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The Deal’s Who’s Who

Diana Hughes – mother of Matthew Hughes, widow of the late David Hughes, started the Deal

Matthew Hughes- Diana’s son, boyfriend of Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan – Matt’s girlfriend, lives with the Hughes


Craig Lynn – Matt’s best friend, son of Jeff and Susan Lynn, brother to Cindy Lynn

Susan Lynn – Diana’s best friend, wife of Jeff and mother of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Jeff Lynn – Husband of Susan and father of Craig and Cindy Lynn


Chip Hamilton – close friend to Matt and Craig

Kim Hamilton – close friend of Diana’s, wife of Adam, mother of Chip

Adam Hamilton – husband of Kim and father of Craig


Lacey Brock – neighbor and former old friend of Diana, Susan and Kim.

Jenny Clark – friend of Craig Lynn, going to same college as Craig

Steven DeForest – Former Biology teacher for Matt, Craig and Chip, interested in Diana Hughes

Gwen Hollister – brunette haired sister to Stephanie, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store

Stephanie Hollister – blonde haired sister to Gwen, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store.

All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Diana swayed around the kitchen pulling together the ingredients for omelets. After depositing the carton of eggs on the counter she stopped in mid swirl to stare at the smiling Cindy leaning against the hallway opening.

Diana beamed, “Good morning sweetheart.”

Cindy burst into giggles, “Wow, you even sang that.”

Diana gave a mock huff and put her hands on her bare hips, “And what exactly is wrong with my singing?”

Cindy swayed into the room and grabbed Diana by the hand and opposite hip and spun her around the kitchen in dance steps.

“Absolutely nothing,” Cindy answered as she stared into Diana’s face as they spun. “It is the most adorable thing.”

Cindy swung Diana toward the table and chairs as she turned toward the counter and surveyed the items on it, “Omelets I take it. I’ll make them so you are free to tell me all about your first date with Gwen.”

Diana laughed, “Oh, it was perfect. I really, really like her a lot. We talked for hours.”

“Just talked, young lady?” Cindy said, “You didn’t get home until well after eleven. How late does MacKenzie’s stay open?”

Diana blushed, “Well, we did go back to her house after we left MacKenzie’s.”

Cindy nodded her head with a smirk, “Oh and I’m sure you just “talked” when you got there. And before you deny it, your blush is telling me a completely different story.”

Cindy even air quoted ‘talked.’

Diana giggled, “There’s no keeping secrets in this house, huh?”

Cindy stopped whisking the eggs to completely face Diana, putting her hands on her bare hips, “So…?”

Diana’s blush deepened and spread down her collarbone, “Oh my God, it was wonderful.”

Cindy beamed and returned to her preparations. “Let me guess – it’s going to be another late night tonight?”

Diana ducked her head which Cindy’s back didn’t notice, “Actually, I’m planning on spending the night with her tonight.”

Cindy whirled at the news, “Wow, you do have it bad, huh?”

Diana gave a very sheepish grin in response.

“Before you know it and it’ll be ‘Mom who?’ around here.”

Diana raised her hands in protest but was cut off by the laughing girl.

“Oh hush, I’m only teasing. We couldn’t be more happy for you. You so deserve somebody like Gwen to love and love you back. Believe me, Matt and I are grown-ups who can amuse ourselves.

Diana got a gleam in her eyes, “Oh yes, I’m sure you can entertain Matt by yourself. I’m sure that foxtail will be very entertaining.”

It was Cindy’s turn to have a scarlet patch appear on her chest and face.

“Wow, there really are no secrets around here huh? Wait a minute, that’s no fair. I bought that from Stephanie, not Gwen.”

Diana laughed, “What was that you said yesterday? How do you expect someone to keep something juicy like that in?”

“Yeah, well after last night’s reaction that foxtail is definitely not being returned.”

Diana laughed, “I almost wish I had been here to have seen it.”

Cindy laughed back, “No, you don’t – you were plenty entertained by yourself. I bet the Hollisters have all sorts of interesting items in that house of theirs.”

Diana kept on laughing, “Not that I noticed, but there were plenty of books.”

Cindy’s eyes lit up, “oooooo, nice.”

Diana smiled again, “I’m going to Dreamlands later to help her go through a new shipment of books.”

Cindy giggled, “Oh, I’m sure that is your only reason for going.”

Diana just blushed again in response.

Many hours and many inspected books later, Cindy smiled widely at the sight of Gwen and Diana laughing and holding hands as they walked into Tony’s.

“Welcome to Tony’s,” Cindy responded, “Can I interest you in a very private booth?”

Gwen giggled, “Oh, I knew I liked you a lot.”

Cindy canlı bahis stepped between the two women and put her arms around their shoulders, “Follow me please.”

Cindy led them to a quiet corner and watched as Diana sat into the booth first and Gwen slid in beside her.

Cindy’s grin broadened, “Say Mrs. Hughes, is that a glimpse of a metal chain I spy in that fairly open blouse?”

Diana looked around before pulling open the collars of her blouse widening the opening showing the curves of her full bare breasts and the silver chain dangling between them by the clamps attached to her suddenly revealed nipples.

“My, my, this older generation. I certainly didn’t wear anything like that on my second date.”

Gwen laughed, “With all the shenanigans going on in the neighborhood lately, I figured it was high time I got to enjoy it as well.”

Cindy leaned over to hug Gwen, “welcome to the tribe my dear.”

Gwen put her arm around Cindy’s, “Thank you sweetheart. Besides I got it from a very good source that the chain and nipple clamp combo looks quite stunning on you as well.”

Cindy paused for a second before giggling, “Oh mom, so you kiss and tell huh? So, before I embarrass myself any more, can I get you two lovely ladies anything to drink before you order?”

The two women ordered wine and perused the menus that Cindy left on the table as she went to get their drinks.

Shortly, Gwen and Diana were enjoying their salads when Gwen noticed Cindy leaning against a side wall watching them smiling.

Gwen smiled and waved Cindy over.

Cindy came right over, “What can I get you, Gwen?”

Gwen looked around, “Are you busy?”

Cindy smiled, “No, we’re quieting down quite a bit now.”

Gwen waved at the empty seat on the other side of their table. “Please join us if you won’t get into any trouble.”

Cindy shook her head, “Oh no, I don’t want to intrude on you two.”

It was Gwen’s turn to shake her head, “You’re not intruding. If I have my way I’m going to be a part of this family all the time.”

Diana smiled and put her hand on top of Gwen’s and squeezed it.

Cindy looked at the hands together and smiled, “I think it is very safe to say ‘Mission accomplished.'”

Gwen looked around at the fairly empty restaurant, “I know all about how you let Matt continue on with Diana. That is amazingly selfless of you.”

Cindy blushed, “Really, it took the pressure off of me while I grew more comfortable with everything.”

Gwen nodded, “Di told me that. Thing is you have a very close family, and I don’t want to get in the way of that either.”

Cindy shook her head hard causing her hair to swirl around her shoulders, “Oh no. Matt and I couldn’t be happier for both of you. You are certainly not in the way.”

Gwen smiled, “You are such a sweetheart. I was in a relationship with Steph for a long time and knew how she wanted male companionship occasionally. I get that. From what I know of Di she is perfect for me, and I know I’m going to have a great life, but I certainly don’t mind you and Matt being a close part of that if you get my meaning. Again knowing Di and her feelings for you two I can easily see myself failing in love with both of you as well too. You are a very special young woman.”

Cindy continued to blush. She swallowed and pointed to Di, “What’s important to me is that that woman sitting next to you is happy.”

Diana smiled and reached out to hold Cindy’s hand. “Thank you my love.”

Cindy looked back at Gwen, “A very, very wise woman once told me that it is all about comfort zones and what we each are comfortable with.”

Gwen smiled and looked at Diana, “A very wise woman indeed.”

She looked back at Cindy and spoke, “Look Cindy. I know you and Matt give Diana a tremendous amount of pleasure, and I really want to be a part of that not the reason it ends.”

Cindy nodded, “Matt and I have already done so many things with the others in the neighborhood and it is not threat, just a lot more love for us. I get that. There is no jealousy or fear of loss. That’s fine with me and I’m sure it will be fine with Matt. As long as you two are happy.”

Gwen smiled, “Thank you for including me.”

Diana smiled, “Thank you sweetie.”

Cindy wiggled out of the booth, “I best get your entrees and see if anything else needs tending to. I want to get home at a decent time to attack Matt.”

“Don’t forget my bed which is bigger than both yours combined is free and available tonight.”

“Oooh, I’ll keep that in mind,” Cindy cooed. “Thanks mom.”

Gwen and Diana laughed and continued with their salads.

Soon enough the two women were standing next to the cashier’s counter and waited as Cindy swiped Diana’s card.

Cindy ripped off the receipt and handed it to Diana and walked from around the counter up to Gwen. She put her arms around the surprised woman and hugged her tight leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Truly, I am so happy you are in the family now. Not only because I love seeing mom so insanely happy bahis siteleri but also because you are clearly such a wonderful person.”

Gwen returned the kiss and hugged Cindy tight, “Thank you so much.”

Cindy looked back at the staff by the counter, “I’ll be right back in a minute.”

She entwined her arms with Diana and Gwen’s and walked out of the restaurant with them to Diana’s car.

Diana turned and gave Cindy a deep kiss then pulled back holding her while looking into her eyes, “Thank you. I love you so much.”

Cindy crushed her in a tight hug that took her breath away.

As the two women climbed into the car and fastened their seatbelts Cindy leaned over the open window on Gwen’s side. “Now Gwen, you have heard about the dress code in our house, right? I certainly am going to continue and honestly we both hope Mom here does as well, you just take your time with what you are comfortable with doing, okay?”

Diana pulled her blouse open exposing her breasts and the chain suspended between them, “Do you really think I would change that much?”

Cindy laughed, shaking her head, “Perish the thought,” she answered as she waved good bye and walked back into the restaurant.

Soon enough Gwen was opening the door to her house and held the door open for Diana. Diana stood near Gwen as she closed and locked the door. Just as she turned from the door to face Diana, Diana with a smirk grabbed Gwen’s face with both her hands and pressed her mouth tight into Gwen’s, her tongue pushing past her teeth to swirl against Gwen’s own tongue.

Gwen moaned and brought her hand up to run it through Diana’s short auburn hair, using it to push her head tighter into the kiss.

Soon the two were moaning, the sounds muffled by the sealed lips and pushing tongues.

With chests heaving the two split apart, panting from the exertion.

Gwen looked at Diana with a gleam, “You are really going to be all mine for the entire night?”

Diana smiled, “If you want.”

“Oh I want,” Gwen nodded. She reached out and started to unbutton the few remaining closed buttons on Diana’s blouse. “I also want you naked for me the entire time you are here.”

Diana looked down as Gwen pulled the open blouse off Diana’s body to let it fall to the floor behind her, the chain hooked to her nipples swaying back and forth as Diana’s breasts shook.

Gwen reached down and let her fingers slowly glide from the center of the chain between her breasts to the clamp hooked to her left nipple. Her fingers danced lightly over the nipple causing it to pebble. She pinched and lightly pulled the nipple, holding the soft flesh rather than the metal clamp.

Slowly her hand glided back across the chain to Diana’s right nipple. Again the fingers toyed with the nipple as Diana hissed in pleasure.

Gwen smiled as she watched Diana reach down to open her pants. She cupped underneath Diana’s breasts feeling the full weight of them fall into her hands as Diana leaned down to pull her pants and panties down and off her body kicking her shoes with them.

Gwen stared at Diana’s naked body before her as she squeezed her full breasts. She purred. Gwen moved her right hand back to the space between Diana’s breasts to grab the chain in the middle and brought it up so she could bite it and hold it in her mouth. She turned her head causing the clamps to pull on Diana’s nipples.

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing,” Diana hissed before squealing louder as Gwen suddenly brought her hand to cup Diana’s sex, her fingers roughly pushing and sliding on her moistening flesh.

Diana spread her legs wider apart and brought her arms to rest on Gwen’s shoulders her hands hanging behind her back as she dropped her head and watched Gwen’s hand poke and prod inside her.

Gwen kept turning her head right and left to bring a pulling motion to each clamped nipple in turn as her fingers plunged deeply into Diana.

Diana’s legs started to tremble as she panted harder and shook.

“Oh Gwen, I’m coming,” Diana gasped then screamed “I’m coming” as her legs and stomach trembled with her spasms, her hands locked behind Gwen’s head holding her tight as Diana shook in pleasure.

After she stilled and caught her breath, Diana pressed her forehead into Gwen’s. Di tilted her head and kissed the smiling woman in her arms.

Diana pushed Gwen into the wall then dropped to her knees before Gwen yanking the dress and underwear down her legs.

Diana thrust her face and protruding tongue into Gwen’s open sex before her. As she licked, her hands slid up under Gwen’s shirt gliding over her smooth stomach and then up to her bare breasts with both hands pressed into the soft flesh her palms pushing into the hard nipples.

Diana stopped her ministrations to look up at Gwen with a smile, “So I wasn’t the only braless one out tonight huh? I thought so.”

Gwen gave a husky chuckle, “I was hoping you’d notice.” Her words turned into another hiss as Diana plunged her face back into Gwen’s folds as her fingers found Gwen’s nipples and pulled on them.

Gwen bahis şirketleri reached down to unbutton her blouse, she threw it off her shoulders where it stayed, pinned by her body and the wall behind her.

Gwen tugged her arms out of the sleeves then tightly clasped Diana’s head in her hands as she continued to lick.

“Oh, oh, oh, ooooooohhhhh,” Gwen moaned as her pelvis pushed into Diana as Gwen erupted into her orgasm. Diana held still as the thighs pressed into the side of her face squeezed and shook as her splayed open sex gushed bittersweet tasting fluids into Diana’s lapping mouth.

Finally Gwen collapsed, pushing herself into Diana, dropping them both to the carpeted floor. Gwen wrapped her arms around Diana and held her tight. She sighed in bliss as she felt Diana’s arms wrap around her pulling her in tighter into the embrace.

After a while Gwen softly kissed all over Diana’s smiling face. The two kept their embrace but stretched out their legs to rest against each other.

Gwen shook her head, “You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I have so much fun with you and can’t get enough. But oh my God, the sex, it is completely out of this world. I’ve never experienced anything like this at all.”

Diana smiled and gave a chuckle, “I love sex and have had a very sexual existence but this really is the most intense I’ve ever had.”

Slowly and gingerly the two women helped each other up. Diana stood back and let her eyes scan over Gwen’s body, from her softly smiling face down her collar bone to her two soft, slender but still full breasts with their brownish colored nipples. She glanced down the smooth stomach to the soft brown triangle of hair between her muscular legs.

Gwen watched Diana’s intense stare. She smiled shyly, “What?”

Diana looked into Gwen’s face and beamed, “I’m just admiring how beautiful my girlfriend is.”

Soft tears filled Gwen’s eyes before leaking down her cheeks.

Diana gave a gentle laugh and cupped Gwen’s face to carefully kiss the tears.

Slowly and quietly in time with the kisses Diana softly spoke accentuating each word, “I…love…you.”

Gwen turned her head to kiss Diana passionately.

Again the two split apart but kept their arms around the other, Gwen’s wrapped around Diana’s shoulders and head while Diana held her arms on Gwen’s waist and back. Gwen let her eyes drift down Diana’s body before her, “My turn to admire you, my gorgeous love.”

Diana stepped back and struck a pose with one hand behind her head while the other rested on her pushed out hip causing Gwen to laugh.

“You really are an exhibitionist aren’t you? I see why Matt and Cindy want you naked all the time. I definitely want you nude when we’re together.”

Diana burst into laughter, “Gee, why do I even bother buying any clothes?”

“So I can take you out and show the world how incredibly lucky I am,” Gwen answered.

Diana blushed slightly and leaned in to kiss Gwen again.

There would be a lot more kisses before the two made it past the living room.

Matt searched the room carefully. He shifted the pile of boxes but nothing. He swung around the counter. Suddenly a gangly figure crawled up from the floor, bones showing through the jagged, torn flesh of the arm as it grabbed the counter to pull itself up.

Matt raised his uzi just as a hand softly caressed his neck.

“FUCK!” Matt yelled as he threw the controller into the air and crashed his chair into the desk jerking away from the hand so fast.

Cindy jumped back repressing her giggles, “I’m so sorry. I thought you knew I was behind you.”

Matt turned his chair to face Cindy. Matt took in the soft, full breasts jiggling from the stifled giggles threatening to erupt from her. He loved how her nipples were almost always hard pebbles sticking out darkly from her pale full flesh.

Cindy pointed at his screen – “Uh, why is blood dripping down your screen?”

Without turning Matt answered, “Because the zombie got me.”

Cindy brought her hand up to her mouth, “I am so, so, so sorry.”

Matt continued to let his eyes run over the gentle curves and slopes that made her body.

“I’m not,” Mat answered smiling, “I would much rather look at my incredibly gorgeous girlfriend.”

Matt smiled as the familiar patch of red appeared on her collarbone and spread up her neck and down into her breasts.

Cindy smiled and moved over and swung her legs wide on either side of Matt’s legs as she sat down on his thighs and hung her arms around his neck. Through his sweats Matt could feel the heat of her open sex as it pressed into him. He placed his hands around her hips, his hands caressing the soft globes of her ass as it pressed into his legs.

“We have the house all to ourselves,” Cindy told her boyfriend with a gleam in her eyes.

Matt nodded, “I know. Mom packed an overnight bag, more with toiletries than any clothes.”

Cindy giggled, “I think mom will be running around naked in two places from now on.”

Matt laughed and agreed. “So my love, what would you like to do tonight?”

Cindy grinned, “Well the other night I had three men do me all at the same time but now I would like my lover to do me in all the same three places by himself one after the other.”

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