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You just left work. You are driving to my place where I’m cooking dinner for the two of us. You think to call but then decide that you want to surprise me. You pull up, park, sneak in the front door and quietly walk to the kitchen.

I started on dinner right when I got home so I’m still in my scrubs. I’m standing at the stove stirring the food in a skillet. Absentmindedly I hum a little tune, unaware that I’m being watched. I glance up at the microwave to check the time, wondering where you are.

Then you come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist. My hair is up, leaving my neck exposed, and you start to nuzzle my neck. You softly kiss the delicate skin there and touch it with your tongue. I tip my head to the side and smile as I continue to stir the food as it simmers.

You reach your left hand up and start to knead my tit. I lean into you a little and tip my head back, moaning just slightly. Your other hand starts to undo the ties of my scrub pants and slides down inside my underwear. I widen my legs to allow your finger better access and moan just a little louder as you slip one finger in and slide it up and down my wet pussy.

My hand holding the spatula hovers güvenilir bahis over the skillet, not paying attention now to the food inside, while my other one covers your hand at my breast and moves with it as it pinches then soothes my nipple. I start to breathe heavily as your finger begins to slip over and around my swollen clit. You start to nibble my neck as your finger slides up inside my warm, wet pussy. I push my ass back to rub up against your hard cock.

You bring your finger up to my mouth as I turn around to face you. I taste the saltiness of me off of your finger and smile up at you. I start to stalk you into the dining room, a gotcha smile on my lips. I walk you right up to a chair and smile wider as you plop into it.

I kneel down and start to unbutton your jeans. I slide your hard cock out and start to lick it, making sure to swirl my tongue along the head. I suck at the base of your cock, my thumb massaging at that sensitive part right below the head. I lick up the shaft again till I get to the head then I sink my hot mouth right on it. I skim my mouth up and down your cock, getting it so fucking hard, as one hand massages your balls through your pants. You grip my head türkçe bahis with both hands and start to move it up and down, getting a nice rhythm. I gag a little bit as the head tickles the back of my throat and I can hear you moan.

I grab your hands and take them off my head as I start to stand up. I slide my pants and underwear off and move to straddle you in the chair. I grab your cock with my hand and bring it right up to the lips of my pussy. I smile at you and watch your face as I slowly, so very slowly, guide your cock partially inside. I lean back and start to rotate my hips. The head of your cock slips in and out of my wet pussy. I move my hand down to rub my clit, my eyes glazing over as I bring myself close to the edge. You growl in frustration as only your head continues to slip in and out of me.

I look at you, smile and take my finger off my clit. I sit up till your head is just barely inside. You try to push your hips up but I slip you out and push my pussy down on you to stop, smiling and shaking my head at you. You groan in aggravation as you feel my wet pussy gliding over your cock.

I sit up and wrap my hand around your cock again. I guide the head to my wet lips, güvenilir bahis siteleri trace the lips up and down for a second. I rub the head against my swollen clit, making me moan. I slide the head to my opening, and slip it inside.

I watch your eyes close and your breath catch as I gently sit down so you are fully inside me. I glide back up till you are almost out and see your eyes open up and you moan a little louder. I pick up the tempo, close my eyes, grab my bottom lip with my teeth and moan. Suddenly you grab my hips and start thrusting deep inside of me.

I open my eyes and start to kiss you. I wrap my hands around your head as we move faster and faster. One hand continues to grip your head while the other travels down to work my clit. I can feel you begin to tense up as you get close to cumming. I break our lips apart and lean back, one hand gripping the chair behind you and the other still working my clit.

Your mouth latches onto my nipple and you begin to suck. I start moaning over and over, louder and louder. Within moments I can feel myself start to clench in anticipation. Then I’m cumming. I shout out as my orgasm overtakes me. Your head snaps up and your hips push up. You shout out, push my hips down and cum. We start to slow down, almost lazily thrusting. I lean back as you slump into the chair as we stop.

And that is when we smell the burning food. We look at each other and start laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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