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I love my big sister. I love her so much every time I see her my cock grows to a peak. The other day I found a pair of her panties, pink Victoria Secret thongs with a cute little bow on the back that lays atop her juicy little ass. I hold them in my hands and wonder how soft her pussy must feel. I wonder how they would smell if she had just worn them. So I put them to my nose and get a whiff. She smells like perfection. Her warm pussy must have just left them. I look around to see if anyone is near. I quickly pull my hard cock out and wrap her pink panties underneath my balls and around my cock. They feel so good. It’s like I can feel her warm tight pussy already. I put my newly wrapped cock away and leave the scene of the crime.

A few hours later….

I walk to my door to go downstairs. Suddenly I open the door to find her, soaked and wrapped in a towel, about to knock. She asks me if I had been in her room. I reply, “No”, and she walks away. The towel is so tight and thin I can see the imprint of her ass. My cock slowly rises as I try not to let her see my erection that I had for her. I go and knock on her door, I know she is still changing, I walk in and she gets scared. She grabs the towel and wraps her bottom, and screams at my to get out. She forgot her round tits were still out. I suddenly cum a bit into my shorts. I walk out in illegal bahis disbelief.

I walk back to my room and stroke my cock a little. Fuck it’s so hard and wet and it’s all because of my sister. I must have forgot to lock my door. I stay focused on my cock going in and out of my hand. She must have gotten me so excited I forgot to turn around and jerk off in the opposite direction of the door. She bursts through the door yelling. I jump and try to put my cock back in my shorts as fast as possible. As I do, she stands still staring in awe “Um it’s okay little brother, I know you need to release pressure sometimes. Wait were those my panties?” I look at her still standing there. She seems upset a bit. I make awkward faces that I hope she sees that signal I want her out. She must be really focused on my still hard cock. “Do.. do you want some help with that?” I cover my crouch slowly and awkwardly. She steps in and closes the door making sure she locks it. Neither of us are exactly smiling. She slowly walks to me. She lifts my hand and points it towards her mouth. My finger lingers around her lips and she sucks on the tip. Her tongue is like heaven. She gives me a kiss on the cheek, whispers in my ear, “Is that hard cock for me?”, and slowly lowers to her knees. She rubs her cheek against the ridge my hard cock is making. I stand in shock. I put my illegal bahis siteleri fingers gently through her hair. Not sure of what to do. She licks the tip through my shorts. Then grabs the edge and pulls my shorts down slowly. My cock pops up quickly. Almost hitting her in the face. Now she’s smiling. Without a moment to spare she has her sweet lips around the head of my cock. I stand there while my big sister gags on my cock, and licks her own panties still wrapped around my cock.. She isn’t exactly a whore but she sucks cock like one. I mumble as I try to tell her something. She goes faster and deeper. I am almost about to cum in my sisters mouth. This can’t be happening. I must have yelled it because she looks straight in my eyes and gags on my cock again. I pull her head off. I must have pushed her off. She falls on her back.

(“Stop! You’re my sister!”

“I see how you look at me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I know you want to fuck me. I know that you want your big sister to suck your cock and swallow your cum. Don’t you!”

I look at her a bit ashamed….

“You know I do but this isn’t right.”

“Who cares. I want your cock. And I know you want me to have it.”)

She crawls forward again…

She grabs my cock, forceful this time. She man-handles my cock into the canlı bahis siteleri back of her throat. She pulls out quickly to say, “Fuck your big sisters face. I’m your little whore today baby brother!” Suddenly it’s on. I make pig-tails in her hair and fuck her face as fast and as hard as possible. I love fucking her throat. I love fucking the face of my big sister. I slow and have her keep going on her own. I tell her I’m about to cum. She smiles and says, “Give it to me baby, please little brother fill your sisters mouth with your hot load.” I stroke my cock. Faster and faster and faster. She gets excited with every stroke. I grab her hair and pull her face back. I unleash my load on to her sweet little face. My cum covers every inch. She licks her lips to get a taste. I wipe more into her mouth and go to my knees. I give her a kiss and a hard slap. She looks at me and smiles. “Now go and clean your filthy fucking face you nasty little slut.” “Thanks little brother. I mean Master.” She gets up and spanks her tight round ass. I try to reach for it, to give it a squeeze. She smacks my hand. I stand there still stroking my cock. She looks at my cock one last time. “Next time baby brother.” I bite my lip and smile. Did I just fuck my sister? You’re goddamn right I did and I loved it. I love my sister. I love my sister; the whore of the family. My personal little slut. I walk out my door and to her room. She still has some cum on her face. I look at her and kiss her on the lips. I love fucking my sister. “Save some for next time. I promise I won’t disappoint. Especially not my little brother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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