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Big Tits

It was in a tiny motel room many miles away from home that the Gaffney family got it’s first taste of the forbidden pleasure’s of incest. How did a normal, even dull family suddenly find itself one day breaking that ancient taboo?

The trip by car to visit relatives was a long and grueling one under the very best of conditions. This time they were stopped by car trouble in a small town while still better than an hour away from home. They managed to reach a garage, but were dismayed when they were told that parts had to be ordered and the car wouldn’t be fixed until the next day. This was how the Gaffney family found itself ensconced in that tiny motel room, tired and more than a little cranky.

Things really began happening however when evening fell and the family started considering who would sleep where on the two double beds. Everyone couldn’t help but notice how adamant Gloria Gaffney was that her two teenage children should not share a bed. Instead, she insisted that she should share a bed with her daughter Sarah and that her husband David should sleep alongside their son Wesley in the other bed.

Nineteen year old Wesley probably wouldn’t have said it if he had been a little less exhausted and a little more conscious of what he was saying, but one side of his mouth quirked upwards and he told his sister, “It looks like Mom doesn’t trust us to keep our hands to ourselves.”

It was a pretty lame for a joke and under normal circumstances it would have hardly earned so much as a smile from the rest of them. At this point though everyone else was just as weary as him and everyone started laughing and a floodgate of incest humor seemed to open up.

“Well, let’s face it,” Sarah answered, batting her eyelashes at him playfully, “with a sexy little number like me in the same bed, what guy could possibly be expected to keep his hands to himself?”

David gave his eighteen year old daughter a grinning leer and swore, “I know I certainly wouldn’t be able to!”

Even Gloria managed to get in on the act. “Well, if you’re going to get to make a grab for Sarah, then I know what Wesley and I will be doing tonight.”

The laughter continued for just a few moments longer, but started to become strained and eventually trailed off somewhat awkwardly. A heavy, tense silence fell over the cramped motel room as each and everyone of them looked at each other shyly, each now thinking about things that would have been utterly unthinkable just a few hours before. The scene was all set for something wild and wicked to happen that evening if only one of them had the courage to make the first move.

Wesley had been sitting on the edge of the dresser all this time and when he suddenly pushed himself to his feet, all eyes turned to him with a mixture of hope and trepidation. Well aware that he was the center of attention and still uncertain himself about what exactly he was going to do, the young man made his way over to one of the beds and sat down next to his mother.

Everyone caught their breath, wondering just how far this might progress before common sense once more took effect. Wesley and Gloria’s eyes met for an interminably long moment, each watching the other and trying to gauge what the response might be if they actually tried to do what all four of them were thinking about.

Once, twice, and then a third time, Wesley’s hand twitched or started to rise but always fear or perhaps sanity would assert itself and his hand would drop once more to the bed between them. Just when Gloria thought her boy might have finally given up, his shaky hand rose yet again and this time determinedly kept moving.

So lightly at first that she wasn’t sure he was touching her at all, he stroked and caressed her shoulder-length hair for a moment. This had been a compromise for Wesley as they could all pretend it was an entirely innocent gesture if anyone chose to put an end to all this, but it was also the sort of gesture that could inspire something much more intimate. Gloria sighed with a warm smile, tilting her head to one side to lean into his touch and never once breaking eye-contact with him.

His heart leapt when she didn’t shy away from his touch or push his hand away. There was no question in anybody’s mind about where this might lead if somebody didn’t put a stop to it soon and all four of them were more than a little surprised that no one did.

Sarah and her father were sitting next to each other on the other bed and watching what was happening with wide eyes, meanwhile. When David’s hand started moving it was as much a surprise to him as it was to his daughter when he started gently rubbing her back. Her head turned slowly and she looked up into his eyes in silence, her heart pounding in her chest. He was as speechless as she and soon found himself unable to tear his eyes away from her’s.

Wesley’s hand had now moved from his mother’s hair and was gently caressing her cheek. They were seriously testing the limits of what was appropriate behavior of course, but had they stopped canlı bahis right there and then it was possible that they could have convinced themselves that it had all been perfectly innocent. With each passing moment however it became less and less likely that they would stop as all four of them were now extremely aroused.

Suddenly, Gloria reached up to take her son’s hand in her own. Wesley’s heart fell, thinking that she had finally elected to put an end to this before it went any farther, but David had seen that look in his wife’s eyes before and knew better. An audible gasp escaped Wesley when his mother took his captured hand, placed a tender kiss on the palm, and then pressed it firmly to one of her full breasts. She kept her own hand on top of his, holding it firmly to her bosom and waiting to see how he would finally react.

Wesley could do nothing but stare in wonder at his hand for a several moments, even now hardly able to believe that it really was where it now was. Slowly, he dragged his eyes up from her breasts to find her eyes again and she gave him a smile and an encouraging nod. Summoning up all his courage, he leaned into her ever so slowly and pressed a tender, lingering kiss to her lips. Both where left breathless and wanting more when their lips parted, their eyes dancing with pleasure and excitement.

Holding onto her son’s hand to make sure it didn’t become dislodged from her breast, Gloria slowly lay back across the bed. This pulled the teenaged boy practically up on top of her, which was just where they both wanted him.

Things had been progressing a little more quickly over on the other bed, meanwhile.

David was now kissing his daughter full on the mouth, his tongue probing deep into her mouth. His hand was still on her back, but it had by now slipped up under the back of her shirt and he was rubbing her bare back. She had one hand on her father’s cheek as she kissed him back hungrily, but Sarah’s other hand was on his thigh and perilously close to his groin and the tool that was already tenting the front of his jeans.

He moaned into her mouth and his kisses became more and more insistent when he felt Sarah’s hand firmly caress that bulge in the front of his pants, the knowledge that his own daughter was fondling him nearly making him shoot off a load of cum in his pants. It was even harder to contain himself when he felt skillful fingers open the front of his jeans and reach in to pull out his rock-hard manhood.

He broke the kiss and looked down, needing to see for himself his baby girl’s hand griping the thick shaft of his cock. The feeling he got from having his own flesh and blood stroke him like this that was just about overwhelming and it took a supreme effort of willpower to avoid an embarrassing explosion all over her hand. When his eyes rose to find her’s once more, she was smiling broadly, well aware of how strongly she was affecting him and taking great pleasure in that.

“Hold onto your hat, Daddy,” she purred softly. “I’m about to blow your mind!” Without so much as a moment’s hesitation, she lowered her head and started to give him the most professional and intensely exciting blowjob of his entire life.

With a loud groan, he finally gave up that load of cum he had been so desperately trying to hold back all this time, sending a jet of pearly white cum shooting into her open mouth. Sarah swallowed as much as she could, then hurried to lap up every last drop that had missed her mouth and clean up both his quivering shaft and the hand which held it. Once she’d handled this somewhat premature explosion however, she popped that dick right back into her mouth.

David fell backwards across the bed with a shuddering sigh as his daughter worked, wondering who had taught her to do this so well and unsure if he wanted to beat that guy senseless or thank him.

Wesley was now straddling his mother’s waist and was firmly kneading her full breasts through her top even as the two of them shared long, deep kisses. Gloria was on her back with her finger’s tangled in her son’s hair, her legs spreading wide as a serious fire started to burn deep in her twat.

Wesley needed to feel bare flesh under his hands and so with all the impatience and enthusiasm of youth, he grabbed hold of her blouse with both hands and literally tore it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. His mother gasped delightedly, it had been so very long since any man was this desperate to get his hands on her that she just couldn’t complain about his ruining one of her best blouses.

Once he had her blouse open, he got her bra unfastened too in short order and at long last her full breasts were exposed to him in all their glory. They weren’t the perfect, awe-inspiring globes they had been when she was her daughter’s age, but they were still awfully impressive nonetheless and she saw no trace of disappointment in her little boy’s eyes. He caught one of them in each hand and lowered his head to them.

Gloria’s back arched and she groaned deep in her throat as bahis siteleri Wesley sucked one nipple into his mouth and then the other. “Oh, sweet Jesus,” she panted, clutching his head and writhing excitedly beneath him.”That feels so good, baby!” She squealed with surprise and then sighed with pleasure when he unexpectedly started chewing and tugging on those big nipples. “Oh, my God . . .”

It was getting to be too much and she thought she might actually cum before he so much as looked at her boiling pussy, but he suddenly lifted his head from her bosom and reared up over her with a big grin.

“Please don’t stop, Wesley!” she hissed urgently, reaching up to run her hands over his chest. “I’m so close, so very close!” He ignored her pleas, reaching down to play with his mother’s sensitive nipples to keep her right on the edge of a huge climax. “Wesley . . .” Gloria didn’t know what to make of this, firstly because her husband never teased her like this, and secondly because she could hardly think straight anyway.

“Don’t move.” He dismounted her swiftly and hurriedly hauled off her jeans and then her panties. She opened her legs wide for him without having to be told, well aware of what he must be after. His smile became even broader as he hurriedly got off all of his own clothes before returning to the bed and his extremely aroused mother.

She had always known that he looked a lot like his father had when he was that age of course, but she was pleased to see that the resemblance didn’t end with his face. To her wide, fascinated eyes, his big hard cock looked identical to the one that took her cherry so many years before.

Wesley positioned himself on all fours above her so that his erect cock was aimed straight towards her mouth while his own head was right above his mother’s swampy pussy. He held himself still, letting his mother throw an arm around his waist and raise her head just enough to take the bulbous head into her mouth.

The teenager was sorely tempted to simply drop his hips and drive his cock all the way down her throat, but with a supreme effort of willpower he resisted the urge. There was just something so overpoweringly erotic about having his own mother gnaw on the end of his cock that he was only too happy to let her work at her own pace and make this wonderful experience last for as long as possible.

Taking a deep breath, Wesley lowered his head and started eating her pussy at last.

A hoarse cry rose from the other bed.

With both hands on the back of his daughter’s head, David pumped yet another massive load of his seed straight down the teenaged girl’s throat. Once more Sarah took her time about lapping up every last drop before she lifted her head and gave her panting father a mischievous grin. He smiled weakly back, more aware than ever of how old he was.

There had been a time when he could have not just kept up with this minx, he could have worn her out! His wife could attest to that.

Standing up on the bed over her father, Sarah took her time about stripping off all of her clothes. The girl posed and postured just a bit to make sure he got a good long look at every inch of the exquisite young body he had fathered. He couldn’t have looked away from her if he wanted to and his cock came back to life as he took it all in, the shaft growing harder and harder and standing straight up.

Suddenly feeling a surge of strength from out of nowhere, David reached down with one hand to give his erection a few strokes and raised the other to beckon his little girl back down to him. She came willingly, straddling him and sinking down to take her father’s big cock into her tight, wet cunt.

Wesley didn’t back off this time when he sensed his mother was just about to climax.

Gloria had been deep throating him when she realized that a huge orgasm was about to overtake her, so she let his member slip out of her mouth, wrapped both arms tight around his waist, and rode out the biggest climax of her entire life with her boy’s manhood pressed against her cheek. She wanted desperately to take him back into her mouth and give him the kind of orgasm he had just given her, but she just couldn’t as she needed to catch her breath and find her bearings first.

Before she knew what was happening, he had moved from atop her and roughly flipped her over so that she was now lying on her belly. Gloria wasn’t sure exactly what he was up to but couldn’t have refused him anything at that point. She lifted her head and suddenly found herself watching as her baby girl screwed David hard, deep, and very fast.

It was an incredible sight and she just couldn’t pry her eyes away from the forbidden activities on the other bed. As she had made love to Wesley, she had almost forgotten that they weren’t alone, that the world extended farther than the confines of this double bed.

She started when she felt her legs being pushed wide apart, the bed shifting as her son got himself positioned behind her. She discovered exactly what Wesley had in mind bahis şirketleri then as he started to work his spit-slickened dick up into her ass. She had never taken a man in the butt before and her inexperience showed as she tensed up and slowed his entry down considerably, but he kept at it determinedly until he was fully sheathed inside her.

With her wide eyes focused on her husband and daughter and both hands clenching the bed sheets tightly, Gloria had anal sex for the first time in her life in a cheap motel room miles from home with her own son doing the honors.

All of them exploded in violent, over-powering orgasms at almost the same time. Wesley came and was followed closely by Sarah. An instant later found their parents joining them in a heaving, shuddering series of climaxes, but then all four of them simply collapsed on the beds in utter exhaustion.

Their was silence in the room then, broken only by their shallow, rapid breathing and an occasional happy moan. The room stank of sweat and sex and seemed to be spinning around the two couples.

It was the two teenagers who started to move first, pushing themselves up awkwardly to a sitting position and surveying the results of their wickedness with satisfied smiles.

Lying on her belly on one of the bed’s still, Gloria could not help but take a moment to just look at her daughter. Something else she had never done before was have sex with another woman, but she had always wondered what it would be like. Considering how many other rules her family had broken tonight, she decided she wanted to break just one more.

Sarah and Wesley’s eyes had met by this time though and it occurred to them at the same time that they had not yet had the chance to sample the pleasures of sibling incest. With their parents seemingly down for the count, they were focused only on each other as they shook off their weariness and rose to embrace each other in between the two beds.

Neither even noticed how Gloria’s pushed herself halfway up and reached out one hand towards her daughter, only to fall back disappointedly when Wesley took Sarah into his arms.

The teenagers kissed deeply, holding onto each other so tightly that their body’s were being crushed together. Wesley’s hands slowly slid down his sister’s back to her ass and he took a cheek in each hand and lifted. Sarah’s broke the kiss long enough to let out a little squeal as her feet came off the ground, her arms around his neck and her legs going around his waist.

David raised himself up on his elbows to watch his two children, a proud smile on his lips even as his cock started to stir. There was clearly still some life left in him and he reached down with one hand to start stroking himself. Gloria was also watching in fascination, her earlier disappointment all but forgotten as she rolled over on her side and propped her head up with one hand. Her other hand caressed her breasts for a moment, but soon slid down between her legs.

Never breaking the kisses they were showering on each other, Wesley turned and carefully moved back to the bed he had just fucked his mother on. Pulling his mouth from his sister’s, Wesley grinned and leaned forward so that the two teenagers fell onto the bed. Crashing to the bed with her brother’s full weight atop her, Sarah couldn’t help but let out an, “Oof!” but did not release her hold on him.

As her two children made out hungrily, their bodies restlessly and relentlessly moving against each other, Gloria craned her neck just a little to see what was going on between their legs. His cock was already good and hard again already and rubbing it’s way along the furrow of his sister’s twat, but Gloria could see that it might be a little awkward for him to actually get inside her considering how they were holding each other.

It came as a complete surprise to Wesley when he suddenly felt a hand on his cock, gently guiding him right into Sarah. He glanced briefly back to see his mother with a little frown on her face, completely focused on getting him into his sister, and he just had to smile a little, but then he returned his full attention to Sarah.

As their parents closely watched every moment and masturbated themselves vigorously, brother and sister gave each other a slow and very thorough fucking. Admittedly though it would have been hard to give each other a hard, wild screwing as tightly as their bodies were bound together at that time.

Sarah came first, enduring an exquisitely deep and satisfying little orgasm. Another one followed almost immediately though, a bigger and more powerful one that seemed to be triggered by her brother shooting a seemingly endless stream of his seed deep into her twat. Sarah’s long legs loosened and then completely let go.

No longer bound by her strong, tightly squeezing legs, his thick dick still fully entrenched in her twat and apparently not softening in the least, Wesley didn’t hesitate then to give his sister a much harder, much wilder fucking that brought them both to huge orgasms. In the aftermath, the sound of gasps and sighs caught the attention of the two teenagers and they looked around to see their mother shuddering through an orgasm and their father shooting a stream of cum high into the air.

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