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They stood facing each other. She wanted to feel adored and alive even if it wasn’t real, even if it was just for a little while. Her needs had been neglected for far longer than her husband had been dead. Truth was they had rarely engaged in sex while he had been alive. When she had started working out really hard and making progress on herself she noticed her sex drive became much more insistent, not willing to be pushed aside or held back anymore. Then Brad had died.

She at least felt comfortable with Leo, she just hoped it wouldn’t blow up in her face. She couldn’t read what was going on behind his eyes. She had no idea if he would accept her or reject her. She stood there, their eyes locked, not sure who was going to move first. She decided it would have to be her. She wanted it to be him, but this was her choice, not his, it was right that she be the one to make this decision. She kissed him then quickly before she lost her nerve.

She looked so uncertain searching his face for something, he wasn’t sure what. Her pulse was visible in a vein at the base of her neck, she seemed nervous. Then she suddenly leaned into him and kissed him, her lips slightly parted. Surprised, but pleased, he answered her back by sliding his tongue deeply into her mouth through her parted lips to stroke the length of her tongue. His arms reached around to hold her.

Encouraged by his response to her she decided she wanted this to be about him more than her, she slowly unzipped his jeans as she sucked on his neck below his earlobe. The jeans dropped around his ankles. Her right canlı bahis hand slipping skin on skin inside his underwear to cradle his balls, her thumb gently tracing the infinity symbol across the front just under his shaft making sure to stimulate both testicles simultaneously as she slowly knelt in front of him while pulling his boxer briefs down with her left hand to rest around his ankles with his jeans. She then bent in and caressed his left testicle with her tongue before sucking the whole nugget inside her mouth.

He groaned.

She moved her right hand up to the base of his cock. She released the gentle sucking pressure releasing the grip of her mouth on his genitalia and her left hand took the place her right hand had earlier cradling and stroking his nuts which had tightened slightly. Her mouth and tongue then tracing a trail up his penis until she reached the head. She used her tongue to trace small circles in the triangular region just under the head of his penis until he was squirming, then she placed the whole head in her mouth still stimulating the underside with her tongue. He groaned again in pleasure. Then she took as much of his shaft into her mouth as she could as her right hand firmly held the base shifting up and down with her mouth which provided a gentle sucking pressure.

When he was close to coming and his ball sack had tightened up into the base of his penis, she pulled back up to the tip of his cock, toying with him again tracing tiny circles with the middle of her tongue. She wasn’t ready for him to come yet.

She released him with her bahis siteleri mouth and hands and slowly stood to kiss him as she unbuttoned her blouse and her jeans. He already had her bra unclasped and was trying to tug it and her blouse off while she was unzipping her jeans and wriggling out of them and her panties. The blouse and bra were off as soon as her hands were free of their task and he moved back toward her. She lifted her right leg, her knee poised at his waist to open herself up for him.

He moved his hand along her inner thigh into the center of her womanhood, she was hot and wet, fully ready for him but he wanted to savor this with her, so he grabbed under her heel and held it in place as he knelt in front of her. He placed her foot on his shoulder making her stretch slightly to hold it there.

She knew she was ready for him and was squirming, a little impatient. He was slowly rubbing the length of her inner lips both teasing and intensifying the heat of her core and her level of sexual intoxication.

He found the now firm button of her clitoris and gently spread her lips further then with his fingers and with his tongue caressed around the button every once in a while flicking the tip of her clitoris with the tip of his tongue making her breathing come harder and making her moan. She was almost beside herself with her sexual desire for him.

She was so wet, he knew she was more than ready for him, so he pressed his thumb onto the opening of her vagina and she panted, he knew she was just seconds from coming, so he slowly withdrew letting her bahis şirketleri leg down, then, grabbing the other leg by the knee as he stood up and secured that knee on his hip. Her eyes were glazed wild with her passion.

She leaned into him again as he stood, and without hesitation she sucked on his lip and then penetrated his lips with her tongue like she wanted his penis to penetrate her lips.

He obliged her, entering her slowly, but fully. His thumb rubbing her clitoris and her body following the rhythm he set.

He was amazed that she wasn’t afraid to taste herself on his lips, most women he had dated wouldn’t kiss him after he had gone down on them. He maneuvered the two of them so that she was on her back on the throw rug of the floor of her living room and he was mounted over her; they moved together ever increasing their pace in their urgency for climax. As he thrust into her, he found himself curiously watching the emotions that crossed her face, the pleasure, the impatience, the almost out of her mind with ecstasy, he knew she was about to come when she bit her lower lip and reached around behind him to draw him fully and completely into her.

Wanting him part of her, knowing she was so close to climax; she reached her left arm up behind his neck pulling his face to hers to suck on his tongue and on his lower lip to make him as insane in their passion as he was making her. Her right hand she moved onto his lower back where she pulled him toward her drawing his pelvis in close to her while she made small circular motions with her hips to help him penetrate deep within her. She climaxed then, not being able to control her voice or her body, her core wracked with spasm as she orgasmed around him.

One more thrust was all he needed and their bodies pulsed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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