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Forty-eight hour shifts on the Vegas Strip were painfully monotonous. Just like every other weekend, I knew this one would be busy. I was sure to be running from call to call all night. I’d be lucky to get dinner in, I supposed.

I was checking out my rescue, when she called.

Sara, a long-time friend, was headed into town. Tonight. We’d met at the Crazy Horse years before it had closed. She was bartending and I had blown my last $40 for a lap dance with “the twins.” We had struck up an easy conversation, with her comping me a couple of drinks. Unable to tip her, I felt foolish and promised to return. Her eyes were skeptical as she shook her head and waved me off with her hand.

I returned the next day near lunch time, leaving her $60 and a note with my number in an envelope, but never really expected her to call. When she did, it was the beginning of a two year fuck fest. You name it, we tried it, and a lot more than once. When she left, it was abrupt, and I always wondered if she had wanted more than our deviant sexual encounters out of the relationship.

Now, almost eight years later, she was coming into town. How did she still have my number? Her voice hadn’t changed. That soft, sultry, seductive voice made my heart skip a beat.

“Jason?” she asked quietly. Trying to hear over the equipment running in the background, I plugged an ear. “Jason?” she’d asked again.

“Sara,” I managed to stammer out.

Instantly telling me she was heading into town for a bachelorette party and not leaving me any time to ask questions, she asked if I’d like to meet for coffee. God, I wanted to. Would have died to, had I known. I stepped out of the loud bays and, disappointed, I told her that I had just begun my shift. Certain she could hear the disappointment in my voice, her next idea came as a surprise.

“Would you like for me to come by the station?”

I thought for a moment. I hadn’t had anyone at the fire station in years. I mean, a lot of the guys’ girlfriends would stop by, and the occasional badge bunny, but I was one of the ‘older’ guys now. I could just imagine the questions.

“Fuck yes!” I heard myself say with disbelief.

I heard her small, familiar laugh that could light an entire room. I couldn’t tell you about the flight details she gave me because my heart was beating through my chest. Remembering I was working, I started to tell her that I would be super busy most of the night, but she stopped me and asked if the next morning would be a better time.

I thought for a moment. Other than being exhausted and wanting sleep, the morning would be the slowest part of my shift, allowing more time to catch up. Besides, most of the guys would be asleep, and administration would be gone Saturday morning. We agreed on 0800 and were off the phone after I reminded her which station I was at. She laughed again and said, “I remember.”

As canlı bahis I predicted, it was busy as hell all night. We ran on the drunks, the addicts, and the man down calls all night. Dispatch kept us from the station for the entire night. Our dinner consisted of some Oreos and Lorna Doones from one of the hospital break rooms. Through the night, as time permitted, I filled my partner in on Sara.

As the sun came up, I looked at my partner. His eyes bloodshot and cap pulled low, he looked like hell. I glanced in the mirror on the visor, realizing I looked no better. My scruffy face and bloodshot eyes were the witnesses to a long night. We slowly made our way back to the Station.

Still delirious from the night, I had lost track of time. As we drove around the station to pull into the bays, I noticed a sexy little thing standing near the parking gate. Whistling, my partner muttered, “Hot damn!” as I stared and whispered, “Sara.”

He looked at me, incredulous. “Sara? You didn’t mention she was fucking gorgeous,” he stammered.

I took her in, standing barely 5’2″, 115 lbs with curves in all the right places. ‘My little spinner’ I had always called her. Damn, she had only gotten better with age. Mike pulled up and let me out as he pulled the rig around. As she walked up to me, my eyes met hers and we pulled each other into a hug. It seemed so natural, as if the last eight years had been eight minutes.

As we stepped back and stared at each other, she rubbed her hand on my rough face.

“You remembered I liked you a little rough,” she said deviously. I knew she did, but I wasn’t going to mention that it was because I hadn’t had two seconds to myself in the last twenty-two hours.

Smiling wistfully I replied, “You remembered that I loved you in Lucky jeans.”

“I did,” she said. “I did.”

Suddenly, this visit seemed like perhaps it wasn’t just a friendly one. My thoughts were interrupted by the front bay opening as Mike opened the door for us. He headed into the station, leaving us on the tarmac.

“Aren’t you going to show me around?” Sara asked.

“Of course. Where’s my manners?” I laughed.

I let her know that most of the guys would be sleeping so we’d have to stay in the bays for a little while. She seemed perfectly okay with that. I brought her to my rescue, where we looked at it from the outside. I know what happens in there, so I kept her far from the interior. She then asked if I would take a picture of her in my turnouts. I watched as she jumped into my boots, pulling the suspenders over her shoulders. The trousers were way too long, bunched up along her thin legs. I helped her put the coat on, watching her zip it up and fasten the Velcro enclosure, then adjusted the helmet to fit her smaller head and fastened the chin strap.

Stepping back to take the picture, I felt a burn in my cock. I hadn’t ever had anyone in my bahis siteleri turnouts before. Fuck, she made them look good. I took a couple of pictures on her phone then, probably due to blood rushing to my cock or the sleepless night, I started to get silly.

“Is that the best you can do?” I asked her, watching her eyes light up with the challenge. She bit her lip, and then ripped open the coat as I continued taking pictures. She stopped and said, “Wouldn’t they look better by the engine?”

We quickly relocated and watching Sara posing in several different sexual positions on the bumper, my desire began to grow. I watched as she molested the growler on the bumper, and then mounted the bumper line. Holy fuck! What was happening?

“Let’s get some pictures of you gearing up in the back,” I suggested.

Helping her off of the high bumper, I noticed that she was breathing about as hard as I was. She had started to sweat in the hot gear.

“Just a couple more,” I offered. Opening the back door to the cab as the hydraulic stair dropped loudly, I helped her walk up the steep stairs and climbed in behind her to show her where the gear was.

As I entered, she pulled me straight on top of her, her lips meeting mine in a lock that was amazing. I realized she hadn’t changed a bit as I felt her grinding her pelvis against me from below. God, I needed her. The helmet had fallen off, and I grabbed a thick handful of her hair. Pulling somewhat hard, her gasp told me she still liked it rough.

It was a momentary whirlwind as I stripped the turnouts from her body. My boots fell from the trousers and were a heap at our feet. The floor of the cab was rough rubber, so I left my coat beneath her for a little padding. I found my hands up her shirt as her warm hands dived into my work pants. My hard cock must have driven her insane as she began clawing at my belt. Releasing her bra, I found her nipples and squeezed them hard. She cried out and arched her back from the warm pain.

Suddenly, remembering where I was, I sat up. I looked around the cab quickly then down at my long-lost love. What a picture: my muscular body mounting her tiny one, her hands resting on my belt, bra ripped from her shirt and hair tousled. I remember thinking, fuck it! My hands found the button on her pants and she lifted her butt off the floor so I could remove them. I pulled them off, noticing that she still didn’t wear panties.

She finally had my belt off and pulled it from the loops, my leatherman dropping to the floor as she handed it to me. So many memories came crashing back. Her submissive traits, her love of being choked, of being spanked, of dirty, rough sex came flooding through my mind. So many things I had done willingly with her. I pulled her shirt off her body, now completely naked. Quickly, I looped the belt around her neck as she moaned.

Pulling my shirt off, I revealed bahis şirketleri my sculpted chest and arms. She smiled, approvingly. My boots came off easily, my pants right behind them, laying in a neat mess on top of the turnout bottoms. When my boxer briefs came off, my now thick, hard cock bounced free.

My fingers found her wet pussy and started massaging her tight hole. Simultaneously, I started to cinch down my belt, watching that it didn’t bunch up her skin and pinch. I heard her breathing change and watched as her veins started to engorge above the belt. Her strangled cry as I slid two fingers inside of her cunt was delicious to my ears.

I released the belt then would tighten it again as I finger fucked her pussy. I continued this several times, as I felt her getting closer and closer to orgasm. I knew she was getting close after what seemed like only a few minutes. I slid my fingers out, licking them clean and leaving quite a bit of spit on them. I rubbed it all over my cock and then placed it at her opening.

I watched as her hands grasped my cock hungrily. Rolling it in a circular pattern, she tried to get my thickness into her. She was soaking wet, but it had always been a challenge for her to take me initially. She worked it, however, and was successful.

Her heat and silky insides had always been my favorite sin with her. I had never had anyone else since that had felt quite like her. I sunk in slowly, slightly dragging on her tight walls. As I sunk balls deep, I began choking her again.

Remaining on my knees, I pulled the belt tight as I started to pump inside of her. My free hand found her hard clit, and began massaging it in time with our thrusts. I watched and felt as she bucked on my cock. She was always an amazing fuck. My cock began to glisten from her juices as we picked up speed and the engine began to rock as we got into our rhythm.

Her strangled, unnatural cries in the cab were loud in my ears.

“Do you want to come on my cock?” I asked, while fucking her pussy hard. I knew this would drive her straight to orgasm. Her body changed hearing this and she screamed out as loudly as she could while being choked.


I felt her body tense as she began to orgasm. She arched, her face a dark red, nipples straight up as she came. Her pussy began to involuntarily contract, grabbing and releasing, milking my cock into an orgasm.

I felt her pussy suck the heat through the base of my cock, my balls lifting as I began to fill her with my hot seed. I tried to remain quiet as I exploded inside of her. Failing, I dropped to her chest and began kissing her.

We lay there for a moment, breathing heavily on top of each other. As our breathing began to slow somewhat, we looked at each other, smiling and giggling. We quickly dressed and were out of the engine in a matter of seconds. I asked if she’d like to come inside the station now and she grinned and said, “Next time.”

I wondered when the next time would be when she left, but I just received a text from her and it looks like there’s another bachelorette party in April.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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