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This is a lighthearted and not very serious attempt to explain why all the characters in my stories have big tits and big dicks.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“So, mom — you’re not — uuhhnn — mad about me — ahhh — finding out about — mmmmm– the Eros Project?” Luke gasped.

“Mmmmmm — what do you think?” Vicky asked, looking up at him. She knelt on the floor in front of him, between his spread legs, as he sat on the sofa, holding his big, hard cock in one hand as she sucked on the flared, bulbous knob.

“God, that looks so fucking hot,” Angela said from beside her nephew, watching her sister suck her own son’s cock. She kissed Luke, purring as she felt him grope at her huge tits. She reached down and stroked the long length of his shaft, jerking him with her sister as Vicky sucked his cockhead.

After getting back to Vicky’s house, the two horny sisters had planned to wait for Angela’s son Mark to arrive but after the session they had had with the Professor and his daughter Charlene, they had been too impatient.

Telling Luke they knew about the Eros Project, the two stacked and horny MILFs had pounced on him, happily finding him all too willing to let them have their way with him. After the three of them had stripped off in seconds flat, Vicky had once more wrapped her lips around her son’s cock as her sister watched.

“Luke, baby,” Angela said, “can Auntie have a turn with your cock?”

“Oh God, yeah!” Luke moaned.

Angela slid off the sofa and knelt beside his leg, her huge tits resting on his thigh. Vicky took her mouth off his cock and held it out to her sister, grinning as Angela closed her eyes and slipped her lips over the big head of her nephew’s prick. She bobbed her head back and fore, taking a few more inches each time until she felt it hit the back if her throat — and kept going, forcing herself on to the big, rubbery knob, making herself gag.

“GLUKKK! GLUKKK! GGAAACKKKK!” The sounds of her wet, sloppy blowjob filled the room as Vicky watched her sister cram Luke’s big cock into her throat. Angela came up for air eventually and spat a big wad of saliva back on to Luke’s knob before angling his cock towards his mother. Vicky took the hint and wrapped her massive jugs around Luke’s shaft, her sister’s spit lubricating the titfuck.

“Are you watching, Luke?” Angela asked. “Are you watching your big dick fucking your Mommy’s big — fucking — tits?” Luke nodded enthusiastically. “You know how naughty this is, don’t you? Doing these sexy, nasty things with your Mommy and Auntie?” Luke nodded again. “And I bet you want to do more, don’t you? I bet you want Mommy and Auntie to do more with each other, don’t you?”

Without waiting for an answer, Angela leaned in and kissed her sister, the pair of them making a big show of it, lashing their tongues around each other’s, breaking apart slightly and licking at their lips.

“Fuck yeah!” Luke moaned, watching his mother and aunt make out with each other.

“You like that, baby?” Vicky asked him. “You like your slutty Mommy making out with your slutty Auntie?”

“Fuck yeah!” Luke said again with a big grin.

“How about this?” Angela asked. She gently pushed her sister back, away from the sofa, Luke’s dick slipping free of his mom’s tits, forcing her on to the soft living room rug. Vicky happily laid back, spreading her legs as she did, her sister eagerly crawling between them and feasting on her pussy.

“Oh my God,” Luke sighed, stroking his cock as he watched the incestuous lesbian show in front of him.

Vicky grabbed at her own tits, pinching her nipples as she felt her sister’s tongue slip along the juicy, plump lips of her cunt, Angela delicately sucking on her clit for a moment before thrusting her tongue as far up her sister’s pussy as she could.

“Fuck yes — ahhh — eat me, sis,” she moaned. “Eat my pussy!”

Excitedly, Angela slid her tongue up and down Vicky’s juicy twat, hungrily slurping up the pussy cream from her sister’s tight cunt. Angela moved her hands up, peeling open her pussy lips and thrusting her tongue deep inside Vicky’s pussy, pushing in as far as she could.

“Uuhhnnnnn — suck me!” Vicky gasped, her mind spinning with the thought of her sister eating her out while her son watched. She reached down and clutched Angela’s head in both hands, thrusting her hips up to meet her sister’s tongue lashing. “Fuuuuckkkk — lick it — uuhnnn — fuck, you’re making my pussy — uuhnnnn — feel so good!”

Angela darted her tongue in and out of her sister’s sopping pussy, Vicky moving her hips faster. Angela slipped her tongue up and on to her clit, Vicky sincan escort shaking as waves of pleasure rippled through her body, intensifying as Angela gently sucked on her clit.

“Hhahhhhhh — fuuuuuckkkk!” Vicky sighed, looking down between her huge tits at her sister eating her cunt. “Please — hhunnnnn — fingers!” she gasped. “Make me cummmmmm!”

Angela slid two fingers deep into her sister’s twat, sliding them in and out, finger fucking her horny sister while she sucked on her clit.

“Oh fuck — fuuuuckkk — cummmming!” Vicky cried, holding her sister’s head at her crotch, though Angela had no plan to move at that moment. “Uhhhhnnn — eat my horny fucking pussy! Cummmmminnnnggg!” she cried.

Vicky’s pussy spasmed around her sister’s fingers, her oily cunt cream hot on Angela’s tongue as she continued eating and fingering her throughout her orgasm, not letting up for a second as her busty, slutty sister came hard on her mouth.

Vicky eventually collapsed back on to the rug, gasping for breath as Angela climbed up her body, their big tits squashing against each other as they kissed, Vicky tasting herself on her sister’s lips.

“Well that was a hell of a show!”

All three of them turned to the speaker, and saw Mark — Angela’s son — smiling at them. He said hi to Luke, as though finding his cousin jerking off to their mothers’ lesbian lovemaking was a regular occurrence.

“Mmmmmm, hi baby,” his mother purred as she knelt up, pawing at her huge tits. “You got my message, then?”

“Yeah, mom,” Mark said with a grin. “Though I’m disappointed you started without me.” He walked over to his mother as she beckoned him closer.

“Let’s see if Mommy can’t make it up to you, then,” Angela said, reaching for his jeans button and zipper.

In one move, Angela pushed Mark’s jeans and boxer short down to his ankles, his heavy, half-hard cock springing free, rising up even as she looked at it, licking her lips.

“Mmmmm — is that all for Mommy?” she asked, taking hold of the thick root of her son’s fuck meat and holding it out, looking up at him as she slid her lips over the big knob.

“Yeah, mom,” Mark sighed, “all yours.”

He watched his mother suck lovingly on his big prick, sliding her mouth back and forth along the swelling shaft, coating it in spit, her hand jacking what she couldn’t fit between her lips. Vicky knelt up beside them, smiling up at her nephew.

“Hi honey,” she said. “I’ve heard all about you and your mom being naughty together — do you want to be naughty with me, too?”

“Hell yeah!” Mark said.

“Move over, sis,” Vicky said. “Let Auntie Vicky suck her nephew’s big cock,”

Angela slid her mouth of her son’s dick a little reluctantly but held it out for her sister, watching as Vicky eagerly swallowed as much of his prick as she could. She looked over at Luke who still sat on the sofa, stroking his own cock, and beckoned him over.

Luke jumped up and watched his aunt eagerly swallow the big head of his cock once more, cramming as much of his meaty shaft into her mouth as she could. He and Mark stood next to each other, grinning in disbelief as their horny mothers sucked on their cocks.

“Man, I told you this would happen,” Luke laughed.

“I have never been happier — aahhhhh — to be wrong,” Mark said, watching his aunt bob her head back and forth along the length of his prick. He reached down and gently groped at his aunt’s huge jugs. “Aunt Vicky? I’d really like to titfuck you right now,” he said.

She let his dick go for a moment and pointed to the sofa. “Sit your ass down, then,” she said. Once he was sat down, she knelt between his legs and wrapped her massive orbs around his big cock, sliding her tits up and down his length.

“Fuck — that feels so good,” he sighed, watching his busty aunt move her huge tits along his cock.

Not to be outdone, Angela pushed Luke back on to the sofa next to his cousin, before settling herself in between his legs. Following her sister’s lead, she gathered up her enormous tits and enveloped Luke’s thick shaft, the head popping out from her cleavage.

“You like big tits, don’t you, honey?” she asked him, her mounds sliding up and down his prick.

“Hell, yeah!” he said.

“That’s just as well, cause me and your mom are going to want these big dicks of you and your cousin between our tits on a regular basis from now on. Ain’t that right, sis?” she asked Vicky.

“Mm-hmm,” Vicky mumbled in agreement, her mouth full of Mark’s cock.

“Anywhere else you want our dicks, Auntie?” Luke asked.

Angela gave his cock head a last kiss before climbing up on to his lap, straddling him. As he filled his hands with her huge tits and began kissing and sucking at them, she reached down and took hold of his cock again, this time aiming it at her juicy twat.

“Mmmm yeah — that’s what Auntie wants,” Angela sighed as she slid her tight pussy down Luke’s big cock. Inch after inch of her nephew’s thick shaft sincan escort bayan slid inside her wet, clasping hole as he greedily sucked on her huge mounds, his hands over flowing with her tit flesh. As she finally reached the bottom of his length, she ground her pussy against his pelvis, making sure every bit of his cock was embedded in her. “Ahhhhhhh — yeahhhhh — such a big cock for Auntie,” she sighed.

She felt the sofa move beside her and glanced over to see her sister climbing on to Mark’s big prick.

“Can’t let your mom have all the fun,” Vicky said to her nephew as she positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She slowly moved down, taking his massive length up her cunt, the combination of her juices and the spit from her sloppy blowjob easing the way.

Just like his cousin, Mark grabbed hold of the busty MILF’s huge tits and sucked on them, moving from one hard, red bud to the other.

“Fuck me — aahhhhahhh — fuck me — like you fuck your mom!” Vicky moaned as she started to ride Mark’s big prick.

“You like fucking — mmmmmm — your Aunties, boys?” Angela gasped, getting some affirmative grunts and gasps as replies. “Good — aahhhhhhh — cos we’ll be doing this — aahhhhhh — a lot more from now on.”

“God, I love your big cock,” Vicky sighed as she slid her pussy up and down her nephew’s throbbing prick. He mumbled something, his mouth still full of her huge tits, loving the feel of them in his hands as he finally fucked his busty aunt. “Uuuhnnnn — big fucking cock — hmmmmm — right up Auntie’s cunt!”

“How lucky — uuhhnn — are we, sis?” Angela asked from beside her, riding her own nephew’s cock. “Two big dicks — uuhnnnnn — to share!”

The sisters leaned across towards each other and kissed as their nephews stuffed their thick, throbbing shafts up their pussies.

Vicky squealed in delight as she felt Mark grab her ass cheeks in both hands and begin fucking her with longer, faster strokes, the bulbous head of his knob feeling like it was banging up against her womb, he felt so deep inside her.

“Oh yes! Fuck yes!” she cried, her pussy contracting around the meaty fuck stick, her slippery cunt walls clasping at the pulsing rod. “Fuck Auntie — uuhnnnn — fuck Auntie’s pussy hard, you big dicked bastard!” she moaned.

“Hold on, Auntie,” Luke said. He grasped Angela’s waist and lurched up and to the side, twisting her as he did. She fell on to her ass, her back against Mark’s arm, her head on his chest, Luke now upright between her legs, his massive cock still embedded in her cunt. As Angela turned her head and began lazily licking at her sister’s big tit, her nephew started fucking her hard and fast.

“Uuhnnnnn — fuuuuuuckkkkk — yesssssss!” she moaned as Luke speeded up his thrusts, both horny sisters being treated to a pussy pleasing pounding from their nephews.

“Oh Jesus — oh fuuuuck — gonna cummmmm!” Vicky moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head, her pussy spasming around Mark’s big shaft.

“Uhhh — uhhhh — me too!” Angela groaned, Luke’s meaty prick ploughing deep into her cunt over and over again.

Mark and Luke fucked their horny, big titted aunts as fast as they could, cramming their thick, long cocks as deep into their cunts as they could. They watched as their aunts shook and moaned, their orgasms rippling through their bodies while their nephews continued fucking them.

“Fuuuuuuckkkkk!” Vicky cried as she came, eyes closed, her hands gripping Mark’s shoulders. She slammed her pussy down, getting every inch of his mammoth cock inside her as her twat gripped his shaft tight.

“Yesssssss!” her sister moaned as Luke stuffed his entire length into her pussy, her hands grabbing her own big tits as her cunt clasped at his prick.

The busty sisters moaned and cried as they came, Angela gasping and falling almost unconscious on to Luke as Vicky collapsed on to Mark, both of them smiling in contentment.

A few moments later, Vicky was the first to recover.

“Mmmmmm — Luke, honey?” she asked her son.

“Yeah, mom?” he replied, kissing his semi-conscious aunt’s big tits.

“Wanna fuck Mommy in the ass?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Luke cried. As quickly and as gently as he could, he lifted his aunt Angela off his prick and moved her to one side, ignoring her moan of disappointment when his big cock left her empty.

He stepped behind his mom and hesitated for a moment.

“Are you gonna — get off Mark?” he asked her.

“Nope,” she said with a grin, starting to slide her sopping pussy up and down her nephew’s big length once more. “Mommy wants both your big cocks inside her — at the same time!”

“Holy fuck — you wanna get DP’d?” Luke asked.

“Uh-huh,” Vicky said. “Come on, honey — cram that big cock of yours — mmmmm — up Mommy’s ass while — ahhhh — your cousin fucks her pussy.”

Her words seemed to wake Angela from her relaxed state and she quickly knelt up on the sofa escort sincan beside Vicky and Mark, pulling her sister’s ass cheeks apart with both hands before grinning up at her nephew.

“Come on, Luke, you heard your Mommy — she wants that big fucking cock of yours in her asshole.”

Luke edged closer and aimed his swollen knob at his mother’s twitching, tight asshole. As he and Angela watched, he pushed forward, his big cock head stretching his mother’s asshole wide.

“Oooh fuuuuckkk — ffuuuuuckk, that’s good!” Vicky sighed as she felt her son’s huge cock boring into her ass, making her feel more stuffed with dick than she ever had before.

Mark’s prick was still enormous in her smooth, wet pussy, and as more of Luke’s cock slid up her butt, Vicky could feel both giant pieces of fuck meat, separated only by a thin membrane.

“You okay, mom?” Luke asked her.

“Oh fuck yes,” she sighed, looking back over her shoulder at him. “Give me more, baby — fuck Mommy’s ass!”

Vicky gasped as her son pushed more of his enormous fuck tool into her asshole, Mark now pushing his hips up and down as well, the pair of them fucking her at the same time. She felt her body begin to shake, her pussy and ass clenching and clamping around the massive poles.

“Oh, Luke — uuggnnnnn — so big — aahhhhh — Mark — so much cock!” she cried.

Angela watched entranced as her nephew sodomised his mother and felt her own pussy and asshole twitching, knowing she was going to get the same treatment soon.

Vicky lay sandwiched between her son and her nephew, panting as her son crammed his enormous hard-on all the way into her tight, hot asshole until, finally, he was balls deep in her butt.

“Oh my God, Vicky!” Angela cried from beside her. “You’ve got both of them inside you!”

Vicky gasped as she felt both her son and her nephew stuffed to the hilt up her ass and pussy. She paused for a moment and looked at them in turn.

“Fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck me hard!”

Eagerly she started to move, sliding her ass and pussy along their cocks, sighing and gasping, fucking both of the massive lengths at the same time. Waves of sheer pleasure rippled through her, making her butt clasp at her son’s cock while her pussy grabbed her nephew’s.

“Yesss! That’s it! Fuck Auntie! Aaahhhhh! Fuck Mommy!” she cried, loving every hot inch of their dicks inside her.

“Fuck her, boys!” Angela cried from beside her, still holding her sister’s ass cheeks apart to help Luke thrust his big dick up her butthole.

“God yes — fuck my ass — aahhhhhh — fuck my pussy!” Vicky babbled over and over as Mark and Luke did just that, pounding their big lengths in and out of her holes.

Vicky panted and groaned, humping back against the thrusting fuck-poles as much as she could, trying to keep every inch of them inside her. It had been some time since she’d been double fucked but it had never felt this good.

“Fuck me — uuuhnnnnn — fuck me hard!” she yelled.

Luke and Mark sped up as much as they could, both of them sighing as they felt her pussy and asshole working on their pricks. They quickly matched each other’s rhythm, as one slid out of Vicky, the other would push deep, alternating the thrusts of their big cocks.

“Oh fuuuuuucckkkk!” Vicky cried, looking wide eyed at her sister who was watching the thrusting cocks intently. “Sooooo — fucking — biiiiiig!” she moaned. “Cummmminnnnnggg!”

It was the quickest orgasm she’d ever had, tremors running from her pussy and asshole, rippling through her body as her son and nephew crammed their big cocks into her body over and over.

“Oh God — oh my fucking God — aaahahhnnnn — keep fucking me — don’t you dare fucking stop — uuuhnnnnn — cummmming!” Vicky yelled, her body one mass of pleasure. She collapsed forward on to Mark, gasping for breath as the boys continued fucking her.

Angela looked up at Luke.

“Let me taste it, baby,” she said, licking her lips. “Let me taste my sister’s ass on your cock!”

With a groan, Luke pulled his pulsing cock from his mother’s gripping asshole and held it out for his aunt. Angela swooped down on to it, stuffing as much into her mouth as she could, looking up at him the whole time. She took it as deep as she could, coughing as the big purple head bumped into the back of her throat, before pulling back, leaving his fuck-meat slathered in spit.

He wasted no time in shoving his cock back into his mom’s tight, hot asshole making her groan in delight as he gave her several long, deep thrusts. Luke looked at his aunt who nodded and he pulled his prick out again, allowing her to feed on it, making a big show of licking the whole length.

“Oh, you slut,” Vicky gasped, looking back over her shoulder. She slowly lifted herself off Mark’s big prick and joined her sister, sucking on Mark’s dick first before pushing her off Luke’s so she could taste them both. She leaned over and kissed her sister, the pair of them sharing the taste of her pussy and ass.

“Is it my turn now?” Angela asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Vicky said, sucking on her son’s cock head.

“Good. Luke? Sit your ass down — Auntie wants you in her pussy.” Luke did as she asked, sitting on the sofa. “And you, honey,” she said to Mark, “you get to fuck Mommy in the ass again.”

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