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Thank you, Christa, for all your help.

It’s funny how fast kids grow up. One day you’re changing a shitty diaper, the next day they are graduating from high school. Yes, my daughter Tina is graduating. Then she’s off to college. It’s just up the road but, it’s a college. I can see her and if she needs any help, I’ll be close by.

My wife thinks I spoil her, I don’t really give a fuck what she thinks. If you ever saw Tina, you would spoil her, too. She’s 5 foot, 6 inches tall. Light brown hair to her shoulders, with streaks of blonde in it. Pretty green eyes, that are always alive, looking at everything. She has very soft facial features, with thin, sexy, pink lips.

Her body reminds me of a track runner, very lean, trim and so fit. Her little 34 b breast are always perky, it’s nothing to see her nipples hard day and night. Her waist is I guess around 20 inches. Her ass and legs are my personal favorite. She has the tightest, firmest 34 inch ass I have ever set my eyes on. It looks like it’s made out of two finely carved stones. Her long firm legs finishes out her great body.

My wife and I sat on our sofa, watching the local news, ‘ Fayetteville police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (G.B.I.), continue their search for the ‘Midnight Mangler’. Three teen girls were found in the Fayetteville area in the last six months. The killer has raped and mutilated up to 25 teen aged girls in last ten years. G.B.I. investigator, Ken Anderson, had this to say, ” We’ll get ’em,” SPIT, ” when we do, he’ll be the sorriest pile of PIG,” BEEP, ” you ever did see”.

Then Tina started down the stairs, ” Holy fuck,” was all I could say when I saw her wearing her short Prom dress, ” you are going to be the light of the party, girl.” I said staring at Tina’s long legs. She had on sheer black stockings with, four inch high heels.

“Tina, you look like a whore,” my bitch wife said, ” you better be careful, every Dick in the place will be on you.”

I stood up, hugging Tina, I whispered, ” You look good baby, fuck her.”

“Thanks Daddy, why is she always so mean to me?” Tina whispered back, as we walked outside.

“I think she is jealous, fuck… you’re a babe…”

“I love you so much Daddy.” She moved back into my arms, pushing her hips into my cock. As hard as I was, seeing her dressed so sexy. She had one stiff cock pushing into her belly.

“You need anything, if that prick fucks with you, anything, call me, O.K.?”

Tina was going to the Prom with some guy she had only met a few weeks ago. He was one of the most stinky, nastiest people I had ever seen in my life. He was always trying to feel her up, anything to get his hands on her. Even in front of me.

“I will, Daddy. I’ve got my mini phone.”

Then he, Bill, drove up, ” Oh yes. Wow. You look like a ten dollar whore baby. Just my kind of girl.” I know, I should have killed him right there, on the spot.

I grabbed the basterd by the throat, ” Don’t you do anything to her, you fuckin’ prick.”

“Oh ‘I’m so scared… Get off me old man or I’ll kick your face in…” The bastard said, trying to break free, from my grip on his neck.

I squeezed as hard as I could, his face was getting very, red, ” Anytime, fat boy.” I shoved him towards his car.

They drove off into the night, all I could do is pray Tina would be O.K

I sat on my front terrace, having a smoke and thinking how much Tina had grown into a sexy, beautiful young lady. I really found out a few weeks back, when I had to get up in the middle of the night, to piss.

I walked past Tina’s and heard some unusual noises coming from her room. When I looked in her room, I all but fell over. There she was, laying on her bed. Her legs pulled up to her breast, nothing on but a smile. Her hand pushing a long vibrator in and out of her pussy so fast, her hand was a blur.

She whispered, ” Oh daddy, fuck me, fuck me… I need you daddy, fuck your whore daughter. Make me cum, make your slut daughter cum.”

She went on fucking herself as fast and fanatic as she could, ” I’m cumming, I’m cumming fuck your whores pussy, fuck my slut pussy daddy…” I watched until she fall across the bed panting for air. Then I made my way to the john to piss.


“This is going to be so fun, they are going to have a great band.” Tina said, hugging Bill.

“Well, fuck the band, fuck the stupid fucking prom. We are going to a GOOD, party baby.” Bill replied, running his hand up Tina’s skirt.

She slapped his hand away, ” NO, I want to go to the canlı bahis prom. It’s my special night.” Tina said sharply.

Bill, gave her a nasty look, the back of his hand hit the side of Tina’s face, ” Listen BITCH, you been cock teasin’ me for a month, no pussy, nothing, you do what I say, when I say. Do you FUCKIN’ hear me?”

With tears running down her face, Tina calmly said, ” My Dad, is going to kill you.”

“HA_HA, oh yes, dear OLD Daddy Poo. I’m so FUCKIN’ scared of him,” Bill laughed some more as they drove up to an old run down mobile home.

Bill yanked Tina from the car, making her hit her knee on the door jam. ” STOP, I hurt my knee.” She could feel the warm stream of blood running down her leg.


Bill pulled Tina into the run down trailer, ” What do ya think of my place baby? I cleaned it just for you, even changed the sheets on the bed.” Bill said, with a nasty smile.

“It’s not to late for you to take me back to town, ” she had a desperate look on her face, ” I won’t tell my Dad.”

He flopped down in an old chair, ” Fuck your Dad bitch, I’d take him out in a second.” Bill grabbed Tina, pulling her onto his lap, ” I’m going to fuck every hole you got tonight. Then I have a nice surprise for you. ” His nasty smelling mouth covered Tina’s, she gasp for air.

“Let me go to the ‘Ladies Room’ and I’ll be ready, big boy.” She gave him a fake, sexy smile.

“O.K. hurry up bitch, I need some of your tight pussy.”

Tina made her way to the rest room. She didn’t have to ‘go’, she had her mini phone, under, her mini skirt. She pulled the phone from her panties, dialing her fathers number as fast as she could. The phone rang and rang until, he picked up…

Whispering into the phone, ” Daddy, I need you… Bill took me to his old house. At the end of Old Kirby Road. The last driveway on the right, hur…”

Bill grabbed the phone from her hand. Throwing it to the floor, smashing it into a hundred pieces, maybe more, ” You fucking little cunt, now you’ve had it,” He took her by the arm, squeezing as hard as he could, ” Now it’s time to be my woman. I hope this cock isn’t to big for you.”

Bill pulled down his pants. Tina bust out laughing when she saw Bill’s cock, it was only two inches long at the most. It looked like a ‘ pinkie finger’.

“What you laughing at bitch,” he jerked Tina across the room, throwing her face first into the wall.

Then he slammed his overweight body into her so hard, it knocked her unconscious. He picked up her lifeless body, throwing her on his bed. When she landed, Tina’s small skirt was around her waist. Giving ‘pervert’ Bill a good view of everything young Tina had to offer.

“Oh my GOD, you are so hot,” his hand moved between Tina’s legs. Caressing and pinching her tender love mound, ” I am going to have so much fun, fucking you and cutting you up into little pieces. HA-HA-HA-HA.”

Bill walked to a the dresser that sat in the corner of the room. He opened two of the drawers, pulling out a long hunting knife that was 16 inches long, and a roll of thin wire. He moved back to the bed, taking the knife and wire with him.

With a big smile on his face. Bill, the ‘Midnight Mangler’ said, ” You will be my best trophy yet, you’re a hot little cunt.” His eyes turned black, his mind filled with visions of cutting all the many, girls he had killed over the last ten years. ” Oh you’re so sexy, I’ll teach you not to tease or laugh at me.”

He took the wire, wrapping it around Tina’s wrist, then to the bed. He wrapped it so tight the wire cut into her tender skin. Then he moved to her other wrist, again getting it so tight it cut into her. Down to her legs, pulling them apart as far as he could. The wire cut into her ankles as it did on her wrist.

The Mangler sat on the bed, by Tina’s head and breast. Taking the knife he began to caress her skin with it. How easy her skin will peel off he thought. He loved cutting ladies, his first was his mother. How she had laughed at him the night they were going to have sex. She had been the first to laugh at the size of his little dick. She laughed and laughed, until Bill ran the knife into her body, deep as he could. Then he laughed as the life drained from her body.

The Mangler took his long knife and started cutting Tina’s dress off. Slowly, enjoying the sound. Then to her little bra, the knife cut through it like warm butter. Gradually, he moved to her sexy blue panties, his hand caressed the silk. Enjoying how soft and warm they were.

His bahis siteleri knife slid under the silky panties, slicing through them with ease. How many times had he cut panties off of a cock teaser like this, ‘ twenty, maybe thirty, little cunts’, he couldn’t remember off hand. He would have to look through his trophy drawer later and count.

Tina began to wake up, ” Well, it’s about time CUNT, I’ve been waiting for you. I didn’t want you to sleep through all the fun. HA-HA-HA.”

Tina couldn’t move, and her hands and legs burned with pain, Tina screamed, ” LET ME GO, PLEASE LET ME GO,” she tried to pull her hands free, the wire cut deeper into her skin, ” HELP ME…HELP ME…”

“SHUT UP CUNT,” The Mangler said, as he pulled a roll of tape from under the bed. He ripped off a long piece, ” this will shut you up CUNT.” He placed the tape over Tina’s mouth. Pushing it hard into her face.

“Let me get some of the little, teasing CUNT now,” he climbed on Tina. She tried to fight, but the wire cut deeper into her, ” hold still CUNT.” The Mangler’s small dick entered Tina.

He moved the little dick in and out of her a few times, then, it just went flat. As it had always done, he couldn’t keep it hard. He always thought of all them, CUNTS, laughing at him. Them he would become mad, so mad that’s when he would do the bad things to them.

“I’m sorry, I really liked you so much, but, it’s time for you to die.” The Mangler, moved atop of Tina, holding the knife in both hands. He lifted his arms high in the air, pointing the knife to the center of Tina’s heaving chest. Her head shock back and forth in fear. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw the knife pointing to her.

Stepping from the shadows of the night, Ken Anderson of the G.B.I. pointed his 44 magnum to the back of the Mangler’s head.

“FREEZE,” Anderson, yelled, ” I’ll blow your brains all over the wall.”

The Mangler jerked around to see who it was, ” Big city cop, it took you long enough to catch me. HA-HA-HA.”

“Well, I got you now, that’s all that counts.” Anderson said.

The Mangler laughed, ” Them other thirty or so girls I’ve killed all over the state, mitght not think so.”

The Mangler jumped towards Anderson, with his knife pulled back, ready to strike. Anderson, began pulling the trigger of his gun, hitting Bill, six times in the head and chest. Bill’s bleeding, dying body fell to the floor.

“You O.K. sweetie?” Anderson asked, racing to Tina. ” Your Daddy called me, told me where he brought you.” He pulled the tape from her mouth and released the wire from the bed.

“OH THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SO MUCH.” Tina cried, hugging Anderson.

“It’s all right, he won’t hurt anybody again.” Anderson said, patting Tina on the back.

I ran into the mobile home, ” Tina, baby are you O.K.?”

“Daddy, he almost killed me…” She burst into tears as, she jumped into my arms.

After the police had did their thing, they took Tina and I to the hospital. They looked her over, making sure nothing else had been done to her. The doctor, gave me some good pills to give Tina, they would make her relax.

We made it back home a few hours later. As we walked through the front door, Tina fell to the floor, crying.

“Daddy, I didn’t think I would ever see you again…” she hugged me close, ” I can’t wait to hear Mom telling me, ‘ I told you so’.”

I hugged her back, ” You won’t hear her baby,. After you left, we had a fight. I told her to get out and never come back.”

“Oh really? I’m so glad. Now it’s just you and me.” Tina stated.

I replied, ” Yes, do you think you can put up with me?”

“Oh yes, you’ll never know,” She said, with a big smile, ” I’m going to change… I can wear anything I want for you now.”

I was in the kitchen getting a drink when,Tina walked into the room. She wore a white, see through robe and matching white panties. Her youthful breast stood up, as if they were eager to be sucked. Her slender hips filled the tight panties, her supple sex mound looked damp.

My eyes gazed up and down her wonderful body. I knew she was my daughter, but she looked so damn good. Always wearing short skirts, tight jeans and them panties of hers, always made me hard.

“You like… Daddy?” Tina ask, walking towards me.

“Oh yes, I like very much, baby.” Was all I could say. My cock grew bigger with each step she took towards me.

“Daddy.” Tina purred.

“Yes.” I replied, watching her beautiful hips get closer to me.

“I want you,” She bahis şirketleri moved into my arms, ” I want you to make me a woman. I want you to take me as your… Wife.”

“Oh baby… I could get in so much trouble,” her lips kissed me, ” I could go to jail,” her hips pushed into mine,” I could be gone a lone time,” her hands found my cock,” Oh baby.”

I took her in my arms, and walked to her room. Tonight, she would be a woman. No longer my daughter, tonight she would be my young, sexy bride. I would forget all the ‘Daddy’ hugs, now we would hug in pure lust.

I laid Tina across her bed, ” Hurry Daddy, I’m on fire…” she squeezed her breast together, ” I need you so bad.”

“You know, I saw you about a month ago… in bed,” her face got very red, ” You were naked, using a vibrator.”

She just smiled and said, ” I know, I planned it so you could see me, silly.”

“You did?”

“Yes, I’ve wanted this for as long as I can ever remember,” She smiled, ” I know Mom never made love to you. I used to cry at night thinking of all the ways I could love and please you.”

I finished pulling down my pants, ” I’ve wanted it for a long time to baby,” I moved on top of Tina. I kissed her softly on the lips, ” you ready?”

“Oh yes, take me.” She begged.

“Anything for you baby,” I placed my swollen cock to her wet pussy, ” here it comes Baby Doll.”

I pushed my cock meat deep inside my baby, as deep as it would go. Her tight pussy muscles locked on my cock so hard, I couldn’t move.


“Yes, Baby, oh yes,” I began moving my hips, ” your so hot, so wet, and so tight.”

“Oh Daddy, I love you, I love you,” Tina moaned, ” go Daddy, I’m on fire. Oh Daddy, fuck me like your whore. Anything, just do it hard.”

I started pumping her pussy hole faster and deeper, ” Is this better?” I ask, pumping her pussy, ” is this hard enough or harder?”

“OH… OH…OH DADDY, YES, YES.” Tina screamed.

I felt like I was a kid again, I pumped her delicate pussy unrelenting, rapid and deep as I possibly could. I could feel my cock trying to enter her womb. I pushed harder, I intruded her soul, her motherhood.


I pumped my poor baby like she was my whore, I pulled her long, slim legs on my shoulders. Ramming my thick cock deeper and deeper into her young sexy body. Giving her my lust, and my love.


“You ready my little whore daughter?”


“You little whore,” I rammed my cock in her, ” my little slut daughter. Being fucked by, Daddy.”


“You dirty mouth bitch,” I leaned on her hips, driving my cock into her womb, ” is that good, whore?”


I climbed on top of her and started moving my cock pole in and out of her young body as fast as I could, ” Come whore, Daddy’s ready to cum in his slut, whore. Come bitch, move your ass, lets cum.”

She started rocking her hips with mine, as fast as we could go. It was great, our skin slapping together, the slurping noises from between her legs. The bed squeaking and banging into the wall. Her moaning and groaning, her little sort breaths of air. The best was, that wonderful smell of SEX.


Her slender legs wrapped around my hips, she thrust her pussy into my cock pole as hard and fast as she could, ” OH MOTHER FUCK… DADDY… YES…YES… OH GOD YES.”

Our hips plunged into each others bodies, our skin slapping together so hard it almost hurt. Our bodies moved as one, like we had made love many, many times before. But, this was our first night together.

“OH.. OH..OH.. OH.. DADDY..DADDY…DADDY,” Tina screamed, as her body came on my cock, ” OH DADDY, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU.”

I pumped her body, making her orgasm last and last as long as I could. I wanted our first time together to be her best.

She calmed down some, ” Oh Daddy, that was…great. You never came, why?”

I hugged her and replied, ” I will soon baby,” I kissed her, moving my tongue into her mouth. Pulling her beautiful body into my arms, holding her, caressing her. then it was my turn.

“Oh baby girl, here it cums,” I rammed my cock into her womb, shooting my cum, my seeds into her soul, ” Oh Tina, I love you baby, I love you.”

Tears filled her eyes as I came inside her body, ” Daddy, I love you, too. Always, forever.”

We moved away just a few weeks later. We live in a small, northeast town, with our two wonderful daughters.

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