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Amy wakes with a smile on her face. Today is the day he’s here and waiting for her in the motel room. So much time and preparation has gone into this special meeting. In just a few more hours she will be in his embrace.

Lying in bed she caresses herself dreaming it is his hands touching the inner folds of what lies between her thighs. A slight moan escapes her lips as her fingers penetrate the wetness, knowing it will soon be that beautiful hard muscle.

She walks to the bathroom and undresses. As she looks at herself in the mirror, she thinks, “I hope this body will please his eyes.” For her lover has only seen pictures that she has sent. All she can think about is how he says her body is beautiful.

The nervous drive to the motel is crazy. Her heart is pounding. She is breathing heavy and is so scared. She sits in the car outside the motel thinking it’s OK.

With a deep breath and a sigh, Jeremy opens the door. They stand for the first time smiling. They embrace canlı bahis şirketleri in a long awaited kiss.

Jeremy pulls Amy close, holding her so tightly that she can feel what is rising underneath his jeans. His hands are roaming all over her body until his hands reach her ass. He grabs her and moans.

Amy’s body is still shaking. Her heart still pounds as she wonders where to go with this. She can’t deny what she feels so she takes her hand and starts rubbing what is so hard and wanting her so badly. She starts to undo the top button on Jeremy’s jeans and his zipper.

Amy lets out a small breath as she sees what has been waiting for her. Jeremy cups her face and kisses her. Then he runs his hands through her hair until his hand stops at the back of her head. He slowly pushes her down to her knees.

Amy takes him in her mouth and starts to give him the pleasure that all men love. Grasping his shaft and slowly going up and down, taking as much as she can while canlı kaçak iddaa looking up at him for approval.

Jeremy pulls her up and gives her a kiss. He starts to undress her caressing her body. Now she stands before him naked. Her nipples are hard from being excited and cold. She smiles shyly.

Jeremy takes her to the bed and lays her down gently. Moving her to the edge of the bed, he starts to play with the folds with his fingers feeling the wetness an wanting to taste her juices.

Amy arches her back and begins to moan softly as his tongue licks her. She can finally feel the pleasure she has never felt. It is amazing as her body starts to shake and shiver as she knows what’s about to happen.

Jeremy’s hands are on her hips moving her closer but not stopping. Jeremy’s tongue is licking as he also nibbles on the clit. He can tell that Amy is about to have that orgasm an it will taste so fine. Amy releases her juices an moans. He comes up to her after she canlı kaçak bahis has the most amazing orgasm and gives her a kiss.”Baby, you are beautiful.”

He moves on top of her. She can really feel how hard he is as she feels his penetration. He moves slowly for he knows it’s so tight, and that she hasn’t had it in awhile. His hardness can’t wait to feel all of her as he goes in deeper. Amy moans and wraps her legs around him inviting him to take her. With some nice long strokes Jeremy feels the tight walls and how wet they are. With one good thrust of pleasure, he cums deep inside her.

As Jeremy’s body starts to relax and so the hardness of his shaft that still remains inside her, his breath is heavy as he just filled her with his cum. He leans forward and gives her a tender kiss and then lies beside her.

Amy smiles finally feeling fulfilled, knowing what it is really like to have a true orgasm during sex . They lie in each others arms for awhile, but Amy knows that she has to get up and get dressed and leave him. She leans over and whispers, “Thank you, baby, for making me feel so special. I don’t want to leave you, but you know that I have to go home.”

Jeremy smiles.”You will be back, and I will be waiting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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