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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


I went looking for mom. I saw her earlier going towards the man cave. It’s not really what you would call a man cave but what are you going to do. It was mom and dad’s kind of man cave. She was there, reclined on the sofa, reading. Her knees were up and her book in her lap resting on her legs. I walked in between her and the coffee table. It had a laminated top and was sturdy. I sat down a little past her books.

I said, “Mom, I have this form about the cap and gown that you need to sign. I could sign since I’m of legal age now but they’re going to want one of the parents to sign anyway so you might as well sign.”

Mom took the book she was reading and closed it and put it on her stack of books. When she did her skirt fluttered right down her thighs and bunched up in a small heap. It was really thin and loose. Her knees opened up a little. I could see the inside of one thigh almost down to her crotch which was hidden by her nearer thigh.

She took the form and said, “Tim, I don’t have any pants on so if you see something that’s why. I was reading this erotic book and I thought I would act the part a little to make it more exciting. This skirt is great for that. I can slip my fingers right down under the book instead of rooting around down in like normal. I’ve been having the best fun and the language in the book is very titillating.”

“Sorry, mom,” I said. “I can wait over by the door.”

I started to get up and mom said, “It’s ok Tim. Like you said, you’re of legal age now so I don’t have to be so sensitive about sex around you.”

Mom lifted one leg off the sofa onto the floor and bent upright and put the other foot on the floor in one smooth move and that left me looking right between her thighs. I could see the lower part of her pubes and almost all of her shaved parts that went underneath.

She said, “Do you have a pen?” I gave her the pen I had and she signed the form and gave it and the pen back. She leaned back on the sofa and pulled her skirt up a few inches so I could see better. She said, “It’s nice to be older isn’t it? If you would like to read one of these books they’ll be on the kitchen counter.” She got up and collected the books and went through the door to somewhere and left me sitting there wondering what the heck just happened.

It was Saturday and that afternoon I was in the kitchen frying some bologna. Mom went somewhere with Sarah and dad wasn’t home either. Sarah was home from her freshman year. Actually freshperson year. Sarah is my sister, a year and a half older than me. I was eating the bologna and my eyes went across moms books a couple of times before I remembered what they were. I got the one she was reading and sat back down and opened it up about where she was.

It said, “His engorged and veined member quivered just above her pussy lips as she cried out in anticipation of his first mighty thrust. His large cock jumped, slinging drops of his liquid against her thighs. He held back knowing how badly she wanted him, building the suspense higher and higher until neither could delay any longer. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back with her knees held wide by his thick hands, her wrists tied to the corners of the bed. His hips twitched and his muscles caught and the straining monolith shot forth as the heat of his passion rose up through his throat with a mighty ancient sound that froze all animal life throughout the hollow. It only took his large shaft that single mighty thrust to overcome all resistance and sink fully in until she could take no more as his seed started flooding her cervix again and again.”

By the time I got half way through the next paragraph I was as hard as a rock. I shook my head and remembered I had bologna in my mouth and started chewing again. I closed the book. All I could think was, ‘What! Mom. What!’. I opened the book again and found another couple of paragraphs and read them. I had my hand up my shorts playing with myself, chewing bologna. I grabbed on and pulled it out of my shorts and it popped right up out to the side and I could play with the head better. I heard a car pull in the drive. I quick stuffed myself back in and put the book back on the stack and started whacking my dick so it would go down. It only made it worse. It felt like I was jacking off. I got up and my T was just long enough to cover me and it wasn’t tight so I stood and stayed like that.

Sarah came in first. She said, “Ah, I love the smell of fried bologna. I don’t eat it because it makes me fat. I got some great summer things. Go help mom with the groceries. Some are heavy.”

I helped with the groceries, my dick going down slowly. The smell of the bologna must have masked my sex smell. That was luck.

Mom said, “Thanks Tim.” She gave me a peck on the cheek. That was kind of new too. She was somehow really into her sex stuff right now. göztepe escort I don’t think she was wearing any pants. With what she was wearing they would show underneath. Sarah had on a thick banded thong. I could see the back when she bent over putting groceries away. I knew I was getting a lot more immersed in sex stuff since mom’s revelation but I was mostly all the time anyway but not this public. I was always kind of private about it.

Mom’s books stayed right there the rest of the day and I had them arranged so if anybody took interest I could tell. About 10:00 I went to bed and was watching a movie on my little tv. I only had briefs on as usual but the ones I wore to bed were a little bigger for comfort. There was a knock at the door and I answered and mom came in. Wow! She was very sexy with a teddy top that barely got down to the middle of her little tuff. She came over and got on the bed with her knees down and spread out and legs bent back. She settled her butt right back between her legs. It was an absolutely erotic sight with her pussy out and open and her clit prominently trying to poke out.

Mom said, “Hi. I thought I would explain some of what went on with me today. It’ll take a little time to explain all of it because it’s so involved and each little thing is important and will give you a different impression. I know you must have a lot of questions but it’s a fun thing and quite enjoyable. I belong to a reading club, the ERC. The Erotic Reading Club. We meet on average about once every two weeks. Sometimes more, sometimes less. A girl named Janet put it together. There’s seven of us, including Janet, three guys and four girls. One person is always chosen at random to be the reader. The object of the club is not to have great sex but to have great sexual feelings, although there is sex involved but not what you think which is why I need to tell all so you understand.”

Mom was looking at my crotch every now and then because I was up because she was out. She had her hands on the top of her thighs up against her hips which held her teddy up higher. She was a little wet too. I guess we both were eyeing each other while she was talking. I had to get my dick out of my briefs but I didn’t want to interrupt mom so I just squeezed every now and then.

“For instance,” she said. “Right now you’re quite turned on and I am too. It’s a wonderful sexual high. We’re swapping sex without having sex. I absolutely love the feeling I’m having right now and I hope you are too. We have two rules in the club. No full nudity and no fucking. As you can image I’m quite comfortable with sexual language. Everybody wears something on top and socks. I have several sexy bras I wear and the guys always wear a kind of short pullover top. Not only does everybody see everything but everybody interacts with each other.”

“But you don’t …,”I said.

“Fuck,” mom said. We don’t fuck. Fully. Tim, I’m going to have to explain all that so please withhold conclusions until I get a chance. I’ve just been sucking on your dad’s dick so I need to go finish that. He loves it when I do and has great orgasms. I was wondering if you would finger my pussy for a little bit so I can think about that while I’m doing your dad. Sometimes he fingers my clit until I get him off. And I love his semen.”

Mom opened her legs more and tilted her crotch out towards me. She was smiling and biting her lower lip and waiting. I couldn’t think about it. I bent over and reached a hand out, palm up and slid right under and got two fingers in and pushed up as far as I could and finger fucked her. She closed her eyes and worked against me for a couple of minutes then pulled back and leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips.

She got off the bed and said, “Thanks. That was very good. You have a good orgasm too. Bye.” At the door she turned around and said, “Oh, I already told Sarah all about it.” Then she left me there with a big hardon. My mother.

The next morning Sarah caught me and said, “Mom tell you everything yet?”

I said, “Some but not everything. What’s really going on with her?”

“You’ll find out when you hear the rest,” she said. “I think it’s great. I might go for a sample reading. You ought to think about it but after you hear the rest. She get a little sexual with you yet?”

“Not a little,” I said. “Twice she bared most all. Turned me on big time.”

“Yeah,” she said. “Got me too. She’s a woman and I almost wet my pants. She kept running her tongue out a long way and around her lips. I was getting ready for bed and she was keeping a close eye between my legs. Kind of makes me want to take you on, the ERC way. You’ll understand more when you hear all.”

The only thing I absolutely could not do is mention this to dad. In no way do I have words I can string together to say anything to dad about mom. Life went on as usual and one night about eleven someone tapped on the door again. I answered and mom came in. She had a very cute and sexy bra on and short white socks. kartal escort My head immediately went ‘Alert, alert’.

Mom is a little taller petite person. She’s gained just a little around her body over the years but she’s still slim and in the main stream. Her mons is a little bigger and stands out when she wears something a little tighter around her hips. I was used to seeing it growing up but didn’t actually notice it until someone mentioned it. Even then I didn’t pay any more attention to it than I ever did but now it was paramount. Just below her tuff her ridges started and moved around when she walked over to the bed and totally split open when she lifted a leg to get on. Her ridges didn’t run down far enough to enclose my whole dick going up it but she would be something in bed.

She said, “I was putting your dad to sleep so I could come over. Sometimes I let him do me anal. He loves it. Just the head so he doesn’t stretch me. Not that often. He has an explosive orgasm, way more than in my pussy. He uses a condom so it’s easy cleanup. So, any questions so far, about the ERC?”

My mouth flapped around and finally I said, “The only thing I remember from last time that was unclear was you said you didn’t fully. “What does that mean?” Mom reached over and started pulling my briefs off. I was on my elbow at the pillow. I could see right up her crotch so I didn’t see any reason to change positions. My dick popped out of my briefs and I raised my legs so she could get them off.

“Fuck fully,” she said. “Let me tell you about a normal reading and you’ll understand. As I said, it’s about maximizing our sexual highs. One person reading leaves three couples playing around. If one of the guys is reading then one set is two of the girls which works out great too. Nice size rec room. Warm and big thick quilts on the floor with nice pillows. It takes a while to learn to listen to what’s being read rather than what you’re doing but eventually you can. If a guy is on bottom he holds his hard dick up and the girl gets on top with her knees out over him and gets him right up against her clit and slowly swivels her hips around and soaks it up.”

“Does anybody have orgasms?” I said.

“Sure,” mom said. “We have little bells with handles and anybody that has an orgasm has to ring it for two seconds. Sometimes we clap for them. Anyway, the girl can also move up so his dick is right at her vagina and she can do the same thing. Swivel around and have fun with it. On her butt too if she wants. If either the girl or guy just can’t help themselves they’re allowed to plunge into or over about the depth of the head. Ii’s difficult to judge but we do our best. When the guy is on top it isn’t easy for him to swivel around the pussy entrance so that’s where the full head fuck came from. That little bit gives great orgasms too.

“Have you ever done that,?” I said. “Or somebody done that to you?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “All the time. In all kinds of positions. We’re creating as high of a sexual level as we can and we’re listening to the reading and it just gets done. We’ve all had lots of sex so it’s not like we’re trying to knock some off. Like now. I wore socks and a bra so you might let me show you what we do.”

There was a knock on the door and mom answered and Sarah came in with a bra on and short white socks. She had a book. She said, “Is it on?”

Mom said, “I just asked.”

Sarah came in and stood beside the bed with her legs open a little. She had the most beautiful ribbon of pubes running down to her clit and her ridges were straight and a little puffy. She had a finger inside the top of her ridges rubbing up and down lightly, watching me. She smiled and shook her head ‘yes’ at me. Mom raised her eyebrows at me and I nodded ‘yes’. Sarah got on the bed and moved the pillow next to mine out of the way and got her knees down and sat down between her legs about a foot in front of my eyes with her pussy spread open. She was well out of the way of mom who got over my thighs.

I remembered and reached down and got my dick and held it towards the bottom and kept it straight up. Mom started shifting to get in position and I felt her coming down on my dick, my hand feeling her thighs, first one then the other. Something hot got on my dick and started moving around. She was lubed and I slid easily. Mom was fucking her clit with me. Sarah started reading.

Mom said, “Try to concentrate on Sarah reading and let the sexual feelings flow around your body and mind.”

Sarah read softly, slowly, and clearly. I sure couldn’t argue with the feeling mom was giving me along with Sarah’s reading. The story was about an ancient village. There were creatures that rose up out of a thick, black water lake in the woods, forming into birds as them came up. They were about the size of eagles or bigger. They had human looking cocks over two feet long under their tail feathers. Some of the women in the village that were 20 years old or older would go to the edge of the woods maltepe escort in the evenings, fifteen or twenty of them.

It was a few moments before I realized mom had moved to her vagina on my dick, swiveling around and around. Her smooth pussy had the most exotic effect on my dick. I didn’t push up and mom didn’t drop down but not because we didn’t want to. I had my head over looking in Sarah’s crotch. I had the wrong hand on my dick so I couldn’t reach out and take a feel.

This was absolutely the best sexual high I’ve ever had. I wasn’t even thinking about an orgasm, just getting into mom’s pussy. Or Sarah’s. Or both. Mom wasn’t down fully on me but up at an angle with her hands on her thighs. She eventually moved her clit back to my dick and I reached my other hand around on her butt and she smiled brightly and bent over and gave me a kiss and kept slowly swiveling around on my dick. I could smell Sarah she was so close.

The birds would land on the girls backs. The bird’s cocks were actually an expanding muscle with a head that can expand, but the cock could move like a serpent and curl anywhere.

Sarah was reading and pausing and pronouncing the words of the more exciting phrases with a lot of feeling, like she was recording a book. Mom moved her pussy back to my dick and swiveled around and very, very slowly let herself drop down so I went up in. Not the whole head at first. It was so slow I wouldn’t orgasm and she wouldn’t either. I still had to hold myself back, I wasn’t all that used to this.

The birds would start a fine light spray of a slick clear liquid, mixed with an absorbing aphrodisiac, like a potion. The girls pubic hair got wet with the potion. Then they would slowly enter the girls vagina, spraying the same liquid, and pull back to the entrance and start fucking.

I slipped my other hand down under mom and grabbed my dick so I could get that hand out for Sarah. She saw me and smiled, never stopping reading. I got my hand up and she arranged herself a little so I could play with her. I didn’t go whole hog with it but just played with her lightly. She tilted into me a few times. Mom kept going fucking my head.

When a girl reached an orgasm it was very intense with the effects of the potion and the fucking, and the birds could experience the intense orgasm of the girl through their cock heads. When the girl’s orgasm started to wind down the birds sprayed a calming agent through her vagina and on her clit and caressed the inside of their vaginas with their cock heads until she calmed down physically and breathed normally.

Mom said, “Your time to try it on top.” She got off and switched places with me. I wanted to hear more of the story but Sarah was waiting. My mother lay down on my pillow with her legs open waiting for me to get right on top with my dick right between her legs. If I got on her pussy I would plunge right to the end so I grabbed my dick so it wouldn’t and put it up under her clit and got on my elbows. My mother started giving me a huge kiss and wrapped her legs over mine. Sarah continued reading. I was trying to get the story in normal terms. It worked for me better, still a fantastic turn on.

The calming agent calmed the girls down and the birds began again, the same thing. With the calming agent the girls experienced virtually no wear on their bodies and could achieve fifteen or twenty or more orgasms for the birds to experience.

I whispered in mom’s ear, “I’ll try not to go too far.”

She whispered back, “Ok, but don’t worry about it too much. You’re a special case.”

I tilted my hips back and dropped my dick down and stuck it in her pussy, my mother’s. It was so good I almost cried. Mom didn’t tilt up. She was letting me enjoy myself to the hilt. I don’t know how far I got in but it was more than the head. I just couldn’t control my hips. I didn’t go fast because this was a reading and we were trying to achieve a really good sexual high. I kept making myself remember that. Eventually I got back to knowing only the head was fucking my mother.

Before I could have an orgasm mom said, “Could you jack your dick for me and Sarah so we can watch you having an orgasm?”

Many of the villagers regularly gathered at the edge of the field and listened to the pleasurable sounds the girls made during their intensive orgasms. When the birds were satiated they pulled in their wings and cocks and flew off. The girls went back to the village in a highly sexual state from the lasting effects of the potion and men and women in the village gathered to satisfy their desires.

Sarah’s eyes lit up like a light bulb and she got off the bed and came around on the other side. I got off and mom sat up on the other side of me. I got on my back with my dick straight up. I couldn’t say no and I really needed an orgasm so I got started. I closed my eyes like I wasn’t there and acted like they couldn’t see me and went at it like normal. I would like to have went longer for them but it didn’t take all that much time. I grunted and pushed up and felt my semen taking a run for it again and again until I could finally stop jacking. The girls stayed quiet the whole time. They got beside me and fingered my semen and tasted it and quietly cleaned it off and dried my stomach.

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