. It was fun, though. Feeling you on top of me, nowhere to go. Teased, cherished, and taken, all at once. You knew the right way to dominate me.”

“Loved it when you begged.”

“Noticed.” She leaned back on her hands, “You really do love it when I ask, don’t you? That long drawn out… Pleeeease.”

“Fuck.” I said, surprised when I felt my groin stir. Despite the activity it had only just had an hour or so earlier. Already ready again.

Rin noticed, “Ooh. Heaven might get what she wants, soon.”

“We are not naming your sexy parts.” I rolled my eyes, “Even if it is an apt description of them.”

“Eh.” Rin said nonchalantly, “Though… What else did you see in the shopping bag, this morning?”

“A lot of toys. Lubricant. No condoms though, curiously.” I said.

She laughed, “What? You want to stop cumming in me, now?”

“Every guy wants to cum in his girl. Doesn’t mean it’s always safe to do so.” I sighed, “But… That one’s on me.”

Rin shook her head, “If you bought ’em, I wouldn’t let you use them. I am not downgrading before our honeymoon is over. You can just deal with that.”

“Kinda hoping you’d say something like that.” I admitted.

She patted my knee, “Good. We’re on the same page. So… The toys? I was thinking maybe you could use a couple of them. Get me ready for a grand finale before bed.”

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