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Note to readers:

This final chapter will be pretty long… well compared to my stories it will be. I wanted to extend it, show that the relationships between family members is about more than just the sex. And while this is the last chapter I am in no way done with the Kross Family. Have fun.

The Kross Family:

Stan, Father Age 45

Carol, Mother Age 43

Marcus, Son/Brother Age 23

Sasha, Daughter/Sister Age 22

Brent, Son/Brother Age 21

Bethany, Daughter/Sister Age19


“Who’s up for a pizza?”

Everybody laughed a little when Carol said that but still all nodded their heads yes. Of course it was funny. She had just finished getting ate out by her daughters, fucked by her husband and the girl’s faces were covered in his cum cause they had been swapping it in a three way kiss. Of course the boys had been watching the whole thing and normally would be ready to get some themselves but about an hour they had been in a four way with their sisters.

“I want pasta too,” Beth spoke up.

“Salad also!” Sasha beamed.

“Let’s get Gorgeinies then,” Brent spoke up talking about their favorite pizza place which everyone nodded.

“Me and the girls are going to go wash up,” Stan said after wiping some sweat from his brow. “Marcus take my card and order us some food.”

Stan, his wife and daughters all headed upstairs as Marcus went into the kitchen to get their food ordered. They got into the master bathroom and washed up. They talked, flirted tease and splashed water. They acted like what had happened was the most normal thing that had ever happened. And to them, in that moment and in the many days to cum, they knew that they would always be like this.

The four made their way back downstairs and then into the kitchen where the boys had pulled out all kinds of glasses, a few wine glasses, a few short ones for on the rocks, several shot glasses and a pair of pints. They were in the process of raiding their father’s alcohol stash and pulling out soda from the fridge when the others walked up to the center island.

“If you guys are trying to get us liquored up, it’s safe to say it’s not needed,” Sasha said.

“Well we thought that with this all of this out in the open it’s a cause for proper celebration,” Brent said.

“And no better way to celebrate then with a few drinks,” Marcus said.

“Well some of us aren’t able to,” Beth said with a pout.

“Well with that littler sister,” Marcus said with a sideways look. “Tonight you are surrounded by your loving family and not out with friends or stupid strangers. I think that mom and dad will ok with it as long as we don’t get you plastered.”

“I’ll defer to your mother on this one,” Stan said.

“And I will say you’ve proven that you’re are an adult,” Carol said right after giving Beth a peck on the forehead. “You can if you want.”

“Really?” Beth beamed. “Sure I’ll try some.”

“Good,” Marcus said before pulling out six shot glasses. “First rule baby sis, liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. So on that note, we start with tequila.”

Marcus opened Stan’s tequila and poured a shot for each member, a chaser of soda was provided for Beth and then for Sasha and Brent who asked for them. The family clinked in toast to their family love and joyous days to come before swallowing down. Beth barely got it down, making the usual face for someone who just had their first drink and quickly gulped some soda it after seeing Brent and Sasha doing the same.

“Come on you wimps,” Carol said downing a second shot without a break and then giving Beth a one armed hug. “Not talking about you baby. It’s your first time.”

“Your mom can drink any of us under the table I warn you all right now,” Stan said taking his second shot.

“Mom’s a party girl, awesome!” Sasha said bouncing up and down before suddenly coming to a stop with that mischievous look in her eye. “I just had an awesome idea for tonight. Let’s play a special version of truth or dare, minus the truth part. My friends and I call it simply ‘Dare Me’.”

“Alright,” Marcus said with a knowing look. “What are the rules?”

“Simple,” Sasha said with a smile. “Someone gives another person a dare, a task to do and a proposed reward for completing it. If they don’t they have to take a required number of shots. Either way, they also get to choose the next person to take a dare, just can’t be the person that just dared them.”

“And what would these rewards be?” Beth asked.

“Oh since we’re all having fun, sexual favors I think would be best,” Sasha said and smiled after everyone agreed on the game. “Ok, I’m first and my dare is for party girl mom.”

“Ok sweetheart,” Carol said looking at her daughter. “What do you have for me?”

“Well I’m pretty sure one of the boys was going to throw on some pants when the food gets here, but not anymore,” Sasha said. “I want you in your panties and your shirt, unbuttoned but still covering, to answer the door and pay for the food.”

“Wow,” illegal bahis Carol said with a wide grin on her face. “And what’s my reward?”

“Our tongues, in your butt, for two minutes each,” Sasha said.

“Don’t even need to know the punishment,” Carol said with a grin. “Ten minutes worth of ass tonguing, yes please.”

Carol disappeared into the living room before returning a few minutes later with her panties and shirt on. The shirt just barely covered outside of her breasts to her nipples and left the entire middle cleavage exposed. Her panties were a purple color, satin and frilly. Everyone said the delivery person would be getting a lovely eyeful. She was ready just in time as the doorbell sounded.

“That’s my cue,” Carol said before heading over to the entrance and opening the door and seeing a young man looking down at the receipt on a small plastic clipboard when she did. “Hey there.”

“Hi there… whoa!” The boy’s eyes opened wide as he took in Carol’s barely clad form. “I… um Gorginie’s… food I have… food for you… umm wow.”

“Cool,” Carol said leaning against the door, propping an elbow to give him a full look as well as letting her left nipple slip from the shirt. “Do you need me to sign that?”

“Oh… ummm right,” the boy said before quickly glancing at the receipt again before handing it to her. “Fifty-eight dollars… eighty-three cents was your total.”

Carol gave the boy a once over, noticing how cute he was. She didn’t think he had delivered here before. He was around Beth’s age, short red hair, currently wearing the Gorginie’s uniform. Green tee-shirt, green baseball cap and plaid shorts, which were sporting an impressive bulge from sight. Carol started getting an idea.

“I haven’t seen you deliver before,” Carol said taking the little clipboard and signing. “Are you new?”

“Yea,” the boy said. “Couple of the drivers moved onto out of state colleges. My mom and I just moved here a few weeks ago.”

“What’s your name?” Carol asked handing back the clipboard.

“Aaron,” the boy said with a smile.

“And how old are you?” Carol continued as he started fishing the pizza’s out of the warmer bag.

“I’m nineteen ma’am,” Aaron said blushing a bit.

“Aww, such a sweet young thing,” Carol said laying a little more flirtation into her voice.

“Not too young ma’am,” Aaron said with a smile and a blush.

“Compared to me,” Carol smiled back.

“Well as long as the person is legal, age is nothing but a number,” Aaron said with a smile. “Especially when it comes so such a beautiful woman like yourself.”

“Such manners,” Carol said with some flirtation in her voice. “We’ll have to request you as our regular delivery guy. Would that be nice?”

“Y…y…yes ma’am,” Aaron said nodding his head as he handed over three pizza boxes, and a bag full of other food. “That would be very nice.”

“Oh I forgot the tip,” Carol said taking the bags. “Now don’t you say not to bother, I have cash in my purse. You wait right here ok.”

“I umm… ok,” Aaron nodded.

Carol walked back into the kitchen to a round of applauses with a big smile on her face. She dropped the food on the counter and told the boys to start separating it. After taking off her panties and shirt, she took two twenties out of her purse.

“So you all know the very cute delivery guy is still at the door waiting for this,” Carol said before handing the money to Beth. “It’s my turn to dare, and I choose you my dear youngest daughter. The boy is about your age, just moved here with his mom so I figured you’d want to say hi. But for you, you’ll do it naked.”

“Meet the boy naked?” Beth’s eyes shot open wide.

“If you do it, then your time for your tongue in my ass will go to everyone else and while they are doing that, I will repay you for that wonderful orgasm you gave me,” Carol said with a smile. “Now, I know you don’t have much experience with stuff like this so I only make the punishment two shots, but you have to do them back to back, and no chasers.”

“No, I’ll do it,” Beth said with a little blush.

“Good, though there is a bonus as well,” Carol said. “Completely optional, but I’ll give you a bonus reward. I can already see a very nice bulge in his pants. The Kross family at least offers to take care of any hard on, or wet pussy we cause. That’s rule number five by the way. I want you to offer to jerk him off, I’ll be listening to his response. Don’t decide now. Talk to him first”

“Ok,” Beth said nodding before moving out of the kitchen and opening up the door to see a very wide eyed boy looking at her naked body. “Hey there, I’m Beth.”

“A…Aaron,” said with a very big smile, which Beth at this point realized that he was indeed very cute. “Damn, did I win the lottery or something?”

“No, we’re just nudists here,” Beth said with a smile eyeing the bulge in his pants. “Mom says you just moved here.”

“Yea, I’m starting at the community college down the road,” Aaron said trying to hide the bulge in his pants.

“Cool, I’ll illegal bahis siteleri be going there starting in the fall,” Beth said handing him the two bills. “That’s for you.”

“Wow, thank you,” Aaron said blushing a bit as he looked at the girl. “Guess I should be going.”

“Wait, before you go,” Beth said letting a hard find his that were still covering the bulge in his pants. “I see me and my mom cause a small issue.”

“I’m sorry,” the boy said with a blush.

“Don’t be,” Beth said with a giggle. “I’m happy to see that you think me and my mom are so sexy. All I’m saying, is that it’s our fault, so if you want, I can help you with it.”

“Help me with it?” Aaron’s eyes opened wider than ever when her hand pushed his out of the way and she cupped the bulge, giving it a squeeze.

“Yea,” Beth said as she softly massage it. “This is my fault, I should take care of it. For being so sweet to us, I’ll give you a nice soft hand job. Would you like that?”

“Oh god I would love that,” Aaron said while blushing.

“Ok,” Beth said before undoing the zipper of his shorts, sliding her hand in and grasping the shaft of his cock. “Oh wow, it’s nice. I can feel how thick it is.”

“Th… thank you…,” the boy gasped as she fished his cock out through the zipper.

“It’s so hot,” Beth said looking at Aaron’s cock, which was a little shorter but thicker than her father’s dick, and taking it in her right hand. “You have a nice size too.”

“You really think so?” He smiled at her when she nodded and then suddenly he was trembling which cause Beth to look at him quizzically. “It’s… it’s just I’ve never done anything with a girl.”

“I’m your first,” Beth blushed as she started stroking him a little faster. “Are you sure you want me to keep going?”

“Yes, please don’t stop,” Aaron gasped as she kept stroking him. “It feels so good.”

“You can touch me too,” Beth said taking his right hand and placing it on her backside, moaning softly as he gave her butt cheeks a squeeze. “My breasts too if you want.”

“Really?” He said as he raised his shaking hand to her tit, grasping one and giving it a soft squeeze. “You’re so gorgeous… I can’t believe…mmmm”

Aaron was cut short as Beth suddenly pulled the boy’s head down and pressed her lips against his. At first he was surprised but quickly gave in, letting the girl take the lead and show him how to make out while they touched each other. It seemed to be too much for the young virgin to handle and soon he broke the kiss and started gasping.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” Aaron gasped his hips thrusting into her hand.

“Where do you want your cum Aaron?” Beth asked slowing down her stroking. “On my ass, on my face, in my mouth or…?

“Always fantasized about cumming on a girl’s breasts if that’s ok,” Aaron said, then smiling as he watched Beth sink to her knees cradling her breasts in one while resuming her stroking with the other.

“Go ahead,” Beth said with a sexy smile. “I can’t wait to see it.”

“Oh god… yes!” Aaron groaned before let out a loud grunt and thick ropes of cum erupted from his dick, splashing over the young girl’s tits.

“Wow… yes, that’s so hot,” Beth gasped as she kept stroking making several more streams splash over her tits.

Finally the delivery boy had finished cumming he looked down in awe at Beth tits, covered in his seed. Then as if he hadn’t been surprised enough already he got another shock when she took the head of his softening cock into her mouth and sucked out the last few drops. She then climbed back up to her feet and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“That was really hot,” Beth said. “I hope you come back to see me… I mean us again.”

“I would love to see you again Beth,” Aaron said before stuffing his softening cock back into his pants.

The said their goodbyes and Beth slowly closed the door. She leaned her back against it, sighing as she felt that tingle in her cunny and a throb in her heart. At that point she realized that she was smitten with this young man. She happily skipped back into the kitchen to a round of applause.

“Damn he had a lot of cum sis,” Sasha said walking over and taking a scoop from her boobs and putting it in her mouth. “Mmm, he tastes good too. He’s been drinking his pineapple juice.”

“I want a taste too,” Carol said leaning over and licking at a glob that was around her nipple. “Mmm, so yummy.”

Sasha joined her mother licking the other breast, scooping up globs of cum. Beth made sure that she pulled them both up so she could share with in in more cum kisses. The boys just chuckled as the watched the girls share a cum kiss once more. It only lasted a few moments before Carol broke away and started cleaning her daughter with a towel.

“Well looks like me and Beth get some rewards,” Carol said with a smile. “But let’s save that for later and go eat our food. That will give Beth time to think about who and what she wants to dare.”

“Agreed,” Beth said accepting a paper plate when offered.

The family all gathered canlı bahis siteleri their food together and decided to her out into the pool area. Drinks were also poured, Carol taking wine, Stan scotch on the rocks, Brent poured himself a beer while Marcus mixed up mojitos for him and his sisters. The evening was still warm, the sun not yet gone but just starting to set, so the sky was awash with bright yellows and oranges. Carol, Stan and Marcus all decided to take a dip in the hot tub as they ate and drank their drinks, the rest went back to laying out around the pool.

“Ok dear daughter,” Carol said after she saw that everyone was done eating for the moment. “I think it’s time for our rewards.”

“Agreed mom,” Beth said before walking over to one of the lounge chairs and laying down with her legs back. “I’m ready for mine.”

Carol laughed a little before climbing out of the hot tub and toweling off. She walked over to where her daughter was waiting for her, carrying the towel and licking her lips at the thought of tasting the young girl’s sex. She folded and laid the towel in front of Beth’s chair and knelt down on it. She heard shuffling behind her, the rest of the family ready to give her reward, but all that she could think of was the young pussy in front of her.

Carol put her thumbs on Beth’s out lips and pulled them open and sighed as she saw the folds glistening. Her daughter was already so wet. She wanted this too, and what mother would deny her baby girl what she wanted. She looked up in her eyes as she lowered her head, her tongue sliding out as she did. She pressed it against her daughter’s opening, moaning softly at her sweet taste as she drew in upwards ending with a flick of the clit and making her little girl gasp.

“Beth you taste so sweet,” Carol said giving her daughter another lick. “Your little flower is so pretty too.”

Carol pressed her tongue harder against the opening, sliding inside to get a good taste of her daughter’s juices. She wriggled it around before slowly drawing it up and attacking Beth’s clit once again. All the while her daughter moaned loudly while bucking her mound against her mother’s face. It had been a few years since Carol had been with another woman, but she hadn’t lost a step as she expertly licked her daughter’s pussy.

“Hey, don’t think I’ve forgotten that you four owe me my reward,” Carol said pausing for only a second before resuming licking her daughter,

Stan and the other three kids laughed before Sasha walked up with another towel and laid it down behind her mother. She had told them with authority that they have had a lot more opportunities at mom’s ass then she has, so she was first. She knelt down, licking her lips before spreading her mother’s ass and pushing her tongue back inside, moaning at the taste once again.

Carol gasped into Beth’s pussy as Sasha’s tongue pressed against her asshole, teasing it for a second before the tip slid inside. She focused on her daughter’s clit, sucking it into her mouth and teasing it while the tongue in her butt wiggled deeper. She was starting to feel her pleasure build when she heard one of the guys yell time up.

“Aww,” Sasha said with a pout. “Didn’t have enough time to get some fingers in there.”

“Oh my god I’m in heaven!” Carol moaned as Sasha gave one last lick before pulling away.

“Oh mom… you’re not the only,” Beth moaned feeling herself getting close to a climax.

Beth watched as the next person in line, her father knelt down behind Carol. He winked at his daughter before giving her mother’s ass a hard smack and lowering his mouth down to stick her tongue up her butt. He never pulled his eyes away from Beth’s, tongue deep in his wife’s ass as she pleasured their daughter. He pulled away from her, a bottle of lube in his hands (Beth wondered where they always hid them before this) smearing a little bit on his fingers before pushing two into her asshole.

“I bet you’re enjoying the taste of our daughter,” Stan said as she gasped and moaned at the fingers fucking her. “She’s so sweet isn’t she? Bet you could eat her all day. You know she squirts like your right?”

“Mmm… is that right?” Carol said pulling her mouth away from her daughter’s cunt before pushing a few fingers inside and curling them to her spot. “That’s something I want to see. You keep finger fucking my ass and I’ll make her gush all over my face.”

Carol sucked Beth’s clit back into her mouth as she stroked her daughter’s g-spot. All the sensations and the dirty talk from her parents were too much for the young woman. She threw her head back and squealed, pussy juices doing exactly what her mother wanted, gushing from her and coating Carol’s lips and face as she tried to drink it all up. Her brothers and sister clapping as she shook.

“I’m up dad,” Brent said licking his lips as his father moved away.

“Hold on a second,” Carol said looking at her daughter with a grin as she watched her come down from her orgasm. “We have to give Beth a moment and get her in the right position for her extra reward.”

“Wow… oh god mom, I don’t know if that is necessary,” Beth said before squealing as her mother pushed her legs further back, exposing the puckered opening of her ass and having her daughter hold them there. “Mom… what are doing?!”

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