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Four Days of Anticipation (Part 3)

He circled the block numerous times. Bettie was not there. He attempted to text her. She did not respond. He checked his phone and noted that Bettie had called, but he had somehow missed it… He called, but there was no answer.

Was something wrong? Had something come up? Was she still available? Had he taken the day off of work for naught?

Relief washed over him when his phone rang and he saw it was her. “I was stuck at work with my boss, he kept me behind talking my ear off. I’m walking up the street towards you now….”

He watched her round the corner and approach his car. As she slid into the seat beside him, they kissed passionately as his hand held her firmly behind her head and her hand went to his rigid cock. After a lingering moment, they composed themselves and drove to Chris’ place nearby…

The door had barely closed behind them when they fell into each others arms, their hands exploring each others bodies as they kissed. Breaking the kiss and extracting herself from Chris’ embrace, she said “Wait here while I change…” and headed towards the bathroom.

Change? As if Chris’ cock could get no harder, he felt the painful strain at the front of his pants. Bettie loved to wear seductive, teasing outfits. She never failed to get his juices flowing. What would it be this time? The schoolgirl outfit? French Maid? A lacy teddy?

Bettie returned, wearing her new bikini. It was BEAUTIFUL, accentuating her delicate features perfectly! Chris felt his heart leap and cock throb as he took her in his arms once again, his hands and mouth exploring her entire body, his tongue running across her exposed skin….

Bettie felt her knees weaken, and she braced herself against Chris as his fingers, lips, and tongue activating her erogenous zones. He stood and lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his shoulders as he carried her to his bed, laying her down on her back. He fell on top of her, continuing to kiss her as he peeled the bikini off of her. His lips and tongue traveled down her body, stopping to suck her nipples, then traveled down to his intended prize, her beautiful canlı bahis şirketleri cunt.

Burying his face between her thighs, he began licking and sucking her with abandon, driving her wild. His hands reached up her body to continue teasing her erect nipples as his tongue explored her fleshy folds.

Chris’ cock was desperately in need of attention, however, and he soon stood and dropped his slacks. He couldn’t even bother with removing his shoes or stepping out of his pants as he began stroking the head of his cock across Bettie’s pussy and clit, moistening himself to enter her.

He slowly pressed into her, feeling her warmth. She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist once more as he pressed inside of her fully. He felt his hips against her thighs, their pubic bones touching, as he began to slowly grind his hips against her. She whimpered as he began to thrust in and out of her slowly.

Chris simply could not contain himself. After having been teased all morning long, he felt the impending orgasm approaching all too soon. With a few strong thrusts, he quickly withdrew as his cock erupted in a geyser of cum! Thoughtfully, he had placed a hand in front of his cockhead to prevent getting his load all over Bettie. The force with which it spurted against his hand momentarily surprised him until he considered how much she had driven him wild over the last few hours. Bettie lay on the bed quivering. Though the encounter was short, it felt remarkable to have had Chris’ cock inside her once again.

Chris left the room for a few moments to clean and recompose himself. While sexually relieved for the moment, he intended to make their encounter a memorable one. Checking the clock, he saw that he still had a little over an hour left to spend with her. Returning to the room, he stopped and gazed down upon her naked body. She was lying on her side. His eyes traveled from her head to her toes, taking it all in. He loved looking at her. Her browned skin, her long straight hair, her dark nipples, her neatly trimmed pubic patch, her firm muscles….. he felt himself growing erect again.

He approached her, and positioned his hardening cock at her still wet entrance canlı kaçak iddaa and slowly pushed himself inside her once again. After the two of them adjusted positions; he still standing, she lying on her side; he began to fuck her in earnest. He slammed his cock into her, eliciting long gutteral moans from deep within her throat.

She rolled over to her stomach, positioning herself on all fours as he took hold of her by the hips. He began fucking her with all of his might as she slammed her own hips back into his with each thrust. Her cries of pleasure reverberated throughout the entire home as the bed shook. Chris leaned forwards and moved his hands up her body, reaching around to grasp her by the nipples as he slammed his cock into her juicy cunt, his balls swinging and slapping against her clitoris.

Orgasm after orgasm wracked her body as Chris thrust into her with everything he was worth. Again and again his pelvis smashed into her buttocks. Having just recently cum, Chris was able to pound away at Bettie’s tight pussy wrecklessly, having no need to pace himself to prevent ejaculating. He took every advantage of that by mercilessly jack-hammering his thick cock in and out of her tiny body.

Losing track of time, Chris fucked Bettie with every ounce of strength he had. Bettie’s long, continuous howling was music to his ears as he pulled her by her hips back into him with each thrust. He slammed away at her as hard and fast as he could, attempting to bring himself off again. Bettie continued howling and moaning beneath him, cursing aloud, “FUCK FUCK FUCK!”

Chris was standing on his tiptoes at the side of the bed, attempting to drive his cock into her even harder, when he felt a pain shoot through his back….. He stopped mid-thrust as the “twinge” coursed across his ribs. Bettie collapsed forward on the bed as he burst out laughing…. “I actually just threw my back out! HAHAHAHA!”

After stretching out, Chris lay down on the bed beside Bettie. He reached over and began stroking his hand through her long hair as she reached over and began gently stroking his cock. “Are you trying to get me going for another round”, he asked jokingly. With a familiar grin, canlı kaçak bahis she answered by taking his cock in her mouth, and beginning to expertly suck it back to life. Her soft, wet tongue gently massaged the sides of his shaft, his balls, his taint… as his cock returned to life, Bettie suggested, “You want to wear that device I bought you this time?”

“Want me to?” he asked, both knowing it was rhetorical. He leapt from the bed to retrieve the vibrating cock ring and placed it around his shaft and balls. Lying back down on the bed, Bettie began orally pleasing him once more. Chris loved having Bettie’s mouth on his organ. She was the only partner who had ever gotten him off orally twice in the same night. However, after all the days sexual activity, he knew he would be unable to cum solely from her talented lips and tongue.

“Why don’t you climb up on top of me so you can try this toy out as well?” he asked. Bettie slowly slid her way up his body, positioning herself above him.

“I need your help”, she said, as he took his cock in his hand and aimed it at her opening. She slowly eased herself down onto his fat cock as he tripped the switch of the bullet vibrator attachment that now rested against her sensitive clit. She slowly began grinding her hips down against his pelvis as Chris manually manipulated the bullet vibrator against her. As she rode him, he felt how incredibly wet she was becoming inside, as his cock moved around inside her tight vagina with incredible ease.

She leaned backwards, resting her back on his outstretched legs as they rocked their hips together gently, enjoying the sensations of their union. Chris then took her legs in his hands, sat up, and swung her around towards the side of the bed. He took his own position standing beside the bed once more as he began thrusting into her powerfully once more. The combined sensations of her wonderful pussy and the device he was wearing were sending him over the edge as he pulled out of her once more. His cock erupted one last time, sending gobs of semen across her abdomen and even into her hair.

Both of them remained still, panting…. until Bettie noticed the time and said, “I guess we have to get back to work now, huh?”

“Yes, unfortunately it is that time…” Chris replied.

“Thanks.” she said.

“No, thank YOU!” was his reply, as they quickly donned their clothes, gathered their belongings, and returned to their daily lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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