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Big Dicks

What is it about this lovely young lady? I normally NEVER pick up hitchhiker, but I had the weirdest feeling this women was different. So, I reluctantly pulled over. “Hop in.” She was stunning – fairly tall, with shoulder length brunette hair. She had a pretty nice build. Small wais, but I noticed her ass wasn’t flat. It had that slight curve. MAN, I would LOVE to spank this beauty and watch her ass bounce. I bet it drive all the guys nuts. I politely opened the door and she hoped in my convertible.


“Don’t mention it,” I muttered, still wondering why I picked her up. I extended a hand to her, “Name’s Bob.”


Odd. I knew a Tammy. Maybe this was the one.

I pulled out once she shut the door. “What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere?”

“My boyfriend and I were going to Vegas. I had to pull over to take a shit. UH, sorry, to use the bathroom. When I returned he was gone.”

“Sounds like an asshole, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“He was.”

“I mean, why would anyone ditch a lovely young women like yourself?”

She blushed at the compliment, “Thank you.” You seem like a really nice guy.” She gave me a seductive grin.

“Thanks.” JESUS, I wanted her. “Anyway, do you plan on getting their tonight? I’m awfully tired. Would you mind if we stopped at a hotel? Their one about a block from here.”

“Well, if I saw that bastard tonight, I would illegal bahis probably do something I’d regret. We can stop, provided, we sleep in separate beds.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I lied. We just sat quietly for the remainder of the ride. Finally, we got their and found a parking spot near the entrance. When I shut off the ignition, I opened the door for Tammy.

“Thank you,” she exclaimed as she got out of the car. She strutted in front of me and I watched as her ass wiggled.

“Wait a sec.” I reluctantly stepped in front of her and opened the door.

“My, what a gentlemen. Thank you.” She walked pass the entryway, and I followed, closing the door behind me.

MAN, I REALLY want that ass, I thought. As I followed Tammy rear, I was interrupted by someone’s cough.

“AHEM, can I help you, sir?”

I looked up and a gray-haired man was staring at me. So was Tammy. Surprisingly, she had a smile on her face. “Um, I, yeah. I’d like a room.

The man turned his back on Tammy and I. Well he was getting a key, Tammy winked at me.

What the hell? I questioned myself.

“Here you are sure, Room 5.”

I politely thanked the man and jogged to our room. Putting the key in the lock, I felt Tammy’s lips on my neck. As I opened the door and walked in, I grabbed her arm and pulled her in the room. Once the door was closed, I passionately kissed her. My hands found her ass, illegal bahis siteleri and I pushed her to the bed. Her lips were wonderfully soft.

I felt the lovely brunette’s tongue pop in my mouth as she undid my fly and pulled both my pants and boxers down.

As our kiss broke, I grabbed the beauties silky red dress and roughly tore it from her body. Luckily, she brought along close with her. Her top was quite ravishing. Despite her flat chest, she had a deliciously flat stomach. I planted kisses to her neck and traveled to her breasts. I licked both with slow passion. Once I had both boobs examined, I traveled to her navel. Then, down to her pussy. It was already soaking wet.

“YES! SUCK MY PUSSY! EAT ME!” She grabbed my light brown hair and thrust my head into her. FUCK ME!!! LICK MY FUCKING CUNT!!” Her waist was humping my face. “NASTY FUCK, SUCK ME!! YES! I’M CUMMINNGGGGG!!!” Then her massive orgasm flowed through her and soaked my face.

I hoped to god that no one kicked us out because of the noise. “I want that ass,” I hissed. I flipped her on her hands and knees and guided my cock to her pussy. “But first,” I pushed my head inside the hitchhiker and grabbed her wais to steady the lovely young women. I violently shoved the rest in. “YEAH, NASTY WHORE! This is what you want.

“Yes, fuck my pussy. Make me cum on your cock.” She pushed back with each of my thrusts.

I LOVED the feel canlı bahis siteleri of her naked flesh on my hips. “Nasty fucking slut. Take my cock.” I slapped her ass with aggression.

“YES! Spank me.”




“FUCK ME!” She rocked herself back so hard I almost fell off the bed. “I’M A WHORE!”

Tammy knew how wild she was driving me with her nasty mouth. “Yeah, talk dirty to me, fucking slut. I’M CUUMMINNG!” I unloaded my wad in her pussy as her orgasm watered my cock. When the last drop of cum went from my dick, I pulled out of the babe. “Now, about that ass.” I positioned my still erect cock to her tiny whole and pushed in until my whole cock was inside.


She shocked me with that. I figured she couldn’t take it all at once. I grabbed Tammy by her hair and violently slapped my cock into her. “Nasty ass whore. You like that?”

“YEESSS! FUCCK MY ASSS!! Her thrusts were meeting each of mine. “I WANT IT! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! YES!”

I was drenched in sweat and that provided me with more lubrication. “BITCH,” I growled at her.

“That’s it. I’m an ass-whore. FUCK ME,! she ordered. “I’M CUMMMIING!!”

I was fingering her cunt and another load of girl-cum flooded my finger. “I’M GONNA CUM!”

“CUM IN MY SLUTTY ASSHOLE!” So I unloaded a huge mass of sticky white goo in her shithole. “AHHH, yeah. That was the best.

“Yeah, it was, she agreed.

Finally my member went limp and I pulled out.

“WHEW!” She rolled over on her back and sat up on the mattress. “Thanks. I needed that.”

I gave Tammy one more long kiss, “You’re welcome, sis,” I grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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