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It started about five years back. My wife was spending a lot of time away from home because of her lecture tour. She had phoned me that day to say she was visiting our eldest son Michael at his halls since she was doing a lecture nearby. I got on well with my wife and we loved one another but I think it’s fair to say that a lot of the fire was gone from our relationship by that point. Not that my Sarah wasn’t beautiful! Hell she looked damn good for her age and you wouldn’t know to look at her that three kids had popped out of that oven.

Anyway, that weekend I was left in the house with Marty and our youngest, Annabelle whose eighteenth birthday it had been two weeks earlier. It was early July and the weather was pretty good so without much in the way of discussion it was mutually decided that the pool in the backyard was the place to set ourselves up for the day.

I was settled on my lounger by the poolside with a cold bottle of beer in my hand and newspaper on my knee. Marty was doing underwater lengths so it was me who saw her first. This was the first time I’d been out in the pool with my kids at all this year what with work and all – nothing could have prepared me for how different Annabelle looked coming down those patio steps compared to last year. She was a woman all of a sudden! At least, she was well on the way!

The all in one was gone and in its place, a tight red bikini and thong set. I took a big gulp of cold beer as I stared from behind my sunglasses. She was about 4 ft 7″ tall but carried herself like she was 6 ft. Annabelle grinned at me when she saw me looking at her and did a twirl. Her perfect young breasts jiggled enticingly as she spun, her thong clove between the most perfect pair of ass cheeks I had ever seen. I was instantly hard and I thanked god for the newspaper across my lap. What the fuck was wrong with me? This was my own daughter for fuck’s sake!

“Like my new bikini, daddy?” she challenged me with a cheeky grin and I felt somehow as if she were testing me.

“Weeell..” I said in mock disproving tones, “Its a bit on the risque side sugar, but so long as you only wear it here I guess its fine.” She beamed and blew me a kiss.

“Thanks daddy” she said and dived into the pool. She’d seemed a little surprised at how lax I’d been there. I wondered if my wife had already told her not to wear the tiny bikini – it wouldn’t surprise me. I gave a mental shrug and returned to my paper.

A little while later Marty climbed canlı bahis out of the pool and excused himself to go round to his girlfriends place. I didn’t blame him, probably got himself hot and bothered about Annabelle too – in need of some relief. My eyes drifted back inexorably to the sunbathing figure of my daughter and I sighed. My hardon hadn’t gone down in nearly an hour.

“Daddy?” she called – her voice sounded muffled by the towel. She was lying face down beside the pool. I was painfully aware that she’d undone the strings holding her bikini top in place so she could get an even tan on her back.

“Could you put some lotion on my back for me?” I swallowed hard. This was just one of those tests God likes to throw at me. I had the feeling I was going to fail this one. I got up with a sigh of defeat and knelt over Anna’s firm young backside with the bottle of tanning lotion in my hand. Pouring some of the greasy stuff into my palm I rubbed my hands together then began applying it to the soft warm skin of her back. She felt good.

I moved lower down her back, occasionally rubbing down her sides to ‘accidentally’ brush the swelling of her lovely young breasts. I was preparing to get up again when Anna’s hand whipped behind her and tugged loose her thong-string.

“Can you do the rest?” she asked me in her best girly voice and I found myself suddenly massaging lotion into the bare globes of her ass cheeks. She moaned slightly. Was she teasing me on purpose? Did she know what this was doing to me? I stared between her thighs at the downy blonde fur that covered her cute pink little pussy. I did one long lithe leg and then the other – all the time staring at her puffy little mound. It barely even occurred to me what I was doing when I poured some more oil onto my fingers and reached between her legs. Anna moaned in shock as my fingers cupped and massaged her tender young pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at me in astonishment.

Wha…what are you doing, daddy?” she whimpered, unconsciously grinding her moistening mound against my hand.

“What do you think?” I breathed and she blushed.

“You’re rubbing my pussy” she moaned and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Do you like how it feels?” I asked and she nodded, still shamefaced with embarrassment that her own dad was doing this to her. Now here was the moment of truth. I looked into her big pretty blue eyes and slid a finger up her slippery hot hole and she whimpered with pleasure.

“You bahis siteleri want me to stop?” I asked her and Anna’s mouth worked as she tried to say yes.

“No, daddy” she finally moaned and at that point any road back was closed for me. Letting go of her for an instant I pulled my shorts down and my daughter gasped in shock as my big hard cock bounced into the summer sun.

“Get on your hands and knees” I growled and she silently obeyed me. I wasted no time with foreplay. Pressing the bulbous head of my swollen dick between the slippery lips of my daughter’s sweet pussy I shoved forwards, gripping her slim waist firmly with both my hands.

“Oh my god daddy!” moaned Anna staring back at me with a confused mix of horror and lust. I let her stretch to accommodate me, then slowly pulled back before plunging back inside of her tight wet hole once more. She whimpered sexily and started to move her hips back against me as I began pumping in and out of her sopping little snatch with building momentum.

“Do you like that?” I panted roughly and Anna’s wide blue eyes met mine guiltily as she nodded and bit her lip with a kittenish purr of need.

“Yes daddy… your dick feels… amazing!” she gasped breaths raggedly now as she gripped the poolside. Her tight little pussy felt so good. It seemed to massaged and milk my prick with every thrust – I couldn’t believe how deep I could get inside her. Her mother was the only other woman who’d ever really accommodated my size properly. I let one hand slide from Anna’s waist to give her perfect round ass cheeks a sharp slap. Anna shivered and licked her lips – her eyes stared back over her shoulder at me burning now with unrepentant hunger.

“Yes, daddy! Spank my ass!” she moaned, “Spank you filthy daughter while you fuck her pussy, you fuckin’ pervert!!!”

I couldn’t help but grin as I obeyed her orders. Her ass cheeks glowed red as I spanked her, my rigid dick pumping in and out of her tender wet pussy at a rate of knots now. Sweat was glistening on my daughter’s beautiful body as I fucked her. I could taste my own sweat-salt on my upper lip; could feel the droplets running down my back as I nailed my little girl.

Anna began to convulse and shake and it took me a second to realize she was cumming. Her pussy seemed to spasm and lock down on my throbbing prick and she let loose a shuddering cry of deep sexual satisfaction. Seeing my daughter in the throes of an intense orgasm remains a special kind of moment bahis şirketleri for me. I reached under her and finding her nipples, tweaked and pinched on them hard. This sent her into a second wave of mini orgasms. Just like her mother – I thought with a smirk.

As her climax subsided Anna collapsed beneath me, panting hard. It took her some moments to realize that I was still buried to the hilt inside her – and I wasn’t done. I pulled my big prick out of her with a silent vow that it would not be too long before I returned there, and rolled her over onto her back. Anna looked up at me with a dazed smile as I straddled her toned mid-section and placed my cock between her beautiful big tits.

She didn’t need instructions as to what I wanted next. Still smiling up at me shyly, my daughter used both her hands to squeeze her firm round tits around my stiff dick. I groaned and started luxuriously to fuck my daughter’s incredible cleavage. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, but the suddenness of my climax still took me by complete surprise. I was finishing the 5th or 6th long powerful thrust when Anna gave me a cheeky little grin, winked and raised her open mouth to the swollen head of my prick. It was one stimulation too many. I immediately froze mid thrust and gasped as I began to spasmodically unload into my daughter’s sucking mouth.

“Jesus-H-Christ!” I croaked, staring into my daughter’s pretty blue eyes as every muscle in my body tensed up, jets of hot incestuous seed spurted from the tip of my jerking prick onto her waiting tongue. She was making sexy little “mmmm” sounds as if her daddy’s cum was the tastiest thing she’d ever had in her mouth. Maybe it was – I certainly like to think so. What she couldn’t swallow in time dribbled from the corners of her full lipped mouth to drip down her chin. I’d never seen anything so goddamned sexy in all my life. Talk about a Kodak moment!

As the last spurt of jism erupted from my prick-head, Anna licked my dick clean faithfully. I watched her lick the gooey cum from my cock with a proud grin. My perfect baby-girl… a perfect slut for her daddy.

“Your pussy is mine now, baby” I breathed rolling onto my side beside her. Anna was still looking a little dazed.

“You hearing me?” I asked snapping my fingers. Anna blushed and nodded with a shy little grin.

“Whenever you want it, daddy” she said quietly and I was gratified by the naughty eagerness in her voice. She would be a willing slave to my dick – I idly wondered how far she’d go. Would she obey me utterly? I wondered if she’d be willing to fuck some of my friends or clients. I’d tread carefully but I definitely wanted to see how well my slave-daughter could be trained…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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