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The shock at learning that other men lusted after their mothers was huge for Orion. But it was quickly supplanted by bigger astonishment that men actually had sex with their mothers. About three hours ago, Alex had fallen down an internet rabbit hole. The experience crystalized his own feelings for his mom and left him wanting more, even as his cock ached from its fourth orgasm.

[KKev 1n12] commented: At first it was hard to get mom into it but as I kept following the rules the more tameable she became.

[anonymous69] commented: Mom’s training is going well!

[BigJosh34] commented: Can’t wait to get a taste of mom’s pussy!

Days passed and Orion stole covert glances of his mother, Brandie. Each moment his eyes rested on her welcoming curves further built his lust for her. He was a 22 year old university student, and his mother was a happy home maker.

He fell into depression as he didn’t see what chance he had with her. But then, on his internet travels, he found The Guide. Right before him was a step by step map for seducing even the most prudish mothers. Orion studied it for hours, and then put it into action.

Step canlı bahis 1: Compliments

Orion had grown distant from his mom during his teenage years, but he began engaging her again with compliments. Compliments abounded, from her smarts at helping him with homework, to the awesome way her new haircut looked, to her cooking. Brandie looked suspicious at first, but after weeks of the treatment, she smiled and thanked her sweet son for every compliment.

Step 2: Contact

Now came the hugs. Long lingering hugs and offhand touches to Brandie’s shoulders and back. Orion kept the compliments coming, too. He could see the soft expression in her face whenever he came close to her and knew it was working. After a while, he offered her massages. At first she declined, but eventually she took him up on it. Brandie would sit on the floor in front of the couch while they watched Tv and let her son’s finger press deeply into her tense back and shoulders. It was wonderful. Her husband had taken to calling Orion a momma’s boy, but neither Orion nor Brandie much cared.

Step 3: Requests

This was the point in THe Guide that Orion had bahis siteleri been dreading. He would have to ask her to look at his dick. THe Guide said it was best to pretend something was wrong with it and ask for help. He was supposed to appear embarrassed and desperate, which wouldn’t be a problem. One day, when he was home alone with his mom, Orion told her he was having strange orgasms. He was worried something was wrong with him. It was mortifying, but Brandie, valiant mother that she was, listened to her son and tried to reassure him. Eventually she agreed to observe his ejaculation one time, just so she could put his mind at ease. Brandie did her best to be clinical, and they went to the bathroom.

“Is it big enough, Mom?” Orion jacked himself in front of the sink not daring to look at his sweet mother.

“You have a fine tool, Ori” Brandie was actually quite impressed. Her husband’s erection seemed to be shrinking as he aged, but the penis before her was obviously in its prime. It looked so proud in his hands.

“I’m going…to…” Orion stole a glance at Brandie, zeroing in on her exposed cleavage.

“Okay, let’s see what bahis şirketleri all the fuss is about.” Brandie leaned forward, watching his turgid penis head. “Oh, my.” She put a hand to her mouth. Her son made a low, grumbling sound and let his testicles loose in the sink. Has her husband ever produced that much? Brandie didn’t think so. She stared with wide eyes. And the smell was so much more rich and potent than what she was used to. Her clinical demeanor threatened to crack. She waited for him to finish.” That looked normal enough, sweetie. You’re fine.” She stood and stepped around him. Brandie needed to get out of the bathroom, she felt an odd warmth in her belly. “Now wash it down the sink and go finish your homework.” Brandie opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

Still holding his dripping dick. Orion looked over at her,” Thanks, Mom. I’m glad it looks normal.” He stared at her ass as she looked back at him over her shoulder and Step 1 automatically popped into his head,” You look so beautiful today.”

“Um, thanks.” Brandie gave him an odd look. She didn’t think he should say such things while still holding his stiff toll, but he was a sweet young man. “I’m off to cook dinner.” She rushed down the hall.

Orion sighed. The Guide was working. He was supposed to cement Step 3, and then move on to Step 4. Orion couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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